2237-07-07 - Costello Mails Out - 1

Kyle Costello sends her first message home.

Date: 2237-07-07

Location: From Vanguard Bunks

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Scene Number: 580

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Hey Mom, hey Dad,

If there are black bars on the page and it looks photocopied, don't freak out. You know how it is. This isn't the first time.

But here's what I CAN tell you: I'm away from home doing a lot of stuff, I'm doing a good job at it, and I miss you guys like crazy. I've been doing my job the right way, I hope (I know, Dad. No one's yelled at me which means I can be frakkin up), and I'm doing what I can to put these tin cans back in a smelter where they belong. Maybe we will get lucky and all of this will mean discount scrap and cheap exhaust pipes. I don't fig anyone would want an engine made out of rebel robots, but an exhaust pipe sounds fair.

A few years of war for a ten year warranty blowing it out of a car's ass? I'm in.

I hope that made you laugh. Anyway.

I've been busy. I've made a few friends to pass the time with. I don't have a lot of pictures, but I included a snapshot of my bunk and the spunky girl with the raccoon hat and scarf is Erin. She's in my unit. She doesn't have much of a home to go to, so don't be surprised if you see her and some others if a group of us get shore leave to <REDACTED>. So don't sell the barbecue. I'll be coming home with steaks and ambrosia.

Mom? Hug dad for me. And my brothers. Dad? Hug my brother's wives for me, but not Marek, and if he looks out, Mom? Hug Marek? (I'm giving him shit. He ain't so bad.)All of you? Hug the shit out of Vin's goblins for me? I miss you all so much, even the brats.

Well, the buzzer is going off and I've got to get back to saving the colonies and showing the Tauronese what a real soldier looks like. I'm gonna wrap it up and send this out. I know you always ask if I need things, which I do. So...see the list? Everything helps.



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