2237-07-10 - Careful Complaints

Tavo has a complaint about Rothschild's actions in the field.

Date: 2237-07-10

Location: Berthings

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Scene Number: 245

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There are not a great deal of times that Tavo looks bashful in public. As he makes his way down the aisle in the berthings toward Rothschild's bunk in his khakis, it's one of them. Leaning his forearm against the locker at the foot of her stack, he clears his throat, "Hey. Got a minute?"

Rothschild promptly closes her locker, arching up a dark brow to the looming Scorpian. Her lips twitch -- an almost wry smile touching the soft curves. "Mmhmm. I'll even give you two." She turns toward him now, resting a hand on the ample curve of her hip. "How can I help you, Delgado?"

Tavo chuckles faintly, glancing down to her hand and then back up again, "I wanted to talk to you about the last op." His shoulders shrink in a little, turning into a slightly uncomfortable shrug, "I know I jumped down Traiga's throat at the end, but some of those rounds came awful close."

That is unexpected. Rothschild actually blinks, coming out of her casual lean when he mentions the last operation. She tightens her lip a bit. "I was extremely careful with my aim, Delgado. You weren't shot. No one was except the Cylons." There's a hint of defensiveness in her tone, matched by the tightening at the corner of her eyes. "What would you have done?"

"I know, I know." Tavo's hand comes up a little defensively, "And I'm grateful you all shot those tin bastards off me." Again, he shifts his narrowed shoulders, considering her question, "Gone for aimed singles, probably. Or gone for my pistol. But I'm not going for an 'I'm right you're wrong here.'" Well, not exactly. "I'm just saying... and I know you already know it, but burst fire near friendlies is dangerous as frak."

Rothschild grips her hand at the corner of her locker and bunk -- a way to avoid crossing her arms or any other defensive gesture to match her defensive tone. "So what you're saying is that I was wrong for using burst and should have done what your suggesting." She shakes her head slightly. "Quite right... you're certainly not going for the 'I'm right, you're wrong' argument." She pushes off from the corner, stepping out into the corridor between the bunks. "I made a call, and none of my squadmates suffered for it."

Tavo grunts something between acknowledgement and a sigh, "You asked what I would have done." In concert with his body language, he keeps his voice low, quiet, "I'm not trying to say that what I would've done is the only way, or even the best way. The way you picked worked out, because you and the others are certified badasses. All I'm saying is..." He grunts again, something near disgust with himself this time, "...hell, I should have said something there and then. But I got so tied up in defending the Timber Wolves against the Traigo that I wasn't thinking."

"Well, thank you, Delgado." Rothschild lifts her chin slightly. "I'll keep your feedback in mind." The Leonese turns so she can start her retreat to the closest hatch that doesn't require her pushing past the big Scorpian.

Tavo opens his mouth to respond to her brushoff, but draws in a slow breath and just nods, "That's it. Thanks." There might be a little sarcasm to the thanks, but it's definitely light, and he turns away himself, shaking his head.

Rothschild doesn't so much as storm, but simmer her way out of the berthings only to realize she never finished getting ready for her watch. She will have to go back in, but she'll pace up and down the hallway a few times in hopes of avoiding another run-in with the Scorpian.

For his own part, Tavo goes right back to his own bunk, stewing for a moment himself before he looks around for one of the others from the op to have a similar -- but hopefully less uncomfortable -- talk with. Unfortunately, this means that just as he's heading out to the hallway, she's just finishing her pacing, and he stops in place, grunting with a sort of 'of course' fatalism, then steps aside to let her by.

Rothschild looks up to see the big Scorpian at the door, and she ducks her head as she steps through the hatch back into the berthings. "I'll see you later," she says, having no idea the fate she seals with those words.

Tavo nods as Rothschild ducks past him, trying on a little smile despite his own frustration, "Yeah. I'll see you around." And then he's gone, down the corridor looking for the next person to grumble at.


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