2237-07-16 - CQB Arena

Date: 2237-07-16

Location: CQB Arena

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Logan is slowly making his rounds around the different rooms in the Vanguard which apparently mostly consists of training areas. Which is undoubtedly all decent with Logan. He appears to be just finishing running the course solo. Which is a bit of an odd experience. The room is lit lower than normal. And rather than the typical rifles Logan appears to be running it with pistol. He finishes the run and scowls at his time and shakes his head as he hits the review button to bring the lights up and begins retracing his steps with a quiet intensity. And by retracing literally retracing each action and motion. <reposes for scene>

Gray is in the CQB Arena with a dummy rifle, practicing clearing corners. For someone with his MOS it is surprisingly non-destructive work, but he checked the space's reservations and nobody had it. Logan's arrival gets a nod from him. "Hey there. Uh, Logan, right?"

Logan glances up and over holstering his pistol, "Hey. Yep, Logan Lindus." He offers and then shrugs, "You can use Titan though I ain't exactly picky." He admits with a faint grin and then he watches Gray with the rifle quietly, "Want to run them in tandem?" He suggests brightly. "This place packs a lot of variety into a small size."

Gray nods to Logan as he tosses back his callsign. "Yeah, it does, and they change it up fairly regularly." Beat. "Right now? I'd love to have someone else to take a door with. Just make sure that's unloaded..." He gestures to Logan's rifle. "Last thing I want to do is put a hole in one of these walls and have to explain it to someone later."

Logan laughs softly, "I'll stick with the laser weapons." He shifts over to get the appropriate gear and admits, "I usually tend to be up close and personal so less need for a rifle. But it's always good to keep used to using any weapon." He admits ruefully, "Plus...they're pretty loud." He admits as he tests the weight of the training rifle. He considers and then asks, "You want point?" He asks uncertain of Gray's role.

Gray grins at the 'up close and personal' remark. "I find that Centurions are best dealt with at a distance. I'd rather reach out and touch them, y'know?" As to taking point... "Sure!" With that, he picks a door to one of the numerous rooms and points to it. "Alright...room-clearing practice sound good?"

Logan shrugs his large shoulders and offers quietly, "Don't disagree. But not always the option we have. Besides someone always has to be first through the door. Besides first through the door is better than second. First guy through the door has the initative. Second guy is walking into wahtever the pointman stirred up." He suggests with a grin and then nods. He shifts his rifle adjusting it to the opposite side of where he stands with Gray. He stacks up against the door hand reaching up to rest on Gray's shoulder. Rather than an audible go he just taps Gray's shoulder prepared to follow him in and clear opposite.

Gray smirks. "Yeah...the first guy through is always right, even if he's wrong." With that, he takes up a position at the door and waits for the tap from Logan. When that comes, he kicks the door in (the door was unlatched so it swings back hard, but the door is also still usable for another exercise later. Bursting through the door, Gray goes right and sweeps the room, moving to the nearest right corner around a 'table' (really just a large crate) and checking behind it.

Logan grins at the kick and steps in behind Gray his eyes scanning. He moves in measured steps. Slow and steady each movement and moment steady. He steps in across from Gray checking the corner and then stepping back his rifle sweeping the area slowly for targets. He spreads out a little bit not moving directly in Gray's shadow since it's their first time working together giving the other man a little space while he catches one of the targets. Two shots following the target and continuing to move as he goes.

Gray's first sweep came up target-less (or, more properly, the target that popped came up in Logan's lane). Finishing the sweep of the room, he moves into the next room...and immediately has to pop off two shots as a target pops on him before stepping back into the concealment of the doorframe (given the wall material, he wouldn't call it 'cover'), rather thankful that these particular targets can't shoot back before popping back out to quickly 'slice the pie' on the next room, stepping over the newly-deceased cutout of a person as he does so.

Logan offers a quiet rather than shouted, "Clear." He says and turns to follow Gray to the next door. He waits letting Gray enter the next room. He doesn't react at the exchange and then simply follows as Gray enters the next room. He smirks, "At least it wasn't flashbangs." He says wryly and enters searching the next room after Gray checking the dropped cutout and then continuing to move after.

Gray grins at the remark about flashbangs. "Yeah, I can still hear you." With that, he sweeps the second (larger) room and begins moving to the right, gesturing for Logan to proceed to the other side and sweep down the far wall. They'll meet up in the far corner of the room.

Logan doesn't hesitate at the gesture. Gray's the first one in and Logan goes. His movements are slower than might be typical but he doesn't stop as he sweeps down the long lane checking behind objects and furniture. He glides along the edge of the room. He really is oddly quiet on his feet for the lumbering size.

Gray sweeps behind furniture as well, checking everything large enough to hide more than a small child as well as checking for tripwires and the like. He's known more than one room setup to be 'tricky', and there was one time when he 'failed' that he had to point out that he'd have stopped the raid and called in EOD, such was the booby-trapping. /Fortunately/ there's nothing so baroque to be found. Two more targets go down: One that was a clearly indicated hostile and another that was definitely dubious and which he'd write off under 'I cannot protect a civilian who decides to jump out at me holding a phone'. With those two down, he clears the back wall and meets up with Logan in the far corner of the dead-end room. "Clear." Beat. "Target is clear."

Logan offers his own call of, "Clear Left." Undoubtedly striking up his own notches. He surveys at the end of the hall glancing around inspecting the area. He pauses and when the buzzer clears he asks curiously, "Anything I should be aware of? Tactics or fun they tend to throw at us out here?" He asks and then grins, "Or does that come too close to asking if there's arrival hazing?"

Gray grins as the room resets and he leads the way back to the front door. "I might've skipped some of it because I was with a few of these guys before, but I just got here as well. Then again you're more obviously fresh meat, I think..." Beat. "So I'm not entirely sure what tortures they specialize in down here yet."

Logan chuckles softly, "Well I'm sure it will be interesting. It can't be THAT bad I expect since we all sleep in the same place. But I'm sure that just drives innovation up." He offers wryly. He shrugs and rolls his shoulders, "But... well I'll have to speak to the other Recon team members. As long as they stay on the sideline I'm sure I should be able to handle my own." He smirks, "As far as I can tell most of the rest of Recon is exceptionally tiny and sneaky and they fight dirty." He says in clearly approving tones.

Gray smirks back. "You make them sound like my kind of people..." As much as he may like blowing stuff up, doing so in such a way as to maximize damage on the other side requires being creative at times. "Well, and sharing quarters with the pilots keeps any feuding there to a minimum," he observes. "Beyond the parts we're all contractually required to engage in, at least." Gray would swear that 'give the other branch a hard time' is somewhere in everyone's service contract.

Logan considers, "I'm sure it makes the panty raids a little easier. But retaliation might be a little more direct." HE says wryly and then nods, "Recon is everyone's kind of people. Because if you pissed us off you'll never know it till it's too late." He says far too jovially. Logan is not one of those curmudgeonly Marine types. He smirks faintly, "Anyways I never asked. What's your specialty?" He asks curiously.

Gray grins at the idea of a panty raid on the pilots. "Hey, EO complaint!" he tosses back jocularly. "Engineer. Blowing shit up and the like." He shrugs. "I'm basically a surplus engineer at the moment, but that's life. So for now I just shoot it instead of being more inventive in getting rid of it. Also, I'm supposed to be able to /fix/ things and manage rescue work as well...but that's been on the sidelines given the war."

Logan snickers softly, "The key is to blame the raid on someone else. It's a difficult task but worth doing. Well then I suppose we could get you to destroy the evidence." He considers looking thoughtful. He nods, "Well engineers are a good thing to have a surplus of. Things are always breaking. Up here or down on the ground. Always somewhere inconvenient. I really wish more things just broke down in the motor pool or hangar and away from being shot at." He suggests brightly. " He tilts his head, "Rescue work? Like civilian rescue or more search and recovery?"

"How long has it been since the chemical plant blew up and what did it leak when it blew up?" Gray asks, flatly. "If it's been too long and it leaked anything based on fluorine, I'm at best recovering bodies or something /really/ frakkin' valuable. If it's recent and it's just continuing gas explosions I'm probably trying to get people out."

Logan tilts his head, "Interesting. Not much training on that. Admittedly if no one's shooting, or you're not worried that someone might be there to shoot at you little call for us. Must be interesting though a little specific. I can see why you might not have a ton of call for that. Still I imagine it must come in useful. How do you get people out of explosive gas?" He asks curiously.

Gray chuckles at his own mangled phrasing. "Very carefully and with great finesse. Seriously, though, you don't until you deal with the source of the gas, but you can evacuate people from nearby once the gas has mostly exploded or burned off. And if we're in a live combat zone, it's not like you can just call the fire department or the gas company..."

Logan snickers softly, "Ah. What you mean don't just get the flamethrower. See I guess this is why we need you." He says with a smirk. "Fair enough." He nods, "Things I haven't gotten to think about but I guess that's the whole point of having the different specialties." He shakes his head ruefully, "Yeah explosions can be brutal. They are not subtle."

Gray rolls his eyes good-naturedly at the flamethrower remark. "Not unless it's Cylons in there. Then I'm all for torching the bastards." Beat. "Yeah...there are cases where I'd be first in...but others where I'd go in after Recon found that there was a situation where my team was needed. And others where I'm just another Marine dealing with whatever shit is going on. All depends on the situation."

Logan chuckles softly, "Well hell if it's Cylons in there might as well just call in the air strike and be done with it." He inclines his head, "Well that's the fun of being a Marine. We don't get all THAT particular. Sure we all have our specialties. But when the shit hits the fan. Every Marine is expected to grab a rifle and give them what for. There's no situation where you get to go.... oh but I can't be useful in that particular instance. Worse come worse you're just putting ordnance down range."

"Yeah...I can think of worse day jobs." Gray agrees. "So, other than Pyramid and shooting things, what do you like to do?"

Logan chuckles softly, "Could be a pilot huh?" He offers and grins faintly and considers that question his head tilting, "Mmmm. Not much I build stuff a little. Honestly most of my life is training. First it was Pyramid. Now it's Recon. But I build a little and I enjoy shoreleave as much as the next guy maybe a little more. Pretty much anything I can do with my hands though."

Gray snickers at the pilot comment. "Now, now...most of them are fine people...some of my best friends are pilots..." he says, in mocking emulation of a common rejoinder to 'Do you hate X?' "Build stuff?" he asks. It's certainly at least a hair more interesting than the usual shore leave-related options.

Logan looks at Gray with bemused concern, "Are they now?" He asks mildly and then he shrugs, "Yeah. Usually it's more just fix it kind of stuff. It's not really much you can do but... honestly it comes in useful." He gestures at the room, "I use it more from this but back on Aerilon well you know... if you wanted to make something like a barn or treehouse. You did it yourself. And well... if the neighbors wanted wood moved... I tended to get called."

Gray briefly glances...up...at Logan and puts on a look of mock confusion. "Really? I don't have /any/ idea why they'd call you..." Beat. "I can see that." He'd grown up in a corporate compound on Saggitatrion so he'd never had to worry about anything more than a treehouse with friends, let alone raising a barn.

Logan smirks at Gray wryly, "I know.. I always assumed it was my winning personality. I mean wouldn't you want to whistle and saw with me?" He points out with his crooked grin. "What about you? Other than explosions or preventing explosions got a hobby and past time?"

Gray shrugs. "Cards. Pyramid, though you'd kick my ass in that." The former pro? Shocking, that idea. "And some boring nerdy stuff as well. History, that sort of stuff."

Logan grins, "Oh? What kind of history?" He laughs then in amusement, "Pyramid can be fun. You kind of need a team. So maybe I can take a couple of people on at once. But realistically are there some set teams? Might be fun to get a couple of decent teams on the place people seem to enjoy the game enough."

"I'd be down for that. I'm not sure what the set teams are here, though Pilots vs Marines is probably a good bet," Gray suggests. "With substitutions to balance the count as needed. As to what sort of history...well, Mom is Saggitarian while Dad is Caprican, so both planets' history interests me. How things developed, why this city is there and stuff like that."

Logan grins, "Pilots vs Marines huh? Might make for an interesting exhibition match. But Long term it's better to set things up cross-squads I think. You don't get a good mix of teams otherwise for a good challenge at least I think so." He grins, "Maybe a bracket. Marines vs Pilots. Winner faces Navy. And winners of that faces Recon." He says his eyes glinting with mischief. "I'll have to see what we can do. Might be a good fundraiser when there's a shoreleave. Got to get a good audience. That's the key to a great game." He nods then and purses his lips, "Huh. I guess I can see how that would be interesting. Isn't it mostly the same reasons? Natural resources or some rich guy got hung up on a spot?" He asks curiously."

Gray rolls his eyes. "Nah...ok, Recon has /you/. I'll give them that. But how /deep/ is your bench? It takes more than one superstar to make a team, you know..." Gray shrugs. "Marines or Navy would probably have bench depth depending on where we are." As to the history bit... "Or there were trade routes that crossed a river. Or there was a good harbor or a fort that grew into a city. Or a spaceship landed there and the location just stuck. Or the climate was just really nice and everyone wanted to retire there...or all of the above." Gray rattles off a few reasons that come to mind.

Logan grins slowly, "Oh? You think that's not enough? Just depends on the superstar and that sounds like a challenge. We going to have to play one on one then sometime to set that score right." He nods then at it and chuckles, "I can see how it can be a fascinating thing. I can't imagine most of that would stick for me. It's interesting to see that stuff though. The small decisions that influence things on so great a scale. And the large ones that end up meaningless."

"Oh, you'll beat me one-on-one. No question there." Gray raises his hands and concedes that much. "But how would you be in a five-on-five match with four teammates who've never played?" As to history... "And if you look at how patterns tend to play out over and over, you can sometimes guess at what's coming next."

Logan grins, "No fun." He shrugs, "Sounds like a good test. Might be fun to see. You'll just have to be awed by my skills of field command." HE suggests grinning, "Interesting. Humans aren't so different no matter how different we say each colony is huh?" He shakes his head ruefully, "Be interesting to see how that plays out these days. Hopefully we get a couple of centuries at least of less stupidity." He says ruefully and then shakes his head, "Anyways I should be off. Good working with you maybe we'll get a chance to run through this with a whole squad soon."


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