2237-07-05 - Razor Returns

With the communications issues as they are, there's no advance warning that Razor was found by Picon forces... and was being returned to the Vanguard. It's just luck that a few members of the Wolves come across him and welcome him back into the fold.

Date: 2237-07-05

Location: Hangar Deck

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Scene Number: 213

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There was no announcement about one of the Timberwolves' pilots being found and returned, with the communications being the way they are getting any sort of lenghty message through from the resistance forces down below on Picon is a crapshoot. However, the Raptor that dropped off supplies to the group below is coming home with a return package. The transport slowly cruises into the hangar deck of the Vanguard and soon enough parks itself in its assigned spot, the shutdown procedures beginning. The bay doors to the Raptor opens up and instead of Marines disembarking, it is a raggard pilot that is the first to have boots on the deck. Those who know Kell would probably recognize him as he is on his way to a short beard that is rather unkempt. His flight suit is also very worn down, dirty, torn in some places. He carries no duffel bag with him, not a new transfer. On the flight deck, Razor stands there for a long moment, as if soaking in the reality that he is finally back on the Vanguard.

Fresh off of a -- surprisingly and thankfully -- uneventful CAP, Astraea is stepping off her Raptor and rolling her eyes at the deckhand she passes off a post-flight checklist to. The young technician is having a grand ol' time in giving her a lot of shit. "...surprised you didn't find a missile just floating in space, Nova." The woman doesn't say anything; just tugs off her helmet and gives her head a bit of a shake in the cooler air of the flight deck as she starts stepping away. The freshly arrived Raptor earns a glance of curiosity. Interest in whether it's new transfers or perhaps the mail finally come in. When she spots a figure in a worn flight suit step off, however, the Scorpian slows to a stop. That's curious- why would someone be coming aboard in that shape? But another moment of introspective study recognizes the man behind the beard and her helmet slips from her fingers.

"Razor!" The shrill surprise in her voice may very well alert anyone in the Ready Room. This is not someone she expected to see today or off a Raptor. Astraea takes off at a run for the Libran and will, unless he wards her off, grab him up in a tight hug.

Bami's entrance into the hangar was largely to mull around while off duty, and enjoy his sandwich in peace. The man's in his off-duties at present: Hoodie with a bulging pocket, sweatpants, and shoes that announce his arrival after passing through the hatch. When he does arrive he stops for a moment, gaze widening at the sight of Kells. "Frak," he mumbles under his breath. Then louder as he continues, "Oh frak! You're alive!" he shouts. He walks up not too far behind Astraea, and gives the pilot a quick wave and an evergrowing smile.

The shouting of his callsign has Kell redirecting his gaze to Astraea who is coming at him with afterburners on. Before he can warn her about hugging him, he is hugged, unable to keep himself from smiling and laughing. Morale is definitely at an all time high for him right now as his own arms wrap around Nova for a hug in return, "It's good to see you, Nova. And sorry, the hotel I was staying down below didn't have a spare razor, shampoo, soap, or cologne." So he may be smelling a little bit ripe. Releasing her, Kell spots the ECO as well and actually approaches, extending his hand for a arm shake and a strong pat around the back instead of just returning the wave, "Meteor! Yeah, I managed to stay alive. Saw you guys making a deep stab into Cylon territory the day after I went down, I hope you gave them hell."

A long CAP or bombing run can leave a pilot themselves smelling ripe. Maybe not as much as Kell, but even so: he's a man back from the dead. Astraea doesn't care. She holds fast to the Viper plot for long seconds, grinning broadly even as she releases him so he can approach Bami. "You frakker, gettin' leave while th' rest of us are punchin' holes in satellites an' takin' out SAMs." She huffs, shaking her head as she looks him over. "Intact an' everythin', thank th' gods." She runs a hand over her braids, looking to Meteor, then back to Razor. "How th' hell didja make it back?"

Bami nods fervantly in response, and takes that offered hand. A pat on the shoulder does come from the ECO, but not before he gets a good look over Kells. "We damn well did. We hit 'em twice on the ground, and more than a frakking lot in the air, man." He then releases Kells, and looks him over once more. "Man, it's good to see you!"

"It was a /very/ long walk." Kell says, leaving it at that for now as he hasn't had time to fully decompress nor debrief. It will take some time for him to recall the entire event as he was more focused on surviving one day at a time. "Except for that first day, it was clear skies. Sunny, warm, was great." He doesn't sound exactly sarcastic, more in jest than anything else. Razor then looks back to Bami and nods his head, "That is awesome, the toaster scrap yard is getting larger and larger, eh?" As for good to see him, he laughs and nods his head, "It is great to be back. I never thought I would be so happy to have my feet on a flight deck of a cutter instead of groundside."

There's a mixture of relief and excitement on Astraea's features; she's having a hard time standing still. Razor is back. They've had a lot of loss recently, so seeing someone return is a good thing. Especially someone she considers important in her personal orbit, as it were. The woman steps in alongside the Libran, nodding in agreement with Bami's assessment of the Timber Wolves' recent successes. "Knick-Knack and Ringer both got Ace recently. I'm workin' on cakes for 'em an' hopefully a party inna few days. Ya got back jes' in time." There's a look over the man. "Speakin' of food, I bet ya could use some?" Always trying to feed her wingmates. "But a shower first, yeh? Let's get ya off th' deck an' settled in." See! She's not even trying to pry more out of him... yet.

Bami follows behind the pair, and gives a light shove to Astraea. "She's leaving out that her ass got Ace, too. So you're just in time for that, too. She took out one of those ugly big momas- I mean, she blew up a heavy, and got that frakker good." He keeps his voice down, although it's clear he's having a hard time keeping his excitement of the returning pilot down. "I bet ya can't wait to get back out there, and do the same to those rat bastards."

When he hears about new aces, Kell can't help but let out a low but impressed whistle, "Looking forward to the celebration and the cakes. I think that was something room service didn't bring me." When food is mentioned though, he nods his head, "The resistance group that picked me up fed me, but yeah, I think I should head to the berthings and head first to get cleaned up. Food does sound good though, I can't believe I actually missed the Mess Hell here on the Vanguard." He is certainly eager to start walking off of the flight deck but it is at a slower pace, hard to find a bundle of energy despite being in very good spirits right now. When Bami adds that Astraea made ace as well, Razor laughs and looks from the ECO back to the Raptor pilot, slapping hre back in a congratulatory manner, "You made ace too? That's awesome! Looks like you were right about sticking to Talons then." He does look back to Bami and nod his head, "Yeah, if they clear me for duty at Sickbay, I want to get right back into the cockpit."

Van doesn't do wild, not anymore. Still, there's a solid grin on his face as he hurries down the hallway to the hanger deck. Word gets around, see. He's in his tanks and green pants, his hair still wet from the shower. He looks a little pale, wan even, although not a candle to the pilot who has just spent time on the ground. Spotting the trio, he raises a hand in greeting, calling out, "Razor!" There's a pause, and his smile spreads a little wider, "You're late for our patrol."

"Well you don't look too bad, but I ain't a doctor," Bami points out while giving Kells a once over. "Maybe could use a razor, Razor, and a long, hot shower. No offense, but you sound like a pie left on teh window window sill a day too long." As he opens his mouth to add something else, he goes silent at the approach of Van, and gives him a quick little wave.

Shoved by Bami and slapped by Kell, Astraea just sort of wobbles in place. She grins, however, at Razor all the same. "Toldja I was right 'bout the Talons." Nope, she will never, ever stop singing the praises of the talons over missiles now. The woman is walking by the Libran, fresh off CAP. She even discarded her helmet somewhere upon seeing him. Where she should be tired, she can't let go of the sheer hyperactivity at the man 'back from the dead,' as it were. "Iff'n ya can make it ta th'Head fer a shower without bein' besieged by everyone. Ya dunno how much th'lot of us wanted ta jes' break an' go down there lookin' fer ya."

When his usual wingman appears, the smile that has more or less imprinted itself on Kell widens, certainly a rare site these days. So is his haggard look though, never once did he let a small beard form or have his hair look so unkempt. He does approach Van with his arm extended for a firm shake, "I am, aren't I. Hopefully I will be ready tomorrow once they clear me, I missed flying with you all." Since he isn't on a stretcher being carried to medical, it is safe to say that he has not incurred any severe wounds while groundside. Razor looks back to Bami and chuckles, "I won't argue with you there, but I think I fit in pretty well with the resistance group down there. It's no picnic for them either." Hearing Astraea's words, Kell nods his head understandingly, "I was surprised when I saw you guys flying in the day after I went down, who ran the mission? It goes against our directive about going back for downed friendlies. The risk is just too great." That's the company line at least, to not expect rescue when shot down.

Van nods to Bami and Astraea, although Astraea's praises of the Talons causes him to chuckle a little wryly. And then he's to Kell, and he takes the other man's hand, clasping it firmly, then uses the grip to pull the younger pilot close so that he can pop Kell on the back with his other hand, then pauses, "Man, you smell worse than suit-stink. Maybe we'll give you a day off to shower. Repeatedly. It's good to have you back, Razor. Izzy has been beside herself, pouring over maps and Ee and Ee procedures."

Kell's question sombers Bami just enough that him that his smile slacks. "I wish I could say we were, and a few of us wanted to. We were evacuating an apartment complex, but damn near everybody there was dead. Only livin' one was a little girl that was scared shitless of us as she was a Cylon. That was how we lost a Raptor, and, for me, found out the frakkers got RPGs."

Speaking of Isolde, the ECO bursts from the stairwell, still mostly in her sleepwear save for her unlaced shoes. She skitters to a halt, blinking as she realizes that there's people down here, and some people who are a lot more accurately dressed for the hangar deck. She clears her throat, looking left and right, and then starting to quickly cover the space between her and the gathering that hosts Kell. She is all smiles -- even if slightly embarrassed smiles -- as she comes near. "Razor!" And unless there's a good reason presented to her, she's going to hug the Libran.

That reason might be the smell, not that it stopped Astraea. Heck, the Raptor pilot still lingers near Kell. She can't help it- he's back from the figurative dead! To have a lost member of their wing return after all the other losses is a big deal. "We oughta get him ta th' showers b'fore he's stuck on th' deck all night," she offers to Van and Bami as she spots Isolde's approach. Either way, Nova seems bemused by it all. For Van, she offers. "Is his kit still in his bunk? I could go retrieve it fer 'im."

"Anything we have, they have, Meteor. Or they can customize so they end up having it." Kell says to Bami after listening to the ECO. He does turn his gaze back to Van, his grin returning, "That's my next stop after berthings, grab a clean change of clothes and going to scrub myself down. Twice. I miss my duty blues." At the mention of Izzy though, he nods his head appreciatively, "I'm sorry I worried everyone, if I see her..." And it seems like the timing is perfect since Isolde appears, not exactly in regulation wear but Razor isn't going to be the one to say. When she comes in for a hug, he does give a pre-emptive warning though his arms do open to accept, "Like Van just said, I don't smell the best nor am exactly presentable right now. I heard how much effort you've put in to trying to find me, thank you. Sorry for making your job impossible though." Kell then looks to Astraea and laughs, "I can go fetch it myself, if you all want, how about we meet up at the Mess Hall? Save a seat for me and I'll join you when I'm... more myself."

Van clearly missed the earlier question, because it finally sinks in, and he answers, "Whisper led the mission. Planned, approved, and led." Stepping back from Kell, he clears the way for the Isolde-missile. Glancing over to Astraea, he nods, "Everything should still be there. We didn't let anyone clean out his locker." Bami gets a nod, "Sorry, we should have shared. The Toasters used shoulder-launched missiles over Hyperion occasionally."

Isolde doesn't seem to care as she hugs her brother-from-another-colony. She squeezes him too, just for good measure. Then she breathes out a sigh, steps back a bit, and squeezes slightly. "You smell like shit." She smiles then, and steps back before she looks around at the others. She beams to Bami and Astraea. "Hi. Hello." She tugs at her shirt over her loose PJ pants and then steps back again to settle in beside Van. "I heard you were here. You have no idea, Razor... I did everything I could. I think Cherry was gonna ground me to the berthings if I didn't stop leaving maps everywhere.

Isolde doesn't seem to care as she hugs her brother-from-another-colony. She squeezes him too, just for good measure. Then she breathes out a sigh, steps back a bit, and squeezes slightly. "You smell like shit." She smiles then, and steps back before she looks around at the others. She beams to Bami and Astraea. "Hi. Hello." She tugs at her shirt over her loose PJ pants and then steps back again to settle in beside Van. "I heard you were here. You have no idea, Razor... I did everything I could. I think Cherry was gonna ground me to the berthings if I didn't stop leaving maps everywhere."

For a moment, Astraea seems ready to take off and retrieve a fresh uniform and Kell's kit for him, but the Scorpian rests back on her heels after giving the Libran a long look. She deflates, just a bit, scaling back her own excitement enough. "Fine, fine," she concedes. There is, however, another broad smile for him. "This gives me some time ta see what I can put t'gether fer ya. Surely we can do better'n th' usual Mess fare." Since she's not even sure if it's a full service or just mid-rats right now, after all. "Go an' get cleaned up so we don't gotta smell what ya been steppin' in all this time. We'll go make sure there's a proper meal."

Bami gives a nod and a smile to Isolde, turning back to his earlier cheer with her excitement brightening things up agian. "Howdy, Pi." Then back to Kell his gaze goes, and he shrugs. "Back at basic they'd give us hell for stinking up the place if we skipped showers, so it might be for the best to take a hot shower. I bet it'll be like heaven too."

Kell can't help but laugh after hearing Isolde's compliment, squeezing back in the hug before letting go, "Yeah, I plan on fixing that issue right now. Comms are bad down there, at least with the resistance group I was with, so we couldn't shoot a message up that they found me three days ago. Luckily they were scheduled for a quick supply drop and I hitched a ride back." Razor then looks at Van when the other pilot answers, eyes widening slightly, "Whisper did? I will need to thank her when I report in and get debriefed. That mission saved my life." That is all he says for now, not exactly going into details about what went on down on Picon. At least not yet. When Astraea mentions cooking, Kell can't help but grin again, shaking his head, "No need to go overboard, Nova. You just got off of your mission, and I'm not sure how happy they would be for a pilot to hijack the kitchen." He does nod understandingly at Bami, "Yeah, I was taught the same as well. So I'm going to hit the head real quick and then head to the Mess."

Van puts a hand on the side of his mouth, hiding it from Isolde, "I followed behind her picking up maps." Looking over to Astraea, he notes, "Just let us know how we can help." Glancing down at the front of his tanks, now befouled by Kell-smell, he shrugs a little, then nods to Bami, "The Academy was rather strict about that as well." And then he's back to Kell, "I'd love to hear the story, once you don't smell like goat, and once you have some food in you." He reaches out to clap Kell's shoulder again, then steps aside to let him get toward the head.

"A lot has happened," Isolde offers, voice a bit softer now. "We can catch up after you smell more Libran and a less more like a Picon beached whale." Hers is far better than a goat. She smiles just a bit then before she listens more closely to the back and forth from the other pilots and ECO. She tilts her head slightly at the mention of the kitchen, and she brightens. "I can help if you want. I'm very good at measuring out ingredients." Then she looks to Bami. "We should put up the janitor signs on the head so he can shower without interruption." She nods sagely.

Telling Astraea not to go overboard is like telling a cat not to knock the vase off the mantle. It's just going to do it when you're not looking. The Scorpian just smirks at Kell, squints: "Not enough time ta make a flan, but I can whip up some puddin' along wit' some rice an' beans iff'n th' Mess is on mid-rats. I got deals worked out now." She starts to take off, but pauses to look back at Razor. Her expression softens to something of appreciation. "Real glad yer back. Th' Wolves could use some good news." She points at the other three. "Make sure his flight suit is burned." And then she's off at a jog.

"Signs should work," Bami agrees with a fervant nod. Then there's talk of food, and he looks like a kid in a candy store. The second request is met with a glance over to Kell, and then a thumbs up. "I was more thinking about trashing, but burning's not completely outta my wheelhouse."

Waving to the group, Kell heads for the stairwell, "I'll see you all in the Mess Hall then after I get cleaned up." He is definitely looking forward to warm food but he is also looking forward to a hot shower first, and a shave, and his uniform.

Van nods sharply at Astraea's words to Kell, chuckling at the order and shaking his head in amusement. Looking to Bami and Isolde, he points to himself, "Sign," to Bami, "Flight suit," and Isolde, "Sous Chef. We can meet up to help cook after we finish with the rest of it?"

"Is that what an assistant chef is called?" Isolde peers at Van and then she starts to fall in with the others if they are departing the hangar. She should probably change out of her PJs... but the likelihood of that is extremely slim, if we're all going to be honest.

And indeed, the Mess Hall is on mid-rats. Sandwiches and coffee for a pilot back from the dead just won't do. Bribes for the galley crew is where most of Astraea's income goes these days. Eventually she'll either tip the scales and just get access or someone will stop the cycle. Hopefully the former rather than the latter. Who wants to stop Air Wing baked goods?! Either way, she'll be found in the kitchen with a pot already on the stove of rice and beans cooking while she stands before one of the coolers, making faces as she considers ingredients. She hasn't even gotten out of her own flight suit save to tie it off at her waist.

Bami snaps to attention, and gives Van a salute. "Aye aye," he responds while heading off. He may not be the stealhtiest Timber Wolf, but the ECO's at least patient. He waits until Kell departs and soon follows after him with a stolen glance to the others on the way.

"Yes, Izzy," Van sounds amused, but he snaps a palm-out Picon salute in response to Bami's salute, then nods and hustles himself down the halls. The sign is put up without any problems, to provide Kell a little privacy for preparation, and then he's rushing back to the mess hall.

Isolde ends up in the mess in her PJs without a single ounce of concern. She starts helping Astraea where she can, which is mostly staying out of the way and handing her things if she needs it.

"I jes' dunno," Astraea is telling Izzy, back in front of that cooler. She's made an apple crisp. Quick and easy, along with being a sort of filling and most of all warm dessert. "It oughta have ice cream, but they might actually get upset iff'n we use it." She's staring at a big tub of vanilla ice cream. Not nearly enough for a full meal shift, mind. "S'not like I can jes' order more in th' mail."

"We'll blame Newton." Isolde grins over toward Astraea, acting as the evil angel on her shoulder. She peeks over Nova's shoulder at the tub of ice cream. "We could fill it with milk and put it back in the freezer. Do you think they would notice?" Then she straightens up, rubbing her floury hands together. She didn't help much, but she did spill some flour all over the floor. Properly.

Van arrives in time to glance over Astraea's other shoulder at the tub of ice cream, "It's being requisitioned for morale reasons, Ace. On my authority." Not that he has a great deal of authority. Or much of any at all. Narrowing his eyes to Isolde, he adds, "And we're not filling it with milk and putting it back in the freezer."

Bami eventually comes back, whistling as he does. He enters through the hatch of the mess, and wrapped up sandwich in hand. He left the once busy mess hall to eat in peace, and in a roundabout way has found his way back. He gives a wave to any of the Wolves otu and about, and then plops down into the first chair he can find.

"Sold." On which plan? Astraea doesn't say. They've approved of ice cream and she'll take it. The woman enjoys not just providing food to others, but partaking of it herself. She grabs the ice cream from the freezer and thrusts it at Van. He gets the job of carrying it, apparently. The rest of the meal (the rice and beans, plus the apple crisp) are gathered up in turn, one or the other handed off to Isolde to carry out. "Should be plenty. Any leftovers, we can take to the barracks to be finished off there."

Military trained and military raised, Kell doesn't take too long in the shower though it is certainly longer than usual. Scrubbing off a week's worth of grime, dirt, dust, takes a bit of effort but it is done. Just doing that helps Razor feel more normal again. Then he goes to the sink and the person looking back at him in the mirror is almost unrecognizable. After a slight shake of his head, he begins the business of trimming followed up by a slow shave.
When Kell appears in the Mess Hall, he looks like his old self. Duty blues buttoned up properly, uniform pressed and clean. His face presentable again as an officer, though some areas are a little red from perhaps scrubbing a little too hard. But the smile on his face shows that his high spirits is maintained. Stepping into the room, he looks for the others, wondering what trouble they have whipped up.

Bami throws a wave from his spot at the table, and finishes off the rest of his sandwich while in the act. He lets out a happy little sigh then, and hops up from the chair. "The rest of 'em are in the kitchen," he says with a point over to them. "So, whatcha eat while you were down there? I don't think they'd have most of the stuff we have up here, but I don't really know. Mosta what I know about Picon's from books well before the war broke out."

Isolde looks innocently at Van. "What? Who suggested that idea?" She then bounces off to grab utensils and plates. She is in the back when Kell comes in, and misses his arrival as she grabs plates and spoons and forks. She then spots him, craning her head slightly to catch sight of the familiar pilot. She brightens to Van -- a happiness to try to oversahdow the tragedy of Tucker. She holds up her forks in victory as she manages not to drop the plates on her way forward.

"All of it now?" Van stands there with a moment, holding the container of ice cream, then shrugs and follows after, "You're in charge, chef." He makes it about two thirds of the way to the chosen table before he starts to bobble the container as the chill sinks into his hands, "You did. I heard you, Izzy." He makes it to the table and sets the container down, then reaches his ice-cream-frozen hands to try and put them to the back of Isolde's neck even as he notes, "There we go, Razor. Now I recognize you."

"All of it... Fer now." Might as well hide the evidence of their crime, right? All of the ice cream. The Wolves in the berthings will surely help ensure none of it goes to waste later. Astraea is the last out and has to lean around Van to spot the returned Kell. She grins, broadly. "Y'look much better," she agrees, setting down the pot of beans and rice, followed by the dish with the apple crisp. "Somethin' proper an' fillin'." She doesn't stand on ceremony, either, grabbing a chair to drop herself into. "Anythin' left over, we'll take back ta th' rest of th' squadron, so everyone can celebrate. But ya oughta get yer fill first."

Spotting Bami, Kell makes his way towards the table that the other man has taken though his eyes do gaze at the cold sandwiches longingly for a moment. Patience is rewarded, he reminds himself as he takes a seat across from the ECO. "Started out with the survival bars that was in the kit, but didn't realize I was going to be down there for over a week. Cylons pushed into Paran City while we were in the air, it seems." There is a pause before he continues, "After that ran out, I ate... stuff." His nose wrinkling a bit as he doesn't go into details, since they are about to enjoy a meal that is much better than the stuff he had to dine on. "And once the resistance group found me, they had MRE's. Never tasted MRE's that delicious before."
Razor does look towards the kitchen area and grins when Isolde appears with plates and utensils before laughing at what Van says, "Good as new again, yeah? I feel much better after that, almost lost myself standing under the hot shower." When Astraea comes out with the food though, Kell's stomach growls rather loudly, his eyes staring at what is being set out, "Wow. This looks... damn." He doesn't wait either, hunger and the allure of the food trumping his usual reserved self. Grabbing a plate, he starts filling it, the aroma already pulling him in.

"Hey, hey!" Isolde squeaks when Van puts his cold hands on her, and she swats at him. "No!" Then she grumbles at the Picon. "Okay, someone feed Kell and I'm gonna go do my job in the kitchen. Save me some!" She squeezes Kell's shoulder once in passing, smiling brightly at the others. She then gathers up herself and trots back to the kitchen so she can tidy up as part of her deal as being the sous chef.

Bami's nose wrinkles up at the mention of the bars. That look of disgust is gone quickly, though, and he nods at the mention of simple stuff and MREs. "Yeah, I don't remember hearing much at all about Picon's food when I was reading. The beaches? Yeah, lots of that at least. Although I'd imagine it wasn't all that bad when the other option was starving."

Van chuckles quietly at Isolde's squeaking and swatting, leaning away from the Tauron's whack. "A great deal of fish and glazed vegetables," Van responds to Bami's half-question about Picon food as he sits down at the table, "Rice and pasta alike. Although it depends on the region." He gives Kell a slow once-over, then nods, "Almost good as new. I think sleep after the first debriefing. A great deal of sleep if you can manage, but I think you'll survive." Looking over to Astraea, he adds, "It looks great, Nova."

"A damn sight better'n MREs an' energy bars at least," Astraea declares, picking up on bits and pieces of Kell's tale. She serves out a dish of her own, after at least making sure everyone has plates. Oh no, she's not going to be serving people. For now, she just focuses on the rice and beans. After CAP, the woman is hungry herself. Not as hungry as Razor, not nearly, but hungry enough to have not wanted mid-rats. Settling in, she pulls the plate close once she's deemed herself to have enough and settles in with a fork. "Seriously, though, Razor.. We're damn glad yer back. Everyone will be. An' I bet ya wanna get back out there, but ya oughta take a day ta rest iff'n they offer it."

After setting his plate down after scooping his fill, Kell gives Isolde's hand a quick pat when she squeezes his shoulder, "I'll try not to eat it all, looks and smells way too good." There was no seafood when Razor was on the run but he says silent on that for now, instead focusing on the food that is on his plate. The rice and beans is scooped, bite after bite taken. It's obvious to everyone present that he likes the food. Looking up, Kell nods his head in agreement with what Van said, swallowing before replying, "Can't wait to sleep in a bunk again." He then looks to Astraea and shakes his head, "Unless medical or the Major forces me to take a couple of days off, once I'm cleared and get a good night's sleep, I want to get back out there. We need to push them back."

Bami's quick to set a plate for himself, and starts digging into rice and beans without so much as a thank you. It isn't until he's a few seconds in and swallows away a mouthful of rice and beans that he gives Astraea a smile. He may be scrawny, but he always eats like his next meal is his last. "Thanks for cooking this." To Van he notes, "I'll remember that. May even see if I can get some cook books from the place, too. It'll at least expand what I already know." He then looks over to Kell, briefly sizing up the pilot. "After that shave you look like you're good enough to me. The rough and tumble look really didn't suit you, anyway."

Van fills up his own plate after the others, "I can have my dad send some V-books up if you would like, Meteor." There's a moment's pause when he very clearly does not say 'if my parents are still alive.' And then he's looking back to Kell, nodding at Bami's judgment and adding his own advice, "Just remember not to chase personal revenge. That's a pursuit that has killed a great many skilled pilots." A couple of quick bites and the Picon nods, "Very good, Nova. Very good indeed."

"If y'ain't well-rested, yer gonna have trouble behind th'stick, too. It's been... rough out there, Kell." Astraea frowns, briefly, looking down at her plate. "Whether it's tomorrow or th'next day, though, we'll be glad ta have ya. Missed havin' ya watchin' m'tail. Could've used ya a few times lately, I won't lie." The deck likely has missed it, too, with the Raptors she's brought back to be slapped with 'for parts only' labels. The woman glances to Bami with a grin. The ice cream suits the apple crisp, as is only proper. "I'd like ta see th'books too," she answers Van. "Never cooked anythin' but Scorpian fare. I'd like ta try m'hand at other stuff."

When they've all had their fill, she gives each of them a task of something to carry. The pot of rice and beans, the crisp, the ice cream, perhaps the plates. Something to take back to the bunks so other Wolves can partake and share in the victory of Kell's return.

"I would have to agree, Meteor." Kell says after he chews and nods his head, "I prefer to be in a cockpit than having to trek across the battlefield. Reservist training back on Libran helped but luck played a major luck too." Reaching up, he does rub his smooth jawline again, "Definitely feels better too." When revenge is mentioned, Razor shakes his head, "Nothing like that on my mind, plus it's probably harder for us to seek revenge on a particular Cylon unless it has distinguished markings." As for watching Astraea's six when they're out on mission, Kell raises his fork and nods, "No problem, definitely after you fed me like this." When the group moves onto the dessert though, they can tell that the young Ensign is truly enjoying his first meal back on the Vanguard, especially the treat at the end.


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