2237-07-13 - Survivors

While trying to make their way back to friendly lines, Gustavo, Cate and Isolde try to rescue some prisoners.

Date: 2237-07-13

Location: North Havison, Picon

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Plot: Operation: Cat and Mouse

Scene Number: 264

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After two and a half days of putting that 'escape and evasion' training to good use, they've finally reached the outskirts of Havison. It's a big city, so it sprawls for a ways on the north side of the river. An abandoned house in a suburb gave them a place to rest for a few hours and finally get some food (even if it was just stale dry goods and cold canned goods). Of course, now that they're in the city they've lost their ready access to water (because the utilities are down) - at least until they hit the river still a half-day's walk to the south. If it's not one thing it's another.

Isolde may have been a bit too happy to see the city. She might have hugged it, if that was possible. Havison means that they are getting closer to making the final leg home. She finishes up the last of her beans and then starts to rearm herself with her tattered flight suit and the emergency pack. She looks over toward Cate. "Feet are feeling better," she offers in a small voice. "Thanks." Then she gives her canteen a shake just to be sure before she tucks it onto her belt. "Alright, so what's the plan?"

Tavo lets out a breath as he tries to shift without sending shooting pain through his left shoulder. "Hiking this long's a pain. You've done well though." Even the soldier has taken relatively tender care of his feet, even if there's only so much he can do with one set of socks. "Next time, I bring a second set of socks. Never should have gotten out of the habit." The real question, though, is the plan, and he grunts thoughtfully before providing his input, "The way I see it, we've got two options. Find someplace open or high that we can put out recognition panels and try to get pickup, or find someplace quiet to cross the river and keep E-and-E-ing until we're back in the land of small, soft bunks, warm friends, copious painkillers, and hot showers."

Cate gives Isolde a little nod when she says her feet are better. "Good, I'm glad." Even if that gladness is accompanied by the usual monotone. Then she glances to Tavo. "If I didn't already have so much shit to carry -" Meaning her medic pack, complete with the portable stretcher she ditched for its weight before leaving the cave - "I'd be like the recon girls and take a couple days' worth of stuff everywhere." She's been munching on some slightly-stale kids cereal. "I'd vote to continue heading south. We don't know if or where they're looking for us."

"I don't think if is a question," Isolde protests gently to her friend. "We searched for Razor, they'll be searching for us." Because she assumes that Van is currently driving Stirling crazy at the moment with missions for search and rescues. She hopes at least. Then she glances over toward the south, or where she thinks the south is, which is just a bit more west. "Okay. South then." She looks at Tavo.

As they're discussing their options, a sudden scream pierces the otherwise-quiet neighborhood, followed by a burst of gunfire. It's not directed at them, thank goodness. Sounds like it's maybe down the block.

"If they can," is Tavo's grim addition to the hopes of rescue. Looking back to Cate, he smiles a little painfully, "Yeah. Helps when you're used to humping a SAW and it's ammo." He's just about to agree to the course of action when the scream goes up, and he jerks upright -- only to wince and press his free right hand to his left shoulder. "Frak," he grumbles, but still pushes himself to his feet and draws his pistol, "Sir, cover me, Rhodes, cover us both?" Evidently he doesn't intend to leave anyone to die, even if there's a risk to them.

Cate jerks up at the scream, grabbing her rifle in one hand and slinging her backpack over her shoulder in the other. The cereal box tips over and spills on the floor. "Don't be an idiot, you've got one good arm," Cate chides testily when Gustavo prepares seems intent on leading the charge on his own. (Nevermind that he outranks her.) "Guess the city wasn't as evacuated as they thought."

Isolde blinks sharply when she hears the burst of gunfire come up, but it is the scream that catches her attention. "People." Somehow, she assumed the city would be empty, cleansed of all organic life save their own. She then pulls out her own pistol, palming it carefully. Her hands shake a bit, but only a bit. Then nods with Cate's words. "You... you should cover me. I can sneak along." She glances to Cate. "I'm smaller than Tavo and fully able." She glances at his arm before she steps forward.

"And you can keep us all alive, Doc." He starts toward the nearest window, looking to twitch aside the corner of the curtain with the tip of his barrel, "Unless you want..." and then Isolde is volunteering, and he grunts, "you're not a pro, Sir." He pauses, shifting his shoulder, and grimaces, "Maybe it's not the worst idea though." That may have taken something out of him. "Just stick to cover."

There's some more gunfire and indistinct shouting, only one word able to be made out. "GO!" Then another burst, then silence. Definitely sounds like it's coming from down the block to the south. Not right outside, at least, and nothing's visible from the window. Might be around the corner.

Cate frowns at it. "Frak if I'm sending the ECO out to scout alone," Cate says flatly. Nevermind that said ECO is also her BFF and recently engaged. That certainly has nothing to do with it. Ahem. "We can leapfrog, move together," Cate suggests. And unless someone stops her, she's heading purposefully toward the door, scanning outside before opening it.

"Heeeeeyy," Isolde starts to protest, but then she winces as she hears the call. She nods solemnly. "Leapfrogging then." She glances over toward Tavo once more before she starts after Cate so she can move into the streets. "Here we come," she says under her breath.

"Of course not, Doc." Tavo shakes his head at her suggestion, "Of course. That's what I mean. You cover us as we bound up. We cover her as she bounds, she and I cover you when you bound." Communications outside though, and there's no more time to debate, Tavo noting, "Clear from here," and then he's away from the window, headed for the door as well.

Gustavo rolls Alertness: Great Success (8 8 8 7 6 6 2 1)
Isolde rolls Alertness: Success (8 6 5 5 4 2 1 1)
Cate rolls Alertness: Success (8 6 5 4 3 2 1)
Gustavo rolls Alertness-1: Success (7 6 5 4 4 3 1)

Cate bites back something she was going to say. Running on fumes doesn't do great things for her temperment. But there's work to be done so she pushes it aside and just nods and heads out. She takes a knee by a slightly-overgrown hedgerow out front. Nothing's visible in the street, so the three of them begin leapfrogging down the street, taking turns dashing from cover to cover.

They're almost to the next intersection when Gustavo, even though he's in the rearmost position of their three-legged frog, hears the distinctive clanking of Centurions moving up ahead of them - he's guessing from around the corner to the left.

Isolde is moving ahead of the group with a quick movement, advancing across the intersection toward an abandoned auto-car. It is bright yellow and has the words City Taxi emblazoned across it. She tucks behind it, peeking around it ahead.

Leapfrogging is second nature for Tavo, even with a shoulder that screams at him with every step. He keeps his pistol close to his chest, his left side forward as he advances. Unfortunately, his response to the clanking is second nature too, trying to lift his left hand up against the sling, and he has to bite back a hiss of pain. Instead, he gives a low, sharp whistle to get Isolde's attention and holds up his right hand in a fist, despite clenching the pistol in it. Nodding off to his left, he scuttles for cover behind an abandoned pyramid-mom-mobile ground-car and lifts his pistol again, peeking over the hood to try and spot the approaching Cylons.

Cate hears the whistle and glances back at Tavo, giving a little upnod when she sees his signal. Now both she and Isolde can hear the clanking as well - getting closer, pausing now and again. Cate eyes Isolde worriedly. She abandons their tidy leapfrogging arrangement to scurry closer to Isolde, taking up cover behind a little retaining wall in the driveway of a quiet little starter home. Her ankle is still bugging her, making it more of a limping run, but she gets there quick enough.

Then she blinks, for a little girl - maybe six - comes running out from behind a row of hedges dividing this house and the next. She's dirty, terrified, and running for her life. Cate lets out a sharp whistle, similar to Tavo's, and starts running to intercept the kid since she's closest.

Closest to the Cylons though? That would be Isolde, as two Centurions also come around the corner at the next intersection.

Isolde blinks at the whistling, and looks behind her toward Tavo with a furrow of her brow. Straining her head, she tries to catch sight of Cate, but fails to before she instead spots a flash of chrome. She ducks lower against the bright yellow car, looking quite obvious against the vibrant paint job. She grips her pistol tightly, drawing it up to sight on the Centurions as they come barely into view.

Tavo glances over at Cate's whistle, blinking as the medic breaks cover and tracking her path to the girl, "Frak." The single curse is growled, and then he shifts around the mom-mobile, so that he can see Isolde clearly out of his peripheral vision, waiting to rise from his crouch and start firing the instant the Centurions turn toward Cate or Isolde starts shooting.

Cate rolls Stealth-1: Good Success (6 6 6 3 2 1)
Isolde rolls Stealth: Failure (5 4 3 2 2 1)
Gustavo rolls Stealth-1: Great Success (8 8 7 7 7 2 2)

Cate slings her rifle as she runs. The girl is looking back over her shoulder - not seeing either the Cylons or Cate. Cate manages to intercept her before she clears the edge of the hedgerow and comes into view of the Centurions. Cate holds out her hands a little and the girl just sort of runs right into her. The girl almost bounces off with a startled yelp, but Cate bearhugs her. "Sssh, it's okay. You're safe."

The yelp causes one of the Centurions to swivel its head in that direction, but the lack of gunfire suggests he doesn't see a target. The second one though... he must have seen part of Isolde sticking juuuust out past the edge of the car. His gun comes up.

Isolde feels her instincts kick in, and she yanks back on her trigger a bit harder than she meant to, causing her shot to go wild. "Shit!" She ducks just in time for the bullet to go zinging past where her head had been. She starts to move quickly, trying to obtain her cover as she moves to the trunk of the car.

Professionals don't fire pistols one-handed. Sometimes, however, you've got to do what you've got to do, and Tavo is rather attracted to the idea of staying alive, which means firing one-handed. When the Centurion turns toward Isolde's hiding location and its rifle comes up, Tavo doesn't hesitate any further, he braces his hand on the hood of the van and fires a single shot, aiming for the (relatively) vulnerable neck of the Centurion. Unfortunately, his aim is a little low, and the bullet punches into the robot's chest, a solid hit but not one that will disable it immediately. "Covering fire." It's a harsh exclamation, but muffled short of a shout to keep it from drawing more attention.

When the shooting starts up, the girl yelps again and tries to squirm out of Cate's arms to run. Cate struggles to keep hold without actually hurting the girl, crouching down to get on her level so she can see that they're not Cylons. "Hey, hey, sweetheart, calm down. We're the good guys, okay? We're here to keep you safe. Go hide down there by the car, okay?" The shellshocked girl looks at Cate for a long moment, then bobs her head once and dashes in the direction indicated. Cate watches her for a second to make sure she's in a safe(ish) spot, then pops around the edge of the hedgerow to join her friends in firing.

The second Cylon misses Isolde. When Tavo's shot takes a chunk out of its chest, it shifts its attention to him. The first Cylon was distracted by the yelp for a second, but now it swivels its arm towards the taxi.

Isolde attacks Cent2 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Graze wound to Right Arm. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Cent1 fires a burst!
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod but hits the COVER they're behind.
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod but Isolde EVADES!
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!
Gustavo attacks Cent2 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest.
Cent2 attacks Gustavo with Rifle but hits the COVER they're behind.
Cent2 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Gustavo)

Isolde keeps moving against the car, hear it rattle with hits or bullets go zipping overhead. She pops her head up to get a shot off, only to duck back down so she cannot even see if she hit the damned thing or not. When she pops back up and sees one still standing, she narrows her focus on it.

Cate's eyes narrow when she gets to the edge of the hedgerow and sees the Centurion firing at Isolde. She spares a glance back to make sure the girl is under cover - she's actually cowering under the car, which is in turn behind the retaining wall, so that's about as safe as one can get under the circumstances. Cate kneels down and fires a burst at the Cylon.

Tavo shifts his point of aim slightly as the Centurion turns toward him, firing off another shot and then flinching down a little further behind the his mom-van. Thankfully, he's got an engine block between him and the Centurions, and it soaks the round. "Take cover, sir."

Cate fires a burst!
Cate attacks Cent1 with Rifle+Ap but Cent1 EVADES!
Cate attacks Cent1 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Head. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Cate attacks Cent1 with Rifle+Ap but MISSES!
Isolde attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Chest.
Cent1 fires a burst!
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Left Arm.
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Impaired wound to Chest.
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!
Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Neck.

The colonials do a fair amount of damage to the Cylon but it doesn't go down. It swings its gun at Tavo, then, not taking too kindly to the shot to its neck, which has its head hanging at kind of an odd angle now. It's vaguely creepy.

"Iz..." It's a wincing murmur under Cate's breath as she tries her best to bring down the Centurion who's attacking her friend. It's only discipline that keeps her back - knowing that she won't do anybody any good by charging blindly at the Centurion.

Isolde makes a small error in judgement as she pops up to shoot at the Centurion still standing. While she fires off a confident shot at its chest, she is up too long and gets struck across the left shoulder, jolting her grip on her pistol. The next shot blasts across the back of her left hand, and all she feels is a searing heat that turns into screaming pain as the shot mangles her pinkie finger and heavily wounds her knuckles. She drops heavily down into the ground behind the taxi, dropping her pistol to instead grip her hand tightly. She manages not to make more than a choking cry as she holds her hand against her chest.

Tavo's third shot is more accurate than his second, punching a section of the Centurion's neck out the back with an armor-piercing bullet. As the Centurion swings toward him -- and its head keeps swinging a bit -- Tavo hunches down a little more behind the now-shot-up nose of the van. Isolde dropping down behind her own cover draws a slight nod, but something nags at his mind as he lines up another shot -- did she drop her pistol?

Cate fires a burst!
Cate attacks Cent1 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest.
Cate attacks Cent1 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Graze wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Cate attacks Cent1 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Isolde passes.
Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Neck. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Cent1 fires a burst!
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!
Cent1 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Cate, Gustavo)
Cate rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 8 7 7 5 4 2)
Gustavo rolls Alertness-1: Success (7 6 5 4 3 2 1)
Isolde rolls Alertness-1: Success (7 6 5 4 3 2 1)

The last Cylon goes down, and the street is quiet - for the moment anyway. But despite the dull ring in her ears from the gunfire, Cate hears something. She frowns at it for a second, then whistles to get Tavo's attention. She points to Isolde's position, then to her own. Hopefully the message is clear: get her and come on over. Cate is unwilling to leave the little girl alone if she doesn't have to. She backs up from the hedgerow and crouches down by the car to speak softly to the kid.

Isolde hears the whiz of bullets over her head, but all she can do is hold on tight to her hand. She breathes several times, almost gasping for breath. Then she glances aside toward her fallen pistol, and with her hand held tight against her chest, grasps for it. She draws herself upright slowly, maintaining a low crouch as she does. Her forearm is almost completely vertical, with her bleeding hand tucked against the side of her neck. She hasn't caught on to what's happening beyond the fact that it is quiet.

When the Centurion turns its fire on Isolde again rather than Tavo, the big man grunts in surprise, and his shot is significantly less accurate. Thankfully, Cate picks up the slack, and the Cylon drops. "Ensign's hit, Doc." The last word comes out as a sharp groan as he sways up to his feet, pain shooting from his shoulder as he shifts against the van. The whistle draws his attention up, his head turning around like a hunting dog for a moment before he scurries toward Isolde's cover, crouched low the entire way. By the time he gets there, she's recovering, and he nods his approval, his eyes and voice tight as he hisses, "Up and at 'em, sir. Back to Doc. Quick."

"I-I'm okay," Isolde stutters out despite every nerve in her hand saying otherwise. Then she pulls herself upright, managing to move with only the slightest stumble. Like Tavo, she's holding onto her pistol with one hand as she cuts her way across toward where Cate is waiting for them. She looks white pale beneath the fall of her dark hair, and her eyes are wide.

Tavo follows after Isolde, painfully moving backwards part of the way from the car to the hedge, turning after a half-dozen steps to hustle after her more directly. His own features are tight with pain, watching the downed Cylons as well as other corners. As he nears the hedgerow, he hisses, "Got to move quick, Doc. With our new friend. And anyone else nearby if we can get them. Gunfire draws attention."

When they reach her, Cate has the rifle slung again and her hand on the shaking girl's shoulder, speaking soft words that are as reassuring as words alone can be in a situation like this. "Sarge there are more people. Back there, where she came from. Four, I think." Cate points down the hedgerow. "We have to go check it out. Shit, Izzy..." Cate suddenly seems to notice her friend's hand. She takes a dressing from one of her pouches and moves forward to tend to it.

"I can't move my fingers," Isolde gasps to Cate. Which isn't entirely accurate, as she can move her thumb through middle finger just fine. The other two, though... not quite so well. She then looks over to where Cate has pointed, and she nods her head slightly. "We should check it out," She repeats in agreement.

Tavo looks up where Cate gestures, thinking for a long, pained moment. He comes to a decision quickly, nodding to Isolde, "Doc, get the Ensign wrapped up. Sir, if you'll let Doc know if she has to stop doing that and cover me." There's a pause, and then he flicks his pistol's magazine clear, setting the pistol down and reloading one-handed before slipping the half-used magazine back into his web belt and taking up the gun again. "We'll get them, kid." The last is meant to be reassuring, for the girl.

"You're gonna be okay, Iz," Cate tells her calmly, professionalism kicking in after that initial gasp. She nods in approval of Tavo's decision. In short order, she's taken a cardboard box from some little supply and bent it over to form a makeshift splint for those two fingers. It hurts, no two ways about it, but soon Cate has the fingers wrapped and splinted in a reasonably usable form. She also gives Isolde a morpha injection from a small auto-injector. "That'll take a few minutes to kick in, then it'll take the edge off."

The little girl watches all of this silently, eyes wide. Those big eyes turn to Tavo to show she heard him (probably) but she doesn't react. She then looks back to Cate. "Those Centurions came along the road, I'm thinking maybe the others were too - and she cut through one of the yards to get away? We could try circling back the same way she came?" Cate suggests, gesturing towards the hedges.

Isolde nods half-heartedly as she focuses on the ebb and flow of agony through her hand. She winces as she sets her teeth together, jaw flexing hard as she fights another sound, lowering her hand to Cate to look at. Her pinkie and ring finger are already swelling, but there's no real time to closely analyze the actual damage. She manages a whimper when the splint is set, but it settles into a soft exhale as the morpha hits her system. She reclaims her hand once Cate is done, and she fumbles with her pistol. She glances over toward Cate, and then Tavo. She nods slightly in agreement to Cate's suggestion, not trusting her voice yet.

Tavo flashes the girl a tight smile, and he nods to Cate, starting off several paces in that direction so that he can try to track down where the kid came through -- or around -- without getting out of sight of his two fellows. He'll chase after them as soon as the others are mobile, whether they're coming with him or not.

Cate gives Isolde's shoulder a little squeeze. She then turns back to the kid, hands resting on her knees as she bends lower. "We're going to go get your family." At least she assumes it's the girl's family. She watches the girl for a second, trying to figure out what to do with her. Take her on a combat raid, leave her here alone, or sacrifice one of their minimal numbers to guard her... all are shitty choices. The girl perhaps senses the indecision, and fear bubbles to the surface. She launches herself forward to cling to Cate's leg fiercely. "Uh... okay. Guess that answers that," Cate mumbles. "You stay behind Izzy, okay?" The girl looks at Isolde dubiously for a moment then goes over to literally get behind her. Cate offers Iz a 'what can you do' look before unslinging her rifle and falling in with Tavo.

"Okay," Isolde breathes out a slow exhale as she settles in to the rear, leaving her to watch the street behind them as they sink together to head back behind the residence. "Guess I'm back to watching your back again," she says quietly to Tavo with a small smile before she falls silent to continue along with her cohort.

Tavo watches the little drama play out with the girl, a smile flickering into the corners of his lips. He nods at the decision made by the survivor, "Stick close, but don't cling on, okay? The Ensign's got to be able to move." Isolde gets a slow, weary chuckle, and he nods, "I'm good for that." Cate gets a little grin as well, and then he notes quietly, "Just say something quiet if we're going the wrong way, kid." To Cate, "Stay back far enough that if I get hit, you can grab cover." And then he starts carefully forward, his pistol back up by his chest, slung left shoulder leading the way as he tries to follow the girl's circuitous path to the other survivors.

The little girl bobs her head in a tiny nod, wide eyes looking up at Tavo as if he were a scary giant. She lurks behind Isolde, not clinging but close enough to invade the ECO's personal space.

Cate nods to Tavo and drags a sleeve across her face before following behind him. They follow the row of hedges between two houses. It dumps out into someone's backyard. They cross the yards paralleling the street, sticking to cover where they can - a fence, some more hedges, a woodpile, a playset fort, an old shed. Finally noise draws their attention to the street. Sounds like a vehicle approaching. From their positions, they can see that a truck has just stopped in the street in front of the next house up the road. Three worker Cylons are visible - one still in the truck's cab, the other two herding some human prisoners into the back. A single Centurion stands watch near the back of the truck.

The small person hanging around behind her continues to draw Isolde's eyes over her shoulder. She offers a smile, but she is a bit uncertain all the same. She keeps her pistol in her good hand, still cradling her injured limb against her chest. She follows along until she hears the vehicle approaching, and she sinks back a bit, drawing the kiddo behind her more. She peeks ahead to Tavo and Cate, waiting even while her fingers flex along the pistol's grip.

To be fair, Tavo is a scary giant, for all that he tries to be a gentle one. The dried remnants of the wash of blood from his head wound don't help. He is definitely not silent moving through the backyards, fences, and hedges, but neither is he a bull in a china shop, thankfully. Tucked up behind the shed, he looks out to the street, peeking around the corner of the shed and then ducking back. There's hesitation there, the big man clearly trying to figure out if they should go after the prisoners in their state. The muscles alongside his jaw clench, and then he looks to the kid following Isolde, sighs a little, and points at the corner, making signs for '3 small, 1 big, prisoners.' Then he points to Isolde, makes a one-handed gesture like driving, then points to himself and Cate and makes the 'big' gesture again.

Cate watches Tavo. There's a furrow in her brow at all the hand signals. Motioning to Isolde to stay put, she carefully dashes across to Tavo's position. Breaking the rules maybe, but this is not a time to get their signals crossed. She looks out at the street, frowning. "Frak," she mumbles, barely audible. "What's the plan?" she asks. Because it never crossed her mind not to do anything.

The little girl continues to hide behind Isolde, not saying a word.

"Frak doesn't even begin to cover it," Isolde breathes out, but she nods all the same. She breathes out another breath. "Can we go around?" She glances behind her to the small girl, frowning slightly. "Would be best..."

"Four Cylons, one is a Centurion," Tavo hushes. "Loading prisoners in a truck. The Ensign shoots the driver, we take out the Centurion, then clean up the rest." Isolde's question causes him to shake his head a little, "It's our job to get them out." There's something a little resigned about the statement, or maybe Tavo's just wiped out. "Questions? Suggestions?"

Cate chews her lip for a few moments, watching the Cylons move around. "What if we took the truck?" Cate whispers back. "Create a distraction at the back, one of us takes out the driver and drives away with the prisoners inside. The others fade back, meet around the block. Might not have to fight all four of them then." Either way they'd better hurry, because the last human is being loaded up into the truck now.

Isolde finally huffs at Gustavo. "You keep calling me that. You could call me Izzy or Pi or even Asa... but do you call me The Ensign because you don't know my name?" She seems a bit vexed, breathing this all out rather quickly. Then she looks back to Cate at the whispering idea. Then she nods, grunting slightly. "Okay. So... does that still mean that The Ensign -- " Glare for Tavo. " -- still shoots the driver?" She starts to move, giving all indications that she's going to get in position to shoot the driver while Cate and Tavo make a distraction.

Tavo starts to consider Cate's suggestion, then stops at Isolde's complaint, frowning a moment, "You're an officer, sir." Which is part of the reason. He vaguely remembers the last name, but the reminder is handy, "But I can use Ensign Asa if you'd prefer, sir." And then it's back to the suggestion, "Might also end up getting chased. Okay, Ensign Asa and I distract them. Doc, you and the kid go for the driver and the cab. We try to draw them off. If they don't go, you hit 'em from the flank. If they go, Ensign Asa and I run for it. It'll be a hot LZ if they're still chasing us, so keep the truck moving."

Cate frowns at the idea of taking the kid back up to the Cylons she just got away from. But then she realizes that the alternative is to leave her with the team creating the diversion and nods with a sigh. Tavo isn't the only one who's a little wiped out in this adventure, subtitled 'When all possible decisions suck ass'. She looks at the rifle, contemplating handing it over to Isolde, but then realizes The Ensign will have a little trouble holding it with that hand of hers. And Tavo's arm is frakked. She keeps the rifle. "Okay. You're with me, <<a word mumbled in Celtan>>%gt;," she tells the little girl, holding her hand out to her. The girl hesitates visibly for a second, then takes her hand. Cate slants a silent 'be careful' look to Isolde and then is leading the girl around to a spot where they can dash more quickly for the cab, while still being in cover.

Cate rolls Stealth: Good Success (8 8 7 7 5 2 2)

Isolde mutters something in Tauran, that by her tone, is probably not very complimentary. Then she huffs a breath once more as her position in all this changes, but she nods in agreement. "Distraction then." She gestures for Tavo to lead the way. "All yours, Staff Sergeant." She catches the look from Cate, and offers a quick and small smile accompanied by a nod in response before she slides along with Tavo toward the back of the truck.

All alone again, with the distraction, or with the medic with the assault rifle heading for the vehicle. There are no good options, but Tavo clearly thinks there's a 'best' option. He pretends not to hear the Tauran muttering, then nods to the ECO when he's gestured forward. As he advances, he murmurs, "Centurion first, then anything else with a rifle or pistol. Shoot and retreat, try to draw them after us." At the corner of the house, he takes a breath, then steps out from behind cover. "Free Picon!" The big Scorpian's statement isn't a shout, in fact it isn't much louder than a speaking tone, but it has emphasis behind it, and he lines up a shot on the Centurion, pulling the trigger and then starting to backpedal toward the corner of the house again.

Isolde attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap but Cent1 EVADES!
Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Their distraction does get the Cylons' attention. The Centurion pivots in their direction after the bullet dings off his chest. He raises his arm, the built-in machinegun whirring to life. One of the other Cylons also has a pistol, and he turns to shoot as well. The second one just stands there, taking stock.

"Centurion first," Isolde repeats, nodding her head. "Alright, let's go." She follows with the Scorpian, trotting slightly behind him. When they get to the corner, she peeks out to get another sense of the situation, and nods to herself once more. The call for Picon however has her joining in, and she steps out to open fire at the Centurion with the sharp snap of her pistol. When Tavo retreats, she does too, quickly scrambling behind the corner.

Tavo's shot glances off the Centurion's chest, and Tavo grimaces, but his job isn't necessarily to disassemble Cylons, just to get their attention, and that seems to have worked. He doesn't quite make it to cover, not crowding Isolde's firing lane, and his features tighten as he ducks sideways, firing back over his shoulder as he zigs and zags to try to avoid return fire and spread the distance between himself and the Cylons.

The Cylon with the club and the Centurion both start moving forward after Tavo and Isolde. The other one, however, stands guard at the rear of the truck, effectively preventing the humans inside from trying anything. After the two have gotten some distance from the truck, Cate motions for the girl to follow her and dashes over towards the cab. She waits to shoot until they're close to the cab, not wanting to draw attention sooner than necessary.

Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap but MISSES!
Cent1 attacks Gustavo with Lmg+Tripod and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Right Leg.
Worker1 attacks Isolde with Pistol but Isolde EVADES!
Isolde attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Abdomen.
Cate attacks Driver with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Head.

Cate shoots the driver in the head, but it's still kicking. It has a pistol, which is aims at Cate through the open driver's side window. The worker at the back seems a little confused by the firing now coming from both directions. That distracts it from shooting again at Isolde. The one with the club is charging after Tavo and Isolde while the Centurion attacks.

Isolde breathes out another breath, hand still held tightly against her chest as she continues to pop out to shoot at the Centurion around Gustavo. She hears the bullet impact the Centurion's belly before she's back behind cover once more.

It's easier to dodge a pyramid tackle than it is to dodge a bullet. Tavo proves this point by taking a brazing clip at the outside of his right thigh, stumbling but managing to keep to his feet -- although doing so involves bouncing his injured left shoulder off the side of the house. That draws a cry of pain from the big man, but he keeps retreating, trying to avoid counter-fire even as the Cylon worker with the club closes in on him. "Frak it..." The gunfire on the far side of the house causes him to relax just a little... but only until the Cylon closes.

Cate attacks Driver with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Head.
Gustavo attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap but Cent1 EVADES!
Isolde attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Left Arm.
Cent1 attacks Gustavo with Lmg+Tripod but Gustavo EVADES!
Driver attacks Cate with Pistol but MISSES!

Cate shoots the driver again in the head. It doesn't seem to be quite dead, but the sparking circuitry suggests that it's not quite firing on all cylinders. Cate slings her rifle and hops up onto the running board of the truck, opening the door and trying to drag the thing out and dump it on the ground.

The centurion shifts fire to Isolde, while the one with the club closes the distance on Tavo, intending to smash him with it.

Another darting shot to the Centurion, and Isolde is feeling a bit more confident in her wild, one-hand shooting. She starts to step more out into the open, taking a bit more risks and preparing for the possible retribution of her boldness. "Cate! How's it going?" She calls, definitely no louder than all the gunfire.

"Doesn't matter," Tavo responds as he stops darting about, facing down the charging Cylon. He would be a great deal more confident if his left arm wasn't bound to his chest and he wasn't bruised, battered, sore, and already winged in the leg. Still, he holds his right arm back like the knife-fighter he isn't still trying to fall back to draw the Cylons after them while also not getting clocked upside the head with a club.

Gustavo attacks Worker2 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Right Arm.
Isolde attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Head.
Worker2 attacks Gustavo with Club but Gustavo EVADES!
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!
Cate successfully subdues Driver.
Worker1 attacks Cate with Pistol and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Head.

The shot to the Cylon's head is a confident one, and does some serious damage. Yet, it stands, and Isolde grimaces at this knowledge. She narrows her eyes slightly as she continues to move forward, continuing to advance toward the Cylons. She shakes her head at Tavo's words, snorting slightly.

Cate hauls the sputtering driver out of the cab. "Get in! Stay down!" she yells to the little girl, who scrambles up into the truck. "We're going, Iz!" she yells back to her friend. She's about to climb up herself when the second Cylon fires a shot that creases her jaw under her ear. "Frak," she hisses, then climbs in and hits the gas. "Who's dumbass idea was this," she mumbles, knowing full well it was her own. The truck lurches forward, and Cate tries not to think about how long it's been since she was actually behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Tavo ducks under a swing of the club, hissing in pain, then fires a shot at the Cylon's arm before it can recover, either trying to remove the arm with the weapon or simply firing in its general direction to avoid being clobbered again. Whatever the case, he keeps backing up, now to the back corner of the house and trying to remember if he's fired three, four, or five shots. The call from the front is heartening at least.

Isolde attacks Cent1 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)
Worker2 attacks Gustavo with Club. Stopped by ARMOR on Chest.
Worker1 attacks Cate with Pistol and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Chest.
Gustavo attacks Worker2 with Pistol+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest.
Cent1 attacks Isolde with Lmg+Tripod but MISSES!
Cent1 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Isolde)

"Time to go, The Staff Sergeant!" Isolde says this to Tavo as the last of the Cylons fall into a heap. She is moving quickly, keeping her pistol out with her hand still braced up against her chest. She proves to be quite light and quick on her feet when pushed by adrenaline.

The roar of the engine from the front of the house causes Tavo to grin fiercely. "Too late." The club thumps into his chest then, wiping the grin from his face and the words from his lips in an explosion of air. "Ohfrak," is a gasping inhalation, and Tavo takes advantage of the momentary stillness of the Cylon to pump two AP rounds into its chest. Isolde's call draws a grunt of affirmation, and he starts to stagger after her, still trying to get air into his lungs.

Cate doesn't realize yet that the whole 'steal the truck' plan turned out to be unnecessary, as they pretty much took care of all the guards anyway. Except for the one that takes a parting shot at the truck when it pulls out. Cate yelps as the bullet creases the top of her shoulder, but doesn't slow down. The truck side-swipes a parked car on its way around the corner (driving is not her strong suit) but they manage to get away from the Cylon and around the corner to the rendezvous to pick up Tavo and Isolde.


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