2237-07-11 - CQB Arena

Date: 2237-07-11

Location: CQB Arena

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Scene Number: 257

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Pew. A target pops up in a window. Pew. It comes back down.

Another two pop up. Pew-pew. They both come down.

Erin scampers from her place of concealment to another corner. Targets pop up and, one by one, she takes them out. Skillfully. Accurately. In practice.

A horn goes off when she finishes her circuit, after which she haphazardly tosses her laser gun onto her bag. She pulls off her sensors, and tosses them onto her gun. And then, she collapses down against the wall by the door, puts her head on her knees, and puts her forehead on her arms.

Sniffle. Sniffle. Sob.

The Arena isn't actually reserved for use at the moment. Not officially, anyway. That means it's open for general use and in Charlie's case, for practice in timing herself for pack-and-go sessions. Always good to know how quickly you can move from prone to on the move in an urban situation. The sniper is in full fatigues, with kit... the whole shebang. She's got a book in hand as she goes because, well, she'd probably have one in her gear on a mission, too, so she might as well take advantage of the opportunity to get some reading in.

It's only a few paces in when she picks up on the sound and comes to a halt. Wagner tilts her head, rotates, and spots the prone form of Hayes not far from the hatch. There's a moment of consideration before she moves to it, closes it, and secures it behind her. Sure, someone can still open it from the other side, but it'll take a few added seconds. She sheds her gear and sets it heavily a few feet away from the other recon marine before sitting down next to her.


"Oh, hey." Sniff. "Hey." Erin frowns, and wipes at her eyes. "I got, like -- I got some dust in my eyes. Nose. I'm leaking." She looks miserable. Like, heads over heels miserable. A wreck. And yet, she still has the sharp wits and aim that she has in the field. Just not the chilliness.

"I thought I was the only person who used this place." Sniffle. She wipes her nose and eyes with her wrist. "Don't mind me. I was just -- " Her mouth shuts, twists, shifts to the side, and then opens again. " -- I don't know, I just -- needed to get my mind off of things."

"Uh-huh. Dust. Onions." Charlie's lips twist, briefly, into a wry expression. It doesn't last long; it's not mocking. She leans over just far enough to put her shoulder to Erin's. "Nah, sometimes I find Mercer here yelling at Privates. He's at his sweetest then, you know." She's quiet for a moment, giving the other marine some time to get it out. Or begin processing aloud, at least. "This place isn't bad for that," she decides finally, looking around. "Smarter than how I spent my time when shit went down on Canceron."

She takes a breath, pursing her lips slightly. "See, shit hit the fan there... They got most of us off the planet and back to the Galactica, but a number of people got stuck behind, in the jungle. I made it back to the ship, but people I knew were down there. No word on if they were alive, dead, any possible rescue. I pretty much lived in the chapel when I wasn't on duty. This is productive at least."

As icy as she can be on mission, Erin clearly is a different sort of raccoon. When Charlie comes closer, she grits her teeth, and gets that trembling, lip-quivering look about her. Her eyes water. And it looks like she could burst into tiny, wet little pieces of trash and fur.

"I loved her so much. I didn't know what to say." Sniff. "Chuck, I don't -- I don't even know what to do. It -- " Like a little girl losing her boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time. " -- it hurts so much." Slurk. "It hurts. Why does it still hurt? It's not like -- it's not like we knew each other that well, right? This is ridiculous, right?" Slurk. Sob.

Yeah. She's a wreck. A bad wreck. Like someone gutted her. She's ruddy, and wet-faced.

There's some shuffling from Charlie's side as she strips out of some of that awkward gear. Mostly the armor part of it. It's bulky. She drops it to the side and leaves at least her upper half in just the dual-tanks. The sniper leans over then and puts her arms around Erin to drag the racoon-scout into a hug. It might be without prior permission, but it just seems like one of those moments where it warrants just doing so. Her friend is in need. Sort of like in combat, you're not going to ask the person who has been shot if they want their bullet wound to be patched up. You just take care of your squad mate. "It still hurts because it's raw," she points out quietly. "Doesn't matter that you barely knew each other. You fought side by side. You took care of each other. You bonded. It's how the marines work. We... form quick bonds. Especially in war, I think."

It's a big-sister, little-sister moment, Erin being the little. The raw emotions sit just under the surface.

"Chuck, I -- " The smaller Marine's hands open and close reflexively. " -- you know we -- Kyle and I -- we slept together. I know, I'm with Katja -- my bad -- but I just -- " Emotions roil in her; she squirms. " -- it was -- it was electric. Hot. I just lost it, like -- I lost it. I lost my frakkin' mind." She bites her lower lip for a second, and lets tears run out of her eyes.

"Look, don't -- don't tell Madsen, okay? Please. It -- I'm trying to make things up to her, and it's just -- when this happened?" Hands flip, turn, and wring. "I just -- I just hurt. So, I hid here. Hoping it'd go away."

The whole situation is sort of tricky for Charlie to process. For all that she's 'just casual' with Evan, she's also not so much as glanced at anyone else. Even so, she just nods and tries to hold Erin close. She listens, letting out a long breath. "I know," she says finally, of Erin and Kyle. "Shit happens." People sleep together. They frak up. She tilts her head against the bulkhead, looking up as she considers, gnawing on the inside of her lip.

"Madsen will understand, at least in respect to the fact that someone important is missing. So is Rhodes. There's others, too, including Air folks. Whole bus of 'em. It's just that Krima was one of ours," Recon. "So we get to feel for her." Wagner shifts, just a bit, drawing a boot up against the floor. "It's not gonna go away right away. It'll take time, Erin. I'm sorry, but it will. Best I can suggest is to keep busy. Volunteer for any SAR that goes out for them. Shit like that."

Right. Keep working. No point feeling bad about herself. It's not like other people didn't care about Krima. Erin's heart'll be fine. It's just all squishy and sad.

"Yeah." Beat. "Yeah, I know." Sigh. "All right." There's a pause after. "All right."

There. That's better. "Thanks, Chuck." Erin wipes at her eyes again, and then head-bobs. "I'll be fine. I'm good. I just -- this'll be fine. We'll find her, or, if we don't, we'll -- we'll just remember her." She blinks tears out again, and then grumbles. Sitting up now.

"It's okay if you're not good," Charlie points out, releasing Erin all the same. She won't, y'know, force the raccoon into hugs. That's how scratches and/or bites happen. "Worse comes to worse, get drunk when you have an off-day the following day. I find that tends to help me, at least." She tries for a small smile as she reaches for her fatigues and armor. "We'll find them. Or do our damndest, at least. It's what we do, right?" Shifting her feet under her, she makes to stand; or at least start to.

"You got any photos of her? That's a start. Something to hold onto, at least. And you know no one in the bunks will touch her shit. It's the rule. No one touched that one pilot's," Razor, "bunk and he came back. We've got rules in the Wolves. Until you're back or we know for sure, your stuff is sacred."

"Yeah, I -- " Erin brushes hair out of her face with her fingers. " -- yeah. I have a photo somewhere. And I have a few of her shirts. Some other things." Her lips quirk to the side. "You don't -- you don't think Madsen would mind? I mean, she kind of knows I -- " She clears her throat. " -- she caught me sliding out of Kyle's bed." And then, she gnaws on her lower lip once. "I know, I'm frakkin' horrible. But I apologized. And I still don't -- I don't think it'd -- maybe she'd be confused if I start sticking Kyle's photo around my bunk."

She takes in a deep breath, and then lets it out. "All right. All right." Beat. "When the time comes, when the opportunity arises, we'll go after her. We found Walker's brother. We can find her, bring her back." Erin puts on a smile, and seems, on the surface, soothed by that. "Yeah. Yeah, everything'll be fine. Just fine."


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