2237-07-09 - Tourist Attraction

Checklist arrives on the Vanguard and gets stuck with Double-Tap to show her around. Good thing she's saved by the Jar.

Date: 2237-07-09

Location: Mid Deck

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Scene Number: 236

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The orange suited enlisted man from the hanger crew calls out from the edge of Timber turf. Then his head craning as is leaning over some invisible fence. "Hey Wolves, new Flight Jockey." He gives a sheepish look back to the woman behind him. "Somebody will be out, Ma'am."

The woman he speaks to stands, not tall, but straight stiff. An officer in a duty uniform. Fiona stands there with a 'seabag' over ber left shoulder. The mechanic takes the hanger case from her right hand to hold as she reaches to a flap and pulls out a candy-bar. The swap is made and the guy heads off. Oh, she looks like a pleb at inspection, pristine as a recruiting poster. There she stands, waiting on that promised guide. Her uniform showing duel flight insignia, Viper and Raptor, but inverted from the normal with the Raptor pin above marking her as active in that service not Viper. No slouch or relax, formal stance as she waits.

There really should be a requirement for who gets to greet the n00bs when they hit the Vanguard. As it stands, though, there's only one person that's probably available to deal with such things that that would be, at the moment, Yohan 'Double-Tap' Ramseyer. He's all hops and skips as he takes the invisibel fence to heart to stride right on out and put the greetingest face he can muster up on.

To be unfair, though, he's quite the bit distracted as his fingers are dancing all over the buttons on one of his many handheld devices for gaming at the moment. His messenger bag of always carry is slung across him and he's only half paying attention to where he's walking. He's learned to game and walk on the Vanguard so he doesn't bump into anything. Not right away, anyway.

"Hey!" Yohan sounds happy but is focused. "One sec." Eyes narrow and he kills whatever boss he was trying to obliterate before his head finally rises to see the Pristine n00b in all of her glory. "Whoa. Hey." The game's 'killed the boss' music is just blasting as he semi-stares. "I'm Your--han. Yohan." Yohan shakes his head a second and offers a half-salute. "Welcome to the Vanguard! I'll be your Tour Guide du Jour as they say on... here. They say it on here. The Vanguard. Heh." Yohan wants to facepalm so hard right now but he just squeezes the mini-game in his hands instead.

Of course, a LTJG has a certain appraising look at an Ensign. That stiff appearance shouldn't make it any surprise that there is a faintly frustrated look. Fiona nods, "Thank you, Mister Yohan." The Pican accent clear in her voice. She briefly tries to place the game music as she makes eye contact, "Yes, thank you." The hanger suit bag pressed towards him as if he had offered. "Pleasure to meet you. I am Lieutenant Fiona Cherish Magnum-Calypso. You'll choose my Callsign Checklist till you know me well enough. So skip the wait and call me Fiona if you want." She says waiting till he takes the bag. "Raptor Pilot, recently of Galatica, after the Athena. Previously Pican Navy: Intelligence and Logistics." The blonde the starts to a bit of a step, expecting to get the offered tour. "Yes, I was at Hyperion, please include that in the scuttlebutt, and that I don't want to talk about it." 

"Uh-huh. Checklist. Got it." Yohan's focused on his game again but somehow manages to keep up with the words coming out of the LTJG's mouth. His ability to multi-task is totally a gift. "Why do I get the feeling I already know why they call you that?" This is mostly said in a teasingly jovial fashion because he's quite focused on taking out the next set of goons on whatever he's playing. "Callsign Me Maybe? Double-Tap." That part is just thrown out there to make it very clear that he's very much okay with being called whatever. "Follow The Leader!"

Yohan spins to turn in the direction of the Berthings. "Let's drop off all your gear and then I'll take you to the second best place on this ship. The Lounge! But I'm afraid you're gonna' have to grab somebody else to Scuttle the Butt 'round. Mama taught me to never be a gossip." And then he's frowning as his character gets blasted by some goon's fire. "Ugh, frakkin' fire elemental..."

Fiona flips the garment bag back over her shoulder, a slight side pulled frown. "That would be excellent, Double-Tap." Then there is a faint soft smile might be an exaggeration, "I'll tell you some day, if you are interested enough to remember to ask. I bet the truth is worse than your guess." Trudging to the bunks, she drops off the her bag. Her eyes glance at the lodgings. "Boys and girls?" She asks as step through. "Were you not expecting the fire elemental, no foreshadowing?" Her tone actually quite curious about the game.

"We're all the same where it counts, Checklist." It's just an off-handed comment because he's pretty sure that he's all about the inclusivity. He's focused on the game again while things get dropped off and there's no reason that he should be worried about whether or not the dudes and the dudettes are bunking together. "Besides, nobody hardly ever sleeps in their own bunk so..." Yohan shrugs and may sound just a little bit bitter about that. "I mean, /I/ do. But I'm a professional. The bunk under me's empty, by the way."

It's not until Yohan has realized what's been said does he blat the fire elemental to frozen hell and back. "Um. Say what now?" Yohan looks up and over at the n00b that may not be such a n00b after all. "Oh! Nah, I've beat this game like a hundred times. I just forgot to switch to my ice spells and accidentally /gave/ him HP. Which just ruined my time trial and now I gotta' start all over if I'm gonna' beat my own records." Yohan then looks over at Checklist. "You play?" Yohan holds up the gaming device and gives it a wave.

Fiona's eyes widen at the explanation of the co-ed set-up in the barracks. Her lips turn up a tiny bit and her shoulders shift. A few glances and turns to check the berths. "Really, Double Tap, that is very generous.. I prefer to be on top though." The blonde says, finding what she really seeks in a top and bottom empty rack. The bags tossed in a locker. "Yes, on occasion. I usually prefer simulators, I studied computer science and game theory at the academy."

"Heh. Me too. More wall space. You get the ceiling too." Yohan is probably missing any and all innuendoish meaning because he's more than delighted to be talking to someone that actually understands the theory of gaming. RARE. "I'm a beast at the simulator. Just kinda' goes with the whole Professional Gaming Circuit territory, y'know?" The movements that he makes in the next moment are so obviously done on purpose to help make the swag messenger bag he's wearing more visible. Gamertag in full view and everything! "Game Theory sounds like a hoot and a half. I bet you can pick apart any game you play like it was Libran cheese."

Weight off, a thing which no military person would complain about. If cannot carry your own weight. Fiona relaxes, it doesn't show in her posture, but she is less burdened. "We might the ship on the sims then." There is a quick acknowledgement of the shared interest. She falls to stride next to him to continue the walking tour. "I am, good enough to get me through Viper training. PvP was what almost sunk me. Still, it gives us the advantage in this demented game where we only get one life versus the bots." There is a detachment in her tone, not the hatred most speak of the Cylons with.

"I always thought I deserved my own sidekick. Good idea. You'll make a fine addition to Second Place." Double-Tap is teasing, of course, before he decides it might actually be time to pocket the game and move on to actually paying attention to the person he's tour guiding. The game gets closed and slid into his bag with the smoothness of someone used to having to hide his game at a moment's notice. "Killin' Cylames is cake. It's all these rules that really annoy me. I brought all these cool shirts that I can't even wear. Uncool." Yohan shrugs it off and continues with the touring of awesomeness. "So since you're a Game Theorist and I'm the King of Games, we should probably spend a lot of time Rockin' a Raptor together. We could probably, between the both of us, rack up a pretty killer high score. Show those Viper dicks how to really campaign." He must've peeped the flight pins earlier.

From the brief first impression, it is likely glaringly apparent the pilot doesn't care for second place, or the side kick comment from the ensign. She doesn't retort, just studies the Wolf territory to learn her new home. Her hands linking behind her back, she takes a slow breath, "Your biggest issue is the uniform? Not the death and destruction?" She lets it sink in for a few seconds before continuing. "You are right, we would make a good pairing, Double Tap. We understand, I think you agree, that this is not a war. You do not kill Cylons. There is nothing to kill. It is a malfunction, a miswritten adaptive algorithm. A failed safety feature from negligence, or more likely terrorist mal-ware that is self replicating. The is not a war, it is an industrial incident on a horrific scale."

Speaking of Viper Sticks, arriving from the berthings, Mason's large frame is decked out in his flight suit, though it's slightly crumpled, showing signs of recent use. A beach towel is thrown over his left shoulder, a shower kit carried in the same side hand as he seems to be making his way through towards the head when he notices the two loitiers just outside the door. Momentarily pausing in his mission to seek out hot water to dunk himself in as Fiona goes on about how this ain't a war. "Shit, this ain't a war? Someone inform the press." he snorts good-naturedly. "While we're at it, lets tell the Cylons that, I'm sure they'll agree. Hell, last time I was at a failed safety feature, Gramma forgot to reduce the heat on her sour mash, damn near put her outhouse into orbit." he offers up with a heavy hint of his Aerilonese roots.

"Death and Destruction are pretty bad, I admit. But that's what this is for." He pats the messenger bag of gamer swag. "Keeps my mind off it and on important things. Like winning. At everything." Competitive streak is all very much up front and out there for all to see. His eyes even gloss over when Checklist starts running down the list of alternative topics for what this is if it isn't war and just nods. "Yeah, uh, whatever you just said." Yohan downplays his intelligence around pretty much everyone as he's not exactly about to let the entire Vanguard know he understood what she was saying. It's better to play the fool he's learned. "By the way, I know exactly how to beat 'em. All of 'em. At once. But for some reason every time I try to pitch it I hear the words 'Suicide Mission', 'Are You Frakkin' Insane?' and, my personal favorite, 'Laps! Now! Until You Stop Saying Stupid Shit!'" Yohan smirks and rolls his eyes at the same time.

"Hey Jar!" Yohan's giving quick salute to the Viper Stick that's decided to come on out of the woodworks. "This here's Checklist. She likes to be on top, loves theorizing on games and she's rocking those Raptor Wings. So, no, you can't have her. Raptors got dibs." Does Yohan ever use any other tone but this foolishly playful one? It doesn't sound like it.

The new voice and the large form snaps Fiona's attention from her relaxing with the ensign. Her eyes seize on the rank and she straightens to a formal military posture, not that it is all that easy to tell aside from the heel click and hands at her side. "Captain." She addresses sharply in a Pican accent. "If I misspoke," and the woman's steady and tactful wording makes it clear she would not yield the point in debate. "I meant only, one does not go to war with a reactor meltdown, or an earthquake. Not even a forest fire. This is a flipped switch. I would not tell the Cylons, because they are a not a person, not alive." She just stops, glancing incredulously at Yohan, then going yet more formal to get out from under the fleet of busses he pushed her under. "Lieutenant Fiona Cherish Magnum-Calypso, reporting as Raptor pilot to the Timber Wolves, Sir."

"At ease, el-tee, I ain't gonna be the one to bite your head off about how you see this whole fraggin' mess. Dee-Tee here sees it as a game to get a high score on. I see it as a right awful mess and the reason why ya shouldn't let a machine do the work a good man can do." Mason offers, before offering up his hand towards Fiona. "Captain Mason Beltran. Ya can call me Jar, if ya want." Then there's a raise of his brow. "And here I thought ya had to properly court a gal before you go callin' dibs on her, Dee-Tee. After all, she may not yet know about yer habit of leaving her chip bags and cans all over the place and that datin' ya's kinda like babysittin' ya." There's a wink at Fiona at that. "Welcome to the Wolves. Take it ya haven't met Whisper or Cherry yet? They're the seinor pilots, I just make up the second echelon."

Yohan's mouth goes slack of jaw and eyes go wide of open. "........." He's not even sure how to deal with the verbal dropping down of smacks that has happened in the most cleverest of ways. He's almost wanting to duck himself into his own swag bag when Jar's comments wrap up and he's not even showing how embarrassed he is. He's practiced the art of hiding that. Kind of. "... That is not even what I meant!" It probably was but whatever. It's his duty to deny such things. "I am not diggin' this low rank I've got at all. When do we go kill some more Cylames. I gotta' get a better score. So I can walk around and serve people like you do, Jar." Yohan forces a smile and does everything in his power to NOT look at Fiona right now. OMG.

At ease, her feet separate, hands shift behind her back, but her head moves to tracking the senior officer. Academy training. "Thank you, Sir." She offers no counter, and no debate, "It is a mess." Fiona takes note of the names, rather she designates them as call-signs. "I have not met them yet. I simply claimed a bunk, Sir." Her attention shifting to Double Tap, perspective flight partner or not, "And not the bed with Mr. Yohan, as he suggested." No malice, just a return fire and redirect. Time to pop smoke and travel.

"Might want to suppress some of those fires, Dee-Tee. She might be a little hot for you to handle." Mason gives Fiona an appraising look up and down and waves his hand. "Formality is for formal shit, this is just the hallway, not a parade grounds." he offers up. "Anyway, just got back from CAP, I smell like shit, gonna go hit the showers and then the bunk for a bit." He starts to walk away, and really, can't help himself as he looks back to the blonde. "Ain't doin' anythin' later, want to meet up fer chow?"

"... I'll get the burn salve. I still have some from the last time I attempted to socialize." Yohan may be playing it up but he's all for sticking with the current line of teasing. He's a good sport even if he really doesn't have enough ammo to fire back with. He'll get it, though. Ohhhhh, he will. "Yeah, you two meet for chow! I've got important sim training to do this evening! Later! At exactly when you guys are gonna' be grubbin'. And stuff." Yohan makes some 'pew-pew' motions with his finger guns. "Gotta' stay sharp and ready to rock. Oh yeah." Poor Yohan's always 'at ease'. A little too 'at ease'.

Fiona tries to relax a touch more, the elbows fall more casual behind her. "Sorry, Double Tap." The focus shifting back to the tall captain, gaze lifting before her nod, "I would appreciate that, Sir.. Jar." Her eyes traveling the head, then back to tbe officers.

"I'll catch you when I clean up then. Dee-Tee can keep givin' ya the tour." There's a lift of his fingers against his brow in a mock salute before Mason continues on his way to the head so that he can clean up, rubbing a hand over the slight stubble on his head and realizing he's gonna have to get that cleaned up as well.

"Ah, right. Tour. I should probably get on that so you know where to find the food and everything else, huh?" Yohan tosses a nod in the direction of the Captain that disappears into the Head and once again focuses on Fiona. "Don't listen to him. I didn't mean any kinda' flirtatiousness. I'm in love with my games, then myself, then cheese... let's just say I don't have a lot of room left in my heart for, y'know, stuff." There. That should absolutely not clear things up at all. Yohan's bad at saving face. He can save games, though! And lives!

Once the senior officer is gone. "That would be helpful." Fiona comments on the tour, ready to follow. "Is that .. Scheduled, the showers?" She asks and starts to move again, hands resting in a natural sway. "Don't worry about it, not accusing." The woman glances around, "What about the mess hall?"

"Yeah, the schedule is get in where you fit in." Yohan offers with a grin before taking Fiona in the direction of the corridor that will lead to the way to the Mess Hall. He may be attempting to take the scenic route for, y'know, reasons. "I coded a Mini-Map of this place. Works on the LAN. If you want, I can upload it to your Holoband. It'll help you get around until you memorize everything." Yohan only pauses long enough to muse aloud, "Still haven't been able to get an IFF code to work on it but it'll help get you from Point A to Point B."


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