2237-07-09 - Worst Triad Game Ever

Evan and Charlie try to play Triad. Keyword: try.

Date: 2237-07-09

Location: Crew Lounge

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Scene Number: 241

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Across the table are littered the pieces of paper, scattered like the wind upon it and folded over. In front of Evan sit the three items he finds necessary for lounge relaxation. The first of course is the cigar that is in the ashtray; freshly lit and smoldering with temptation. The second, a bottle of liquid. Best to just call it liquid at this point really. The last, the deck of Triad cards that are being shuffled between his fingers.

"You finish writing out your wagers yet? You need at least 10, cause we'll need that many for the game."

Either Charlie is running late or she wasn't exactly invite so much as it's serendipity that has her showing up. The sniper is in her off-duties, the Aerilonian western that she's been reading in one hand, and a partially unwrapped sandwich in the other. Mid-bite, she makes it a few steps in before pausing upon spotting Evan at the Triad table. Curiousity gets the better of her as she makes her way over and leans over his shoulder to get a look. Mostly at the bits of paper. "What's this, then? Where's the cubits?" Because this is a style of play she's not seen used before.

"Cubits are money... money comes and goes. These are dares, IOUs, tasks." Evan explains to Charlie with a small grin as he holds up one of the pieces of paper for her to see. On it, in Evan's handwriting reads 'Solo Salmon Ladder Session'. "You brave enough to play?"

"Uh-huh." Charlie leans in to read, then glances sidelong at him. "Is that teaching or watching?" She rolls her eyes, either way, before grabbing a chair to draw up alongside him. "I'm not sure bravery is what's at stake here, but I'll play either way. If only to see you lose."

Evan slides over the stack of paper then to Charlie and a pen, leaning back to watch her start writing. "Get to it then." He smiles, almost eager to see what sorts of things she'd put on the paper. Since there doesn't seem to be anyone else present at the table, as of yet, he adds a couple more papers to his pile with stuff on it.

"You didn't answer my question," Charlie points out as she takes the pen. "Is that solo session to be taught the ladder, or to watch you? Because those are two very different things." She taps the pen against the edge of the table for a moment before she starts jotting a few things down. Now and then something gets crossed out and replaced as she changes her mind.

"It depends on what you want to do. Do you want to watch or do you want to learn?" Evan asks as he starts dealing cards out to them both while waiting for the finishing of putting in of papers. "So, have you even played Triad before?"

There's just a sort of look for Evan as she folds a few pieces of paper and sets them aside. "Have I played Triad before? Are you kidding me? Of frakkin' course I've played Triad before." Charlie kicks him -- lightly -- under the table. "Just deal."

The cards come flying out and Evan starts looking over his hand before settling it down and leaning to talk to Charlie. "No no, I mean have you /played/. Not just dabbled?" He asks it with an eyebrow lifting up.

There's a long look for Evan as Charlie considers the question. She reaches for her own hand, rifling through the cards. Turning somewhat in her chair so she's sitting a bit cock-eyed in it, a few of the cards are adjusted and set in different places in the hand. "If you mean professionally, no. If you mean for bets and the like, yes. I've cleared out this lounge a few times. Usually while you were off on a mission and I was bored." Read: she couldn't sleep because he wasn't there.

"Ah, so here's hoping this pans out well for us both." Evan comments with a chuckle in his voice as he flips some cards around then gets ready to deal Charlie her replacements. "You know, we used to play Triad almost non stop when we weren't on assignment. We played for everything. Booze, cigars, drugs, hell this one guy put his sister up in a game."

After a moment, Charlie finally plucks out some cards to toss aside and awaits her replacements. "Happened often enough in the barracks back at Triton," she agrees. "Before the war. Nothing like the days of wait and see, I guess." There's a glance up and a brief grin across to Evan. Once she has her full hand again, she shifts anew in her chair to stretch a leg out to prop in his lap. "His sister? Frak, that's just messed up."

Foot in his lap, there's only one thing to do. Remove anything impeding him and with his spare hand not holding cards start rubbing it. Figuring that's what she is after. "Yeah, I won that hand too. Took his sister out for drinks and that was it. Nice girl, dumb as a fucking rock."

Off-duties mean loosely-worn boots, so it's not that much effort. Charlie wasn't quite expecting that, but she's not going to protest it, either. She just relaxes into it as she regards her cards. There's the risk it might give him an advantage due to distraction, but she'll take that risk. Leaning for some of her paper scrap 'chips,' she snorts. "Didn't want to risk catching the dumb, I take it?" A couple scraps are set out on the table as a bet.

Evan matches, placing a pair of pieces of paper out before looking up at Charlie eyebrow quirked, "I'm sure she wasn't only carrying stupid. I may be a dumb man, but I have some standards." He looks across at Charlie and nods his head upwards, "I'm calling you doll."

<FS3> Charlie rolls Triad (7 5 5 4 3 1 1) vs Evan's Triad (7 7 3 3 2 1)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Evan.

"Just some standards? I guess that's at least a partial compliment," Charlie offers in a dry voice, though she is, at the least, smiling. After a moment, she sets down her hand. It is, sadly, just shy of Evan's. As in neither has a great hand, but his is marginally better. Go figure. She makes a bit of a face and picks up her two slips of paper to hold up between her fingers for him to take. One is an offer to make sandwiches and the other is a 'signed promotional photo.' Which must have been something she nabbed from when they visited her parents' home. One can only hope it's of her and not, say, that kid with the mohawk.

Evan's eyes widen some, mostly at the second one more than the first as he looks at the idea of a promotional photo. "Charlie, darling. You have way way to much trust in me." He says it softly, moving her foot off his lap just some so he can scoot his chair towards her. "Do you really want to give me a photo like that? I mean... the posters, the paparrazi, it'll be a living nightmare."

"I really should have added 'for personal use only,' to that," Charlie responds, rolling her eyes. She tilts her food, prodding him in the abdomen with her toes. "But consider it there anyway. You turn me into a poster and I might reconsider some things, babe. Plus, these-" she gestures to her chest, "came in much better than they were at the time. Promise."

"Honestly?" Evan says looking at the cards and the papers. "This game is a lot more fun when people are playing that are nervous about losing." He flips the cards to the table then looks back at Charlie. "But we're not afraid to lose. Hell, I half wanted to lose that hand just so you could have gotten the 'all night of tongue' paper."

"It's true," Charlie agrees, grinning faintly at Evan. "We're pretty happy to share freely, aren't we?" When he mentions the paper, she snorts in amusement. "Isn't that just Friday night?" There's a glance to him and she shifts forward, but stops herself before settling back. Her nearly-forgotten sandwich is grabbed as a handy distraction as she finishes it off. "Mebbe we should try planning a regular Triad night with the other Wolves."

"That's not a bad idea. Get a good gambling circuit going on. I'd say throw laundry duty on there but... that laundry room is pretty damn dangerous I hear. Decent hook up spot." Evan quirks an eyebrow at Charlie then and wiats to watch her response. "And it's Tuesday and Friday nights. And you know, every morning."

"I feel like laundry duty is too easy. Every bet I hear of is based on laundry duty." Charlie, however, can't help but grin. "It is, however, yes, a good place to meet people. All the more reason to keep you out." She snaps, reaching for the deck of cards so she can begin shuffling them. Even just for something to occupy her hands. "Damn, that's right. I forgot Tuesdays. I keep having missions on Tuesdays, so I keep missing out."

"Wait, you're gone on Tuesdays? Then who the hell has been in my bunk for Tuesday nights?!" Evan feigns shock in asking before he smirks some and laughs, reaching for his drink. "It's hard to imagine I haven't even looked at another woman since I met you."

What the hell did he just say? The look of that sentiment strikes Evan as he is mid drink into the liquid in his cup, stopping which causes it to jerk some, bounce the liquid and result in a small coughing fit when things go awry in his throat.

"Probably the blow-up doll I borrow from Graham," Charlie manages, blithely... just before that bit of sentiment. Charlie's even caught off-guard by it. She blinks at Evan a few times, hands stalling on the cards. A few fumble into her lap. While he's coughing, she's gathering them up. Her foot drops from his lap as she sets the deck on the table and leans to grab her boot. In the process, she offers in a lower voice to him. "...wanna move this back to the bunk?"

Presuming she's offering him a nice out, he takes it and Evan nods his head, stamping out the cigar in the tray but planning to bring the rest with him. "I mean, it is that time of night isn't it? If I must, then I must." There is no reservation in his tone, it's almost an upbeat tone as he picks his feet up off the ground and gathers up the notes to crumple them into a ball. "WE'll do better next time, right?"

It's partially a nice out, yes. Also partially a means to avoid making out with him in the middle of the lounge. That will happen once they're back in the berthings. Hopefully once they're in their bunk and not, you know, the instant they're through the hatch. Charlie slides her slips of paper towards him. The deck is grabbed, along with her book; assuming the deck is his, or at least needs to be returned somewhere. "Want to swing by the mess on the way? I think I could use another snack."

"A snack? Sure, why not?" Evan offers with a shrug towards Charlie, taking a moment to glance around. It's pretty empty and at this point, would anyone be surprised as he stands to let her slide past him before swinging a hand out to give her ass a gentle swat.

Passing the deck off on her way by Evan, Charlie flashes him a grin. The swat is not entirely a surprise, in afterthought, but it is in the moment... Which earns him a bit of a jump in answer. She flashes him a bit of a smirk before making her way out, lingering just close enough to sometimes be able to lean back just a bit so her shoulder can brush against his chest.

"Dangerous game." He whispers softly as they pass by someone going the other way, his chest moving some to brush against her shoulder in turn. The bumping and nudging continuing towards the mess. "You going to bite off too much?"

There's a glance over her shoulder after the deckhand they've passed, then to Evan himself. Charlie grins, broadly. "Don't make me drag you into a supply room," she mutters before turning into the mess. At least the sandwich table is nearby. She's become decent at picking out the good ones. A couple are grabbed. One or two handed off to Evan before a couple more are grabbed for herself so they can be on their way.

"Supply closet? Yikes." He shakes his head at the thought. Evan however was actually eyeing that closet for a few moments when they passed it, but no, self control is still quite capable for him. With sandwiches in hand, he actually snags a couple of bottles of soda as well to bring with as well then tilts his head. "Shall we, darling?"


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