2237-07-02 - Never Enough Time

Lyn gets the news of Jonas' death. Aldrich picks up the pieces.

Date: 2237-07-02

Location: Chapel and Crew Lounge -- Vanguard

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Lyn heard this morning. They confirmed that there were no returned survivors from the mission to clear the communications around Picon, and that among those assumed KIA is one Sergeant Jonas Ingvar. It took her a few hours to process the news, a few hours she spent just wandering around the ship, trying not to think about it, feeling the edges of her psyche fraying little by little, to force her to deal with it. She finally found her way to the chapel, where she sits on the floor in front of the viewport in sweats and a tank with the CF logo. Her knees are drawn up, her arms clasped around them tightly, and her head resting on them. Her shoulders shake with each muffled sob.

Aldrich steps into the chapel, back to work for the first time since his latest injury. He doesn't notice Lyn's presence at first, but by the time he gets to the third row or so of pews, his footsteps slow, and then he frowns and walks a little faster. "Lyn? What happened..."

Lyn lifts her head from her knees, and both are wet with tears. She unclenches one of the hands around her knees and lifts it, holding a crumpled after-action report she got a copy of. It detailed the mission to break into one of the major stations on the ground, and crack the communications breakdown. It was a total loss, quickly retaken my the Cylons, and no survivors. In the list of presumed KIA is Jonas' name.

Aldrich comes to sit on the ground next to Lyn, putting an arm around her shoulders. He holds her like this while he skims over the report, and when he reaches Jonas's name among the casualties, his expression crumples into a grimace. "Oh..." he breathes, and then drops the paper to gather her up into a tighter embrace. "I'm so sorry..."

Lyn lets out a strangled sob and curls into his embrace, clinging to him tightly, shaking badly. Fences left un-mended, a friend and lover lost while they were still on chilly, if not bad, terms. He was part of her life for a very long time, part of her family, and surely had there been more time they'd have found their way back to the friendship, if only for the shared history and shared pain of the loss of their homeworld.

Aldrich doesn't say a word. What is there to say? Instead, he just holds her, and makes soothing noises for as long as she needs. It wouldn't be the first time he's been someone's shoulder to cry on, so he knows the drill, apparently.

Hell, he's been HER shoulder to cry on many times. He has great crying shoulders, apparently. It takes a while before the sobs subside to weeping, and the weeping to sniffling. And then Lyn can make her voice work again. "I didn't get to fix things between us, to tell him I didn't hate him, that I really wanted him to be happy, to be able to be friends again someday," she whispers hoarsely.

"I know," Aldrich murmurs, petting her hair in a soothing gesture. "It's not fair... But it's in the hands of the gods, now. And perhaps he already knows," he offers, gently.

Lyn looks up at him, her face a puffy red mess, and asks, "Do you really think so? Would they tell him for me if I prayed for him to? Hermes is a messenger, right?" She wipes at her face with a shaky hand. "I didn't think... I should have realized how often he was getting seriously injured. I should have made an effort sooner but I was still so..." she gestures with one hand, trying to find the word, "bitter."

Aldrich's smile is small but genuine and kind. "That's what I believe," he confirms, quietly. "I'll even light a candle to Hermes on your behalf, if you like." He pulls her over into a tighter hug, and sighs. "There was no way to know. It's a war. Any of us could be killed on any mission... We are bound to become numb to the danger."

Lyn holds him tightly, her head dipped under his chin, her skin chilly from wandering around the ship in a tank top with bare feet, and crying out all her electrolytes. It's likely she hasn't eaten or had anything to drink in a few hours. "I don't want to lose you too. I don't want to miss a moment we have together before this war takes one or both of us."

Aldrich sighs and kisses the top of her head. "I can't promise that you won't lose me," he murmurs. "Anymore than you could promise me the same. But I /can/ point out that my job is less dangerous than his was, if it offers you any comfort." He sighs, and starts to tug her up, so they can shift to one of the pews. It will at least be marginally less cold than sitting on the floor. "Focus on taking care of yourself. You won't be able to stay safe out there if you don't."

Lyn lets him get her to her bare feet and to a pew. She sits bonelessly against him. "His sister is on board. Leonie Ingvar, viper pilot. She may need counseling for this." She swallows, "And Walker too. If you can't speak to them directly, maybe you can let Doctor Anders know." Tears are still leaking from her eyes now and then, but she's running out of them at this point. "I know we are always in danger in this war, but promise me we will make the most of the time we have."

Aldrich nods a little. "I will... Perhaps you could reach out to them, too. It might help the both of you to talk." At the last request, he reaches over to tug on Lyn's chin, meeting her gaze solemnly. "I promise to do my very best."

"Thank you," Lyn whispers, looking up into his eyes when he turns her chin. "I'll let my brother know. He might take it hard. Jonas was family, regardless of his relationship with me. Arctic Station Thula was small and tightly knit because of that."

Aldrich nods a little. "Is there anything else I can do?" he offers, still looking deeply concerned. "Anything that might make you feel a little better?"

Lyn ponders that. "Let me stay in here with you tonight? Nothing untoward. I just don't want to be alone tonight. I'm afraid to go to sleep."

Aldrich nods, with a concerned frown. "Of course... Have you eaten? Had anything to drink?" he wonders, tentatively. "If you need a distraction, we could go to the lounge and see if they have any vids we haven't already seen a dozen times."

"I don't remember eating, but my stomach is in knots so it might be a bad idea. I'm thirsty though," Lyn admits. "And watching a vid sounds nice." She gives him a small, tired smile.

Aldrich nods at that and starts to climb to his feet, offering her a hand up with his non-damaged arm. "All right, then. We'll swing by the mess and get you something to drink, and then we'll head to the lounge."

Lyn rises with his help, and she slides her arm around his waist so she can lean her head on his shoulder as they walk. "I probably look a mess," she mutters, wiping away the last of the tears.

Aldrich smiles a little at that, and wraps his arm over her shoulders, facilitating that leaning as he guides her to the chapel's exit. "I think you look just fine," he offers. "You don't need to worry about that."

Lyn comes into the lounge, her arm around Aldrich's waist, leaning against him, looking tired, red-eyed, and like she's been crying. A lot. She's in sweats and a tank branded with the CF logo, feet bare, and has a bottle of water in her free hand.

Aldrich leads the way over to a seat near the screen so he can settle Lyn there, before he goes to set up the vid. "Any preferences on what you'd like to watch?" he wonders, as he starts flipping through the options.

Lyn settles onto the couch, tucking her legs up under her and sipping from the water bottle. "Hm. Do they have any old movies? Don't hate me, I like them, noir, war movies, even musicals," she admits.

Aldrich glances up, his visible eye sparkling with sudden amusement, even though it's tempered by the seriousness of the day. "I love old movies." He makes his choice, and then does whatever needs to be done to get the vid going. Once it seems to be starting, he returns to the couch and settles next to Lyn. "I really like this one. It has one of my favorite actors."

Lyn curls up against him and she smiles, a genuine one of surprise, at their similar taste in movies. "Mine too," she admits. "While most of the girls my age were swooning over pop stars, I was swooning over old movie actors. I was a weird kid."

Aldrich chuckles faintly. "I wasn't too terribly strange, for where I lived. None of my friends' parents approved of the modern stuff, so we all grew up watching the classics." He shifts to get a little more comfortable, resting his arm on the back of the couch behind Lyn. "It's ironic, since some of these films were pretty controversial, for their time."

"I imagine they were. Thula was a small place, and the station smaller still. So we were always a little behind on whatever was current everywhere else. I'm sure the resorts in the temperate zone had new stuff for tourists, but we didn't. But I really liked the older stuff. It was always available because most of the others didn't care for it much." She sips her water, trying to rehydrate. She has that exhausted sensation one gets after a hard day's grief. But she's feeling better beside the Chaplain, with the movie to distract her a little.

Aldrich nods a little. "It sounds... cozy," he offers, then goes quiet so they can watch the vid. Even so, now and then he glances to the side, watching Lyn more than he's watching the screen.


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