2237-07-01 - Scorpian for Bullshit

Rothschild calls Tavo on his recent behavior.

Date: 2237-07-01

Location: Pyramid Court, Cutter //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 1182

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Gustavo gets a message left on his pillow in tightly folded paper to meet Rothschild on the pyramid court just after midnight. It maintains that air of secrecy that their relationship is becoming, though there are often times that Rothschild might just be kidding herself on how secret they are actually being. When Tavo arrives, Roths is casually testing her own shooting abilities in the worst way possible: by standing completely still in the middle of the court and casually tossing the ball toward the hoop. She's not terrible, as it rattles its way through the goal about half the time.

Tavo hesitates a minute when he reads the note, then shakes his head, grunting his disdain at himself for the hesitation. Changing into shorts and his tanks, he heads over to the courts, rubbing at his eye with the heel of his hand. He stops at the door to the court for a moment, watching for three or four shots, then pushes open the glass door and steps in, "Nice shot. Should've figured you for a deadly shooter." There's a bit of reticence to his body language, but he's trying to push it aside with a smile.

Rothschild turns slightly when she hears the door open, and bounces the ball a couple times when Tavo steps inside. She breathes out a slow breath, and then draws a smile onto her lips when he demonstrates that reserved nature. She looks away, bouncing the ball a few more times. "As long as there's no pressure and no one is watching..." She then adjusts her stance a bit to give a more lofty shot a try, and it flies high and over the hoop to rebound off the wall and bounce in resignation back toward her.

"Got to start somewhere." Still, Tavo nods, "But yeah. You won't get many open shots like that in a real game, unless your team's got a badass gameplan." He steps forward to scoop up the ball, hesitantly brushing a hand across her forearm as he ducks down. Straightening up again, "You've got problems with being watched?"

Every hesitation that Tavo gives her as her straightening up more, and feeling a bit more aloof. The brush against her forearm draws a pleasant range of shivers across her skin, but she clears her throat softly. "If there is a good chance that I will fail, then I do not like being watched." Which speaks volumes to everything Rothschild is as a person. She outstretches her hands for the ball once more, head ducked a bit. "Mm, like now for instance..."

Tavo moves around so that he's between her and the hoop, although he keeps his arms down at his side after he tosses the ball to her underhand, "Tell you what. I'll just watch you, and you can tell me if it goes in or not. That's like halfway, right?" Crouching a little, the big man, spreads his left hand out to his side, his right hand extended outward to provide a suggestion of defense, but no actual impediment to her shot.

Rothschild tilts her head slightly at his compromise, but there is the lightest twitch of a smile following the inquisitive look. She bounces the ball a couple times, and then she tries a simple shot toward the hoop, and there's the sound of the ball rattling through to match her casual note of, "In." Then she moves to retrieve the ball as it rolls near Tavo. "To be fair, though, that's not what I meant." She narrows her eyes slightly at him. "I meant that... I believe I have caused you some discomfort."

Tavo half-turns his head, although as he promised, he doesn't watch. Doesn't matter, since he can still hear the ball rattling in, and he gives a little nod. He lets the ball roll past him, relaxing his arm and his crouch... only to freeze a little at her comment, "Don't worry. Nothing changed." He's not a great liar, but his lies are for himself as well as her, so perhaps that excuses it a little.

Rothschild shakes her head as she gathers up the ball, bouncing it several times as she turns her back to him. "What is the Scorpian phrase for total and utter bullshit?" She looks over her shoulder to him, now resting the ball into her full hip, braced by her wrist. She looks at him, frowning. "You've been sending me completely different signals. And that's fine. We can resume our friendship as it was before, but you need to tell me if that's not what you want."

"<<Bullshit,>>" Tavo supplies dutifully, even as his lips twist in acknowledgement of her point. Once she's turned her back, he steps up, his right hand moving to hover just shy of her back as if she were in a team zone. "I'm good, Dora." He blows out a breath, frowning at himself as he looks down, his thoughts turned inward, "I don't know what I want. And it's frakking with me a bit."

"<<Bullshit,>>" Rothschild repeats, and she does have a fairly decent accent. Then she shakes her head slightly, but she does not turn back toward him as she feels his looming presence near. She glances over her shoulder to look up at the looming Scorpian. "I'm sorry," she murmurs. "I perhaps should not have... encouraged it." She then turns now, barely taking a step back to look up into the darker features of the giant man.

When she makes no sort of Pyramid move, Tavo straightens up a little, letting his hand drop from behind her back. "Naw." The big man shakes his head, glancing over to her and then looking aside again, "You didn't lead me on or anything. Hell, I don't even know if anything's gone wrong. I'm still good with the friends with benefits thing. Best traditions and all that."

Rothschild breathes out a slow exhale, and she looks down at their feet. Her brows furrow deeply, and then she casts a glance upward to the giant Scorpian. "I'm not so convinced, Tavo." Her words are almost whispered, and she grimaces slightly. "Tavo." His name is almost whispered. Then she sighs. "You are your best judge." She looks up at him. "If you believe things are still good, then I will follow your lead."

Tavo glances at the ball stuck between her hip and her wrist, a juvenile impulse to bat it away and go chasing after flickering through his brain and being squashed. The repetition of his name draws his eyes up, and he meets her gaze. Nodding slowly and blowing out a breath, Tavo rakes his mind for the right words, and by his grimace, he doesn't find them, "I think it's good from my end. If it doesn't keep working for you, let me know. Don't drag me around just 'cause we're good in the sack, yeah?"

The grimace and following words has her nodding slowly, but it is something in the last bit that causes her to equally frown. "No, of course not." Then she reclaims the ball off her hip and pops it up to him. "I will certainly let you know." Then she sets her hands on her hips, taking a step back. "You should get some sleep. I'm sorry if I dragged you from the bunks at such a late hour. I just couldn't sleep myself."

Catching the ball out of instinct as much as anything else, Tavo looks down at it, squishing the orb between his palms. "Was just going to crash, but I'm up now." He offers the ball out again, "First to three? Or do you want to wear yourself out?" There's a pause, and then he shrugs, "Or something else."

Rothschild frowns slightly, but she shakes her head. "No, that's alright. I think I might go for a walk." There's a small pang there, which only bothers her a bit more. Then she offers him the slightest smile. "You should get yourself back to bed. I can survive on very little sleep, but I need you to make sure I don't shoot someone on accident." She tries for a touch of playfulness, but is not sure if it will really land. She touches his elbow gently. "Goodnight, Gigas."

Tavo nods at her response, a touch of disappointment showing in his eyes, but understanding as well. Her attempt at humor gets a little huff of laughter from him, and he nods, his hand crossing his body to rest atop her hand for a moment, "I'll keep you pointed in the right direction, Dora." There's a pause, then he notes, "Sleep fast when you get there."


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