2237-07-13 - Just Dance

Geoff gives dancing lessons in the gym.

Date: 2237-07-13

Location: Gym -- Vanguard

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Geoff has put up a few handwritten fliers around the ship advertising dance lessons in the gym, and he's here on time with a half-empty duffel bag. From this he pulls a music player and a cheap speaker and kneels down to set them up by the wall.

Lyn saw said fliers and, because she might now actually be going on a date next shore leave, she's decided it might be a good idea to learn how to dance. The Ghost is dressed in sweat pants and a tee, all CF branded, with her hair in a tiny tail at the nape of her neck. She glances this way and that, to make sure there aren't too many people who will laugh at her for this, before scuttling over to where Geoff is. "Hey kiddo. I saw your flier."

Geoff is in his off-duty tanks, which it looks like have been slightly decorated around the edges. Which is absolutely not allowed, but apparently he hasn't been caught yet. He looks up when Lyn comes in. "Hey," he says. "You're the first one here so you get to pick the music genre."

Lyn actually blushes a little and coughs. "I uh, would like to learn how to slow dance like people might on a date. We didn't exactly have a lot of opportunity for that at Arctic Station Thula"

There's another present in the gym, but most definitely not for dancing lessons. Oh, no. Charlie is currently at the climbing wall. She keeps finding herself in and out trees or on missions which necessitate scaling walls. Thus, she needs to brush up on or even improve said climbing skills. The woman is in her CF-issue sweats, hands taped, and in a pair of fairly worn sneakers. Her braids are up in a sort-of bun; twisted up at the crown of her head. She's squinting up at the wall itself after her last attempt, debating her next.

"Slow dance?" Geoff repeats. He smiles a little. "Aw, okay. You goin' out with Preacher?" He looks down to scroll through his music to find the right playlist. He's got plenty of sappy pop songs old and new in one of them, and he turns up the volume, then stands up. "You ever do any kinda dancing?" The sweet, slow melody and cloying lyrics fill the small gym.

Lyn blushes even harder and clears her throat, shuffling her feet slightly. "That's the plan," she replies. She snorts. "Just the high school dance kind. So no, nothing remotely actually dance-like."

This is one of very few times that Geoff doesn't have a cigarette in his mouth. He gets up. "Okay. You ever play music? Know about how to count it? Like, 1, 2, 3, 4?" he counts along to the slow beat of the song playing.

"Don't play any instruments, no. But I understand the whole beats thing?" Lyn answers, her head bobbing in time to the numbers as he counts. "I pre-apologize if I step on your feet."

There's a glance over as the music begins and Charlie arches a brow at the two. Not quite able to overhear the conversation itself, but the musical choice is a bit at odds with the usual fare for the gym. One expects to hear steady bace or something upbeat. Slow stuff? Not usually the norm, after all. She shakes her head slightly, but looks amused nonetheless. Moving up to the wall, the sniper reaches for one of the handholds and grabs for it, jumping up slightly to take hold before she begins scaling. Starting off at an easy pace, but moving for some of the more difficult ones.

"Hey, you, don't you want to learn how to be a graceful dancer?" Geoff calls to Charlie, but then he looks back to Lyn. "Pre-accepted, I guess, but just don't pick up your feet that high. And you're gonna follow my lead, anyway, so don't be putting your feet just anywhere. Okay, so like...we're gonna start out really easy, just finding the beat and shifting our weight side to side," he says, standing in front of Lyn. "So just 1, 2, 3, 4, left, right, left, right. Easy, right?"

Easy for him maybe, but Lyn does have the grace of a sneaky, sneaky recon marine, so she does actually move well, once she gets over being embarrassed at herself. Right left right left. "Is this right?" she asks, helplessly, face burning.

When Geoff calls to Charlie, she's halfway up the wall. The woman scoffs, glancing back over her shoulder. A couple of the braids fall free. "And when-" she reaches for another hand-hold. "Would I ever need to know how to dance?"

"Yeah, why you blushing?" Geoff says. "You're doing great. It's like...I dunno, skiing or something." He's never skied in his life. "Just a little sway to the music." He looks over Lyn's shoulder at Charlie. "You know, when you wanna just feel like the joy of being alive??"

"Maybe you could surprise Evan with it!" Lyn calls over to Charlie. She smiles sheepishly at Geoff. "I can tiptoe through the woods in mid-Autumn, across a bed of dead leaves, and not make a sound, but slow dancing feels ten times harder for me. I don't know if I have any rhythm."

"I wanna feel alive, I'll do a HAHO jump, thank you very much." Charlie reaches the top and taps the bell. Gently. No need to ring it out; she knows she succeeded. The woman jumps back down, landing on the mat on her knees. She casts a look to Lyn. "Yeah, because dancing is useful when you need a good post-mission frak."

"Dancing is the best foreplay there is," Geoff returns to Charlie, then he steps closer to Lyn. "See, that's what I mean when I ask if you know how to count. If you can feel the beat. Come here, put your left hand somewhere between my elbow and the right side of my chest by my shoulder. Then hold my left hand with your right hand."

Lyn clears her throat before she moves her hand towards Geoff's side, wavering it up and down, unsure entirely where the best place is to put it. She finally makes a decision and maybe grips a little too hard in her uneasy state. "Sorry," she mumbles before relaxing a little. She puts her other hand in his awkwardly.

"And when were you last able to dance in your bunk?" Charlie gets to her feet, brushing her hands against one another. She takes a few steps to the edge of the mat, watching the two of them as she folds her arms across her abdomen; just under her breasts. "Plus, last I checked, you can't slow-dance with three people."

"I'm not that delicate," Geoff answers patiently. "Okay, we're gonna do the same thing. But you want to make sure you move together with how I'm moving. Just feel it and go with the flow. Then you don't have to worry about rhythm, cuz it's the lead partner's job to keep the time. So you just follow Preacher whether he's right or wrong." He looks over Lyn's shoulder at Charlie as he tries to guide her to resume the sway to the beat. "Number one, ain't you never heard of the horizontal mambo? Number two, you can absolutely slow-dance with three people. You just gotta stack up right."

Lyn is staring at her feet like a true amateur and mouthing the count. When he tells her not to worry about that, her brow furrows and she tries not to continue doing it. She sways a little, but she's stiff and unyielding and clearly overthinking the entire thing. She shoots a glance at Charlie. "Are you still living in the delusion you're not in a relationship?"

"That," Charlie says of the 'horizontal mambo,' "is just a name and not a dance. Plus, you go to your own damn tune." She does, at least, smirk. "There's no lessons for that. Not ones I'm taking in the gym from you at least, sorry. As for slow-dancing with three peo-" She looks at Lyn as the other recon lady cuts in with that comment and turns fairly red. There's a look to her feet as she mumbles something.

"Depends how you do it," Geoff argues. He certainly doesn't seem embarrassed by the conversation. "I was with somebody once who had a whole playlist for that, same one every time." He smiles at Lyn. "Hey," he says. "Never look at your feet. It won't help. And it's not cute. You gotta get used to feeling where my body is going while you look at my face. You're not gonna mess up just swaying side by side. If you get off the beat, just try to focus on matching me closer." Now try lifting your foot up a little, just a little, as the weight comes off it, then doing the same on the other side.

Lyn grins at Charlie's discomfort because now she isn't the only one squirming awkwardly over this. She looks back at Geoff and mutters, "So sort of like reading the body language of someone in hand-to-hand combat. Got it." She follows his instructions, trying hard not to look at her feet. "I don't even know if Al dances. This could all be for nothing, but I figured I'd give it a try."

The sex talk is fine! Charlie can handle that all day, any day. She's a marine! But it's the sappy shit that she can't. As the two go back to their dancing, she takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, moving to the small gym bag she brought with her and the water bottle sitting alongside it. The bottle is grabbed up as she takes a long drink, watching Lyn and Geoff both.

"Exactly like that," Geoff says. "But easier once you're used to it because the other person isn't trying to trick you and you're touching them the whole time." He smiles. "I wouldn't figure he's /good/, but if he turns you down for a dance, he's being a dope." He focuses on Lyn's face. "Okay, I'm gonna move my foot. If I move my foot forward, move yours backwards."

"If I keep thinking in terms of boxing, my brain can wrap around it," Lyn admits. She watches Geoff's eyes, because the face is usually the indicator of intent to move. She treats it like a battle, and she seems to relax some. Go figure. "Well, he's Gemenese. And I have no idea what sort of things he might do or not do since that stuff is all kind of a mystery to everyone not from Gemenon."

"Can't offer you any insight there," Charlie finally offers, in regards to the 'does he or doesn't he dance' debate. "I just know we read the same sort of books. The woman caps her water bottle and drops it on her bag. She starts peeling the tape off her hands, unwinding it steadily, though watches the two dancing as she does.

"Now, if he's good, he'll use his hand to also kinda tell you where he's going," Geoff says, sliding a foot forward slowly. "But yeah, I dunno what they do on Gemenon. He always talks like I should know." The gym is full of slow, sappy music, and Geoff is slow-dancing with Lyn on one side of the gym. "What, you Gemenese?" he asks Charlie.

Lyn is doing an admirable job of not stepping on Geoff's toes, though she's still looking down at her own feet a bit too often and her carriage is painfully stiff as she tries to anticipate if his foot is going to move forward or back, and which foot is doing that, and well, you get the idea. "This is definitely not the high school dance shuffle." You know the one. Arms around the guy's neck, step left, step right. Over and over ad nauseum. This is actual dancing.

Aldrich shows up wearing his best gym clothes (okay, his only gym clothes), because hey, it's a gym. But when he spots Lyn and Geoff doing some sort of dancing, he stops, with a sort of wary look. The look one would expect a guy to wear when walking in on their girlfriend dancing with their good friend while (possibly) talking about him. He clears his throat. "...Hello."

"I'm not," Charlie answers Geoff with a bemused shake of her head. "Not by a long shot. I'm from Picon." She finishes removing the tape from her hands and tosses it off onto her bag as she aims over to the edge of the area the other two are dancing on. "We both read westerns." There's a glance over as The Man enters and she offers a bit of an upnod to the chaplain himself. "Kavanagh."

"I mean...you can do it like that if you want," Geoff says. "The point is to have a good time and be close. So relax." And that's when Aldrich shows up, and Geoff steps back from Lyn, smiling. "You see the flyers?" he asks. "I got more slots open if you want a lesson."

Lyn looks over when Aldrich announces himself and she blushes. "Well so much for surprising him. Hey Al. Geoff was teaching me to dance, in case when we went on our date you took me dancing. Because I really don't know how." She looks mortified as she looks down at her feet. "Pretty sure I still don't despite the kid's best efforts." Then Geoff lets her go and she's on her own, still moving in practice steps.

Aldrich gives a bit of a smile in greeting to Charlie, then looks back to Geoff and Lyn. "Flyers? No, I think I missed them, I'm afraid." He turns a bit pink at the mention of their future date, and adds, "I didn't know you might like to go dancing, but I guess now I will keep that in mind." Then back to Geoff, with an amused, "In which case, maybe I should take you up on that lesson."

"See, I thought there was only one suitable place for dates... A bar." Charlie just sort of snerks to herself, stepping clear of the ascribed 'dance lesson' area to reclaim her water bottle and head for a treadmill. She does still seem at least moderately amused, but perhaps determined to remain on her workout. Or, at the least, is trying to avoid further mentions of her not-a-relationship.

Emrys steps into the gym, dressed in PTs and carrying water bottle. He's heading for a treadmill, though he takes the time to stop and nod to those present. "Quite the crowd today."

Slow, sappy love songs are being piped into the gym by Geoff's speaker. He upnods to Emrys. "You here for dance lessons?" Then he looks at Aldrich and Lyn. "So you two want to practice together now, or save it?"

"I didn't know if you might like to go dancing, so I thought I'd learn just in case," Lyn says sheepishly. Aw. "I'm ok if you want to practice with me now," she says blushing the color of a Cylon's eye. Big tough recon marine, reduced to this.

Aldrich tries not to look alarmed when Geoff suggests they practice together, but when Lyn gets all bashful, it's kind of hard to say no. "All right... I guess, if you want. But I don't really know the steps that well." He sets his things aside out of the way so he can join Geoff and Lyn. He shoots Geoff a more apologetic look.

"Lords help us," Charlie offers in something of a fondly amused tone. At the very least, it's freed her. She offers Emrys -- relative unknown to her -- a nod as she steps up to one of the treadmills and begins keying in a program. The woman already looks to be partway through working out; faint sheen of sweat and all.

"Actually, I'm just here to do some running." Emrys tells Geoff. "Dance lessons, huh? That explains the music though. I think I'll stick to my plan for now, though. Besides..." A gesture to the blushing young couple "Looks like you have your hands full." He'll take a treadmill near Charlie, and start keying up his own program.

"Oh, I can handle more than this," Geoff says lightly, but lets it go easily enough. "We aren't doing anything too complicated, just starting with holding each other and swaying to the beat."

Hoo boy. There wasn't a whole lot of slow dancing at Arctic Station Thula, which is why Lyn sought out the lesson. She moves up to Aldrich and carefully places one hand on his upper arm, and offers the other to him to hold. "I'll try not to mash your toes," she promises.

Aldrich is pretty careful himself as he gingerly takes Lyn's hand and puts a hand very lightly at her waist. "I'll...try to return the favor," he promises, then glances down once before looking aside to Geoff. "Which dance are we doing here?"

Lyn blinks. "There's more than one?" she asks.

"And this," Charlie asides to Emrys as she hits the button to start her program. "Is why I'm not in a relationship." The treadmill begins the warmup part of the routine. She sets her water bottle in the provided holder and goes into a jog. Which is... awkward considering the slow music playing in the gym.

"Holding each other and swaying to the beat, huh? Haven't danced since I was a young man back on Virgon." Emrys muses, as he too begins attempting to jog to the cheesy love music. Charlie finds a willing ear in the older man, as he remarks "Married to the service, huh? I know the feeling."

"Nothing with a name," Geoff answers Aldrich. "Just the basics. Move to the beat, you lead one step at a time." He steps back a little to observe them, though he glances over toward Emrys. "Hey, you oughta get back out there."

Lyn takes in a breath and relaxes a little, because it's Aldrich and he's one of the only people on board this floating tin can that she's remotely comfortable around. She gives him a little smile and a nod to indicate she's ready.

Aldrich looks a little more uncomfortable, still, but he covers it with a vague smile. "Ah. Right. Of course." He listens to the music for a second, then turns his attention back to Lyn, smiles apologetically, and attempts to start stepping in time to the beat. Probably saying a silent prayer that he doesn't step on her feet, knowing him.

"Married to nothing," Charlie quips back to Emrys, casting a sidelong look to the officer. Amused, nonetheless. "I just think it's better to find someone you can frak and hang out with, without any of the awkward shit attached." She glances back towards Al and Lyn, shaking her head. "A good dinner and beers at a bar? My idea of a good date. That-" she hooks a thumb back to the two as her treadmill picks up. "That's just..." Shudder. Awkard

"Oh, I don't know about that." Emrys demurs to Geoff, before considering Charlie's position. "Well that's, ah, that's certainly one way of doing it, yes." There's a half shrug then. "I've seen more awkward ways of doing it, believe it or not."

"Just go ahead and slide your forward slowly," Geoff advises. "She'll feel you move and move her foot. If you want to turn a little you can let her know by moving your hand a little in the direction you want to go." He smiles and shrugs at Emrys.

Lyn follows Aldrich's lead best she can, stepping carefully and trying not to look down at her feet too much. "This isn't so bad, right?" she offers. "You lead, I'll follow," she says with a little chuckle.

Aldrich is focusing a little too much on what he's doing, brow furrowing with concentration. He returns to the present when Lyn asks her question, and he smiles, kind of flustered. "No, it's really not..." And of course that is the exact moment when he steps on her foot. "/Frak/... I'm so sorry!"

This is what Emrys gets for working out with marines. They can be crass. Charlie can be especially so when Lyn has so recently brought up her totally not a relationship in front of others. She has to turn up the denial to eleven. "More awkward ways of dancing, you mean? Oh, I can believe it."

"No, more awkward ways of forming relationships." Emrys explains, before adding "Though, yes, I have also seen more awkward ways of dancing." He agrees. At least he has no reason to disblieve her ardent denials of all relationships.

Lyn just chuckles softly. "I've been shot in the head by Cylons. Stepping on my toes isn't going to hurt me, Al." She moves with him, watching his eyes now for indications of his intent, which works well when the dance partner knows what they're going to do next. Not so great when they don't.

Geoff looks approving when Lyn reassures Aldrich that she's not fragile. "There you go," he says. "You're both learning. Just work on using your body to communicate."

Aldrich takes a step back, holding up his hands once he's disengaged. He just looks deeply uncomfortable with the whole thing. "I don't think I'm really ready for this..." he confesses, with an awkward smile. "Maybe I should study a bit first."

"Oh. Well, yes. But relationships are awkward to begin with." Charlie reaches for her water bottle, taking a long drink before fumbling it back into the holder. She falls quiet then; treadmill picking up to the point where conversation is tricky.

"True enough." Emrys shakes his head, as trying to run fast while listening to slow dance music and talk begins to get too much. Pilots may be used to multitasking and lots of input, but not usually this way and he too falls silent.

Lyn looks a little disappointed for a second, but she just smiles at him reassuringly. "That's all right. We don't need to dance. I just wanted to learn in case you did." See! Effort!

Geoff backs off a little. "You'll learn it with practice, bit by bit," he predicts. "It's not really something to learn in a book." He flashes a smile. "That's why I know how to do it."

Aldrich shakes his head, and adds, toward Geoff, "Well, maybe you can give me some pointers." Then, to both, he adds, "I'm supposed to be working out, anyway. I should probably do that if I don't want to keep coming back shot up."

"Good point," Lyn concedes at Aldrich's words. "They'll only let me sneak you real food into the Sickbay so much before they crack down on it." She grins.

The slow music is a bit of a different pace to what Charlie is used to for her workout routine and she forgot to bring her personal music player to the gym. At least the run on the treadmill is something more 'warm up' than full speed. This isn't a full workout routine, apparently. Something more to get the blood flowing than to really work up a full sweat. She does notice, out of the corner of her eye, that Lyn and Aldrich have parted ways. There's a brief frown in their direction, but she doesn't speak up or cut in; rather just keeps an eye on things.

"Okay," Geoff says, apparently determined not to make a big deal about the whole thing. "I'm gonna pack up." He squats down to turn the volume down, then turn off the music.

Emrys keeps running, over on the treadmills. He's not jogging, but he's not sprinting either. It's the sort of fast distance run one would do for a PT test.

Aldrich nods a little, and grins back at Lyn, still with that painful awkwardness. "I'll catch up to you later, hey?" He glances to Geoff to include him in the promise of 'later' and then retreats to find his way to the weight machines. Workout time!

Lyn smiles at Al and then clasps Geoff's shoulder. "Thanks for the lesson. I'm going to go get some laundry done." She waves at Charlie and the new pilot as she exits.


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