2237-07-15 - Fight Night

Two marines have a go at it in the gym while others watch on.

Date: 2237-07-15

Location: Gym

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Scene Number: 272

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Sitting by one of the sparring mats, Charlie's dressed in her sweats and has a water bottle close at hand. She's borrowed a music player off of someone, as her own personal does not have external speakers. It's playing music someone might more expect in a club, but at a -- thankfully for some -- low volume. The sniper is tapping her foot along as she wraps tape around her wrists, flexing them absently while doing so. The gym is not overly busy; it's a relatively quiet period of time aboard the ship. Most people, perhaps, are resting up still after the previous night's operation. This particular marine, however, is already back into her personal training routine.

Gage spends more than his fair share of spare time in the gym -- the day after a mission definitely no exception, especially when he's come home without a scratch. He's been at the weights at the back of the gym for a while -- enough to work up a good sweat already.

That techno crap clearly isn't the sort of music that the person on the otherside of the mat is interested in listening to. Having ceded the louder speakers to Charlie, Evan has opted instead to have music in his ears with buds to draw his focus as he sets to the task of wrapping his own wrists in tape. Twisting it over the skin before pinching and entwining it between fingers to go over knuckles; an action that looks well rehearsed and practiced. Of dutiful note his eyes are on his work as his back is to the mat and Charlie while he prepares.

Eva, for her part, is also back in her regular routine, which means she's in her usual spot, having piled up a fair number of the free mats they put out for the use of the ship's crew. She's in her most comfortable workout gear, double tanks, sweats, but the only thing she seems to be working out, is the bag of cookies in her hand. Which is likely all for the good, given the sheer volume and quality of bandages that can be seen as bulges beneath her clothes, not to mention the still healing nose. Though that's so well along, she looks pretty normal again.

Aubrey got word of a possible sparring match, and with the entertainment options on the ship being so limited, she's made her way to the Gym to see if it's going to happen. She's in her sweats and CF branded tee, grinning broadly as she plops down next to Eva. "Hi, mom!" she greets cheerfully. "Who's punching who today?"

There is, indeed, a sparring match! Well, there will be. Charlie is soon satisfied enough with the status of her wrappings and gets to her feet, flexing her hands and wrists. "So," she calls over to Evan, hopefully over the sounds of his own music through the headphones. "What are our rules?" She's rocking on the balls of her feet a bit. There's a glance over to Aubrey at the pilot's words and a bit of a snerk of amusement. "Just a couple of marines. Nothing out of the norm." She does wink, just a bit. Gotta put on a show for the jocks, right?

Catching the words through his music, Evan pulls out one of the earbuds, his eyebrow going up as he does so. "Rules?" He asks back looking across the way at Charlie. "You won't let me use weapons, that's enough of rules." Such a great joker Evan is; except the part where he appears to be dead serious.

Maybe it's the music -- or more likely the growing number of people entering the gym -- that gets Gage's attention. Enough, anyway, that he lowers his weights, resting on the bench a moment as he eyes the group near the mats. Reaching for his towel, he runs it over his closely-shaved head and face, before slinging around his neck, taking a pull on his bottle, and wandering over. "S'going on?" he asks, in general, eyeing Charlie and Evan.

Eva chucks a thumb towards the mat where Charlie and Evan are setting up, scooting over to make room for Aubrey, even offering her the bag of cookies. They're those little bitty ones, perfect for snacking, "Calhoun," she indicates Evan, "Wagner," Charlie, in case Aubrey doesn't know the two. And then a glance over at a face that's mostly new to her, though, really, they all live and sleep together, "I think they're going to see if they go as hard as Finn and I."

Aubrey grins at the pair looking to fight and arches a brow. "Don't those two like, share a bunk? Talk about kinky. Oh, did you see? Logan Lindus is onboard and a marine now! Lindus! From the Aerilon Threshers! He is HUGE. He let me snap some photos earlier." She takes an offered cookie and munches.

There's a brief glance towards the peanut gallery over there, but Charlie can only grin briefly at the back and forth between Eva and Aubrey. She focuses, instead, on Evan. bringing herself back to center. The woman takes a deep breath, giving him a brief upnod of acknowledgement as she moves towards the center of the mat. "Alright," she affirms. "No weapons it is." There's a brief flash of a grin for Evan. "Wanna put a bet on this, Calhoun. Make it interesting?"

There's a peanut gallery, well that makes it interesting and as Evan pulls the earbuds out all the way and sets them and the player down in the corner he looks Charlie square in the eyes, "Name your terms." Then, because he is contractually obligated he reaches down and pulls his shirt up and off his head. (https://bit.ly/2tWihVg) "Just remember, you already owe me for laundry this week." A few rolls of his shoulders to loosen them before he stoops to pick up a mouthpiece to put in and settling it, he starts towards the center of the mat.

Eva laughs, a full-throated sound, as she looks at Aubrey, "Banshee, who do you think gave me this lovely gift?" Her free hand, well, free save for the cookie she's now waving around, indicates her face. Only the faintest hints of bruising remain to indicate the broken nose and two black eyes trifecta, "I crawl out of his bunk every morning." Eyebrows raise, as she hears Aubrey's comment, "I did not. Seems to me like this ship is becoming a PR machine's dream. He a Marine, or one of us?"

With a few steps, Gage edges closer to where Eva and Aubrey are set up, if just because the former seems to have the gossip. "Oh, I bet they go hard," he smirks as he eyes the pair of marines on the mat, meaning undoubtedly clear. To the marines: "Try not to frak each other up too much," is said, without too much seriousness.

"Marine. Pretty sure he wouldn't fit in a Viper cockpit. Still dunno how they stuff Jar into one as it is." Maybe they grease up his flight su-..." She trails off and drops her cookie when Evan takes off his shirt. "Woof." Aubrey absently pats the mat beside her for Gage to sit.

There's a long look for Evan and it might be because of the shirt removal, but... it may also be because Charlie is debating the terms of their match. She takes a deep breath, considering. The woman goes into a languid stretch, arms overhead. "Mmmmm. Winner has to share an embarrassing story. In front of the Mess." A beat. "Or go on a mission sans underwear." There's a flash of a grin. "Unless you've got a better option. Because she's not going into another round of laundry duty. Half the time his laundry ends up in hers or vice versa anyway.

Logan ducks his way into the Gym. The oversized Marine moves in carefully but a clap of delight announces his arrival, "Found it." He tilts his head slowlyt aking in the room with the air of someone observing it for the first time. He begins making his way towards the climbing wall curiously moving around the edge of the room as if pacing it out. There's a slight pause then as he hears bets being thrown out. There's a slow raising of his eyebrow and he shakes his head ruefully with an amused look.

Eva looks completely non-plussed, as Evan goes shirtless, but then...Finn O'Day. Every day. Need she say more? She does, however, move to rescue Aubrey's cookie. No dessert left behind. "I'm pretty sure they do grease him, and I bet he still comes out with indentations from the side panels all over him." She too, pats the mat, "Come on up...it's Tomak, right? Seen you on the passenger manifests." She indicates herself, "I'm Cherry, this is Banshee. We're pleased to meet you." She speaks for Aubrey, who's still staring.

"You wear underwear on missions?" Evan asks, looking surprised at that fact, shaking his head, "I already don't wear any on mission. No no. Too easy there Wagner, that's the kind of bet I'd expect from small times. This here is CF. This is big time." He takes a step forward, "If I win, You have to do a bikini photoshoot on the ship. If you win, I'll wear /your/ underwear on a mission." Much confidence. Much.

No pause; Gage is happy to sit next to a pretty girl, doubly so when invited, settling on the mat next to Aubrey before turning attention to the show at hand. "Feel free to take off your shirt too, Wagner," he calls out, oh-so-helpfully. "Tomak," he agrees, easily. "Good to meet you ladies," he grins at the two women. Maybe he'd ask something pleasant or something, but... Evan's making bets about bikini photoshoots. This he can get behind, with a low wolf-whistle of appreciation.

Aubrey finally snaps out of it and declares, "I can take the pictures!" from the peanut gallery with a grin. "Oh hey, speak of the devil," she gestures towards Logan. "Hey Lindus, want to watch these two knock each other around for a bit? We have cookies!"

"You don't do recon missions. I have to wear those fatigues for three days straight sometimes. You do that without underwear sometime. Your balls would hate you for a month." Charlie is, at least, grinning at Evan. The comment from Gage and the following whistle catches her attention and she laughs, aloud. "Maybe next time!" No shirtless at the moment, no; just the dual-tanks. Who knows, maybe they'll get torn if things get too intense. "Alright, I can roll with that. I'd like to see you fit into my skivvies." She stakes a step back, lifting her hands. "Bring it, Calhoun."

Logan blinks slowly, "This is going to be my strangest deployment ever. I know it." He smiles at Aubrey, "Hey? I'm a devil now? I'm pretty sure they didn't change my callsign from Titan." He pauses and then asks her, "Did they? Sure, I suppose I can watch while I stretch." He makes his way over towards Aubrey and then drops to the ground. Thankfully it's a spaceship so it doesn't shake the nearby area when the oversized Marine drops down and begins stretching. "Cookiees after my workout. This place must have a hell of a kitchen. This is the second baked good I've been offered since arriving." He says with clear amusement.

A nod from Evan to confirm the bet and he smiles softly at Charlie around the black mouthpiece. She steps back and he steps forward. There's an incredible intensity to the movements that Evan makes right out of the gate as a sequence of flurried punches are thrown at the Recon woman. His left hand jabs twice before a swift right hook angled downwards. From the initial moment it seems there's no holding back as Calhoun goes right at her and his eyes betray no hint of sympathy.

<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (6 4 3 2 2 2 1) vs Charlie's Melee (7 5 4 2 2 2 1)
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (7 7 5 4 4 2 1) vs Charlie's Melee (5 5 5 5 4 2 1)
<FS3> Victory for Evan.
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (7 7 5 5 5 3 2) vs Charlie's Melee (8 8 6 4 3 2 2)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Charlie.

"We like the carbs, here on the Vanguard." Eva, noting the arrival of the other man of the hour, scooting a bit closer to Aubrey, just in case Logan wants to sit too, but...well, he's a big man, and they'll be on top of each other like puppies soon, "Actually, the mess is...eh, par for the course, but we have soldiers of many skills in the Wolves." She looks to the group near her, "I cannot wait to see Calhoun in Wagner's bra and panties. He'll be squeaking instead of speaking." Because Charlie is like...half Evan's size.

Gage glances over towards the new marine and gives him a nod of greeting, but any verbal ones will have to wait, because Evan's not holding back, and marine's gaze is locked onto the battle. He leans forward with attentive interest, grinning as he sees how seriously the both of them are taking this thing. "Be fun to watch him mincing around out in the field," he adds to Eva's observation with a smirk.

"We should take photos of that too," Aubrey says with a mischievous grin. "It'd be in more bunks than mine and Abby's bikini calendars."

For all that Evan has sheer size on her, Charlie has speed and recon training on her side. She's able to dodge the initial swing of fists, but not all of them. The larger marine does land a solid blow and it's one that looks like it probably hurts. However, one doesn't make it this far in the marines nor the war without learning to handle a few hits. The Piconese woman grimaces, but pushes back with her own. She's not going for the face. He's too tall for that to be a viable option. Instead it's mostly his torso... even if that's probably the area he's most able to withstand the hits.

A few blows to the abs isn't a problem. It's the one that slips to the side where the muscles aren't as tuned that has Evan staggering back a bit. He looks at the sparring partner and rather than back off or give a pause he presses again. He knows his size and advantage it brings him, not to mention length. Again a timed sequence of punches comes out from the man very similar to the last. A jab, a hook, but then out of nowhere he swings his leg quickly and viciously at Charlie. No weapons, doesn't mean no kicking.

Logan lets his legs stretch out and then bends forward reaching for them. The Marine stretches easily even as he watches the two exchange. He winces when a couple of the blows land and he offers a thoughtful, "Interesting." He declares considering the skill of the two fighters, "They seem pretty evenly matched. I suppose that explains all the talking before hand. This is probably going to be a long fight to see who gets tired first I expect." He observes critically. He then pauses as he tilts his head up to Eva considering her, "Nothing wrong with a few extra carbs." There's a pause then and he looks at Eva and then to Aubrey, "I'm going to regret letting you take a picture aren't I?" He asks with a faintly rueful sigh." There's a pause and then he adds, "I hope she doesn't have expensive ones... I'm pretty sure he's going to stretch them."

Once everyone seems to be settled, Eva finds her comfy place once again, settling in to watch the match. She actually is paying attention, observing movement and technique, though she does sniff, as she sees the way the wind is going, "Come on, Wagner! The ship needs to see Calhoun in drag!" because she sure as hell is going to find a way to make sure that doesn't go unmemorialized.

Aubrey watches the spar with interest. The pilots other than Mom and Dad (Eva and Finn) usually don't do too much punching of one another. They're too pretty for that. Or something. She grins at Logan. "Nah, that's just going on my photo board in my bunk. I have lots of photos up there. If you want to pose for the Sexy Timberwolves Dudes Calendar I've just decided we should make, then sure!"

<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (8 6 6 5 4 2 2) vs Charlie's Melee (7 6 4 3 3 3 2)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Evan.
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (7 5 4 2 1 1 1) vs Charlie's Melee (8 7 6 4 4 3 1)
<FS3> Victory for Charlie.
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (8 7 6 5 5 3 2) vs Charlie's Melee (8 7 7 4 1 1 1)

There's a brief raising of brows from Gage as Evan goes for the kick. "Holding no punches," he murmurs, apparently impressed. A flickered glance at Logan is accompanied by a wry, "They're both marines," to his observation that they're evenly matched. "Go Wagner!" He adds on the heels of Eva's cheer. "Save the rest of us and force Calhoun to actually wear some frakking underwear on mission for once."

What, he thinks she's never run through the woods with just NVGs and tripped over something? Charlie is knocked in the leg by Evan's kick and will likely have a bruise on her thigh, but she rolls with it, sweeping out with her own leg to try to take him down in turn. The aim is to not lose any time of her own as she regains her feet; to stall or take him down so that he's delayed just as long, if not longer. The sniper may grin, every so often, as snippets of commentary reach her, but she's largely focused on the man she's fighting with.

Evan's own feet do get him tripped up as he falls back when Charlie hits his leg with hers. He spends next to no time on the ground himself as he springs up. There's no listening for the man, there's some fuzz in the background but his eyes remain on Charlie. Now his hands raise, a boxer's stance as he steps forward, always on the attack, always aggressive. A heavy swing, followed by another heavy swing. No more tapping around, just big strikes; absent of anger, filled with focus.

Logan continues to stretch and grins at Gage, "You sure? Neither of them have cheated yet." He points out as if that's expected in combat training. He then offers to Eva, "We might need more snacks." He suggests brightly and seems content to generally observe rather than take sides in the wager. Aubrey gets an amused look, "Depends. Which month do I get?"

A dramatic sigh, as Eva watches the fight unfolding. She glances over at Gage, "I feel as though this does not speak well for your Marines, Tomak. They're just...waffling at each other. Is that a normal tactic, waffling?" She looks down to Logan, "Maybe one of them should hire you as their champion. I'm going to be out of cookies, by the time this thing starts to get good."

Aubrey twists her lips a bit at Evan's movements. "That boy is too serious for his own good, isn't he?" she asks Eva in sotto voice. She grins at Logan. With those all Aerilonian boy next door good looks? You'd be in a harvest month. September maybe? Course, the photographer can be bribed."

<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (8 8 8 4 4 2 1) vs Charlie's Melee (8 8 4 4 1 1 1)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Evan.
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (8 7 6 5 5 3 1) vs Charlie's Melee (8 7 4 4 4 2 2)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Evan.
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (8 8 7 7 4 3 1) vs Charlie's Melee (8 8 7 7 5 3 3)

"Can't be as ruthless when it's personal, even if you're trying for it to be not," is Gage's response to Eva, with a lift-and-drop of his shoulder in a brief shrug. He gives a brief smirk at Logan's words: "Just aint caught 'em at it, yet," is his view.

The shift to the boxing stance may be the trick for Evan. Charlie has less of a defense against those. She's not wholly without defense, mind; just lessened in her ability to do so. The woman could duck and evade them entirely, but that would sort of go against the spirit of the entire engagement. Instead she tries to block or parry them. With his height and reach, it means she still takes a measure of each hit and it can be seen in the blows she takes to the shoulder as she turns into them that it does hurt. The way her features shift. She bears it and knows how to take it, letting the brunt of it dissipate across muscle mass... but it still lands enough. "Frak," she mutters, trying to push back and gain a better footing to situate herself to push back.

Eva says, "Clearly, you've never met Farm Boy, Tomak. He's laid me out twice, and he'll probably do it again, if I don't keep my guard up."

As the blows land, a gentler soul might ease off some. Might back off. The punch from Charlie for space has Evan backing up momentarily, a trade of quick jabs that find parries and deflections rather than solid lands. Then with a quick step, Evan attempts to place his foot on top of Charlie's to pin her in place so that he can swing at her. Someone may have mentioned cheating. Well, it is fighting dirty at the least.

Logan points out to Eva, "That's the trouble with even matches. Everyone says they want a good even match. But just like in Pyramid, that's boring. What everyone really wants is big swings in the game. Back and forth. One team to come out early ahead and then the other side inch their way back until the cliffhanger." He gestures at the two, "Two good evenly matched contestants... It's a little more dull. Maybe we should add a cage. So she can dance around and climb around and he's got to get at her." He observes since apparently that's how his mind works. He rubs his chin then as Evan starts to eke out small victories though the skill level seems to increase. He considers Aubrey, "Interesting. Do you accept cookiee bribes? Well at least you're not trying to put me in a speedo." He pauses then and looks between Gage and Eva and then leans towards Aubrey and asks quietly, "Are we still talking about sparring?"

"No one better be punching me in my face. I'd like to use it for work again some day when this war is over," Aubrey mutters. She grins at Logan's offer. "Maybe. Booze bribes are preferred though."

Gage eyes Eva like he's checking, for a moment, if she's fraking with him, or that's a legitimate call sign. "Sounds like a gentleman," he grunts, lips twitching. He leans forward briefly as he sees Evan press his advantage, brows flickering upwards like he's anticipating an end shot or something.

<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (7 5 4 3 3 1 1) vs Charlie's Melee (8 5 4 4 2 2 2)
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (6 6 3 3 2 2 1) vs Charlie's Melee (7 5 5 3 2 2 2)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Evan.
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (5 5 4 3 2 2 1) vs Charlie's Melee (8 6 6 5 4 1 1)
<FS3> Crushing Victory for Charlie.

Eva looks as though Gage...he just gets her. And the smile she flashes is brilliant, "Oh, he is. He's been teaching me to box. The first time, he knocked me out cold. I beat him the second time, we had matches...like these?" She indicates Charlie and Evan, "The last time, he broke my nose and gave me two black eyes. No holds barred." A grin, towards Logan, "Oh, don't worry, I am not that coy. I will flat out say I am talking about frakking, if I'm talking about frakking."

She's almost, almost distracted by some of the jabs and parries they exchange. But Charlie is an alert little motherfucker. She has to be. It's a godsdamned requirement of being on recon. There's no way Evan is getting in to pin her foot. She's tuning out the peanut gallery now. So when the larger marine comes in to try to step on her foot -- cheater! -- she moves in just all that much quicker. There's a hand up to grab sharply at his shoulder. She may even have to get her nails in there a bit since he's shirtless. And that foot comes up, her knee going straight for... well, it may not quite be his abdomen. He's the one who insisted no holds barred, right?

The grunt is loud, the pain is real and it is evident in Evan's eyes as he takes a staggering step back. Hands briefly go over his groin, covering it. Not a direct hit but enough of one to shock him heavily. After a shake of his head he spits out the mouthguard to the ground and swings at Charlie, hands flying rapidly now in a series of punches and alternating.

Aubrey winces as Charlie's knee comes up. "Oh I hope that doesn't keep him from making pretty babies someday," she says. Then she sighs. "Sadly, I have a duty shift doing KP in the mess. Let me know who wins, Mom?" she asks Eva.

Logan rolls lightly up to his feet (way too lightly for his size). He begins stretching his arms and then reaching for his toys. He grins at Eva, "Duly noted." He says agreeably. Aubrey gets a consideration, "Work?" He asks curiously and then offers, "Once I figure out the sourcing of booze I'll let you know... or figure out the next time we get leave." He waves at Aubrey, "Take care." He says as he grins as the two fighters start using more..unorthodox moves. This seems to intrigue him more.

Gage grunts, presumably with agreement? Amusement? at Eva, though his gaze doesn't waver from the fight. Good thing too, or he might've missed that advance from Charlie. He winces, in sympathy. Unconsciously, perhaps, he moves hands to cover his own groin. Ouch.

"Oh, I will. Catch you after a while, Banshee." She glances over to Logan, "They didn't tell you? Just because we're spec ops, doesn't mean we don't have regular work details to take care of our own space. KP, cleaning the berthings, the head, if there's a place on the ship we use, we help to maintain it, or ourselves." And then she catches sight of Gage, "Why do men do that? I mean, if I see a woman walking funny after a long night with her partner of choice, I don't automatically start waddling in sympathy."

<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (8 6 3 2 2 2 1) vs Charlie's Melee (8 5 4 4 4 1 1)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Evan.
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (5 4 4 4 3 2 1) vs Charlie's Melee (8 8 8 7 6 4 4)
<FS3> Crushing Victory for Charlie.
<FS3> Evan rolls Melee (8 7 7 2 2 1 1) vs Charlie's Melee (7 7 7 7 6 5 4)
<FS3> Victory for Charlie.

She'll probably apologize for that later. In fact, Charlie most definitely will. But in the moment, in the fight, she's not going to. Evan could have laid ground rules for what was or wasn't off-limits. He didn't, so it's his fault if he wanted certain areas untouched. Instead, she leans back and out of the way of those flying fists and ducks in under them. This time, she tries to use her shorter heigh to her advantage. The sniper leans in, tucking her head and bringing in her shoulder to try to lean the full weight of it -- and herself -- right into the Scorpian's midsection with the goal to bring him down.

Logan lets out a low whistle as Charlie earns herself a small victory and starts turning it into a tide turner. He clucks his tongue, "Damn. Not bad." He opines brightly. "Looks like she's tiring him out..." He then glances to Eva and nods, "Oh...right I mean I get needing to maintain your fighting space. But I wasn't sure why she needs her face for that. I mean... " He trails off shaking his head before he steps in anything.

The lean from Charlie as Evan is offbalance sends him teetering, falling backwards a half step to where he lands on his back hard, the follow up of his head snapping back with the impact is where it really gets him however sending his mind ringing. So much so that he can't move, can't try to catch anything before the next impact strikes him and knocks the wind clear out of his lungs. Laying there, gasping as the weight of Wagner settles under his ribcage the gasping sound of someone trying to get air back into lungs through a diaphram that refuses to recollect echoes; a sound that has the gasping of a dying man echo to it.

Gage is clearly not even aware of the gesture, since he gives Eva a blank look for a moment, before his gaze flickers down, and he awkwardly shifts hands away. "Aint rightly sure. Some primal thing, probably," he shrugs. No idea, clearly. He gives a vague nod towards Aubrey as she leaves, but he's mostly fixed on the match now, since it's getting interesting. "Plenty of people will bet to try and trade away their duties," he adds to Eva's words to Logan. "If you're into that thing." And then Charlie's on Evan, and he's whistling again. "Nice work, Wagner!"

"Oh, she doesn't. But she has a modeling career, which I'm sure she plans to go back to after the war." Eva, though, seeing the two combatants go down, moves to scoot herself off of the mats, to slide down to the ground, "Come on, Calhoun, I had a good thing going back there. Now I need to look after your ass." She heads towards the mats, the bag of cookies left back where she was sitting.

It's once Evan goes down that Charlie is able to get her knee up and under his ribcage, at his sternum. She's breathing heavily and fairly dripping sweat herself; tired, but still in the fight. The woman is grinning, however, until she's sure that he won't come up swinging once she stops. It's only then that she releases the pressure and drops her knee to his side so that she's straddling the other marine. Leaning down over him, she kisses him quickly; just a brief press of lips. Save for Logan, the others would be well familiar with the fact that the two share a bunk. She presses up to her eet, then, offering the other marine a hand. "So, we gotta decide what color suits you best. I'm thinking green."

Logan offers quietly, "Sympathy pains. It's part of being in proper society. Shows empathy or something. Or so they told us." He offers rightly and then he ahs at Eva's response, "That explains a bit." he looks amused, "This could be an interesting post in a lot of ways." He says ruefully. He winces as Evan goes down...hard. He winces and looks like he might head over but then pauses and lets Eva take the lead. He trails towards the back end. He then admits, "You know... he probably is going to wish he'd bet cleaning duties." He opines quietly as he trails towards the group. Then as there's kissing he considers and murmurs suddenly to no one in particular, "Huh. I should lose more fights."

Pushing to his feet, Gage gives a couple of claps of approval, as he tugs his towel from about his neck. "Nice match, both of you. Time for me to hit the showers. Anytime you want a rematch, feel free to invite me to watch," he says with a knowing grin, as he heads for the showers.

The coughing fit ceases, Evan glancing over the top of his head leaning it back and shaking it some at Eva, "It's fine Cher." His voice is rather weak sounding as air is still coming in to lungs, fighting for space to occupy. "I forgot to outlaw ball shots." The comment is made to the pilot approaching then his eyes go up to Charlie and his eyebrow lifts just a bit, "Always remember to wager carefully Wagner and win gracefully."

Eva turns her head, glancing back towards Logan, catching the tail end of his comment, "Pro Baller? I don't think you need to lose a fight to get a shot at some ass, Lindus." She glances back down to Evan, as he essentially waves her off, giving him a long once over, before she nods, turning back around and heading back to the mats, "I'd never go for that. I find them much too useful." Once she's back at the mats, she settles into a lean, reclaiming the bag, and offering them around.

"I asked you about the rules," Charlie says, lying back on the mat. She's opted to just fall back, flat on her back to catch her breath. She takes a deep breath, eyes closed. One does open at the clapping and she grins at Gage. "I'll keep that in mind, Tomak. Maybe next time it'll end in a bikini photoshoot. You never know." She certainly felt it was coming close... but the desire to see Evan try to fit in her skivvies was just too great.

Logan grins crookedly and shrugs to Eva, "Depends on the ass doesn't it?" He suggests and then coughs at Eva's comment about ball shots. "Duly noted." He murmurs though he takes a step back as Evan seems more or less fine once he recovers his breath. He waves off the cookies and then grins, "Decent fight gets the adrenaline going. Maybe next time you guys are up for sparring you can add me to the rotation?" He suggests and then surveys the room as if considering the weights and the climbing wall thoughtfully.

Evan points a finger in the direction of Logan, "Next time, she's all yours." He comments in the direction of the man he doesn't even know. Slowly he rolls over onto his stomach and starts pushing up grimacing a bit as he does. "Still. I mean, rules or no rules. I thought that was a universal rule." The man grumbles as he gets up and staggers over in the direction of Eva, pointing at the bag, "Toss one?"

"Or how good of of a pro you were. The better you were, the more likely you are to be able to get a woman to do what you want. Isn't that how celebrity works?" Eva, not a celebrity, only knows what she sees in gossip mags. As Evan approaches, she reaches into the bag, tossing one in his direction. No pyramid player, is Eva Thorne, but she can manage a cookie shot.

"I was aiming for your stomach," Charlie admits, finally sitting upright. She looks towards her original side of the mat and her water bottle. There's a yearning sort of look, but she's not quite ready to move over there. The woman reaches, instead, to her shoulder to begin rubbing out a sore spot. "But you moved back just a second too soon." Pause. "Or late. Either, or." When Eva starts throwing out cookies, she holds up a hand. "Over here?"

Logan inclines his head to Evan, "Duly noted... I'll wear a cup." He says brightly and then he beams, "Rules are for the guys who lose..." He then considers Eva and smiles, "Oh? Well I suppose. Maybe I wasn't that good... or I just missed out on some critical pro skills. Explains how I ended up here nod oubt." He says with a faint grin and then claps as he watches the cookiee shot. He then shrugs and begins taking a running start up towards the climbing wall testing his luck against it for the first time.

Catching the cookie, Evan takes a bite out of it and sighs contentedly. When Charlie looks over at her water bottle, he leans over, picking his up and tossing it in her direction before he finishes his cookie. "Well. Now that I got a gentle sweat up, I probably should hit a shower."

Eva shifts her attention to Charlie, and sends the next cookie towards the woman on the mat. She doesn't have any trouble getting her shot to go where she's aiming. But then...pilot. That's pretty much the job...hit what you aim or get voted off the island. A smirk, as Logan's words, "Trust and believe, I have a feeling you won't have any trouble working on those skills on this ship." A tip of her chin to Charlie, another to Evan, before she turns to head out of the gym. If Evan is within reaching distance, she'll hand back the remaining bag before she goes, "Thanks for the show. And for the record, I like green. It'll be a good look."

The cookie is caught- barely. Charlie almost misses it as Evan hands over the water bottle and she has to juggle making sure she procures both without losing either. The woman takes long drinks of water before nibbling at the cookie that would have risked drying her out further. She grins after Eva, lifting what remains of the cookie in a faux-salute for the pilot. "Green," she offers, before finishing off the treat, "it is." Drawing up her knees to drape her arms across, she looks to Evan. There's a bit of a grin. "Shower already?" She's teasing. "No two mile run?"

"Did it already." Evan says towards Charlie, matching her grin, "And my Ladders for the day. So definitely ready for a good hosing off." He finally gets a chance to glance in Logan's direction and offers a nod towards the new man. "Calhoun." He offers by way of greeting then nods towards Charlie sitting there. "That's Wagner. Welcome to Death Row."

Logan gets up a few feet and then drops back to the ground. He scowls at it and he glances at the other two again and grins, "Logan Lindus. Pleasure to meet you both. Thanks for the welcome. It certainly seems like an interesting spot. Not quite what I expected. A little more....mayhem really than I expected." He admits ruefully. "Any warnings or anything I should be aware of?"

"You mean I missed the ladders? You're lucky I already beat your ass." Charlie snorts, moving to her feet just long enough to collect up some of her things and move closer to Evan, dropping back down to sit next to him. She's even grabbed his shirt, which she drops in his lap. The woman starts peeling off the tape on her wrists. "Welcome aboard, Lindus." At his request for warnings, she purses her lips as she considers. "Try not to get shot?" Brief grin, but it sobers. "Picon's tough. The Wolves are a pretty... prestigious posting, but a hard one."

"Work hard, train harder, take the windows to be normal when you can." Evan offers towards Logan as his own wisdom. A glance over towards Charlie is given and he elbows her gently, "Oh, and be careful of who sneaks into your bunk, they sometimes end up taking residence."

Logan snickers softly at Charlie's warning, "I will try to do so. Luckily the important part of my job is avoiding being noticed to be shot at." He blinks at Evan and considers him for a moment and then Charlie. He raises a brow slowly and offers, "It doesn't seem like the worst thing on the ship to happen. But I'll take it under advisement." He rolls his shoulders then and then his neck slowly, "Well then I guess I better get to the training. Guess next time I should check for the luxury liner escort posting."

There's a squint at Logan. "You're recon?" Charlie looks mildly surprised, even as she's sort of elbowing Evan back, casting a sidelong look at him. "Big guy for that, but welcome to the team. I'm one of the designated marksmen." Sniper. She takes another long drink of water before offering the bottle towards the Scorpian next to her. "Luxury liners are boring anyway. How often do you get to watch two people fight on those?"

Evan shoots a glance at Charlie and reaching out gives her arm a punch. "Catch you in the bunk after a bit?" Pushing himself up he grabs his shirt to pull on and things in order to make his way.

Logan inclines his head to Charlie and grins, "What can I say. I'm a walking, talking, irony." He says with a shrug and then considers inclining his head, "Good to know. Especially good to know that you aim at balls. Glad you're on our side." He says with a grin to Charlie, "How often to you get to watch two people fight? Probably in the bar a lot. A fight that good? Probably not ever." He inclines his head to Evan, "See ya. Don't forget to ice... Or at least a cold tub." He suggests.

In response, Charlie rocks a bit. She faux-pouts after Evan. "Not fair! The fight's over!" The expression doesn't last long before she's grinning. "I'll grab some snacks from the mess." She continues working at the wrappings on her wrists, tugging them off steadily. "We've needed some new blood on recon. Especially if we get sent planetside for another few days again." There is a snort. "Can't say I purposefully aimed there. I was going for the stomach, but he moved. His fault." That's her story and she's sticking to it. "Y'know, been a while since I had a good bar fight... You got me there, Lindus."

Logan grins at Charlie, "You aren't supposed to admit that. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to ever miss. It's the calling's mystique." He considers and then glances back in the direction Evan went, "He recon as well?" He asks gesturing at the departed man with a faint furrow of his brow as he asks it. He then grins brightly, "Well if it helps I'm probably big enough to count as double blood for being new. We expecting an op?" He asks curiously and then chuckles, "Yeah sounds like leave's been a bit in short supply of late. Admittedly I figured it was just the normal pilot pining. Lots of discussion of surfing though."

"Well, when it runs the risk of deciding whether or not I'm gonna get laid tonight-" Charlie shrugs, grinning as she stretches one leg out, flexing her ankle. "Any other time, naw, I don't miss." She winks at the former-Pyramid player. "No, he's not recon, though he's acted as my spotter a time or two." More than Calhoun would prefer, if anyone asked the Scorpian. She lifts her water bottle for another drink, still winding down from the match. "None expected, but they come up without warning sometimes, depending on what comes down the wire. As for leave... it's been a while and Picon's been rough on us. And, well some of us-" she gestures to herself with a bit of a grin, "happen to love to surf."

Logan laughs softly and places his hands up, "Fair enough." He says agreeably, "It's important to have priorities." He nods as if the world makes sense again when she admits he's not in Recon. "Well if war was scheduled we'd have a lot less shooters and a lot more secretaries." He says agreeably. He pauses and then admits, "Surfing surprisingly is not one of my past times. Though someone mentioned dancing. That sounds fun. Well hopefully will get to hit shore leave with some of you all sometime soon."


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