2237-07-15 - Finding Evan

Evan learns some bad news from home; Charlie finds him.

Date: 2237-07-15

Location: Somewhere On Vanguard

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Scene Number: 1235

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He never made it back to the bunk.

After going to hit a shower, Evan'd been caught up by someone telling him he'd gotten a priority message from Scorpia. It was the sort of thing that didn't happen often and if it did, it usually entailed something either very exciting, or very dreadful. In this situation, it was the latter. Evan left the communications suite and simply ran his hands over his face. There was no place he could think of to go, other than to wander, which was precisely what he was doing. Wandering until he found a spot to sit. A small spot, tucked away with a window out to the stars. What in his mind was only minutes... well it was hours.

Considering Charlie wasn't far behind Evan in the shower and only made a detour to the Mess to grab something to eat... she didn't expect to wait long for him. And after a short time, she began to wonder. Normally, there is no 'waiting' for meeting in their bunk. Gearing up in her sweats, jacket left unzipped, she began wandering the ship in search of him. Someone pointed her towards the comms suite, but that turned up only when he'd left and little more. Here and there she got a mention of 'I saw him there' or 'He went that way a bit ago' on a bit of a chase of her own tail. In the end, she nearly passes Evan by before doubling back.

At first, she approaches him set to give him a hard time for avoiding her, but she spots something in his bearing and the look on her face. Her own demeanor immediately shifts into something cautious and Charlie slows in her approach. "Hey," she murmurs, voice lowering a bit. "What's going on?"

"Hmm?" Evan says, the voice snapping him a bit out of his reverie and stance. He blinks his eyes and turns to see Charlie standing behind him. "Oh, hey. Yeah. Sorry, just... just needed a minute to think." A minute... or a couple of hours. "Just... yeah." Evasive is not who Evan is, but he does seem to be less than solid in his statements.

"A minute?" Charlie looks fairly tired, but she doesn't seem to fault him for the fact that he doesn't immediately notice; she can tell something is amiss. There's a glance to make sure they're alone in the relatively isolated spot he's found before she steps in and slides her arms around his shoulders, chest to his back. "I've been looking for you for a good hour or so," she says in a soft voice. "All over the ship. This isn't about how I hit you earlier, is it?"

"Hmm? Naw." Evan says softly. He doesn't flinch away from the touch, but he also doesn't lean back either. Instead he just sits there. Finally, in a tone that shows the shock of what he's processing he just shakes his head slowly. "Dad died."

When Evan offers up those words, Charlie blinks a few times. The woman lets out a slow breath before tightening her arms around his shoulders and leaning in closer. "I'm sorry," she offers quietly, unsure what else to say. So in lieu of better words, she just tries to fit in next to him a bit and hold him near for the moment.

"Frakin' heart attack." Evan goes on, blinking and shaking his head a bit. "48 years old and a heart attack." He lets out a low sigh, then blinks, "I gotta head back to Scorpia. Everything's a Gods Damned mess."

"Frak," Charlie murmurs, rubbing at Evan's arm as he explains. "I'm sorry." She takes in a deep breath. "When do you leave?" It's hard to resist asking if she can go along; she knows the answer. Getting them both on a work assignment so she can show him her home town is one thing. Being at his side on a wholly different colony for a personal thing is another. Instead, she just leans her head in to rest on his shoulder. "What can I do?"

"Fight well, carry things on till I get back. Be smart." The list of things for her to do comes out quietly and then he turns slowly, eyes looking at hers as he twists. He's certainly sorrowful, but not in a pent of misery. Just thoughtful and reflective in that moment; made compounded by the fact that he's staring right into Charlie's gaze. "I'll probably leave tomorrow. Head to Picon, jump to Scorpia. About three days then back."

"I'm always smart." Ever since that first time she lost herself upon seeing him get shot. When they waited for a couple hours to be picked up and admitted their mutual interest for one another. Charlie shifts slightly, staring back at Evan. Her features tilt slightly; sympathetic. "I'm sorry, Evan. I wish I could be with you for this." She leans in, kissing him. Something more firm than the usual passion. It's meant to be bolstering. "I'm here for you tonight. I'll be here when you get back."

The words echo in his ears and Evan nods slowly to Charlie, "I know." There's an odd sort of tone to the words, an odd admission. To know. Know she's there, will be when she gets back. It's what causes him to blink a bit and swallow, forcing a cheeky awkward smile. "You are here with me. Right now, and that matters." He kisses her back then, not passionate... tenderly instead. He doesn't say it, forces not to, but it is in his eyes.

It's what she has to offer. Really, it's all that Charlie has. She lifts a hand to settle against Evan's cheek, leaning briefly into that kiss. She can provide her presence and support. "Take whatever books and music you want," she murmurs when they part, though she doesn't pull back far, keeping her eyes on his. That much eye contact is a bit new. At least the intensity of it. But it's... important. At least for the moment. "I'll make do. I've got my rifle to cuddle with at night." She grins, a bit.

"Ugh. You're going to end up making the bunk smell like gun oil again, aren't you?" Again perhaps isn't the right word and he smiles softly. "I'm alright, really." He says it, the look in his eyes confirms it in that moment. He's going to be ok, just dealing with things. "I mean, about this. Still pretty fraked that you hit my goods."

"Sasha and I both get lonely at night," Charlie responds with a bit of a faux-pout. The fact that he smiles does help and she leans in to bump her nose to his. "Good." Her hand drops away so she can put both arms around him again. "As for your goods, you set the rules. But! I promise I won't go after them again, and... I'll make up for it tonight. Promise."

"Oh, you're assuming everything's going to be working fine?" Evan asks with a quirk of eyebrow before he chuckles and flings his arms around Charlie quickly, turning her in his grip some and sneaking a kiss. It's a bit eager from his normal standpoint but his emotions are bouncing every which way. "Or you're just going to keep at it until everything works?"

At the moment, Charlie's just trying to go with the flow. Responding to Evan however he seems to need. Even so, she seems a bit surprised by how he grabs her up so quickly, eyes widening before she succumbs to that kiss. There is a smile and a small laugh in answer. "You're going to be gone for three days. I think going at it will be the best option for both of us."

Evan ponders for a moment then nods, "Yeah. Although to be fair, we were going to go at it even if I wasn't gone for three days. Just now you want to make sure to get your money's worth." He smiles, bumps his nose against Charlies then tilts his head towards the corridor. "Want to take a walk?"

"I always get my money's worth with you," Charlie counters with a faint snort. She tilts her head slightly to steal another brief kiss before giving a small nod. She extracts herself, though not entirely. She keeps a hand, lightly, on his arm as she stands. After a quiet moment, she asks. "Wanna tell me about your dad? I know a bit about your siblings... Sort of. I can never keep them all straight."

"I'll get you a flow chart one of these days of the family tree," the response coming with a chuckle. "He was an old bastard at heart. Mom and him had me, got married a year later, rest of the kids came after. He was tough as hell. Been stabbed, shot, fell off a building, got hit by a car. Just a tough son of a bitch." There seems to be respect from Evan in his tone while talking about it, while walking. "I'm truthfully convinced that the Cylons didn't attack his bar or the house because they were afraid of him."

"So you are a bastard," Charlie interjects, briefly, glancing over to grin at Evan. "Born out of wedlock, for shame." As if there's not plenty in the colonies just the same. Or all those polygamist cults on Caprica. As they walk, she keeps close; her hand against his arm, at the least. Just light, easy contact as a reminder of her presence. "He does sound like a force to be reckoned with," she decides, smiling sidelong at the other marine. "And no surprise that you ended up like you are, either."

Evan nods a bit with a soft chuckle, "Yes, I'm a bastard. You knew that though, either through birth or through bearing. He was a force, that's for certain. We butted heads as I grew up, all the time. And he knocked my ass around, though as I've gotten older I wouldn't argue in saying I needed it. Because I needed it." He pauses in the walk, glancing at Charlie then. "He stepped in when he needed to. Whether it was to sit me down and explain things, or to beat my ass straight.

Turning towards Evan, Charlie tilts her head a bit as she studies him. "You're tough as hell, too," she points out. "I've seen you shot. Bad." Not as much as she has been, perhaps, but still. "And still willing to fight back. That's not all training. Some of that is where we come from. Sounds like you got it from your dad."

"Probably." Evan says towards Charlie, "But..." He trails off and shakes his head, "He kept his shit out of the wars, out of the conflict. He raised a family of hell bringers. Kept food on the table, got us into the schools, clothes on our backs. It was tough." He pauses then, looking into Charlie's eyes. "I... it was the one thing that sort of caught me I think when we visited your parents. How... how nice everything was, y'know? The neighborhood and the like."

There's a small smile from Charlie at that, but something sad in it as well. "That's all since I was in high school," she says of her own home. "'Cause of my father's book sales. Before that were in a much smaller place, south of the city, on the beach. They both had to work. Things with my brother were-" She stops herself, puts a hand on his chest. "But your father- it sounds like family was his focus. Was keeping out of the wars an issue? I don't know how that works, with the clans... or your clan, at least. Is it a problem? If someone doesn't... support things?"

"It can be, yes. You have to be pretty confident, have some leverage or just be that person no one is going to frak with. Dad was a combo of all three." Evan explains quietly. "We did a pretty good job as well staying out of the mix. I mean, I did stuff but it was never..." He pauses, "I never walked away from a task feeling like I had done something dishonest or had given up integrity. That was it really. Integrity. Do what you say you're going to, treat people straight and be up front." His shoulders lift some in a small shrug. "Y'know... Probably not a bad way to be. Don't always do it I imagine, but can only try."

"Confidence is not something you, yourself lack," Charlie agrees, looking a bit amused. She lifts a hand to briefly touch his jaw and the scruff there. "I think you manage integrity well," she offers in a quieter voice. "Can't say I.. understand it exactly. I think the kind of war we're in now is probably very different from what Scorpia was like, but-" her lips twist slightly as she leans up to press a kiss to his jaw. "When you get back, I want to know more. About your home, alright?"

Evan nods a bit and looks up, glancing about to find their location then he nods once more, "Yes. When I get back. But... barracks are only a few minutes away. And I believe you owe someone an apology."

There's a shift in Charlie's expression to a bit of a grin. Something wth a touch of mischief to it. She reaches to take his hand. "I do, yes. He may not get much sleep tonight, I'm afraid. It'll be a lengthy apology."

"Hmm, lengthy. Indepth I hope as well. Lot of hurt feelings involved." Evan points out with a soft chuckle at the phrasings before he pauses, "Thanks. For coming. Finding me. You're..." He bites his lip a moment, "You're fun to hang out with."

Pulling him the rest of the way to the barracks and 'their' bunk, Charlie turns towards Evan, considering him a moment. There's a small smile. "And you're too hot to just leave out there."


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