2237-07-22 - Down In The Bay

Emrys finds Eva, in the aftermath of the battle over Biscayne Bay.

Date: 2237-07-22

Location: Temporary Clinic, Biscayne Bay Spaceport

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Scene Number: 299

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It's been...she's not sure how many hours it's been, since she slept. Since she hasn't been in this flight suit, since she's had anything to eat or drink. But none of that really seems to matter, as Eva stands off at the outskirts of the temporary clinic at the spaceport. This is normally where the people waiting for their flights and perhaps the irony of that is not lost on her, though her eyes are fixed on the curtains that serve as a makeshift barrier to protect the patients. She's just...waiting, arms folded across her chest, not even bothering to take down the top half of her flight suit.

It wasn't hard too hard for Emrys to find Eva. He'd noticed the woman's reaction to Farm Boy going down over the comms, and a little asking around completes the picture. He brings a little food and drink, since she was just coming off CAP when it all went down, and tracks her down in the terminal annex. "How's he doing?" is his opening greeting, since he knows it's probably foremost on her mind.

Eva looks away from the curtain, her expression stoic, well, mostly so. At Emrys arrival, something breaks a little in there, before she looks down to what he's carrying, "That was kind of you. You didn't need to come." She doesn't take either food or drink, "I haven't had any news. They took him in as soon as they got him back."

"Well, here I am anyway." is all Emrys says about not having needed to come. "You should eat, and drink. At least a little." He doesn't push it, though. "I'm sorry. This must be tough on you. I didn't realize you had somebody on ship." It's clear he doesn't have even the beginnings of an idea what to say in this situation, but he's trying.

"I know." Eva looks back up at the other pilot, "Thank you." And that's genuine. "I appreciate your company." A moment, as she clearly considers arguing, but then, she just nods, settling to leaning against an edge of a table and starting to pick at one of the sandwiches Emrys brought." There's a hint of a smile, "You remembered." Egg salad. Her favourite of the 'salads'. "Yes, in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have..but it just happened. We were friends for ages, months, all the way through a girlfriend, mine, and then...we were shot down..." There's more there, but she's tucking into the sandwich.

"I've got a halfway decent memory, still. I'm not that old yet." Emrys attempts to inject a little humor into a frankly awful situation, and then falls silent to listen. "My understanding is that's how it usually happens. Sneaks up on you, I mean." He doesn't push for the more, pleased she's eating with little argument.

"You wouldn't think it, considering the new nickname, Uncle Hawk." There is some humour there. "Anyway, we were shot down, and the cylons took us to this...barn. It was just...a place they could keep us. Apparently, they had a few of them. But they were experimenting. Taking us apart, putting...their parts back on...killing us slowly...enjoying it, I have no doubt. And I remember, just...I remember thinking. 'I'm going to die. I'm going to die, and he won't know how I feel. Of course, I didn't know until that moment either. So I told him, not expecting anything in return." Another fleeting smile, as though the memory were a good one, "Then we busted the frak out of there, well, the next day and killed every cylon we could see. Until Colonel Ryan and his team found us."

Hawk offers a wry smile at that. "I guess at least it means the younger pilots feel some affection toward me." is all he'll say about the new nickname. Mostly he's quiet, listening to the story. His face is hard to read, for all the horror of what's being described. When the story is done, he offers a quiet "That sounds awful. I'm glad you guys made it out."

Eva's expression turns curious, as she studies Emrys' face, finishing her sandwich, taking a few moments to wipe her hands, before she looks at the cardboard coffee cup of coffee and lifts it to take a tentative sip, "Who knew you'd paid so much attention?" But then, more seriously, "Did you think they wouldn't, Emrys?" A slight wince, at the temperature of the coffee. Isn't that always the way? "So am I. We were lucky. A lot weren't." And then, some small amount of her usual humour touches her expression, "Hey, Emrys...you ever flown a heavy raider?"

"I pay a lot more attention than I let on." Emrys admits. "That's part of how I got to be so good...I'm always absorbing information." The question about what he thought about the younger pilots is glossed over, in favor of focusing on her last words. "Never have, no. I bet I could, though. I wonder what they're like in there..." He's almost inappropriately excited at the idea. Flying something new, and an enemy ship at that.

That first comment draws a thoughtful look from Eva, but she doesn't stray beyond, "So it would seem. It's certainly worked in your favour." And if he doesn't comment about the pilots, then neither does she. But she does shift the focus, as he does, "I've got a sim for that." She smiles, that strange sort of expression that one gets when they're remembering a memory that was not all good. "When we were on the island, I convinced Finn to help me steal a heavy. Hoping we could use it to try to reach some friendlies. We convinced Ryan to let us do it. He took in the Marines and they took out the cylons, and gave us time to work. Finn did most of the heavy lifting, pushing oxygen into the pilot's area, I worked on the flight controls and we both worked on rerouting and reprogramming the comms system. I piloted back, he ECOd...once I got back, I started working on a sim, trying to recreate the ship as I remembered it, the controls, the feel of it...Flats, he thought I was wasting my time."

"You...flew a heavy raider." Emrys echoes. "And...you have a sim for it." There's a pause. Ahem. "Sorry, that must have been...a really stressful time. That was very resourceful of you. Brave, too. You've been through a lot." There's still a slightly far-away expression in his eyes.

"Well, flew. It's relative. We didn't have time for anything but the most rudimentary of controls. The pilot, at least the one for this raider, which was kitted out for human prisoner transport, it just sort of...plugged into the ship. So it was a lot of rooting around inside the console and trying to figure out how to get to the controls so I could work them by hand. Might have been able to do more with more time, but..." Eva looks down, considering the second sandwich, but then holds off, "The tough part was flying back through cylon airspace. I had been praying it was a heavy with FTL, but it wasn't." And then, a nod, "Well, I figured...this might not be a one time thing. And if I could put something together...give people some idea. It might be helpful down the line. It's back on the Vanguard." A snort, and Eva does laugh now, "Crazy and stupid. But that's how Finn and I roll, apparently."

Emrys listens attentively, and then does his best to move on from the fact that she flew a heavy raider. For a moment he almost looked like a schoolboy. But Eva is laughing, and that's a good sign, so instead what he says is "Well at least you're well-matched, right? That's important, I'm told." The second sandwich is eyed, because she's not eating it, but he doesn't push it. Not yet, anyway.

Eva clearly seems to feel that this is important. Not that she flew one of course, but that it might be a useful skill, "Think about it, in a place like this, you find yourself out of ship, but with plenty of heavies around...you wouldn't need to do all of the trial and error that we did, wouldn't necessarily need the technical or engineering knowhow." She grabs the second sandwich, passing it over, "You eat, I'll draw." She'll grab her pencil, and the pad of paper that's always in the protected compartment of the flight suit, "It's no sim, but I can draw you the basic schematics." the question of Finn and their match, a nod, a concerned look towards the makeshift clinic, "So I am told too."

"No no, that one's for you too. You can't just have one sandwich after CAP, then combat, and all the stress you're presumably under right now." Emrys shakes his head. He doesn't protest the drawing, though. Drawing is not one of his strong suites. "And besides, they're doing it to us. We need to be able to even the playing field by doing it right back if the option arises."


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