2237-07-20 - Escape And Evade

Charlie pitches an idea for extra training to the colonel.

Date: 2237-07-20

Location: Ryan's Office

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Ryan's Office

Ryan is in his office, erasing a whiteboard. Another officer has just left.

Stepping up to the door, Charlie pauses and hovers. For a moment. There's a lot of uncertainty to the marine. A lot. Mercer would have been easier, but this isn't really a Mercer thing. He'd have probably punted it on up anyway. She's taken out her duty khakis and all for this. Trying to look about as presentable as she can manage. They're even pressed. The Corporal takes a deep breath and raps a few times at the door frame before going to attention. "Sir?"

Ryan looks over at the door. "Corporal." It's a friendly enough greeting, albeit a formal one. He makes a few last swipes with the eraser and then dusts his hands off on his trousers. "Come in."

Moving further into the office, Charlie gives a somewhat stiff nod. She does not drop the formality herself. Oh no. Instead, she takes a deep breath and glances to that whiteboard. Can't help the curiousity! "I... had an idea I wanted to discuss with you, sir. Regarding your pilots."

The whiteboard's clear now but Charlie might have gotten a glimpse of a crude diagram of Picon planetary space. "Let's hear it," Ryan responds amiably, heading over to sit down in his chair.

Lifting a hand to rub briefly at her jaw, Charlie looks to Ryan, then past him. "I was speaking to your pilot that had gone down recently -- Razor -- and he credited a lot of his... success to survival training he had prior to the Fleet." She takes a deep breath. "I have extensive survival training, myself, and... I wanted to offer that to the pilots. I know we're limited in... resources for proper class environments for training, but I could at least give some form of instruction. In case they find themselves in a similar spot."

Ryan bobs his head. "Good thinking. All the pilots have been through basic survival and evasion training - it's part of flight school. Never hurts to have a refresher though. If Gunnery Sergeant Mercer can spare you, I'm all for it."

There's a slight shift to Charlie's shoulders. A bit of relief, perhaps. Maybe she was expecting her idea to be shot down? "Many of them likely also learned, ah, survival focused on their particular planet's climate." She scuffs one toe a bit. "I could provide a more broad... range of techniques or education." She gives a brisk sort of nod. "I'll run it by him, sir, thank you. I know how vital our pilots are."

Ryan smiles. "Well, you might be surprised. The training's pretty broad, since every colony has a wide range of climates. Except Aquaria of course. But for some of us, E&E training was awhile ago." He looks amused at the bust on his own age, then says, "Won't hurt to shake the dust off. And Corporal? Everyone's valuable."

"Not all of the pilots are fresh out of Academy, it's true," Charlie affirms, offering a faint smile. "Everyone's valuable, sir, but we marines know the score sometimes." That smile broadens a bit. "It's not a bad thing."

"Everyone has a job to do, however many pips they have on their collars. Run your idea past the Gunny and see what you can work out." The colonel's tone suggests a dismissal unless she has something else to discuss.

There's a nod from Charlie and a bit of a twitch of one hand- as if she's about to offer a salute. Indoors, no need, but Colonel. Instead, she just goes to attention and gives Ryan a nod. "Yessir. Thank you." And then she's leaving. Fleeing, more like.


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