2237-07-10 - Friends. Best Friends.

Erin, Charlie, and Abigail. Caffeine highs, explosives, and family.

Date: 2237-07-10

Location: Firing Range

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Scene Number: 252

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Right. Well! When you're a Marine and in fine health, there's little on the ship to do but be your own dog, steal food, spy on people, watch naughty vids, work out, and shoot GUNS. And if you're an intrepid scavenger with a penchant for taking stuff, there's bound to be a time when people are watching you closely, making only one option viable.

Erin hums quietly to herself as she comes into the range with her carbine and a few magazines of ammunition. Lots of magazines, actually. Boxes of bullets too. It's time to take out some stress and tension on unsuspecting paper thingies. TARGETS.

Abigail seems to have a rare off day. No, that's a lie. Abigail has been attempting to fill as many of her off-hours as she can, with work, and duties and practice. It's been a stressful few weeks, all things considered, and so she does what she's always done, forced herself to focus on the work, rather than anything else. Just at the moment, she's standing at one of the lanes, loading her service pistol. Unlike many of the Marines, most of whom don't even carry one, she always does. She works too often in too close quarters not to. The sound of the hatch opening brings her head up, "Hayes. Bright eyed and bushy tailed."

It may be that Charlie is of a similar mind to Abigail today. For while the woman works primarily with her specialty rifle, she's not always in a perfect situation to use the weapon. In duty attire, she steps through the hatch with a few items in hand or on her person. The requisite eye and ear protection (the latter draped around her neck), ship-safe ammo, and a service sidearm. No rifle in hand, nope. There's a brief bit of surprise at the 'crowded' nature of the range; at least in regard to fellow Wolves. The sniper gives a bit of an upnod to the other two. At least they aren't mid-firing, so she's able to add a: "Ladies."

"WALKER!" Erin blinks, and then takes off her ear-muffs. "Walker! Hi. I met your brother. He's still not enlisted with us yet? Shame. Kind of cute." Beat. "I came from the cafeteria. Just had some coffee! It was fresh, I think. Had, like, threeeeee cups because it's been sooooo long since I've had fresh coffee, even on the Vanguard, because -- most of the time? -- I wake up a bit too late for that because, you know, I'm up late at night because there's things to do, and it's -- well, it's not really night, is it? -- well, it's quieter on some shifts, especially the ones before they get the morning shift up, if you want to call it that -- maybe the breakfast shift I guess, so, yeah, that's why I thought I'd just burn out some energy here, and, like -- BANG BANG BANG." And then she laughs giddily, having orgasmed her words out with the energy of a sophomore who just got asked out by the high school Pyramid champion.

And then, there's Charlie. "Wagner! Hi! Guess what? I just had some fresh coffee! They have some in the cafeteria -- oh! I should have gotten some for you -- and Walker -- and maybe I should get some -- what do you think?"

"Hayes." Abigail's lips curl into a smirk, the same sort of look she's probably worn on her face most of her life, faced with such observations, "Yes, I've been told he's kind of cute. But I don't think he can enlist anywhere, until medical clears him. And even then, the shrinks still need to have a go. Did you save any of the coffee for the rest of us? No...shame. We should invest in a personal pot. Boobytrap it. Hey Wagner. Looks like we all had the same idea." A glance at Erin, "Well, maybe not her. she's packing for bear."

"You mean Alpha shift?" Charlie asks Erin, vaguely amused. At mention of Abigail's brother, there's just a bit of a shrug from the Piconese woman. "Couldn't really say, myself." She picks a lane and sets her things down. "Wouldn't he be... assigned, anyway, rather than enlist? Being an officer, that is." Why no tease the hyperactive trash panda? There's so many opportunities. She lifts the sidearm for show at Abigail, tilting her head in a nod. "Who knows, maybe I'll be able to pick up my next expert qual soon. Need the whole stack, of course." She winks before she starts going over the weapon.

"Hey, don't mind me, Walker, I don't plan to make any advances on him or anything like that, because he's cute -- right? -- but doesn't really have the gear that I like to play with. Wouldn't know what to do with it! Probably yank it too hard or break it or something, I've no frakkin' clue."

Erin dumps her load on a bench, and then sets up a few magazines at one of the stations. "I haven't a clue exactly what's supposed to happen, Wagner, to be honest. I just feel, I don't know -- itchy, jumpy, something, right? -- so I figure I'd blast a few targets to itty-bitty-pieces to see if that'd relieve the pressure." Sigh. She licks her lips, and then looks at the other women. "Frak, am I the only one who thinks it's hot in here? Frak." Probably.

"Well, you'd have two more than me. I only managed basic the last time I tried. But I'm trying to improve. And Dunny is teaching me to shoot rocket launchers. Which is really...what really gets the job done, right?" Because explosives. "Well, he'd be assigned, but I think in his case, he'd need to both ask, and be approved. I don't know. I've mentioned to him that I would like him to stay, but the Navy owns him as much as the Marines own us. What we want doesn't really matter." She finishes with the side arm, and begins loading some of the spare magazines, "Oh, I don't mind you, Erin. I've never much meddled in Addy's love life. I'd be terrible at it anyway. I think I'm too picky." A nod though, at the comment from Erin, "I think it's going back to the Cape."

"You don't mind me? That's good. Because sometimes? I wasn't so sure." Erin makes a hand gesture, to mimic someone yapping away. "I mean -- ha, ha -- like, I just blah, blah, blah, blah, and it's like -- kind of? -- you were -- I don't know, I'm just anxious, and nervous." Yeah. And talking a mile a minute. And vaguely annoying at times. All of that. "And I don't mind you, Walker. Frak, I don't even know you well -- I should, though, right? We work together."

Clack-clack. Erin slaps in a magazine, sets her carbine up on her shoulder. And then, she starts to fire at her target in three-round bursts. Krak-krak-krak. Krak-krak-krak. Without the heat of battle around her -- just the jitters of caffeine -- Hayes is a great shot. Not that she was terrible otherwise.

"Erin." Walker tempts fate, as she sets down her sidearms, and heads over to the lane Erin is shooting in. At least...she waits until the woman has stopped depressing the trigger, "Hayes. Look at me." Once Erin does, if she can, Abigail's voice is serious, "You helped bring Addison back to me, Erin. I will never be able to repay you for that." And then, no less serious, "I have never minded, and will never mind your chatter. If one of us needs to do the talking, it should be the intertaining one with the big brain."

Erin looks up from her firing. "Huh?" Blinkity. "Oh. I -- " Blinkity-blink-blink. " -- hey, it's no, like -- I mean, it's a big deal, but, like, you'd do the same for me, right?" She grins, and waves her hand. "Walker. C'mon, you're going to make me blush. I'm just a dopey orphan with no family to speak of -- except for you guys, of course -- everyone on this ship's my family." Beat. "I mean, except for Madsen because, like, I'm kind of sleeping with her. Oh! And Costello because, I sort of accidentally did the, uh -- " Blink. " -- it's frakkin' hot in here, I'm going to take off my jacket -- do you mind?" She unloads, sets her weapon aside, and then does the latter. Just tank-top for now. Ignore the red skin on the face.

"Less coffee next time, Hayes. Mebbe add some water in. We don't need you bouncing off the walls or tearing off your skin." Charlie's been focused on going over the sidearm and not losing any fiddly bits. "Well, Walker- you aren't the sniper now, are you? I'd probably lose two fingers if I messed with explosives." At the least. She gets the gun back together and loads in a magazine, but leaves the safety on. She does glance sidelong at the other two and then just falls silent and sets to putting up a target and sending it on down the range.

"Yes, I would, but that is something theoretical. Truthful, for theoretical. You actually did it." She shakes her head, "You're not an orphan, Erin. Your parents might be dead, but you knew them, you loved them, and they loved you. They're gone. But that is still as real now as it was then." That said, Abigail moves back, into her own lane, picking back up her side arm. She's already set the target on the hooks and sent it out. "Does it embarrass you? Your lovelife?" She seems genuinely surprised, "Speaking of messed with explosives...Tomak and I are going to be running some live fire demonstrations, give people who want it some experience and training."

"What, me? My love-life?" Erin makes a face, and then laughs nervously. "What? No, not me, no! Not at all. I just -- " She makes a face, lips peeling open to reveal teeth. " -- oh, it's water under the bridge. Suffice to say, it's good. It's great! No complaints from me or anyone else. I think? Now, at least, yes, I guess." Shrug.

"Oh, speaking of explosives -- I've been reading a couple of manuals on them, and, like, I could really use your help sorting through them, Walker. I mean, I guess I should've asked earlier, but -- tsk! -- I sort of got sidetracked. A little." Her eyes roll up and down. "With stupidity. Me, being stupid, yeah? Anyhow -- not important -- I need help." What she needs is a tall glass of water, is what she needs.

She knocks her clip back into her weapon, and then looks around. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, if I'm sort of disturbing everyone -- see? I'm distracting and annoying." Right now, probably. Trash Panda is usually a little more mellow. No more caffeine for Trash Panda.

"I might attend that," Charlie pipes in, briefly, after getting the target to the distance she wants. "Just for general knowledge. Never know when I might run into something on forward recon." That, however, is all she chimes in on. She's putting her ear protection in place in the next moment and preparing to fire. Or at least studiously going over her chosen weapon.

Abigail doesn't seem in the least annoyed by Erin, for what it's worth. "I'd be happy to go over manuals with you, Erin. Tomak is more of a hands on man. When Jonas," here her voice pauses for a moment, before she continues, "Asked him for reading material, Tomak told him it was all in his head. And that works for him. I don't mind getting out pencil and paper. So bring me whatever you need." And a nod to Wagner, "I have a feeling we're going to start seeing a lot more in the way of EIDs, and you're going to need to potentially deal with them. Not all of the engineers have the demo experience. So when you're on your own, it's going to be a necessary skill."

"Need it for the toolbox, you know, in the head." Erin licks her lips. "Set the charges just right. Right place, right time, trigger landslides -- perfect for ambushes. Got the idea from the raid we did last time." She wiggles her eyebrows, and looks over to Charlie. "I mean, right? We could go ahead, set up terrain slides. Kaboom!" She grins. "Catch those bastards."

Erin chuckles to herself a little before she shoulders up and krak-krak-krak firing off more rounds into her target. Gleefully. She whoops a couple of times as she unloads the rest of her clip, and then gets ready for another. "Damn! That's fun. Too much fun, holy frak." Cackle. A Trash Panda with explosives sounds ... like a bad idea.

"I'm game," Charlie answers Abigail simply, regarding learning more about demolitions. "Even if just enough to let you or Tomak know what lies ahead on a mission. She waits for Erin to fire her rounds before snorting faintly. "Yeah, I doubt I'll ever be that good. That's... degree-level stuff. Angles and- geometry, I don't know." The woman is probably exhausted by the mere existence of caffeine-fueled Erin, perhaps. Her own firing at her target is much, much more subdued.

Abigail, for her part, takes her time, firing in small five round bursts. She knows she's got to work on her tar, and that means slow and steady. "Yes. And, since we're doing so much work in urban areas, we're also going to be going over now to identify mined buildings and how to collapse structures for maximum efficiency." As they did with the bridge, "Even so. Every little bit helps. Especially because we can more easily pick and choose what we bring up to use." Because the loadout for EOD is a bitch.

Erin is, basically, cycling through her ammunition. Kind of. Sort of. She pulls her target back, checks out her sheet, puts another sheet up, and then scales it back. She quickly reloads, and says, "You know, we could really use a medic that can move with us. Right? We're pretty good keeping low, but we could use someone to patch us up if we get into trouble, you know what I mean? Or to stop us from bleeding out."

And then, pew-pew-pew-pew-pew. Braaaak. She goes back to unloading her weapon. Brrrrrrrt. Fully-auto.

"Bringing down buildings?" There's a wince from the sniper. "Not sure I want to be involved in that, thanks." Loud and risky. "I'm working on that, too," Charlie admits to Erin, in a space of quiet. "Well, sort of." She's going over one of her own sheets, studying the spread. A pistol is a different beast than a rifle. "Brushing up on my first-aid from medical and all. Reading up on stuff. I haven't yet braved setting foot in sickbay to ask to help with rounds or anything, but I'm... at least trying to be better, in case something happens."

"That's why you make sure you bring yourself some snacks, Wagner. That way, when we get to the blowing up buildings part, you can just sit back and watch the destruction." She holds up a hand, as Abigail sets down her weapon, "I do not expect everyone to love my job as much as I love my job. But I will never say no to an audience." And then a nod, that encompasses both women, "I had also been working on that." Again, that pause. Again, she picks up without further comment. "We seem to be needing, more and more, to do for ourselves."

Erin clicks her tongue, and then grins widely. "You know what? We should totally be a group of our own. Like, think about it: Walker; Arda; Wagner; Hayes; and Costello. The Furious Five." She lets out an exhale of exaltation. "It has a nice ring to it. Seriously. We could be the Elite of the Elite. Who you call when you need the job done right."

Blink. "You know, I -- I think I'm going to, ah -- " Erin pats her chest. " -- take a break. Lie down. Do something? I don't know, I don't feel right." Probably too much caffeine. Way too much. "Yeeeeeah, that was -- all that coffee -- that was a bad idea." She shoulders her weapon, and then gives an apologetic smile. "I'm going to lie down. Sorry. You two, like -- best friends, thank you, you two. Best friends."

She then picks up her spare ammo, and her weapon, and starts to head on out. Probably a good idea: jittery gunmen aren't fun to be with.

"I like quiet, y'know? Might be a recon thing." Charlie sets down the pistol after another round, bringing the target sheet in. She watches Erin go, frowning in faint concern after the other woman. Only a little; they're young enough. Caffeine high will pass. "Bringing down a building isn't quiet. It brings... a lot of toasters." She turns back to the other woman. "So I might just leave that bit to you and I'll stick to my part. The overwatch. Kill the bastards so you can enjoy your snacks." There's a brief bit of a grin before she's pulling down her paper and looking it over. "Good enough for now. I've got time before quals come around again to make it perfect." She starts packing up, offering a sort of wave with the sheet. "Good luck with yours, Walker."


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