2237-07-01 - Soft and Cuddly

Charlie asks Gunny a favor.

Date: 2237-07-01

Location: Corridor, Vanguard

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Scene Number: 1180

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Most folks are heading to the showers, but Charlie has lagged behind while letting others go on ahead. She waits until the way is clear, lifting the upper layer of her dual-tanks to scrub a bit at her forehead. Dropping it, she steps up to catch up to Mercer before he can get too far ahead. "Gunny?"

Mercer finishes hounding one of the PFCs with some extra pushups for some infraction or the other, then turns to Charlie. "Wagner," he acknowledges, in a what-can-I-do-for-you sort of way.

"I understand, ah, you may not be able to give a definitive answer-" Charlie glances to the poor PFC and then back to Mercer, hands dropping to her pockets... and then quickly away. Nope, not in front of Gunny. "but I was wondering if it'd be possible to get a couple days of leave to take a couple of people to Queenstown." She bites at her lip briefly. "I've got family there. Haven't seen them since before the war began. I know... that's where most of the, ah- seat of things on Picon are, now."

Mercer gives a brisk nod. "Next time we have a Raptor going that way, I'll make sure you're on the detail. Don't know when or if that will be though, or how long you'll have." His eyebrows arch in silent query of whether she copies that.

There's a bit of a bite into her lower lip as she considers this. The woman is quiet for a lingering moment, but she finally nods. "I... suppose, yes. If it'd be possible to get a few other names on that list, I'd appreciate it, Gunny. There's a few of us from the area and I'm sure they'd appreciate the chance, too. If not, I understand." There's a brief smile for him. "Either way, thank you."

"This ain't kindergarten, Wagner. They're big boys and girls, they can speak for themselves." Mercer's generosity apparently comes with a gruff, almost sarcastic side. But he nods briskly to her thanks.

There's a brief twitch of Charlie's mouth at his words. "True," she notes. "Just Calhoun, then. Had a few spots I'd wanted to show him." She leans back on her heels, ready to depart. There's another glance after the PFC who had to do the extra pushups. "If I hear of anyone wishing to see Queenstown, I'll drop a word in their ear. Thanks again, Gunny." And then she's off; likely to find a shower herself before all the good stalls are taken.

"Not a sightseeing tour either, Wagner," Mercer counters. "Don't make me regret showing off my soft and cuddly side." Though the biting way he says it, complete with frown, sounds anything but cuddly. And as if to counterbalance it, he snaps at the poor PFC. "Someone tell you to stop? Give me another twenty."

"Of course, Gunny." Charlie's lips twist into a sort of grin at the mention of a 'soft and cuddly' side. "Won't make you regret a thing." She snaps a sort of salute. They're on board, so there is a touch of sarcasm to it, but it's in a fond sort of way. "I look forward to that detail." Even if it's work; a few hours away to check in on her parents would be relished. She leans back on her heels and angles off with just another cursory glance to the poor fella and his pushups.


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