2237-07-02 - Ready Room Recap

A small group of the flight team rewatches combat footage, the Chaplain brings refreshments.

Date: 2237-07-02

Location: Ready Room - Vanguard

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Ready Room Vanguard
07/02/2017 ~ 07/02/2237
---------------------------- [** Condition 3 **] -----------------------------

The ready room is used for pre-flight briefings for the Viper and Raptor pilots. It is arranged much like a classroom, with rows of chairs facing a podium. The chairs each have a small fold-out desktop for taking notes. The front of the room is lined with large display panels to show mission details or review post-flight video footage. On the starboard wall is an old-fashioned whiteboard showing flight schedules and wing assignments - each pilot identified only by their callsign. The Timber Wolves logo is displayed proudly over the hatch entrance.

Current mission post-flight video footage flashes across the screens, the light of battle flooding the dim room. Priya sits reclined in one of the chairs with her boots up on the fold-out desktop. She isn't taking notes, but her dark eyes are fixed as if she is trying to mentally record every motion. Every shot. Her tattoos stand out against her brown skin, one on her left shoulder clearly still healing and both hands and forearms decorated. The footage is one of the recent battles over Picon.

Calliope is taking notes. She's sitting next to Priya, tablet in her lap, doing some rapid typing on its surface as her eyes follow the footage. She's quiet as it plays, not interrupting the ECO (or her own concentration).

The faint smell of cigarello smoke comes from where Mason's sitting, the stub of it glowing slightly as he chews on the end of it between drags, letting the sweet cherry smell out on occassion. "Damn. So there's dozens of these things in orbit over Picon, and that's what's causing the blackout." he comments idly, his Aerilon drawl as thick as the swirl of smoke as he speaks. "Ground mission to take out one failed, and seems as fast as we knock one of these downs, they're getting another one up. It's like a game of pin the tail on the donkey, looking for that sweet spot that will give back all communications."

Aldrich appears in the doorway of the Ready Room, looking a little worse for wear. There's a bandage covering the upper left half of his face, and his left arm is held a bit stiffly. But! He comes bearing gifts for the pilots! In one hand, he carries a tray with snacks and paper cups, and in the other, a pot of coffee. Without saying anything to interrupt the video replay, he brings the tray and pot over to the table and sets it down where anyone can access it, then retreats out of the way without a word. He lingers, then, looking up toward the video to watch how the battle plays out.

"It's causing a damn headache, sir," Priya comment dryly, wiggling her foot in the air where it's propped up on a desk. "Lack of communications make it a sight harder to coordinate with remaining teams, 'nd those frakkin' raiders seem to be getting better at their jobs." Her accent is thick and sharp as she speaks, nearly a staccatto. Her head swings at the entrance of the Chaplain, brows rising. "Chaplain," she greets. "You look like shit. You've really got to stop trying to stop attacks with your face."

Calliope is in her flight suit at the moment. She's on Alert this shift. Ready to spring into a Raptor is needed, but not actually flying. So, it was the room and footage. Her head turns away from the replay, at both Mason's words and Aldrich's entrance. "Refreshments? Chaplain, you are awesome." Though she does wince some at his bandaged face. She gets up to partake in the coffee, nodding to Mason. "Yeah. The Cylons are so thick on Picon, it's hard to tell if we're making a dent or not."

"And they're getting more crafty." Mason adds to Priya's comment as he stubs out the fading cigarello. As the battle footage plays forward, there's the turn of the Vipers to face the threat that was fortunately noticed by Major Stirling. "Ain't been for Whisper catching whiff of this group, they'd been focused on the front door so much they wouldn't have noticed the wolf at the back door til it was too late." he points out as he brings up the map. "They used the wreckage of a capital ship to hide in. Considering they don't have to go back to base to sleep, eat, or shower, no telling how many of these groups have been planted out here to watch for targets to jump. Just something to make note of, or suggest to your flight leads that a couple of Vipers go a different route to try to flush 'em out if they're playing ambush." There's a glance to the Chaplain, and a nod. "Chappy, ya got an interest in pilotin'?" he asks curiously. "Names Mason, folks call me Jar." Because that's obvious with his large build. "Just recently came over from Phoenix, said you folks needed more sticks."

"I'll try to keep that in mind for the future," is Aldrich's dry response to Priya's comment. Still, both she and Calliope receive small but genuine smiles for their comments, then he turns his attention to Mason and his question. "In piloting myself? No, I think that would be a terrible idea. But I'm always interested in knowing what the pilots are dealing with. Since I don't get to go out there with you..."

"Please to be doing so," Priya answers with a slanted grin. Dropping her boots onto the floor she also moves to partake of the coffee. Aldrich gets a nod of thanks before she takes a sip. Her lips mouth 'Captain' over her cup at Aldrich. It's subtle. "You've been seeing more action than me of late, Capri" she notes, turning to Calliope with a tip of her head.

Calliope pours herself a cup of coffee, grin quirking at Priya when Aldrich says he doesn't get to go out on those fights. "We try to keep the shooting to a minimum when we're hauling you guys to and from places," she says to Aldrich. "Furballs and troop transports do not mix." For Mason's benefit she says, "Oh, I'm Calliope Drake. Lieutenant, junior grade. Callsign Soundbite." She gets the introduction out all in one breath. "The military seems to make things so long. Anyway, welcome to the Timber Wolves, if I haven't said it before."

"Nothing wrong with getting a little extra divine intervention from those that want it, Chaplain. Ain't slightin' your work." Mason offers up congenially as he gives a slight smirk. "And I'm sure the bus drivers appreciate the words of support as much as we enjoy the caf." Pointed out as he takes up one of the offered cups. "Not sure yet if they plan on giving these things automated defenses once completed, right now, seems they're more intent on leaving some Raiders around on the watch for anything that gets close enough to be a threat." There's a glance towards Calliope. "Perhaps you can share some information on how to handle better communications when we're inside the net - I noticed that at the end of this engagement, Whisper sent out a Raptor to give the good word that it was safe for Vanguard to make the pick up." He doesn't sound disapproving about it, just curious as to how the Raptor drivers would want to handle it.

Aldrich doesn't give any indication whether he caught that gesture from Priya. To Mason, he just shakes his head and holds up a hand. "Oh, I wouldn't suggest you are. Mind if I stay and listen for a bit? I won't interrupt," he promises, and glances to the video replay.

There is an almost unseen cant to Priya's shoulders in regards her thoughts on 'words of support', but she salutes the coffee with another crooked smile. As Calliope introduces herself, she follows with a slight nod to Mason in respect. "Ensign Priya Tarsis. ECO. Callsign: ...Sweetheart." The last comes as a little pained and a little amused. A gentle elbow nudges Calliope in the ribs. She waits for the pilot to share her thoughts before offering anything additional.

Calliope shrugs to Mason. "There aren't tricks, really. Raptors just have more powerful communications and DRADIS sensor systems. And built-in jump engines, in case we really need to evac ourselves out of somewhere we're scouting. We might not be as good in a straight-up dogfight, but the systems can do things Vipers can't. You guys might be better off coordinating, like, visible signals for when the comms are frakked. Flashes of light between wingmen maybe? Milkman might have more ideas." Priya's callsign gets a proud lift of her chin. "For her gentle, sugary nature." Side-eye. "Don't hit me!" Aldrich gets a ready nod. "Sure. We can slow down the footage if you want to follow it better. Stuff happens really fast out there. It's sometimes hard to tell what the frak you went through until you go over the tapes, like, a half-dozen times."

There's a considering look at Priya's tattoos on full display. "If that's sugary and gentle, hate to see ya in a foul mood." Mason offers with a small smirk before he gestures to a seat. "By all means, Chaplain. Feel free to pipe up you have any ideas." he comments as he rewinds the footage. "Alright, we're gonna pick up where the flights split up and engaged. Whisper did a good thing here by dropping the Vipers into the rear-guard to engage the back half of the trap while pressing towards the communication satellite. The one thing we may need to watch out for is the stations themselves being armed." he shrugs at that before he nods to Calliope. "We all have some basic hand signals and such that can be used. And flash code for when it's needed. The benefit of the Raptor is that it can take more of a beating than the Vipers can, really. We nearly lost two Vipers in yesterday's engagement. Captain Thorne's expected to make a full recovery from her injuries."

Aldrich pulls out the seat Mason gestures to, and smiles gratefully. Calliope gets a wry smile. "I can imagine. I often wish we had some sort of video to look back on for the marines." He leaves it at that for now and folds his hands on the table, turning his attention to the video as it's rewound.

Priya scowls at Calliope's summation of her character and then rolls her eyes at her /whinging/. She makes no promises in regards to that. Or her character. "It's essentially our position to support ya'll in a dogfight," she adds to the Raptor pilots points on capabilities and communication. "Most of the encounters I've been in on here have involved a mix of ECM blockage and additional firepower where needed." Mason can see one tattoo bridging off her shoulder that is still half-healed and partially covered. "Milkman is pretty good for that. Makes sense to utilize hand signals, gotta wonder if you could echo it with flight maneuvers. Hard to see in the cockpit if you're behind someone." It's an idle comment, she's not a viper pilot. She whistles at the point of the stations being armed. "Between that and the amount of debris in orbit, makes for some fun DRADIS checks."

"Maybe, like, helmet cameras?" Calliope suggests to Aldrich. "It makes figuring out what happened on a given mission way easier. Even if watching sometimes makes you dizzy." She sips on her coffee, chuckling to Mason. "Yeah. I don't mind the extra armor, even if it makes the buses a little harder to dance with. I'm glad Cherry's doing better. I saw her in the lounge and she was up and around...on crutches and major painkillers. But, up." Mention of all the debris gets an "Ugh" from Calliope. "I've never flown in anything like it before. Not even over Tauron. The toasters have frakked with this system."

"Caprica will be worse when we get there." Mason finds himself admitting. "That may be even more debris fields." He draws in a breath and returns to the briefing. "What we see here though is a classic skirmish, and two different philosophies on display for dogfight doctrines. The first is what the Cylons did, which was flanking their heavies with Raiders in order to make a balanced mix of attackers. Whisper's response was to divide up the lighter and faster Vipers and heavy Raiders."

"There is in-flight communication cues, of course. The wing-waggle, for instance. Or the thumbs up or down, when one can look over into cockpits. But as far as using the aircraft itself to communicate, I'm sure it has been done 'fore, but that will be up to the CAG to decide what works best for basic communication." he offers as he frowns a little, looking thoughtful. "Flight in the debris field is dangerous, but as you both said already, it's gonna be neccessary in these upcoming missions. Do you feel there should be more training in that area, Soundbite?" he asks Calliope curiously.

Aldrich nods to Calliope, agreeing with the suggestion without further interrupting. After a moment, he does pour himself a cup of coffee, and sips it as he listens to the discussion, apparently having nothing to add for the moment.

"Tauron they took the ground quick enough they didn't need the air support. Too many frakkin' toasters in the fields," Priya says quietly, knuckles white as her hand clenches her cup. She nods at the difficulty of flying through the orbit, forcing herself to sip her coffee.

Calliope shrugs at Mason's question. "I mean, more drills never hurt, right? There's just spotty time to run them now, and you never know which debris field is clear and which is going to throw like a dozen toasters at you behind a random asteroid. Maybe if we get some time and a system we know is contained. Priya's offered a quick, somewhat awkward smile. And she speaks no more of Tauron. "Anyway, speaking of flying, I should get with the techs about my Raptor. I want to practice going over the checklists, like, another billion times while I've got some Alert shift to kill. Thanks for the coffee, Chaplain." She finishes hers in a gulp, and preps to take her leave of the ready room.

"Yeah. It's better to go in with a combat load." Mason offers easily, when Calliope speaks up on the need for tech checks. "I don't really have anythin' else to offer. I'll let ya get back to watching it. I still have some inprocessing to do before I get all official up in here." he offers with a move to rise to his feet.

Aldrich drinks some of his coffee, but he sets the cup down when Calliope and Mason stand to go. He stands, himself, probably as much out of politeness as anything, and offers a handshake for the newly-met Mason. "Thanks for letting me sit in."

In contrast, Priya takes her coffee and drops back into a seat. She offers the pair a mix of a wave or a salute. "Stay sharp, 'Bite," she bids the Raptor pilot. Mason gets a more formal gesture as she settles in. Canting her head at Aldrich, she offers, "You're welcome to watch with me. I've a few more I'd like to review." If he chooses to stay, she'll point things out and answer questions, but either way she continues to go through footage.

Waving off the salute, Mason smirks a little. "No need fer all that formality indoors, Sweetheart." he offers, before accepting the Chaplain's hand. "Pleasure. Look forward to the services." With that, he's heading off, carrying his coffee cup as well as he heads out into the hall.


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