2237-07-13 - Within a Moment

Sometimes the hard decisions come quickly.

Date: 2237-07-13

Location: Havison, Picon

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Scene Number: 584

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The exterior of the garden shed digs into Tavo's back, a twinge of pain from his shoulder leaking through the faint haze of morpha wearing off. Two years ago, this was a beautiful suburban neighborhood, with neatly-trimmed grass, manicured hedges, and white picket fences. Hell, two months ago this was still a beautiful suburban neighborhood, even if the hedges and grass were getting a little shaggy here and there.

Now, it's deserted -- or at least it should be. But instead there was a kid, and now there are four people being herded into the back of a truck by four Cylons. Think, Tavo, think. Assets and obstacles. One gunner with one arm and a pistol, one ECO with one hand and a pistol, one combat medic with an AR. Versus three workers and a Centurion. Four civvies in the crossfire, and they could be hauled away at any point if the driver-bot just hits the gas. One little girl who can't be left behind, and is going to end up in the line of fire.

High probability of frakking it up. High probability of getting frakked up. High probability of getting someone else frakked up. High probability of never making it back home, never seeing Dora and his family again. Wait, what? Why'd she come up? No. Hell no, Tavo. Get your head in the game.

The muscles along the big man's jaw tighten. The high probability of frakking it up doesn't matter, not when you get right down to it. The job of the Colonial Marine Corps is to get between civvies and toasters. This right here's the job. So. Assets and obstacles.

He looks at the kid following the Ensign. Have to keep her as out of the line of fire as possible. Okay. Drop the Centurion, drop the driver. Mop up. Keep the wounded Ensign out of the main line of fire, keep the kid with her. That puts him and Doc on the Centurion, the Ensign on the driver. Yeah. Might be possible.

Tavo lets out a little sigh and points at the corner, making signs for '3 small, 1 big, prisoners.' Then he points to Isolde, makes a one-handed gesture like driving, then points to himself and Cate and makes the 'big' gesture again.

Time to nut up, Delgado.


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