2237-07-14 - Demanding Brass

Ryan talks to Addison about getting back in the action.

Date: 2237-07-14

Location: Ryan's Office

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Ryan's Office

Ryan is in his office, bent over a paper he's writing on. There may be a war on, but there's no shortage of paperwork for the Timber Wolves CO. He sent word for Addison to report to him.

A request that Addison had been expecting at some point, following all the debriefings he'd been through; then the meeting with the Head Doctor it was only a matter of time until his situation would be addressed with the CO. Since he's not Wolves, not even CF, he is dressed in the best he can manage which means a pair of slacks and a button up shirt. A look that is closer to a civilian contractor than military. However, he does arrive punctually on time and enters. "Reporting as requested, sir."

Ryan looks up from his desk. The attire gets a quizzical furrow of his brow for a second but the colonel doesn't comment upon it. Instead he motions to a chair. "Lieutenant, have a seat. I understand you've been given the all-clear from sickbay." And by that he's including Dr. K as well. "Glad to see you back on your feet. How are you feeling?"

Addison moves to the seat that's indicated, settling himself down. "Yeah, got the all clear. Feeling pretty solid. Still adjusting to a few things and dealing with the uncertainty of the next steps, but otherwise everything seems to be going well. Haven't had a chance to thank you yet, sir, for putting me up during all this."

"No a problem, Lieutenant. Your sister was so keen on getting you back, seemed a shame to punt you to a Picon Navy Hospital," Ryan says with a light smile. "We're sending a strike team back to Shediac tonight. If you're up for it, you can go with them. Hopefully help to get back the others that were with you."

Addison blinks slowly then nods his head, "It would certainly be... Yes." He trails off after that, knuckles clenching white just a moment as his hands flex before he nods. "Yes, that would. I would appreciate the opportunity."

Ryan nods briskly. "Good. I'll speak to Major Stirling and she'll set you up. Now after that... I've reviewed your file, Lieutenant, and I think you'd be a good fit here for the Wolves. But Picon prefers its CF contingent to be volunteers. And after what you've been through, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to keep your boots on home turf." He leaves the offer implied.

Addison ponders for a moment then speaks, "If I could have a bit of time to think on it? I'd like to speak at least with my sister, to see if she'd be comfortable with that. She's doing well here, I want to make sure it'd be a fine arrangement with her as well. If that's alright?"

Ryan nods again. "That's fine. But don't take too long, Lieutenant. I've got Picon Naval command itching to have you back. Can't put them off forever." He smiles. "Brass can be so demanding."

"Right?" Addison affirms with a small chuckle. He does let it fade though, "I'll certainly let you know soon. I'll try to track down Ab.. The Sergeant and get her take quickly."

"All right then. Carry on," Ryan says by way of dismissal, offering a quick grin before turning his attention back to his paperwork.


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