2237-07-11 - Obsessive Planning

Van handles the disappearance of Isolde, Cate, and others about as well as you might imagine.

Date: 2237-07-11

Location: Ready Room, Cutter //Vanguard//

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Scene Number: 582

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Not so long ago, Isolde had nested into the Ready Room with stacks of maps looking to help Razor. Van's attempts in turn to find her are no less frantic, no less in-depth, but considerably neater.

The pilot has claimed but a single chair at the front of the ready room, working with a tablet and (admittedly old) satellite pictures of the area where Vic and Isolde's Raptor was operating. Drawing back on experiences that feel like a lifetime ago, he's running through the mission as if he were a Raptor driver, figuring where he might have dodged to, where he might have tried to set the bus down, if he had been attacked from various places.

It's a fool's errand, really, and he knows it, but he's steadily collecting areas of red-marked terrain that might be suitable for touchdown within a certain effective range of 'damaged but not utterly destroyed' of the original flight-path.

Because 'destroyed' is not an option. Because 'destroyed' will break him.

Damaged. Forced down. Rapidly and without a wireless call. Like it was over in a split second -- no. Damaged. Forced down.

Van keeps flipping through screen after screen of aerial and satellite photos, squinting through the haze of cigarette smoke around him as he struggles to determine if a particular bright spot is flat grass or near-vertical rock that would crush a Raptor on impact.

Damaged. Forced down.

Eventually, the spot gets a splash of red painted across it, and he reaches out to ash his cigarette. He needs a plan before he goes to Whisper. He won't be the frantic fiancee rushing to do something, anything, even if it's suicide.

He shakes out another cigarette from his bummed pack, lighting it from the last one, and buckles down again. Clearly, they need better reconnaissance, and clearly a Raptor can't survive in that area without being --

Damaged. Forced down.

That means a Viper. With a recon package. Going low and fast, multiple passes. Dangerous, but not suicide. But a Viper means no FTL drive, so it will have to ride remora with another mission.

Van works through multiple windows on his tablet, drawing steadily on his cigarette, getting himself the clarity, the surety he needs to find out where Isolde, Cate, and the others were... damaged. Forced down.


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