2237-07-15 - Stylists And Pyramid Players

Logan Lindus, Pro Pyramid Player, arrives on the Vanguard as the Wolves' newest marine. He shows up in the Berthings during pilot primping hour.

Date: 2237-07-15

Location: Berthings -- Vanguard

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There is little privacy in the berthings beyond the thin fabric of gray curtains, but this morning Priya doesn't seem to seek it. She lays on her back in her bunk, dressed in little more than a tank and her shorts, bare feet crossed staring at a glossy sheet of paper that looks like it was ripped out of a magazine. It's an unusual expression that lingers on her face as she stares at it that could only be described as longing.

Calliope creates her own privacy in the berths. In her own head, at least. It's enforced with a closed curtain and holoband, earbuds in to cancel out the noise around her. She's just coming out of a reverie like that, pushing the curtain aside and taking her band off. She looks a little far away, as she tends to after getting up in her own head for a few hours. She hops down from her bunk, stocking feet hitting the floor with a thump.

The sound of stocking feet hitting the floor is enough cause Priya to jerk in her bunk, the sound unexpected. Turning her head, her dark eyes scan those feet, those knees, that face. "Hey Caprica," she greets softly, still holding that page aloft.

"Hi, Tauron." Has Calliope been a little awkward since their conversation in the Raptor a little bit ago? Yeah. But awkward is a state that comes often for her, so it might not be noticeable. She runs her fingers through her stringy blonde hair. Shruging, when she finds it unmanageable, and striding to her locker for a comb. Head turning to continue conversing with Priya, as she opens it. "What's up? I went dead to sleep last night after we got back from that run on the Cape. It was good. I mean, I think we're going to hold that area from the toasters. I was just, like, whoa."

Calliope isn't the only one who has been awkward, Priya's gaze flicks up to the blonde's eyes and down to her lips as she speaks before darting away. Her silence coming with more shifting than normal. Lifting an arm, she tucks her magazine page up against the top bunk, pinning it between the supportive bars. "Ah... You're lucky. I was too amped up to sleep right after. I think I hit the gym for a bit before I finally crashed," she offers, rolling onto her side. "It was a hell of a fight."

"I have never been able to hold onto the adreneline rush after I land. I just totally crash." Calliope takes the comb to her blonde locks, raking it through them. Frowning when she hits tangles and knots. "Yeah. I hope now that it's over, there'll be time to look for Pi. And Cate and Gustavo." Trace of worry in her tone. "Milkman's really worried. I know Raptors go down and we all know the risks but..." She shrugs. "...I just hope we get them back soon."

"You've probably never had to keep running or shooting from a fight. It takes me a long time to wind down - always feel like I should be waiting for a shot," Priya admits. She frowns at the mention of their missing pilots and Marines. "Milkman knows that every day they're down is another where they might be dead. Frak. We'll find 'em if we can." She scrubs a hand over her face.

"I mean, I did back on Canceron," Calliope mutters. Her time stranded in the jungle is not something she dwells on, so the moves on quickly from the mutter. "It just doesn't amp me up. I think I'm just not wired for it. Anyway." A firm nod, about finding them. "Yeah. We totally will." She fiddles around in her locker. "Did they tell you they were getting married? Pi and Milkman, I mean. I guess she asked him." It both makes her smile, and increases that look of fretting in her eyes. Calliope looks like she's rolled out of her bunk recently, and is freshening up a little by her locker. Priya's near her own bunk. It's one of those rare moments of - not exactly quiet - but reasonable non-chaos in the berths.

"Did you?" That pulls Priya's interest a little more sharply, dark gaze fixing on the other woman. She cups her face in a palm. Calliopes comment makes her chuckle softly. "I think you'd surprise yourself if you had to keep fighting." And not stop, because there is no other choice. The other news causes her to blink in surprise. "Frak me. No, I hadn't heard that yet."

Finishing his workout at the gym, Kell makes his way back to the berthings and for once, he is out of his duty blues. The more casual brown and grey tank tops with sweatpants sporting the Colonial Forces logo is the outfit he has on instead. Razor steps in from the southern hatch and goes to his bunk which is pretty close to the entrance. Seeing his bunk neighbors up and about, he gives them a wave and greeting before working on his locker, "Soundbite. Sweetheart."

Calliope shrugs to Priya. "Maybe." She does not sound particularly enthused about testing how she'd feel if she had to keep fighting. "Yeah. Frak. I don't even know what to say to him. 'We'll get her back!' seems super-hollow. And he must be stressed anyway. Picon's his home." Her head turns at the sound of her callsign, and she manages a smile to Kell. "Razor. Hi. You look, like, actually off-duty."

"Yeah. I imagine it takes whatever joy there might have been in a family visit if his is in colonial territory - frak." Priya's jaw tightens at the thought of it. At the sound of a new voice, she lazily tips her head and lifts her hand in a slight wave. "Hey Razor."

"Just finished a quick workout at the gym," Nothing too intensive since Kell is drenched with sweat, most likely making sure he isn't overworked in case the ship suddenly goes to Condition One. He did pick up some of the conversation and when Calliope speaks of not knowing what to say to 'him', Razor asks, "You two talking about Lieutenant Newton?" Not a hard guess on his part.

It's one of those stretches in the berths when - while not exactly quiet - there's a lull in the chaos that comes from dozens of people packed in to live together. People are milling around. Calliope's near her locker, pulling on her uniform blues jacket as she finishes getting ready for the day. Priya's near her bunk. Kell just returned and looks like he's been to the gym. Calliope nods to Kell, at his question. "Milkman. Yeah. I wish there was something I could do for him. Other than, like, magically transport Isolde back on board and also liberate Picon."

"Sadly getting him really drunk seems out of the question." Priya slowly sits up and drops her bare feet onto the berthing floors with a wince. "Doesn't he smoke?" That might help - right? Lifting a hand, she rakes her fingers back through her hair with a wince. "Pi is a good ECO. She'll let us know where they are... if she's able."

Aubrey was clearly in the showers, getting cleaned up, because she steps back into the berthings with wet hair, in a towel and shower shoes, with her shower caddy in hand. She seems to be in a pensive mood, despite their success on last night's mission. Addison Walker's strange behavior has her concerned. She sets her caddy down on a table and plops into a chair near the others. "Get who drunk? I haven't been drunk in a while. It's a terrible shame." She pulls out a lotion bottle and starts administering to her arms and legs because those flight suits are sweat boxes and hell on one's skin.

Nodding understandingly, Kell seems to feel the same way as Calliope, "It's hard to find the right words, especially when we're out there on a mission. I think he's been keeping himself busy and I wouldn't be surprised if he is gathering what intel he can on Havison." At the mention of alcohol, Razor shakes his head, "Yeah, alcohol is out of the question right now with what's going on here on Picon. It does feel kind of... helpless, not being able to go out there and get our people back right now. Frustrating." A hundred-fold for Van since his fiancee is with the downed team. "Do you guys know if we have any Havison missions coming up? Recons overflights or even a recon in force?" Kell is slowly getting his own shower kit out of his locker before going to his bunk to lift it up, giving him access to his fresh and clean clothes. When Aubrey enters the berthings, Razor nods to her in greeting, "Hi Banshee."

Calliope nods to Priya. "Yeah. She is. I'm sure we'll be able to swoop in and pick them up soon. It's what we do." Half-smile to Kell. "We kind of felt the same way when you were M-I-A for so long. But, you're back! And totally alive. So, these things can have happy endings." Sometimes. Sometimes they don't, but she does not dwell on that. Verbally. "Hi, Banshee. I don't think anybody's getting drunk right now, unfortunately. This sector of space is intense."

"I don't know, but I'll be gunning to be on it if we do," Priya answers to Kell, sitting in her bunk. She simply nods as Calliope's optimism, possibly lacking some of it herself. Entirely. She lifts a hand as Banshee joins them. "And a frak'in pity it is." Calliope stands by her locker, getting ready for duty, while Kell and Aubrey aim for their own bunks.

"Hey Razor," Aubrey returns cordially. She nods to Calliope. "Understatement. This is home for me, and it's killing me to see it like this. A lot of Picons among the wolves. The Walker twins, Kovac, Newton, Coleman, a pile of marines. Hell, Ryan is from Picon." The pilot grimaces and sets the lotion bottle back in the basket, moving on to combing out her wet hair to plait it in two braids.

Gray returns from a shower, hair still somewhat damp, plopping down on his bunk. "Yeah, I feel pretty damned alone in there..." he offers with a wry smile. "I mean, it /could/ be worse..." He could be a Caprican in a unit of Taurans, after all.

Logan picks his way into the berthing area. Even walking casually he's oddly quiet as if a habit that's difficult to break keeps him from generating too much noise. He tilts his head and takes in the cramped berthings and declares a quiet, "Huh." The young man has a rucksack over his shoulder as he seems to be considering the area surveying it for a lesser used one. His eyes quickly flitting over the various other occupants as he considers blocking up a good portion of the door standing in it.

Calliope finishes getting dressed, leaving her jacket lazily unbuttoned while she knocks around the berths. She goes to sit at one of the tables, still wielding a comb and trying to bring order to her blonde strands. Occasionally checking her progress with a little pocket mirror. Her eyes flit to Gray as he enters, and she shoots him a little grin. There's a quizzical note to the expression. "Alone? Oh. Because you aren't from Picon? I don't know. I'm kind of glad I'm not fighting over Caprica right now. I feel like it'd frak with my brain. But part of me does want to be blowing the toasters in that sector so...I don't know if it's better or worse, I guess." Her gaze flicks to Logan, as he enters. Quick smile to him. Hello!

Kell didn't even realize that the situation is very similar until Calliope mentions it, "Good point, Soundbite... and you are right, I did make it back. Pi is with a squad of the best Marines so her chances are even better." Definitely a positive view on the situation. Pulling out a change of clothes for the showers, Razor sets his shower kit down on top of it, not departing just yet, "Though if any of you see Milkman, let him know I'm looking for him?" Being on Van's wing on the previous mission, Kell sensed that the other pilot was definitely on edge.

Aubrey looks up, up up at Logan and blinks. "New arrival?" she asks. Then she pauses. "Wait a minute, aren't you....?" She looks to the others. "Isn't that....?" Hey maybe she and Abigail and Rothschild won't be the 'celebrities' any more. "Logan Lindus! From the Aerilon Threshers?" Pro pyramid player in their midst!

"Well, it's a thing." Gray nods at the point of fighting over home messing with one's mind, however. "Well, the unit's Picon-heavy /and/ I'm a long way from home." Shrug. "The war's the war at this point, I guess." And it goes on and on... Aubrey mentioning Logan's job gets another smile from him...and a roll of the eyes. Sadly, Aerilon is...not his team.

Logan returns Calliope's smile brightly giving a nod. He pauses his features blank as Aubrey takes some time to consider him. He doesn't react for a time and then he looks amused, "Previously... I've been transferred." His tone is wry but amused as he inclines his head, "Sorry I don't carry photos around so I mostly stick to signing cleavage." He suggests with a faux apologetic tone. Gray gets a nod as well. "Don't let me interrupt sounds like a bit of a serious conversation but ah... I don't suppose anyone can point out the empty lockers?" HE says making his way towards one corner of the room.

The newcomers get a slight wave from Priya as she slides out of her bunk and into her boots. She laces them lazily and doesn't bother putting on pants as she strides over to the table Calliope is seated at and extends a hand for her comb. Give. "It's a rat's nest - you're not gonna have much luck without a mirror." To Logan she offers, "Think there's a few that way."

Gray smiles back. "Nah, I was just having a bit of an impromptu brooding session about not being home and she joined in..." He gestures to Calliope. "Empty lockers?" He gestures in their direction.

Calliope gestures vaguely at the lockers which aren't claimed. It's a small ship, but there are a handful. One will surely be to his liking. "You're in the right place. The Vanguard's a little cozy. We all bunk together. Pilots, Marines, CIC personnel...whatever." Priya's comment about her hair gets a defensive huff. "It's not! I'm just out of that conditioner I bought on Scorpia and the military issue stuff is...less good. But. Umm. OK. Give it a try." She hands over the hair care implement a little shyly. T

Aubrey chuckles at Logan's comment, finishing up braiding her wet hair. "Sorry Lindus, I charge good money for people to sign my cleavage." She grabs a bottle of leave-in conditioner from her shower caddy and tosses it to Priya. "Try that, it'll detangle easier." She gets up and moves to her bunk, lifting it up to pull out fresh off duty greens and sundries. She slides on underwear under her towel.

"And yet I manage to keep mine neat," Priya points out, which is a little unfair from a woman with one half of her head shaved and the other half braided. Calliope gets a slight smile as she takes the comb, positioning herself behind the Caprican pilot. She catches the bottle Aubrey tosses. "Thanks." A little is worked into Calliope's hair. She is very gentle as she combs out the tangles, working it slowly through her hair with the slight scrape of the comb's teeth against her scalp. "Welcome aboard," she offers to Gray.

Logan grins at Aubrey, "That's a good approach to take. It saves on accidental signings." He says brightly and not seeming overly concerned as he glances around at the hair management. He reaches a hand up to brush back his buzzed head and grins not saying anything as he nods to Gray, "Fair nough. At least I know it's an impromptu thing not a scheduled one." HE flits about a bit before seeming to find a bottom bunk in a reasonable spot and he begins storing things away in his locker. He does pause to grin at Calliope, "It smells better than any locker room I've been in so I'll take it."

"Oh you are awesome, Banshee!" Calliope pipes, when Aubrey produces conditioner. "I stocked up as much as I could on some stuff before we left Scorpia, but the space in my footlocker is finite. And I didn't ration my moisturization well." She turns her chair, giving her hair care over to Priya. It's not that bad, really. At least she washes regularly. Her eyes widen some at Logan, as his name and former profession really dawn on her. She tries not to fan-gawk too much, though. "Yeah. As long as your neighbors keep it clean, you won't get too much funk. The guy who leaves his lunch in his locker to rot becomes unpopular real fast."

"I have my dad send me some when I need it." Aubrey gets into the rest of her things without much in the way of modesty. You get used to being naked with everyone around you after a while after you find out you all shower together. She pulls out her makeup kit and plunks back down in a chair at the table to begin painting her face. Some habits die hard. "You say that now, Lindus. Pretty sure it smells like a swamp in here whenever a group comes back from a CAP. Some day they'll design a flight suit that doesn't turn into a sac of bodily soup when you wear it."

Gray rolls his eyes at the women messing with their hair. "Now, you see, if we all had the same grooming standards this wouldn't be an issue..." His tone is jocular, not annoyed. "Yeah, the scheduled brooding sessions are at 0200, when the bars close. I hear they're particularly hard on the pilots..." Beat. "You know, I've been on ships for long enough that if I notice a funk, it's a /funk/. I guess living downwind from a bunch of pilots is kinda like living next to a paper mill."

Clicking her tongue, Priya begins her work on Calliope's hair and lifts her brows at the note of Logan's former profession. "Do you actually get requests for that?" She quips on the subject of signatures. She snorts a laugh at Aubrey's comment about the lockers getting swampy. "Also liable to find their sandwich under their bed or worse."

Logan chuckles softly and nods to Aubrey, "Point well taken. I'll make sure to arrange my schedule so the place gets time to air out after any long distance CAP. I'm sure it's all the flight suit's fault." HE says to her in amusement and then he smirks at Gray and nods, "Got it. 0200 Brooding. I'll reserve my tall, dark and broody routine for then. For effect of course." He says brightly and then he glances to Calliope to shrug, "Not as much as I used to. But every now and again. And unless it's a big crowd no one asks for the cleavage signing. But we all have to have our signature move right?"

Calliope's nose wrinkles as the swamp after CAP is mentioned. "Flight suit perfume is kind of heavy. I shower after! Well." Her face scrunches as she admits. "Mostly." She gives herself a sniff. She is clean enough...for now. A chuckle to Gray. "Yeah, I guess you just get used to it. I used to think I could not deal with living with a bunch of other people, but now it just feels normal." She holds still as Priya works her hair into a passable state. Though there are occasional dips and tilts of her head that are unlikely to make the Tauron ECO's stylist job easier.

"Don't worry, Gray," Aubrey quips with a grin. "Some day you'll hit puberty and all those feelings of inadequacy will resolve themselves." Ah, pilots versus marines banter still exists. She finishes prettifying her face and glances over at Logan. "Mind if I take a photo or two of you? It's a hobby. Well it's what I went to school for before the war happened."

"Usually," Priya adds to Calliope's comment of showering after being in her flight suit. Her hands are steady as she works through the other woman's hair, the job taking a little longer than expected as she copes with the tips of the other woman's head. Finishing up, she draws a finger down the back of the blonde Caprican's neck as she ends the line of the part. "There," she says simply, offering the comb. "Speaking of showers. I should go grab one and hit the mess before I go on duty."

"Ba-dum tish!" Gray says in response to Logan's pun, and then he rolls his eyes at Aubrey. "Right, and you'll still be...pretty. I'd hate to see you break a nail in combat." Yep, banter! "Mind if I photo-bomb it? You know, just to be 'that guy'?"

Logan inclines his head to Gray, "It's always good to have an appreciative audience." He says brightly with a smirk and then blinks at Aubrey's request, "I..." He shrugs his shoulders, "Go for it. Just try not to get my bad side." He says with no indication of which that might be. He does watch the styling session curiously and then shrugs as he finishes storing away his kit. He nods to Priya, "Well it was nice meeting you. I'm sorry I didn't really catch everyone's names..."

Aubrey returns her makeup kit to the shelf in her rack and eyerolls at Gray. "I don't break nails in combat, I break Raiders into pieces," she quips with a grin. She pulls her camera off a shelf and it's a modest older one but a good quality. "Pretty sure you don't have a bad side, Lindus. You're built like a tank," she points out, before lifting the camera to her eye and snapping a few shots before Gray can photobomb. "Go ahead, Gray, should have you in there just to prove Lindus is actually that huge."

Calliope checks herself in her hand mirror when Priya announces that she's done. She grins. "Sweetheart, you are a life-saver. And, well, also good with hair. You do the life-saving thing professionally. Thanks!" She stands, buttoning up her jacket to make herself look a little more professional. "Calliope Drake," she informs Logan. "I'll see you around, I'm sure. I kind of live here. Welcome!" She's not far from being on duty herself, and starts getting properly ready to go.

"Damn straight," Priya says as she stands with a broad grin and a win. She slides a hand along Calliope's shoulder before lifting a hand to Logan. "Tarsis, Priya," she offers briefly before heading towards her locker and her shower. She alwso won't be hard to find.

"Anderson, Gray. Nice to meet you." He responds with a nod to Logan, before hopping into the photo area...putting a pair of rabbit ears behind the Pyramid player's head. If he's going to bomb the photo, he might as well have a little fun with it.

Logan rolls his wide shoulders and shifts for a moment as Aubrey takes up the camera. And then he settles on crossing his arms in a serious contemplative pose. It doesn't work as well with bunny ears. But then he's a bit oversized so it all looks a little odd. He waits for an audible click before smiling at Calliope and Priya, "Pleasure to meet you both. Look forward to meeting everyone and getting my hair braided as well." He says with a crooked grin.

Aubrey snaps a few more shots, using Gray for scale. She finally lowers the camera. "Aubrey Naxos, Viper Pilot," she says by way of introduction. "Former photography student, surf gear model, and star of such amazing commercials as 'Breakers Board Leashes' and 'Ripcurl's Rashies." She eye-rolls and puts a hand to her heart theatrically. "Turns out I'm a lot better at shooting Cylons than I was at acting."

"Shooting them with cameras or guns?" Gray now has the image of the Cylon Magazine Swimsuit Edition stuck in his mind, and it wasn't there on purpose. And then he glances to Logan. "I can't wait to see how /that/ goes over." Grin.

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