2237-07-15 - Welcome Back Zombie!

Cookie party for Geoff's return happens in the lounge.

Date: 2237-07-15

Location: Crew Lounge

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Scene Number: 273

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Lyn has baked her backside off for this little planned get-together to welcome Geoff back from his time in the hospital. There are three kinds of cookies on platters, sugar cookies in the shape of combat boots, with green sprinkles on them, chocolate crinkles, and peanut butter cookies. She wasn't sure what he would like. She's also managed to smuggle a carafe of coffee out of the mess, and some sodas for those who don't want caffeine with their sugar. There is a little banner, made up of cut out letters from scrap reports, strung on a bit of fishing line that will need to go back into Arda's survival knife after, that reads "WELCOME BACK, GEOFF!" The recon marine herself is in off duty BDUs and her tee and tank combo, with slippers on instead of boots.

Aldrich is standing the middle of all this, in his uniform because he's always in his uniform, and looking kind of bemused, in that way people tend to do when they feel like they should be doing something but nothing has made itself terribly obvious. Instead, he's having a look at the makeshift banner, checking out how it was done, and after a moment he remarks, "That's really clever, what you did there."

Geoff is in his off-duties again, and slouches into the room with a cigarette only in his mouth, but he stops short at the sight of this banner and table full of refreshments. He lingers by the door, looking at the decorations and the food almost suspiciously.

Eli enters the room. He looks a little haggard, but then again, he always sort of does. He's wearing his off-duty sweats, but they don't seem to fit quite right. He walks up beside the Chaplain. "Aldrich." He peers over towards the cookies. "Whoever baked those must've buttered up the kitchen staff to allow oven access."

Lyn gives Aldrich a warm smile and a small chuckle. "I'm recon for a reason. Improvising keeps me alive out there, so I've gotten good at it." She turns to Geoff as he enters and semi-yells, "Surprise, kiddo! Thought we'd welcome you back proper." She gestures to the cookies. "Al didn't get specifics on what kind you liked, so I made a few." When Eli enters she gives the man a smile. "Hey Doc. I have an agreement with the Galley Chief. He lets me bake now and then, and I bring him bottles from my rapidly disappearing remaining cache of Aquarian booze."

Aldrich looks around when Eli says his name, and gives a crooked smile and jerks a thumb toward Lyn. "The truth is, she's just charming like that. Has a way of getting what she wants." He glances toward her, then away again, then back to Eli. "Have one. You can hardly tell it's powdered eggs." Then his attention goes back to Geoff with a broader and less awkward smile. "You /did/ say you wanted cookies..."

Geoff frowns at Aldrich. "I do want cookies," he mutters. Then he turns the frown on Lyn. "You made all this just because of me?" he asks.

"You can charm people to get what you want?" Eli grunts softly. "I need to go back in time and change my personality," he drawls. "Or maybe Lyn can give me lessons/ He upnods to Geoff. "Hey." Nothing more than that.

Lyn fixes herself a cup of coffee, because it just always tastes better with cookies. "Can I get anyone coffee or a soda?" she asks, like the soul of hospitality. Being around the chaplain seems to have expanded her social commentary from grunts and nods. She arches a brow at Geoff. "I did. We've missed you. You've become kind of a legend in your absence. The marine who refused to die." She smiles.

Geoff nods once at Eli, maybe distracted, maybe resterved. Then he cuts his eyes back to Lyn. He looks like he's calculating something for a moment, then he lands on: "That's really nice." Said in the most serious tone most people have ever heard from Geoff.

Aldrich snorts faintly and looks back at Eli. "Not sure you're capable of that sort of thing. You have a.....different sort of charm," he remarks, which is not at all all catty SHUT UP. Luckily, Lyn chooses that moment to offer coffee, and he lifts a finger to claim one. "I'd love some coffee, myself." He glances toward Geoff, keeping an eye on his reaction while trying not to look concerned. "We thought you might enjoy a party," he adds, helpfully.

"It's true. I rely on people not wanting to deal with me more than they absolutely have to," says Eli with a headwobble. As for coffee? "I can get it myself." To Geoff, he says, "Welcome back to the fight."

Lyn hands Geoff some coffee, if she remembers how he takes it from the days back when they used to eat together with Al in the mess often. "Well, you're welcome. Just glad you're back with us, and I can't see the cookie tray through your chest, because you were full of holes that day." She gives the kid a one-armed hug before making Al some coffee and handing it over.

Geoff replies, "I love parties," though he sounds somewhat distracted, so it almost sounds insincere. But he takes the unlit cigarette out of his mouth and puts it in his pocket, then reaches for the coffee Lyn is giving him. "Thanks," he says, and brings his gaze back from its wandering to Lyn's face just before returning her hug lightly with his free arm. Then he looks to Eli. "Thanks," he repeats. "I'm glad I'm here." Then he cranes his neck to look at the cookies, curiously approaching the table.

Aldrich takes the coffee with a little smile of gratitude, and has a sip before he reaches over to snag a cookie, then offers the plate silently over to Eli. He watches Geoff while trying to make it seem like he's not watching. He nudges a plate toward Geoff as he approaches, and then adds, "Sorry there's no music."

Eli moves up beside Geoff and pulls something out of his pocket. It's a small silver flask. He shakes it questioningly and nods towards the coffee. "Doctor-approved." He looks over at the plate of cookies as Aldrich offers them. He finds the least-decorated one and holds it a bit like he's not sure what to do with it.

Lyn puts some cookies on her own plate. "Oops, I didn't think about music. I'm not usually a party planner. You can see why," she says with a sheepish smile. She perches on a couch.

Geoff blinks once at Eli, not having expected that, then nods and holds out his cup, assuming the MD is offering to use his skills to doctor his coffee. Then he takes the plate from Aldrich. "Once people get word there's free cookies, you won't be able to hear over 'em all, anyway," he replies, flashing a smile.

"Better eat them quickly, then," Aldrich advises, with a grin. His grin softens a bit for Lyn, and he adds, "It's a great party. You did all this with practically nothing." He claims a random cookie for himself, and then offers toward Eli, helpfully, "Need a napkin or something?"

Eli is an expert at doctoring all sorts of things. He puts the cookie into his mouth, unscrews the flask and drops a generous amount of whiskey into the cup. He bites the cookie and motions with it towards Aldrich. "No, I'm good. I can't stay too long. I've got to crash out because I've got an early shift. But I thought I'd drop by."

"Well I used to just be the mysterious baked goods fairy who anonymously left out cookies and cupcakes after missions in the berthings. But, Al's been socializing me a bit." She smiles at Eli and chuckles. "Well thanks for coming. Take some cookies with you or Kovac will never forgive you."

Geoff sips the coffee which is plenty cool once it's got some whiskey in it. "Thanks, Doc," he remembers to say just a little late. And then tries one of the cookies. "Frak, these are good."

"I'm good at that, apparently," Aldrich adds to Lyn's words, jokingly, "I've almost got Mikolas house trained." He eats a bite of his cookie, winks at Eli, then turns his attention back to Geoff. "Aren't they, though?"

"You're not the one who's been successful at house training," says Eli, wryly. He takes another bite of the cookie and lfits it in a salute to Lyn. "Thanks for these. I will steal one or two. Miko said he wanted to come but I think he got stuck with a duty shift." He pats Geoff on the shoulder as he moves to collect a few extra. "I must be off. Welcome back, Geoff."

Lyn dips a chocolate crinkle into her coffee before taking a bite and making a happy sound. "It's a good thing my ingredients are scarce. If I baked like this all the time, none of us would fit in our uniforms," she notes. "Later, Doc."

"Thanks," Geoff finds himself saying yet again as he finishes off a cookie and sips his coffee. "I thought you would just make a few," Geoff says to Lyn. "I didn't know you were gonna go all out. I haven't really ate that many homemade cookies."

Aldrich looks toward the ceiling, and answers Eli with, "Infirmary-proofed him, maybe." But he leaves it at that, and has another bite of the cookie. Geoff's words get him looking thoughtful, and then he offers, "I wonder if I could talk them into doing theme nights. We could serve recipes native to different colonies... Maybe raise morale a bit."

"Then you've been deprived, kiddo. Homemade cookies are the best. Unless they're being made by the ship's galley, in which case they're pretty much paperweights or projectile weapons to dent Cylons with," Lyn declares with a grin. "It was just a hobby I picked up out of boredom when I was a kid, and kept it up. Arctic Station Thula was pretty dull between emergencies." She looks thoughtful at Aldrich's suggestion. "That might be nice. Some of the stuff for Aquarian recipes will be hard to source but everyone else, it's possible."

"That doesn't count as homemade," Geoff agrees with Lyn. "But, um, yours are really nice," he says after having a bite of a different one." Then he looks to Aldrich. "Yeah, it would be nice to get more, like, variety. Sometimes it can get so monotonous on a ship."

Aldrich nods a little, and continues nibbling at his cookie. "Mmm..." He considers that for a while, and then glances to Geoff. "What's your favorite meal?" he wonders.

Lyn props her feet up on a table. "You know, when we were talking about things to do post-war, Al? I was thinking about maybe helping out those rebels on Canceron. Their situation was so crappy. I'd like to help them."

"Uhhhh, I dunno," Geoff answers, shrugging. "What's yours? I'll usually eat just about anything." He has another bite of cookie. He's certainly enjoying those. Also the doctored coffee."

Aldrich shakes his head, with an exasperated sort of smile. "I know what /my/ favorites are, I want to know yours." Then Lyn comes up with her non sequitur, and he looks over that way, brows lifted. "Oh? That would be a fine calling. They certainly could use the help..."

"I thought so too. And my skills would be useful to them. Other than that, maybe doing Search and Rescue somewhere, if Aquaria isn't habitable," Lyn says in a bit of a faraway tone, at the thought of what might be transpiring on her homeworld these days. "As for my favorite meal, Dad would make caribou stew once in a while if we were socked in by a blizzard at the base. It reminds me of him and of home."

"Oh," Geoff says. "I thought you were just making conversation. Ummm, I guess I always liked, like, steak? I don't know if the ones I've had are really any good or anything, but. I like mashed potatoes and fried chicken and just like...anything that makes you fat, probably. I was trying to lose a little on Caprica..."

Aldrich nods a little, and grins a little. "I've heard people gain weight when they stop being quite so stressed," he offers, helpfully. "I'd imagine it's easy to gain weight when you go home..." He drinks some of his coffee.

Lyn finishes her coffee and cookies. "Sadly, I have a duty shift in the armory. But I'm glad we got to do this." She puts her trash in the bin and moves to hug Geoff again. "Welcome back, kid." Then she gives Aldrich a peck on the cheek. "See you in the mess for lunch tomorrow maybe?"

Geoff gives Lyn a gentle hug. "It was really nice of you to throw a party," he says. "I never expected it. Thanks. Have a good shift."

Aldrich sets his coffee aside to facilitate cheek-pecking, however embarrassed he might look about it. "Sure. If I don't get called away again." Speaking of, there's someone lingering at the door of the lounge with a kind of intense look. When Aldrich notices them, he sighs and shoves the last of his cookie into his mouth. "And /that/ will be me. Have as many of the cookies as you like. I suggest hiding them if you want to keep them, though," he jokes, with a grin. "I'll see you around."


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