2237-07-12 - Blisters And Revelations

Isolde and Cate chat and nurse injuries while trying to make their way back to friendly lines.

Date: 2237-07-12

Location: Picon

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Scene Number: 262

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Scene 262 - Picon

The injured trio has made their way slowly south, dodging Cylon patrols and scrambling into cover when Raiders flew overhead. It's undoubtedly been a nerve-wracking 48 hours. Cate hasn't slept much - just a few hours here and there, mostly at Isolde's insistence. And while she may be the least-injured of the three, she didn't escape the crash unscathed. Frequent grimaces and a slight limp testify to some pain, though she hasn't complained.

Now they've taken a rest as the summer sun hits its zenith. Water hasn't been a problem thanks to plentiful streams in the area, but they've been on meager rations. They've found a semi-sheltered area where some trees hang over a rocky face. Tavo is resting, and Cate is quietly taking a drink from her canteen.

Isolde is not managing as well as she would like. Years of being the IT person and then tucked neatly behind an ECO console does not immediately yield a person who can successfully weather what she is now calling "extreme camping." Sure, she loves to run and has some general sense of the outdoors, but she trudges and missteps and sometimes wanders too far afield when her mind checks out. Now that they are taking a rest, Isolde volunteers to stay up with Cate and let Tavo get some rest. She settles down on a bit of ground that is soft and cushy from a moss patch and breathes out a heavy sigh. She squints at the trees as the sun hangs low against the canopy. "Zero sense of direction or distance. I would have thought we'd be there by now."

"Yeah, funny how you can cross the distance in a few minutes in a Raptor and then take a couple days to walk it back," Cate observes with a weary sigh. "Especially when we have to stop and hide all the time. But if Tavo's reckoning is right, we ought to hit the city tomorrow." Cate's no slouch in the outdoors, but Tavo clearly has the edge in survival experience. She slants Isolde a look. "Imagine hiking wasn't really your thing, back home. How're your blisters?"

"I bet this is why Marines make fun of the Air Wing." Though there are plenty of other reasons. "We are total suckers on the ground." She rubs at her hipbone, trying to relax her tendons from excessive walking and panic running. She glances slightly aside to Cate at the observation, and she looks admittedly sheepish. "I mean, not this kind of hiking. I hiked sometimes. Day hikes. You know, with trails and nice shoes, and lots of snacks." The question about her blisters makes her toes curl, and she winces. "My feet just feel like they are on fire." She glances over at Cate, looking over her friend. "How are you holding up?

"Nah I think that's just stupid teasing shit. I mean, we ride Raptors everywhere." Cate shrugs, frowning at the idea, and at Isolde's complaint about her feet. "Here, let me see." Barring objection, she goes to remove Isolde's boots. "These things weren't exactly made for long-distance walking." While she's fussing, grimacing as her bandaged hand protests, she muses solemnly, "I used to really like hiking. Climbing. It was so different from the city. So peaceful."

Isolde does not object, helping with the boots and she slides off her dirty, sweaty socks. It reveals mostly inflammed feet and blisters, and some swelling. Her feet are hot to the touch. "I think I'm just not used to the boots, and moving around so much." She sighs a bit at just being able to wriggles her toes. She nods solemnly at her words. "I miss that. The peacefulness." She works at her inner cheek, watching her friend with an almost cautious expression. "Cate... I've been meaning to tell you something..."

Cate examines the feet with a concerned frown. "Shit, I'm sure that hurts." She chews her lip for a second, then says, "This one's getting pretty bad. Might feel a little better if I drain it." The tone of her latter statement causes Cate to slant her a look, brow creasing. Her face is sweaty and dirty, darkened in a few places by bruises and abrasions. "What's wrong?"

Isolde grimaces at the idea of draining, but she nods slightly. "You're the Doc... Doc." There's a twitch of a smile at her lips before she shakes her head and regards the trees around them almost distractedly. When she looks back to Cate, she looks terribly sheepish and a bit guilty. "I... I asked Van to marry me... a few days ago." She looks up at Cate. "It was a kind of spur of the moment kinda thing."

"Not any more. But today I can be," is Cate's answer to the first bit, lips thinning. She starts digging some things out of her medic pack, then freezes. She couldn't have heard that right. She looks at Isolde, face scrunched up in a way that says Does Not Compute. "You... what?"

"I asked Van to marry me," Isolde repeats almost uncertainty, with a faint question in her tones as if she isn't sure herself, even if her memories definitely confirm it. "We were sitting in Fifi and talking, and... I asked him to marry me." She catches the side of her lip, worrying at it slightly.

Okay, so she did hear that right. The scrunched up look doesn't leave Cate's face, though there's a brief flicker of a pained look for a split second before she refocuses on the medic kit. She splashes some kind of hand sanitizer on her hands, avoiding the bandage, and rubs it in. "Well, congrats. I mean, I assume he said yes."

Isolde deflates a bit. "He did." She grimaces, watching her with a slightly weary expression. "I wanted to tell you right away, but I know you're still... about Tucker." There's no doubt that she feels like the worst friend as she slumps her shoulders. She regards her feet now. "I have really hideous feet right now," she says quietly.

Cate doesn't look at Isolde's face, focused instead on those hideous feet. "I've seen worse," she says simply. "Anyway, we're all pretty nasty at this point." Almost drowning in a river doesn't really count as a bath. "This'll hurt for a second but then it'll feel better," she says, carefully cleaning around the edge of the big blister with an alcohol pad. Then comes the needle to lance the thing near the edge. "You could've told me," she says finally, frowning. "I'm happy for you." As much as such a sentiment can apply to one so decidedly unhappy.

"I didn't... I didn't want to make things worse. You know, being that whole happiness rubbing in the face of unhappiness." Isolde looks over at Cate with a small frown, but then she is immediately distracted by the needle, and she swallows hard. "Oh boy." Then she looks at Cate, her dark eyes nervous. "We don't have to tell Van this story when we get back, okay?" She then offers Cate a small smile.

"Sorry," Cate mumbles when the needle jabs in. But true to her word - as the fluid drains out it actually does feel better. She cleans and applies a dressing over it. As she works, she lifts her eyes to her friend with a wry expression. "Izzy. Seriously. Do you actually think there's a godsdamn thing you could do to make my life worse?" She lifts the needle-holding hand to make a vague gesture indicative of their current predicament. Then she sighs and starts cleaning up. "You guys going to get married on the ship with Al?"

"I could tell you that last I watched, Fernando in Caprica Hospital quit the show with his storyline with Lisbeth totally unresolved." Isolde smiles slightly, but then her eyes look at the needle once more and she gulps slightly. "You are really terrifying with that needle, Catherine Rhodes." Then she shrugs a shoulder slightly at her question. "I dunno. Doesn't seem very special to get hitched on Scorpia, but I dunno if we can find a way to get married elsewhere. Al would make a good choice."

Cate lets out a soft chuckle, almost closer to a snort. "You actually watched that?" There's another soft 'heh' about the needle. "You know, you're the only person who's called me Catherine in years." She doesn't seem to mind it, just a distant observation. Normally she'd dispose of the needle, but since she doesn't know how long they'll be stranded, she just wipes it with an alcohol prep and carefully re-caps it. "If you did it here, maybe you could get special permission for his mom to come up to the ship or something. I mean, if you wanted. Scary in-law shit and all that." Her tone is subdued, lips drawn together, but she's at least trying to be a good friend.

"I love that stupid show. I always catch the feeds." Isolde actually sounds proud of her strange obsession, but then she settles in once the blister is drained out, and she feels her toes relax from their clench. She grimaces slightly, and then waits to be able to pull on her dirty socks. "I was thinking that... Van would really like to see his family before we go... maybe for his own peace of mind." She then snickers slightly at the inlaws stuff, and she shrugs. "He has to deal with my dad, so only fair."

"Let those air out for a bit, we'll leave your socks out to dry off. Just keep your boots handy in case we have to get out of here in a hurry." Cate puts the gear back in her pack and takes out a pill bottle. Isolde probably recognizes it as the motrin Cate has been doling out to everyone for their aches and pains. She dumps two pills into her own hand then silently holds out the bottle to Isolde in offer. "I'm sure he would. Hopefully you'll get the chance." She sinks down with a sigh and a wince. "I've never been engaged," she comments somberly. "But Jake... before he left... one day...I found an engagement ring brochure in with the mail on the coffee table." The story is a little halting She snorts softly. "I thought he was going to ask me. Man was I off on that one." She frowns, and takes another swig of water from her canteen.

"You mean I won't be a better travel partner if I book it barefooted through the woods?" Isolde smiles fondly to her friend before she takes the bottle, and sighs at it. She shakes out two pills to match. "Are you carefully rationing these too?" Then she feels her own sinking gut when Cate brings everything back to reality. She looks over at the medic, and nods soberly. Then she listens to the bit Cate has to share, and she breathes out a slow sigh. She looks a bit thoughtful, and then she looks over to her friend once more. "You'll get there, Cate. You'll find that happiness, you know... the thing that lasts, and isn't... isn't taken from you." She furrows her brow. "I'll make sure of it, okay?"

"I'm thinking not. And your feet would be even more pissed at you," Cate observes. The question about the pills gets a frown. "If I weren't rationing them, I'd have taken four." That would be the max dose, though two is nothing to sneeze at either. She shakes her head, utterly unconvinced by Isolde's assurances. "You can't make sure of that, Iz. Nobody can. And even if I did meet someone, I'd want them to stay the frak away from me and this godsdamn cloud of doom that follows me around everywhere." The words are calm, almost matter-of-fact, but there's a glum, bitter edge shining through beneath them. She washes down the pills with water and says, "I'm gonna go wake up Tavo, lie down for a bit. Rest those feet."

"I would like to keep my feet." Isolde then pops the pills and swallows them down with some water. She chipmunks with the water with her next gulp for a few moments, letting it settle in her cheek pouches. Then she looks over at Cate as she swallows that second swallow down. The bitter words draw a small frown from the Tauron woman, but she doesn't outright object. She does look up with a tilt of her head. "Well, you got me at least... I'm not gonna go anywhere." Then she nods to Tavo. "Okay." The words are soft, but hold a certain weight all the same. She then looks out across the trees once more, looking for chrome.


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