2237-07-03 - Family Grief

Lyn gives Jackson the news of Jonas' death.

Date: 2237-07-03

Location: Berthings -- Vanguard

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Scene Number: 1188

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Lyn spent the night in the chapel with Aldrich, just getting herself back together after learning yesterday of Jonas' death. Now it's time she let her brother know that the man who had been a near brother to him at Arctic Station Thula for so many years was gone. She steps into the Berthings, and heads over to his rack, rapping her knuckles lightly on the metal support. "Jax? Can we talk?" she asks, in a weary, hoarse voice.

Jackson pushes the curtain back, "Sure." His eyes skitter across her features and his smile drops off into a wary expectation. "Lyn?" There is more than a simple question in his tone. "What happened."

Lyn crawls into the bunk and closes the curtain again. She hands him a crumpled after action report, regarding a mission 2 days ago down on Picon that went tits up, no survivors. On the KIA list is Sergeant Jonas Ingvar. She looks solemnly at her brother, with red, watery eyes. "Jonas is dead."

Jackson takes the report, reads it twice and then crumples it up again as his hand closes into a fist. He looks at his sister, undeniably upset to someone who knows him as well as she does. Not that he is going to deal with it right this second. Nope it goes in the shoebox of shit I dont want to deal with. "You gonna be ok?"

"Eventually," Lyn says quietly. "I'll get in a session or ten with Doctor Anders. Al is holding me together. I guess I should let you know, Al, Aldrich, the Chaplain? We're sort of in a relationship. It's very new, baby steps, so do me a favor and be kind to him. He's a wonderful person who has really had my back the last couple months." She runs a hand through her hair, mussing it up. "I haven't talked to Leonie yet. Or Walker. He and Walker were together the last few months. She made him happy. I don't know what to say to either of them."

"I'll do it." Jax looks down at the paper in his hand and then back to his sister. "Don't know why its your damn job in the first place. Fracking chicken livered officers."

Lyn shakes her head. "I'm sure the officers told them. I just think," she waves a hand in general, "We all knew him, and loved him, and should probably get together for some sort of memorial. Abigail and I haven't been on the best terms, for obvious reasons, but we were starting to mend fences. I was going to try and be friends with Jonas again. He was my first love, and he was family to us, regardless of his relationship with me. But I don't know if I'd be welcome at such a thing." She draws her knees up to her chin and looks at her brother with an expression he hasn't seen since the day the Cylons attacked Aquaria, they got the report of the destruction of Heim where their father was, and were ordered to evacuate the planet.

Jackson shifts in the bunk until he can put his arm around Lyn and drag her into a hug. "Typical Jonas." he says, half heartedly joking. "Knew he'd find a way out of paying me back what he owed me."

Lyn leans her head on her brother's shoulder, as her eyes leak tears again. At least she isn't sobbing like yesterday. "He loved you like you were one of his kid brothers, Jax. He really did. He only teased and pranked you because he loved you. And he was good to me until I screwed it all up. I wish I'd had time to fix things and be friends with him again. I wish he'd had a chance to have that family he'd always wanted."

"Yeah." Jax says as he shifts to make it comfortable. "I know." He drops into a brooding silence.

"Be kind to Walker, please. I can't imagine what it would have been like for me, if he and I were still together and I wasn't so damned bitter about things," Lyn requests quietly, then she too, lapses into silence, just being there for her brother.

Jackson snaps out of it after ten minutes or so. "I don't have any reason not to be kind."

"I know you don't but, she might not be kind in return. You're my brother, and she and I had some rough patches," Lyn explains.

"I'll tell her." Jax says again. He shifts to look at her properly and gives her hair a little ruffle. "I was pretty sure you and Aldrich were a thing. Or soon to be."

Lyn smiles a little. "It's very new, and we're taking things very slow. We've both been badly hurt in the past. But it feels right. He makes me happy, he makes me feel whole. Not something I remember ever feeling so fully before. Go figure, of all the men in the universe, I seem to connect best with a man of the gods. That's up there on my 'didn't see that coming' list."

"I'm glad." Jackson puts his chin on Lyn's head. "I miss the way you were before the war."

Lyn murmurs, "So do I, sometimes. But in other ways, I'm stronger." She finally lifts her head away and moves out of his bunk. "I have some duties to get to. I just wanted to let you know before scuttlebutt hit you with it."

Jackson nods a little jerkily, his eyes not really focused on anything. "I appreciate it" he looks at her properly "Lyn." He gives her a smile. "And I'll be alright. Meant a lot that you came to find me."

Lyn gives her brother a hug, then she heads out.


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