2237-07-02 - Let There Be Cake

Nova cheers up the pilots with cake and a movie.

Date: 2237-07-02

Location: Ready Room

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Scene Number: 202

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A cake was promised and a cake has been delivered. There's no footage of recent battle being shown in the Ready Room, no. In fact it's some campy pre-war film from Caprica. One of their concepts of a Leonese noble fantasy stories. Decades old, too; woefully out of date CGI, almost insulting acting, and references to places that have changed names. It's laughable, really, and probably perfect for the circumstances. Something thye can just enjoy for a little while. Astraea has made sure there's plates and utensils for folks. The lights are dimmed for the movie, but not so much so that any members of the wing happening by can't see their way through the hatch and to a seat.

The pilot herself is in off-duties: BDUs and dual-tanks, hair freshly washed and braided. She'll have CAP later on, but is free for the moment and able to make this happen. She made sure to tell Eva to stop by, warning the Captain of the promised cake. The only other person she dropped specific word to was Calliope because, well, Soundbite had seemed worried the cake was a lie. Beyond there, she figured word would spread. Mostly because it's difficult to hide the fact that she carried the thing from the Mess Hall through the corridors.

The Scorpian pilot is humming to herself -- drowned out by the movie, mostly -- as she carefully cuts slices in preparation for the arrival of the others.

Just off alert, Alain's stepping out of the hanger, chatting casually enough with another pilot that it seems they weren't called to duty. He's zipping down his flight suit, rolling it expertly down to his waist as they walk into the ready room. The pair stop, eyeing the setup in the ready room with equal amounts of readiness. Apparently Jigger's companion decides it's probably a trap, heading quickly for the exit. Jigger himself, though, having spotted Astraea, angles in her direction instead. "Uh, Nova?" He gestures, as if to ask, what is this?

"Oh my gods I love this movie!" Calliope exclaims as she makes her way into the Ready Room and catches a glimpse of what's on the player. "It's awesome! I can quote, like, the whole sequence ball the castle ball!" Maybe she will, too. She does not start into it just now, though. She's recently off duty and has had time to change into a tank top. At the sight of cake, she beams. "Sweet! You come through for us like a champ, Nova. Never let anyone tell you different."

Cake was all it took to get Bami to come, and after yesterday it's a welcome, sweet distraction. The ECO sports a CF hoodie and sweats. Oddly, he's not eagerly awaiting the cake as he usually would be. He's sitting down, and enjoying every second of the movie. It may be bad, but for the farmboy it's the best thing in the world right now. As the others come in he shoots them a wave, but doesn't take much of his attention away from the movie as he gives them an askance glance before going back to the vid screen.

"If you quote entire scenes, does that still count as a sound bite?" Hallie asks, as she, too, peeks in. The young Tauran has a number of things she'll seek out -- unusual alcohol, intriguing tattoos, and other people's rituals. Perhaps it's that last one that draws her to the ready room, at least as an excuse; eating cake while watching a movie seems like it ought to be a ritual in /someone's/ book. (Or maybe it's just the desire for sugar and bad movies that draws her here.)

Eva is very nearly late to her own party. On the one hand, she managed to ditch the crutches, but on the other, they've been running her ragged with the paperwork. Likely taking advantage of the fact that she can't escape into a viper. And considering the sheer volume of paperwork being pushed out of upper management, battling a cylon to the death might be preferable. Finally, though, Eva does slip in, dressed in sweats, but having borrowed a hoodie, one large enough that she can wear it on the right side, and drape it over her left arm, which is still in a sling. "It counts as a live performance, and she has to act out the scenes as well."

"What?" Astraea blinks at Alain, then at the cake. She serves a slice onto a plate and holds it out his way. "The movie? Uh, I just grabbed one an' put it in. Didn't want onna y'all puttin' in some gun cam footage an' bringin' th' mood down or somethin'. We need a break, y'know? Who knows how long 'til we get leave." They can't spend forever in a dour state, after all. She flashes a grin past the Gemenese pilot's shoulder towards Calliope. "I never joke 'bout food." Much like Eva, she's just a bit over regulation when it comes to curviness. The girl likes to eat and she'll get in the kitchen herself to make it happen. Even if she will also put time in the gym to keep most of it off. Her own Scorpian (Clan) tattoos are on display. Some, at least; those on her arms.

When Eva appears, Astraea brightens a bit and flashes a brief smile to Alain before sliding another slice onto a plate and grabbing a fork to cart them over to the injured Viper pilot. She holds them out to the woman. "Chocolate, with chocolate frosting. As promised. No mugs needed."

Jigger side-eyes the video with a grimace to suggest the contents aren't that much of interest to him. Neither, perhaps a reenactment, given how wide his eyes go when Calliope offers to quote scenes. Still, there's cake, and so after a moment of shifting his weight from toes to heels and back, he moves forward to join the group, reaching out to take the offered plate from Nova with a grin. "For the cake, I'll manage," is it rude to eat before everyone's gotten theirs? Well, Jigger's already taking a bite, and so he has to swallow hastily when he spots Eva. "Hey, Cherry. You're looking a lot better today," he says, pleased. "This is really good, Nova," he adds, as he steps away to make room.

Just as the actors and sundry are gathering and doing the sequence in music and song to get ready for the Leonese ball, a rather large dark man arrives with a Gwyndolen as Mason snorts a little. "I was here a bit earlier today, poked my nose in when they were watching some gun footage." Mason offers, his Aerilon accent as thick as river mud as he glances up at the screen and then to the Leonese pilot at his side and gets a faintly amused look. "I didn't know y'all sang when preparin' for parties, Knick-Knack."

"I think I'm Monologue if I pull it off," Calliope replies to Hallie with a grin. "But that's too many syllables for the comms. So, Soundbite I remain." She's worn the callsign long enough now that she doesn't even sound pouty about it anymore. A nod to Eva. "Cherry knows her drama club. How're you feeling?"

Gwyndolen is tidy and almost prim in her uniform. "This," she informs Mason, as if it really needs to be said, "is the ready room." She glances at the screen and eyes Mason askance. She sighs. Just sighs, shortly followed by her pinching the bridge of her nose between thumb and forefinger as if fending off an immense headache.

"Thanks, Nova." Cherry accepts the slice, setting it down on one of the desks, so she can put herself in order, "I feel a hell of a lot better. I think they reduced the dosage of morpha. I don't feel like my head's stuffed full of cotton." She indicates the medical truss she's wearing, "They're still trying to give me a waist though, so...small victories." She settles into the seat, seeming happy to just sit and take a load off, "Better, Callie. Of course..cake makes it all better."

As more people begin to file in Bami tears his attention away from the movie, although he still steals a glance to the vid screen from time to time. He rises to his feet from his seat then, making sure to give anyone he hasn't seen before a smile and a wave as he starts to move to the cake. He does stop for a bit to look over the folks he hasn't met, but it's clear he's in the mood for sweets.

"And we're /ready/," Hallie replies oh-so-brightly to Gwyndolen, as she selects a plate of cake herself, "to have cake and watch a movie." She settles into one of the seats, before adding, "'Bonding rituals in a military environment are important to foster a sense of cohesion and teamwork, and should be encouraged within reason.'" This last is spoken as if quoting something she's read.

There's a small-nudge against Gwyndolen's shoulder. "Don't worry, Gwyn, I still respect ya." he promises with a small smirk of amusement as he notices that look of malcontent forming on the pilot's face. "Anyway, they never saw you fly with the Templars, I know you're damn good. Even in a frilly dress." That's offered with a look of amusement before he considers for a moment, "Want to do the introductions, or shall I? Cause aside Soundbite over there, I don't know anyone here. And it's impolite to snag cake without makin' a proper introduction."

"Of course it's good. I may be shite at keepin' my landed birds intact-" because unlike Jigger, she gets blown up while already on the ground, "but I'm damn fine at bakin'." Astraea does, however, beam a bit more for the praise from Alain. She makes sure to lay out a few more plates with cake once Eva has hers; enough for everyone in the Ready Room plus a couple, at least. Once this is done, she's grabbing her own and moving off to the side to claim a seat. She does look up and lean a bit to spot the new faces, gesturing with her own fork to the cake. "Feel free ta grab a slice while yer gettin' introduced."

Gwyndolen sighs again. She squares her shoulders. "Yes," she says, her voice sahara dry. "Life among the Leonese upper class is, indeed, a constant song and dance routine. We are trained to it from our cradles, and marked down severely in school if we cannot improvise a soft shoe about tomorrow's spelling bee." She sighs yet again. "And please. Frills haven't been fashionable since I was thirteen." She glances over to the others and begins, "This is Jar--Mason Beltran. He served with me in the Leonese navy for at time."

Alain dusts a few crumbs off his flight-suit, grimacing. Of course, that doesn't stop him judiciously enjoying the cake, either. Maybe he'll regret it later if he has to fly with crumbs stuck in there. He squints at Hallie, amused, "You been reading 'Seven Steps to Being a Great Officer?', Ringer? I can't take that author seriously, the picture on the back has him with a comb-over." He looks over with curiosity at the newcomer, brow going upwards and gaze shifting towards Gwyndolen for, presumably, introductions. "Jigger," he adds his callsign in with a flicker of fingers. "Welcome aboard."

"So say we all," Calliope agrees firm with Eva, about the fixing powers of cake. She gets herself a piece and digs in. Finding a seat with a good view of the movie. She refrains from quoting. So far. Her lips do move in a couple of places. "Oh, you guys flew together?" she says, to Gwyn and Mason. "Nice. We met a little before, when I was going over footage with Sweetheart and the chaplain. But, welcome again. We have pilots who know how to make cake. So you know we're quality."

Eva, once she's settled, gives the room a bit of a general sideeye, as she pulls the hoodie around herself as if it were a cardigan, and under cover, attempts to hooks a hand under her tanks to release some of the stays. She must succeed, because the look of bliss as she settles back in the chair is clear as crystal, "Cherry. Welcome to the Wolves." And then...to the cake.

There's a nod from Mason as the large pilot could easily give Eva a run for the money in the girth department, though it's mostly musculature. He probably should have been a Marine. "After we pushed back the few military canners on Aerilon, there was some other colonies that needed some help, so I reckoned I'd throw in my lot with the Leonids, give them a helping hand. Met Knick-Knack when they folded in the demonstration teams to join the fight. Didn't think I'd run into her up here after a stint with Phoenix." he comments as he gets two slices of cake, offering one to the Leonese Captain. "Nice to meet y'all. We can do embarassin' stories and shit later."

"So say we all," Hallie agrees, almost reflexively, with Calliope. Then she adds, "Cake's a key element of any solid air wing strategy." When Alain names the book she's quoted, however, she can't help but grin back almost mischievously. "Hey, it was the only one I could find with a chapter on superstition and ritual. His hair might be awful, but at least he recognizes the importance of rituals to people! And you recognized the quote, so you had to at least have read that far in it."

"Yes," agrees Gwyndolen, "we shall have to make sure the next time we develop battle strategy we include the cake." Her voice is dry again, but that doesn't stop her from claiming the piece Mason offers her. "I think, however," she adds toward Hallie, "you will find only about one and a half of those steps are actually useful to becoming an officer."

"Hey," Jigger grins, abruptly, at the new Leonese pilot, one fork pointing at the screen. "They're singing your song," he says, as what's presumably a noble or a princess -- to judge by her attire -- is serenaded by some miscreant welcoming her to the middle of the forest, warning her of the dangers of the local creatures. Alain makes a face at Hallie as he outs her as having read the book in turn. "Required reading," he lies, rather badly, and he knows it too, to judge by his grin. "Hey, you've got your tattoo gun with you still, right?"

"Depends on the person we're talking about. Some of us are walking embarrassing stories." She slips her good arm out from under her hoodie, holding up a hand, "'I know I've got more than a few. I think you'll find we have a good contingent of Aerilonese, might even find one or two that you know from before. Helps to smooth the ride." She takes her time with the cake, though, because it's just that good, you are a dream and a wonder."

"I think Jigger's taken a likin' to ya and wants to give ya a serenade, Gwyndolen." Mason offers with a blandly playful smile as he snorts a little. "Make a good stew out of half those creatures he's mentioning." he admits as he goes to take a bite of the cake as he gives a shrug. "Find relations, I'll be happy. Don't find relations, just as well. Means that we're providin' fer the effort in our own ways."

<FS3> Calliope rolls Singing: Good Success (8 6 6 6 5 4 3)

When the singing starts in the movie, Calliope joins right in. Maybe she reall does know this thing verbatim. She's got a solid karaoke voice for the silly lyrics. She adds a broad gesture with her fork, to mimic the miscreant actor on screen.

"I think he was planning on serenading you," Gwyndolen points out to Mason. "I know how fond you are of song." She glances to the screen. "No, just because Leonis has nobility does not mean we wear gowns like that into the woods. There is a lot to be said for sensible and stylish hunting attire. Also, the clothes in this movie are so very 'teens. It was not a good era for fashion." She is so kind in trampling on everyone's nostalgia.

"Oh, he's serenading me? I'm touched, but he ain't exactly my type." Mason offers up easily as he snorts in a laugh. "What, I thought you totally had a closet full of those on your estate, and pirates visit every weekend, and your mice help you fix your hair every morning." he points out with a little more amusement. "I mean come on, yer ruinin' all my thoughts about you, Gwyn." Not that he ever really had those thoughts, but. Taking up one of the drinks, he sips from it as he considers the cake. "Not bad."

Someone mentions 'tattoo gun' and Astraea's attention snaps up from the movie and her cake. "Wait, did someone mention tattooin'? I'm waitin' on onna th' next mail ships ta bring th' one I ordered in." The Scorpian looks rather interested and attentive, eyes around the room since she missed who Jigger was addressing. "I apprenticed in ma uncle's shop back home. Used ta do some work-" there's a gesture to the clan tattoos on her arm with a fork. "Figured I might be able ta offer some services on board an' all. Didn't know anyone else in th' wing could, too."

Eva settles in for cake, and, after a quick side trip, some water as well. Some of the strain shows, in the careful movements,, the still expression, but mostly, she just seems happy enough to watch the rest of the wing enjoying themselves, while she enjoys cake. Sometimes you just need as much refined sugar as you can get. And a few minutes to not have to think about anything or be in charge of anyone.

"Of course I do," Hallie assures Alain, her tone shading just a hair towards incredulous; she seems to think it's inconceivable she /wouldn't/ have her tattoo gun with her. Astraea's comment earns a curious look, as her attention snaps that way. "Oh? I apprenticed under my grandfather, Mateo Mata, on Tauron. I've made sure the Taurans around here get properly marked when they need to. We should talk shop sometime..." But then the young pilot trails off, watching Calliope re-enact the scene. Her expression is somewhere between bemused and faintly horrified. People actually /do/ that? Sing along with movies, gesturing as they do so?

"Aw, come on, everyone loves a miscreant," Jigger says, "And Calliope's doing a fine job of it," he adds, as he's distracted by Calliope's singing because, let's face it, she's decent, grinning in between mouthfuls of cake. "I sense a talent show night coming up, next shore leave," he murmurs towards Eva as he leans against the back of her chair. As Nova pipes up, he replies: "Yeah. Was thinking of getting something for Ares, and something for the Wolves. Figured Ringer," he grins at her incredulous expression, "Would have her gear with her."

<FS3> Calliope rolls Singing: Success (8 6 4 3 2 2 2)

Calliope does, indeed, sing along with movies. She finishes off on a high note that's not quite in her range. But it doesn't crack badly enough to be anymore humiliating than...singing along with a bad musical in front of all your colleagues. She flashes a smile around, when she's done. "What? This thing's totally fun. Me and a friend of mine from college used to do the duet in the third act at karaoke all the time." Something to look forward to. Her enthusiasm perks at mention of tattoos. "I still want to get a bullseye somewhere. For, like, old time's sake. And maybe something...Soundbite-y. I'm not sure what that would be."

"Everyone loves a miscreant," agrees Gwyndolen. A beat. She settles in a chair with her cake. "Except the legal system." She eats her cake daintily. "I find the idea of a talent show faintly terrifying."

"A talent show. Rather watch me help a cow give birth, or learn how to brew an ale, cause that's about all I got fer talents." Mason comments as he settles back in his own chair. "Though I suppose the former would definetly be a show stopper."

Eva snorts, shaking her head as she flicks a glance upward at Jigger, "Just as long as I don't have to participate. I don't ave the skirts for it. And I am not explaining to my father why he needs to send them." And for more serious consideration, "Smackdown had suggested something like that, many moons ago now, but nothing ever came of it." Likely, she means the tattooing Alain's speaking of. "Those are all talents, as well. And if you're any good at moonshine, you'll make a killing on the ship."

"We should," Astraea agrees with Hallie, brightening. "I'd love ta learn how th' two styles differ." Her particular tattoos are mostly black-work, with color for highlight and notable aspects of particular things relating to events or things within the clan itself. She is watching, sidelong, as Calliope performs. Not knowing the movie, well, she can't join in the singing. When Alain expands on the tattoo he wants, there's a sort of shift in her expression and she squirms a little in her seat. "I could, when I get m'kit, help wit' that too... Unless, y'know, yer set on Ringer."

"We should come up with a tattoo all the Timber Wolves can get," Hallie muses, turning from Alain to Astraea. "Some design that incorporates the styles of all the different colonies if we can, just like the Wolves come from every colony." A project the two tattoo artists can collaborate on, and something that unifies all the different elements of the wolves -- there's an enthusiasm that grows in Hallie's words as she details the idea.

"Maybe a musical note? With KEW fire going through it?" Jigger readily suggests to Calliope, with a grin and a flourish as he finishes off his cake. "And the whole point of a talent show is to make a fool of yourself, anyway." He sets his empty plate on the table, eyeing the remainder of the cake. Apparently he decides he'd better wait a few for more stragglers to come in before he sneaks in another slice, since he glances back towards Astraea. "Oh, I don't mind. Didn't know you did tattoos, Nova. Maybe you can do one each?" he suggests, glancing to Hallie. "Oh, I like that idea, definitely."

Calliope makes a finger-gun gesture at Alain with her non-plate-holding hand, at his tattoo suggestion. "I like it, Jigs. Like, hardcore sound. Priya does tatt work, too, and I bet she'd help out on a squadron-wide project. I think it'd be really cool. I would totally geta squadron one." Along with all her other so-far only theoretical tattoos.

"I don't have it wit' me," Astraea murmurs, chewing at the tines of her fork, "But I've kinda... been workin' at somethin' like that," she mentions, looking towards Hallie with a an almost sheepish look. "Before I knew anyone else could do tattoos. A sorta squadron patch or somethin'. I can bring my sketchbook by yer bunk later an' we can look it over t'gether, yeah?" When Alain mentions maybe them doing one tattoo each, the Scorpian pilot brightens considerably. "Yeh? I'd like that."

Eva, for her part, is not above getting another slice of cake, because this part is all about her, isn't it? Technically. So off she goes, switching out her used place for a fresh one complete with cake, which she carries back to her seat. But rather than put it back on the table, she holds it up in the air, so that Jigger who's, presumably still by the back of her chair, can get in on the fresh cake action, "Depending on the design, there are a few of us who are fairly good at needlework, we could make patches, for anyone who isn't ready or willing to get ink done."

"We could all work together on it," Hallie suggests, seemingly even more enthusiastic about the idea the longer she considers it. "Nova, Sweetheart, me... maybe anyone else who's a good artist, and wants to add an element from their colony?" She's already forgotten the movie -- and half of her slice of cake -- as she digs out her drawing tablet and a pencil, already prepared to start sketching a few ideas.

Jigger gives a thumbs-up to Calliope, while he beams like some proud parent as his gaze flickers between Astraea and Hallie. "Just... no flames, okay? Let's not tempt the Gods." He eyes the cake offered by Eva with no small amount of wistfulness, and, after a beat, restraint. "It's your get-well cake, Cherry. That means you have to eat at least three slices." He's decided.

"Well, yes, Alain, but that doesn't mean that I can't choose to share my cake along the way." Eva takes a bite, still keeping the cake within reach of the Gemenese pilot. "Speaking of tempting the gods...I've been considering running another training exercise, if any of you are interested. Obviously, not right at the moment, but I'm fairly certain some more training on flying in these debris and asteroid fields wouldn't go amiss."

Bami's been enjoying his cake, and the movie even more so. With his old farm life on Scorpia this vid must be heaven on the Vanguard. When he finally finish off what's likely his second slice he hops up from his seat, and moves over to greet Eva. "Um, you're Cherry, right? The one that led that mission to save the Otaina? I just wanted to personally thank ya for your actions out there, but was having a hard time actually recognizing ya in person isntead of over comms."

"The only thing it needs is a wolf," Calliope opines about the tattoo, between eating cake and fondly watching the movie. "Maybe with big teeth. Because. Wolves." This artistic contribution made, she lets herself become fully enthralled with this great piece of Caprican-appropriation-of-Leonis cinema.

"/Yes/." Hallie glances up from her scribbling for a moment, turning her attention to Eva. Somewhat sheepishly, she adds, "I still need to retake my quals again sometime, so I could use the practice."

Alain makes a face at Eva. His will is strong. He will resist. But there's a crumb there, and no harm if he reaches to sneak a bit of icing with that, is there? "Some practice recognizing those jumping DRADIS readings around the asteroids would help," Jigger agrees with Eva's suggestion. Calliope's suggestion of big teeth earn an agreeable nod.

"Well, most of the time, yes, I'm Cherry. The rest of the time, feel free to call me Eva. But if you see the CAG, do not call her Cherry, because that was only funny the first couple of times it happened." And then, a grin, "Actually, it's still funny, whenever it happens. But don't do it anyway. And i did what we were ordered to do. I'm just glad we managed to save as many as we did and still make it back to the Vanguard.

"Well, most of the time, yes, I'm Cherry. The rest of the time, feel free to call me Eva. But if you see the CAG, do not call her Cherry, because that was only funny the first couple of times it happened." And then, a grin, "Actually, it's still funny, whenever it happens. But don't do it anyway. And i did what we were ordered to do. I'm just glad we managed to save as many as we did and still make it back to the Vanguard."

Gwyndolen is eating her cake, which she seems to enjoy, unlike the movie. She keeps eying it dubiously. At least she's stopped vocally criticizing it for th moment. "Perhaps a stylized wolf," is her suggestion for the tattoo. "All lean dark menace."

They may not be on-duty, but when callsign is out Bami clears his throat. "Yes, Ch-" He stops, shaking his head for a moment. "Gotcha. Eva. Astraea was telling me you might've got in some kinda trouble for saving that last ECO, and I know sure as sunshine stuff like that's appreciated."

There's a glance towards Bami when he brings up the Oreti and Astraea makes a bit of a face; recalling the event and the struggle of it. Then her face falls further... recalling other aspects of it. The woman shakes it off a little, pushing to her feet to move towards Hallie as she pulls out the drawing tablet. She grabs another slice of cake for herself, looking over to Alain as he insists on Eva eating more of her own cake. There's a bit of a giggle there as she hovers over Hallie's shoulder to catch sight of the sketch so far.

"That's part of my job. I take the heat, so that the rest of you don't have. And if we managed to save one more soul in this hell, then I'll take the consequences. After almost twenty years of service to Virgon, believe me, there's nothing they can do to me here that would be worse than that." Eva lowers the plate, the second slice having been consumed, "I should stop. If I try to have another, you'll have to put your foot in it to pull this thing tight again.

Hallie's sketch is already showing signs of Tauran influence -- a wolf's head roughed out in geometric shapes, rather than excessive detail. Large empty spaces left to be changed by stylistic elements of other colonies, or places that the shapes making up the wolf could be removed, replaced by something in a similar general outline. The Tauran Viper pilot is already scribbling down several variants on it, iterating quickly through ideas.

<FS3> Hallie rolls Drawing: Failure (4 3 3 3 2 2 2)

"One of the benefits of being a Captain," Jigger adds to Eva's words to Bami, making a face. "Occasionally getting your ear bent off. Eva, sure you don't want just one more slice?" he tries to tempt Eva. He's not looking at Astraea, nope, nope.

"Captain?" Bami mouths when turning his gaze to Alain. He slowly turns his head to face Eva one more. "Sorry, captain. It's appreciated nonetheless." At least he's not snapped to attention when speaking to her. Yes. "I know if I was in the same spot I'd be as thankful as the ECO was. That said, ma'am, Jigger may be right about enjoying your cake. It /is/ a good cake."

Eva actually looks a bit confused, as Bami seems not to recognize her rank, since it's posted on most all all of the duty rosters and wing assignments. But, well, these things happen, "You don't need to address me by rank or call me ma'am unless we're at a formal occasion or the situation requires it, which this doesn't. I know what the regs say, but we're all just Wolves right now, Meteor. And thank you, I'll pass on the cake. Dear Alain will finish off my portion for me. Won't you, Alain?"

For the moment, Astraea is too distracted by watching Hallie work on her sketch to notice how sketchy Alain is being about the cake. She might tut in his direction if she did. She's probably trying not to think too hard about what happened with the Oreti, truth be told. Instead, she sets aside her cake and drags over a chair to sit down in it. The woman's Scorpian tattoos flex slightly as she leans forearms on her thighs, leaning to point to a few points on the wolf that the Tauran is working on. "Iff'n ya drew out some sweepin' lines at th' tail, but wit' bold strokes..." she twists her one arm, showcasing a particular tattoo. "Like this- could be good fer Scorpia." It'll be a bit of a chimera of a wolf, but there you go.

Someone arrives, opening the hatch and stepping through after he'd looked into the Ready Room from the corridor. The man is perhaps in his late twenties or early thirties, slim, dark hair and eyes, not very tall. Epicanthic eyefolds. Tidy in his duty blues with the rank pins of a Lieutenant, but decided not a face any of them has seen on board previously. Kymoto looks around, notes the film playing, the cake, and those gathered within whom he proceeds to study as he takes in the various details.

Bami nods then, smiling wide for a moment. "Understood. Thanks again." And with her rebuffing the cake the Scorpian takes this to mean he's free to get another slice. Before the cake fiend can go forward with destroying another slice the hatch opens, and he turns to greet the new face with a smile. His gaze drops to the cake on his plate, and then after a slight sigh grabs another fork while tossing his away. To Kymoto he goes, the plate of cake offered to him. "Howdy-" He stops when he catches sight of his rank, but then without a care goes on. "I don't think I've met you. Cake?"

There's a cough from Alain. "Only if you insist," he tells Eva, as he reaches to take Eva's plate, easing away to collect 'her' third slice from the table. As he passes, he peeks curiously towards the sketch Hallie and Astraea are working on. But... "Cake," Jigger adds to Kymoto on the heels of Bami, gesturing towards it in invitation, so presumably it's not either's callsign.

Kymoto looks Bami up and down and gives a slight incline of his head for greeting. His Canceron accent gives him away, "No, but thank you. What is the occation?" A hand however is offered to Bami, "I've just come aboard. James Kymoto, though I assume you'll call me Drummer." A polite nod also to Alain for the welcome.

Hallie looks at the sketch thoughtfully, and then nods to Astraea. "Like this?" She quickly roughs out the lines of another variation on the design, pulling the tail out into a rather more dramatic shape. Still a wolf's tail, but... the way it curls up over the body is certainly dramatic. "And we could mirror the lines along the paws, like this... make it part of the style." Sure, now it looks more like a wolf that hasn't quite grown into its paws -- more a gangly pup than a real beast -- but one might argue that suits the Timber Wolves, too. She holds up the sketch for Astraea's examination, before glancing up at the newcomer. "Welcome, Drummer!"

Kymoto turning down the cake brings a smile to Bami's face even after that bit of scrutiny. He carves out a piece of cake, and then turns to point his fork first at Eva and then at Astraea. "Celebrating Eva's survival, I think. Shortstack with the curly hair's the one made the cake, though, and it's worth killing for."

"Welcome aboard." Alain's brows go up -- not at the new pilot's name, but his callsign. "You drum too? Or is there another reason for that callsign?" with a kind of wry glance. Since the other pilot hasn't claimed cake, he'll just start dutifully munching on what's purportedly Eva's slice. "Jigger," he adds, with a thumb at his chest to presumably introduce himself.

The additions that Hallie adds earn a nod of approval from Nova. "Yeh, jes' like that. Obviously other colonial additions'll change it, but it's a good start. I wanna copy that back in th' bunks later. Take it 'round an' get folks input, y'know?" Spotting Alain going for more cake, Astraea just rolls her eyes. It's good-natured, but she does grin. Her gaze tracks him and Bami both going towards the new arrival. The woman straightens, lifting chin in an upnod towards the man. He may not be very tall, but she likely takes the cake (ha ha) for shortest pilot in the squadron at a squeak over five-foot. "Welcome! Have cake. We're just celebratin' Cherry here survivin' a dog fight th' other day." She does eyeball Bami at the 'nickname,' scoffing as she steps away to head towards the new man. "Ain't m'name. Go by Nova out there. Nice meetin' ya, Drummer."

"Action Stations, Action Stations, Launch the Alert Fighters!"

As the alarm goes off and over the intercom comes the call of 'Action Stations', Mason tucks away the last bit of his piece of cake. "What you think, Knick-Knack, wanna tag along for old times sake?"

Eva too, rises, deciding to forego caution, and heading for the exit, removing the sling as she goes.

Alain just sighs. He's already in his flight suit, but, the cake! He sets down the plate, and starts rolling up his flight suit as he jogs towards the hangar.

"But if I stayed here, I could claim all of the leftover cake," replies Gwyndolen dryly. That said, she's already arising, setting down her plate, and making strides toward the hangar.

Hallie hastily puts away the sketch, and wolfs -- no pun intended -- down the rest of her cake. Then she, too, is on her way out to get the hell in the air.

Bami was to continue eating his cake in peace until that bit of protest comes from Astraea. "Shush, shortstack. If I didn't know any better-" Then the sirens are going off. "Frak," and then he's off.

"True, but then I'd be sad that ya didn't share." Mason responds as he rises. Cripes is he tall. Probably use a shoehorn and petroleum jelly to get him into a Viper.

Hallie's greeting also gains a nod and a smile from Kymoto. "Thank you." His attention goes back to Alain, "Pleased to meet you, Jigger. I both like to drum holes in Cylons, as well as play them. I have /some/ musical interest." Astraea's turn to gain his focus. "Nova, a pleasure. Cherry." A polite nod to the redhead as well, "To whom does a newly arrived viper pilot report?" Oops, the alert goes out and Kymoto's question is slightly cut off! Likely he doesn't even know where flight suits are stored or what is his viper assignment, yet.

Connor hops up and heads quickly for the flight deck, grabbing his flight suit from the buck and shrugging into it as he rushes. He's all serious and determined looking.


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