2237-07-23 - Awkward Ducks Are Awkward

Gwyndolen finds Mason about a letter he left her. Awkward conversation is had with few answers.

Date: 2237-07-23

Location: Hangar Bunks

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Scene Number: 312

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After spending most of the day helping ferry new Vipers from their factory back to the spaceport that the Wolves are using as their temporary home, even the cots that they're having to use as beds look good right now. However, Mason didn't come home empty handed. He is currently sitting on the edge of his cot, and he has a couple of small boxes next to him. Viper models, bought from the factory store, as the large pilot is composing a note to send back home with the next mail service.

Gwyndolen has been out and about, but she returns, entering the hangar, and making her way toward the cot she has claimed. She pauses for a moment. "Jar," she greets. "Still in one piece, I see?"

Glancing up from his letter writing, Mason pauses for a moment. "Yeah. Fished me out, wrung me out, sent me to pick up some new birds." he offers and then smirks wryly. "Checked the shops, they don't have geliatin, fruit or otherwise." he points out before he gestures. "Was just writing a couple of my siblings back home. One of them's been beggin' me for a Viper model. I grabbed two."

"A world without gelatin!" Gwyndolen exclaims dryly. "A tragedy. A complete and utter tragedy." Given the feelings she's expressed about gelatin, perhaps not. She inspects the Viper models for a long moment and only says, "It'd be hard for those to take down a toaster."

"I know, for we shall be deprived of suspended fruit." Mason grins and rolls his eyes, before nodding. "Yeah. But seeing as she's only ten, don't want her thinkin' about flyin' one of these for real yet. Rather be tellin' her in a couple of years my own stories about galavantin' the universe, shootin' Cylons in these things." he comments, looking up at her for a moment. "How's things back home?"

"It helps to start young," points out Gwyndolen. She hesitates for a moment, however, and then concedes. "Possibly not that young, however." She hesitates again, and then says, "Well enough. Much as usual, I think. Hopefully they will be spared the shambles for war for a while yet."

"Yeah. Aerilon's been spared a lot since we didn't really invest in the toasters as much as others.." For a moment, Mason looks slightly abashed by that fact, before he shrugs his shoulders and then pauses. "Somethin's on yer mind, Knick. You're stallin' worse than my Viper was the other night."

"Well, if we don't push them back, eventually no one will be spared." Gwyndolen is truly extraordinarily cheerful today. She runs a hand through her hair. "Am I?" she asks.

"Dunno. Maybe, ya keep hesitatin' on something." Mason points out with a dry smirk as he considers her and then shrugs. "Figured if you want to talk, you will, if not, ain't none of my business." Though that last part seems sort of forced, but is quickly tucked away.

Gwyndolen hesitates again. It is a long silence this time, and involves her going to her cot and straightening her already perfectly straight sheets. "I did receive your letter," she says.

"I figured." Mason considers for a moment. "Been tryin' to figure out a way to ask you for a while, ya know?" he says finally. "Guess I just figured.. I'm all low to the ground and Aerilonian and stuff, and you're.. well, I figured the proper way to ask was to write you. Read it in a book someplace once."

There is another long pause. Gwyndolen opens her mouth and then closes it again. She settles, carefully, on the edge of her cot. "It was a surprise," she says. "I--I haven't been thinking of that sort of thing at the moment."

It seems that the pause game is strong at the moment. "To be honest.. I hadn't either. At least not til I saw you again. And I realized I had missed out the last time because I didn't dare ask." Mason shrugs, pausing again to gather his thoughts. "I don't want to kill our friendship." he finally responds.

A flash of surprise crosses Gwyndolen's face, but she bites her lower lip. "You're not," she says quickly. "You will always been a friend, Mason. But--this came rather out of the blue for me, and--it just doesn't seem like the right time now. Anyone could die tomorrow."

"We could.. which is why I did ask. Look, Gwyndolen." Mason says quietly. "I didn't want to go down with out you knowing that I had feelings for you. I mean, not like.. wanna get married type. But.. it's nice havin' you near."

Gwyndolen's gaze goes down to her hands for a long moment. "I am glad you are here, too, Jar," she says softly. "And I--appreciate it." She looks up, watching him for a long moment. "I know I can always trust you at my back."

"Well, if ya ever need a date for the dance, or someone to talk to.." Mason seems to be handling the rejection pretty well, if that's what it is. Taking the second Viper model, he passes it to her. "For your little one back home." he offers quietly and touches her hand for just a moment before withdrawing it. "I'm gonna go clear my head for a bit."

Gwyndolen takes the Viper model, turning it over in her hands, studying it. "I am sure she will like it," she murmurs. She looks back up to him but all she says is, "Thank you, Mason."

"You're welcome, Gwyn." Mason's smile tries to blossom, but falters on his lips as he heads off, leaving the other model and half-written note on his bed. He can finish that another time.

Gwyndolen remains where she is, sitting on her cot, studying the Viper model as if it held answers.


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