2237-07-07 - The Next Big Step

Van and Isolde have a Big Talk in Fifi the Raptor.

Date: 2237-07-07

Location: Scene 220 - Fifi The Raptor

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Scene Number: 221

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"Alright, Asa... I'm gonna need to go find some paneling, because you had to let Slow Poke fly all crazy yesterday."

Anderson pokes his head out of the Raptor affectionately called Fifi. He has a tablet in his hand as he departs and starts tapping away to put in a note that until the repairs can be made the Raptor is out of the field. He turns on his heels and starts across the deck, leaving the Tauron inside the cockpit to finish up her work inside.

Isolde has been fluctuating between being weary and energetic. Today is a weary day as she reflects on the mission yesterday, and the damage that now mars Fifi's outer hull. She leans back in the pilot chair, looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully, and then begins to slowly rotate back and forth in her seat.

Van slips into Fifi, giving Anderson a nod on the way by. "Does Slow Poke ever fly all crazy?" Stepping up behind the pilot's chair, he's about to settle his hands on her shoulders when she rotates back toward him, and so instead he just drops his hands to his sides, offering up a weary, sad smile. "Kind of a rollercoaster, isn't it, Izzy? Flats and Telly, then Razor back, and then Fish."

When Van appears behind her, she jumps just a bit, but it is a mild reaction that dissolves into gentle, almost weary laughter. She runs her hands back through her hair, pulling it out of her face. "I'm not sure I can take another hard turn or unexpected drop," Isolde confesses to Van, and then she gives his shin a small tap with her foot before she nods to the co-pilot seat while she rotates back to the front of the Raptor.

Van nods his agreement, although before he settles down into the co-pilot seat, he reaches out to brush his fingers along her brow, repeating the job she just did with her hair. When he drops into the co-pilot seat, he starts to swivel left, only to find himself turning back toward the cabin again. Shaking his head in wry amusement, he instead turns forward, smoothing down the front of his blues, "I'm not at all used to sitting in this seat." There's a pause, and then he speaks more quietly, "Have you seen Cate?"

Isolde flashes a wry smile over to her boyfriend before she swivels back to face him a bit more. "It's fun. You can sometimes do a full three-sixty spin if you tuck in your legs." Which, of course, Isolde says from a total source of experience because she probably has sat here trying to figure out how to spin around and around without interruption. Kid at heart, this one. She then sighs out a breath at his question, and shakes her head. "No. I mean, yes, but only in passing. She's been a bit, well... you know. I would avoid everyone, too..." She swallows a bit. "If I ever lost you."

Van glances down at the consoles around him, tucking his legs in a little experimentally and starting to gauge angles. Her response, however, causes him to sigh faintly, starting to nod, and then freezing a little, a grimace painting his features. "I know. I don't think it's healthy, but I might have the urge to transfer back home." His eyes close for a moment, then open once more, seeking out hers, "I suppose that love has to burn bright and hot in times like these."

Isolde looks forward now, her focus just beyond the viewport. She is quiet for a long moment, and her brow furrows deeply after a moment of thought. She glances over toward the Picon then. "If you lost me, you mean... you would leave the Vanguard?" She tilts her head as she regards him, a worry and fret playing across her features.

"I don't think I could manage to stay here. Not when everything here reminded me of you." A little hint of a smile touches his lips, and Van leans forward to put a hand on her knee, "But right now, everything here reminds me of you. And that's a good thing, Izzy."

That seems to warm Isolde for a moment, and she smiles almost shyly at the touch to her knee. "Everything reminds me of you, too. And it makes me really, really happy. But not stupid happy. More grounded and contented and confident." The Tauron sinks into quiet once more, and she appears to be thinking with a furrowed brow and a slight twist to her lips. She searches the console a few moments, and then she looks over toward Van once more. "Will you marry me?"

Van's smile spreads further as Isolde describes her state of mind, and he adds in during that silent moment of searching, "I'll have to do better then, if you haven't reached stupid happy yet." And then she blindsides him, and he blinks, opening his mouth, closing it, and then getting out, "Of course." There's a moment of silence, and then he considers, "I should probably ask your father for his blessing. He would like that, wouldn't he?" There's something nervous about the question, and he nudges around his class ring with his thumb, "Assuming he gives it."

Isolde knows she has surprised him, but it definitely sends a small nervous flutter in her stomach when he takes a bit of time to answer. Then a smile returns and she starts to shake her head at his considered words. "No, I don't think you have to." Isolde tilts her head as she regards him, and a small smile flutters at her lips. "He actually rolled his eyes when one of Jia's boyfriends asked for his permission to date her. I think the exact words were 'Why are you asking me? I have no interest in you.'" She then rubs her hands down her thighs thoughtfully. "I would be more worried about him demanding you take the Asa name."

The news surprises him a little, but then Van nods slowly, understanding filtering in, "So there will be no permission, because there will be no approval." That actually causes Van to frown a little, almost like he might be taking the situation as a challenge. Still, he shakes his head, turning his chair fully toward her and reaching out for her hands, "The name thing may be a problem, by the way. Because I don't think that Mother would be particularly happy to have one of her sons marrying out of the family."

"I don't think that's really what that means," Isolde replies with a wry smile. "Dad just doesn't seem to buy into that whole asking the father permission business. He figures we're big enough girls to handle our own romances without him having to give an appraisal." Then she turns slightly as he reaches for her so she can take his own hands in hers, and she starts to laugh. "How about I become Asa-Newton and you can be Newton-Asa, and we'll make everyone happy." She dimples.

Van's thumbs rub over the backs of Isolde's hands, chuckling at the suggestion, "I could get behind that. Although it will certainly make the paperwork most unpleasant. And they'll have to re-stencil the lettering on both our birds." Not that he's actually complaining. Still, a faint frown interrupts his own smile, "Is this about Flats and Cate, Izzy? Are you worried about what might happen if we're not married and one of us goes down?"

Isolde starts to join him in the smile. "The Deck loves stencils." Though the interruption of his frown draws a slow breath from her, and she shakes her head a bit. "No. I don't think so. I've been thinking about it for a long time. I mean, we can wait... until after Picon, or after the war entirely. I'll wait for you, but I guess... I guess I wanted you to know that I want to marry you, and see if you want to marry me, too..." She wriggles her toes in her boots, squeezing his hands lightly as she does.

"I think we should definitely wait until we have some leave, Love." Van actually chuckles lightly, his smile returning, "After all, I do like the Vanguard, but I don't think that I want to get married here." He gives a little tug at her hands, leaning back in his seat to try and draw her into his lap crossways, "So. You've been thinking about it for a while too? How long have you been thinking about it?"

The tug to her hands draws her up, over, and then down into his lap. She curls up against him, arms twisting around his shoulders as she settles into his lap. She starts to smile after a moment. "I dunno. I bet we could make the chapel real fancy." She quirks up a smile to him before she shakes her head. "Okay, not on the Vanguard." Then she rests her head against his own, and she shrugs slightly. "A couple months. Since Canceron, I think. It's popped up fantasy-like now and then, but I think since our shoreleave before Picon is when I was really thinking about it."

Van laughs softly at her suggestion of the onboard chapel, nodding his head at her agreement. His arms slip around her waist, and he thinks back, "So about the same then. But fantasy-like? Does that mean that you have everything planned out already?" There might be a little teasing there.

That's when Isolde finally picks up the fact that Van has been thinking about it too, and she blushes slightly. His teasing though does get a sudden laugh from her and she shakes her head. "No. I'm not good at any of that. Hell, you're lucky I don't suggest a V-world wedding." Then she smiles at him before she leans in to press a soft kiss to his lips, savoring the moment before she leans back. "I love you, Van."

"Lucky? If we could find all the necessary files, it would save us a ton." Van admits a little warily, "Although I don't think that will be an issue." He lets himself be silenced by the kiss, one hand lifting up to caress her cheek. When he settles back against the padded chair, a well-pleased smile settles into his features, wiping away some of the weariness, "I love you too, Izzy. I'm very, very glad you showed up as tour guide on my first Cee-Eff posting."

"Huh..." Isolde seems to be seriously thinking about all the possibilities of a V-World wedding now, but she is distracted by his own reply and she starts to smile once more. "Me too. I'm glad neither of us gave up on getting us started on this whole thing either." Then she presses another kiss to his lips, settling in against him for a short reprieve from the madness of the universe here in the Raptor.

Van lets out a little breath, nodding his wholehearted agreement. He's about to respond when there's a banging on the hull, and Anderson calls out from outside, "Is it safe to come in?" Van blinks at the door, then laughs, "The door is open, the snogging-light is off." Not that he's in any hurry to get Isolde off his lap, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, but it does mean that there are discussions about repairs and the like to have.


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