2237-07-05 - The Lottery

Eva wins the lottery. Finn feels she might be misunderstanding what that means.

Date: 2237-07-05

Location: Gym, //Vanguard//

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Eva is well on the road to healing, enough that she's convinced herself she can actually manage a sparring match with Finn. She knows this is his workout time, so it isn't as though he can get away. Well, theoretically, he could just pick her up and move her out of his way, but that would be rude, Finn O'Day. Rude. So here is is, bag of cookies in one hand, the gloves he picked out for her in the other. Dressed in sweats and ignoring the bands of bandages around her abdomen and left arm.

Finn is all about routines. Workout routines, flight routines, food routines...He likes his life outside of the cockpit in battle to be predictable. Not that it is, usually, but he likes it that way. He's currently on one of the treadmill's, but appears to be winding down from a run he just took. If he's true to his schedule, today is cardio day, so he's been running for around 45 minutes. Just a nice light workout. He grabs a towel as the treadmill comes to a stop and he starts to move away from it, wiping at his face.

Eva, for her part, is not about routines, at all, which is probably one of the reasons they get on so well. They each balance the other out. "Hey," Eva's greeting is loud enough to carry the distance, slowly dwindling as it is, between herself and Finn, while not being so loud that it's likely to disrupt anyone else in the vicinity, "I was hoping I'd catch you, you almost finished?" She tucks the gloves under her arm, to offer a hand.

Slowing at the voice, Finn arches a brow, looking around until he sees Eva and smiles at her quickly, "Hey." And he diverts his path from the speed bags over towards her, "I was gonna do some speed bags, but I could mix it up." Because he's all about...well routines, but he's working on it. He eyes the gloves under her arm and takes her hand, leading her off towards his gym bag, "We could do another lesson?" He saw the bandages, but he doesn't bring them up.

Eva's smile is quick, bright, as her hand slips into Finn's, "I'd love a lesson. Just keep it to the face, okay?" Oh, Eva, for her, that joke never gets old, despite the fact that it's been months and months since he gave her a shiner, "Possibly the kneecaps." Although that technically wouldn't be boxing. "I'll even share my news. Such as it is." Cookies end up on a handy bench, before she switches the gloves into her now free hand, "Deal?"

"Sure...we'll work on how to really break someone's face..." Finn offers with a mildly sarcastic tone. "I haven't broken your nose yet..." And when the reach his bag, he slips off his tank top and then pulls out his gloves. As he's already been sweating, he doesn't appear to want to sweat more into that same shirt with the boxing. He starts to pull on his left glove, "No body shots, so we'll working on blocking blows to your face, ok?"

Now, usually, this is the point a which Eva is climbing up onto the pile of mats to munch cookies and watch Finn work out, so forgive her if she just stands around for a minute, gazing longingly between the bench, and the blonde pilot. Ah, the sacrifices one makes. "As long as I can still fly, I am open to all of that." Eva moves off towards the mat, working her gloves on to her hands, "Alright. But don't go easy on me."

Finn gets both his gloves on and then snags the buzzer from his bag and turns it on to time out a three minute round. Then he's climbing into the ring and hopping from foot to foot for a few moments, get the heart rate up, "Alright, guard position...Hands up and keep them in close." Finn leads by example, using a high, tight guard position and starts to move in to start the round.

Eva might enjoy joking, and might even seem not to be taking any of this seriously but that isn't the case at all. As soon as Finn moves into the ring, and she hoists herself in after, she's attention, serious, lifting her gloves to mimic his example. She moves, attempting to play keep away, as best she can, trying to move quickly enough that he can't step into her without effort.

Finn rolls Melee (8 6 4 2 2 1 1 1) vs Eva's Melee (8 5 3 1 1)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

Finn rolls Melee (8 6 5 4 4 3 2 1) vs Eva's Melee (6 4 4 3 1)

Marginal Victory for Finn.

Finn rolls Melee (7 6 6 4 3 2 1 1) vs Eva's Melee (6 5 5 2 1)

Victory for Finn.

As the round starts, Finn shuffle steps to the right and then jabs. Shuffle step, jab. Shuffle step, jab. He keeps it simple, but he's not pulling his punches at least. His footwork is pretty solid though. Each shuffle step brings him in a crescent arc around Eva, forcing her to pivot to defend lest she leave herself open. The first two punches really don't hit so much as they jar. The last one though is a solid enough hit.

Eva has learned at least one of her lessons well, and she continues to move, not really able to twist and weave as much as she might otherwise be able to, and so, all three of the hits do make contact, but she at least manages to avoid serious damage, thanks to some decent footwork. Until the third gets her right on the jaw, snapping her head to the side and raising a livid red mark on her cheekbones, "Oh, we're playing like that, are we?" There's only humour in her tone.

Eva rolls Melee (7 7 6 6 2) vs Finn's Melee (8 8 7 3 3 2 2 1)

Marginal Victory for eva.

Eva rolls Melee (7 7 6 4 3) vs Finn's Melee (6 4 3 3 2 2 1 1)

Victory for eva.

Eva rolls Melee (7 7 6 6 1) vs Finn's Melee (8 8 7 6 3 3 2 1)


The next exchange happens as Finn starts to shuffle and circle the opposite direction. He isn't using his reach over her, keeping in close. Probably due to her injuries, he doesn't want her overextending. This of course, is a mistake, since they aren't taken it easy. He catches a glancing blow as he was moving left and over extended his defense, and that blow leads into another that catches his high on the cheek. His face continues left further than expected, but doesn't send him off balance. Finn though, doesn't manage to land any punches of note. "Nice right..."

"I had a good teacher." Eva will be the first to admit that it's Finn's training and not her natural talent that means that she's able to do anything close to represent herself in a decent fashion in these matches. "I've been trying to make it less useless." Her right hand has never been her strong hand, when it comes to throwing punches, though she tends to use either or, in most circumstances, fairly interchangeably. She lifts her gloves back to guard position, waiting for the next round of attacks.

Finn rolls Melee (7 6 6 4 4 3 2 1) vs Eva's Melee (7 5 4 3 2)

Victory for Finn.

Finn rolls Melee (8 6 4 3 2 1 1 1) vs Eva's Melee (8 8 5 2 1)


Finn rolls Melee (7 7 6 6 6 4 4 1) vs Eva's Melee (7 6 5 1 1)

Crushing Victory for Finn.

"Not good enough to avoid getting hit in the face..." Finn offers in a faux surly tone. He reels back a few steps after the last exchange and turns his head to the right, stretching his neck muscles. They've got about sixty seconds left on the clock. He darts back in, juking right and whipping out a jab, right combo, but to minimal effect. Unfortunately, his next hit is not to minimal effect. Finn side steps to the left and throws out a right cross dead center at Eva's face.

The sound, of that final hit eclipses everything that's come before. The first tap, catching her on the opposite cheek to the first good hit, the hands quick enough to block Finn's second punch, the decent, passable, enough footwork to keep her moving. But the fact that they always fight no holds barred tends to end up working out poorly for one or the other of them. And the crunch of sound. Yep. And the sudden flood of blood, coupled with force to set her off-balance and Eva goes down. Thank the gods for padding, as she lets out a yelp of pain.

The wince that comes from Finn is immediate as he hears the crack. He'd been trying NOT to give her another shiner. Now she'll have two to go with her nose. With a grimace, Finn rushes over to grab his towel and moves over to Eva, pressing it into her gloved hands, "You alright? Frak, that's bleeding a lot..."

Eva doesn't bother trying to get up from the mat, though she does start trying to shake off her gloves, wanting to have her hands free to try to hold the towel against her nose, "Ow, ow, ow!" because, seriously, "I'm okay." I mean, she's not, but he can see what's wrong with her, "Help with my glove?" Her voice is a bit wonky, to go with the nose, but that's to be expected. "Just...flesh wound."

Finn has more practice removing gloves. He had one off before he grabbed the towel and is already removing his other. With both hands free, he unfastens her gloves and pulls them off, "Let's get you some ice..." he says, once more moving to his bag. Finn may not have a medically inclined bone in his body, but he boxes for fun. Boxers need ice packs. He pulls out a white baggie looking thing, and crunches it as he moves back to her, "Get this at the top of your nose."

Eva gives Finn a grateful look, as he helps her out of her gloves. No matter how they end up beating each other up, they never seem to take it as anything but simply...sparring. Never an ounce of ill will. And always, at least for Eva's part, rather cheerful, once she manages to get a handle on the pain. "I feel...like I won the lottery." She offers as she takes the icepack, applying it to her nose, "Might need help."

"I think you fundamentally misunderstand the lottery..." Finn says quietly as he checks out the injury, wincing a bit in sympathy. He can't do much, instead holding out a hand to her, "Or I gave you a concussion...Either way, we need to get you to the sick bay to get that set and checked out."

Eva offers a smile, or she would be, if he could see it past the towel, and she could manage it past the pain. But she does use her free hand to get his help coming to her feet, moving in a sort of roll movement, to try to spare her abdomen. Once she is on her feet, she'll allow him to lead. "Can't I have both?" She steps closer, nudging Finn with her shoulder, before she starts towards the hatch and sickbay.


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