2237-07-23 - Family Knows Best

Evan is returned to the Wolves just before they ship back to Scorpia. More cracks begin to show in the walls he and Charlie have constructed.

Date: 2237-07-23

Location: Biscayne Starport

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Scene Number: 314

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It's going on evening, but only just. The sun is setting past the bay and those on incoming or outgoing flights might get a good view of it glimmering over the water. For those Vanguard crew who have spent months shipside, it's a slice of pleasantry to get to see blue skies at the end of their day rather than only knowing due to a clock. Charlie's in Picon Navy sweats rather than something CF official. Having come in late from combat far afield, she had nothing save the battledress she went out in. They don't even fit quite right and the sleeves have been shoved up to her elbows. The woman is by the main entrance to the Terminal; posted up on one of those decorative sliced of 'land' meant to simulate a park without truly being one. Grass, a couple small trees, and no flowers due to the time of year. Her back to the tree, braids gathered in an elastic over her shoulder. She's got her feet wedged in her boots, but only partially laced.

Knees somewhat akimbo and a paper bag from one of the fast food joints inside, she's currently off duty from guard patrol, with a paperback obtained from one of the terminal's bookstores. It's as close to enjoying being ground-side as she can get. Grass. Tree. Sky above. An attempt at distraction as she reads and pulls fries one-by-one from the bag by her hip. People stream in and out of the terminal as Raptors, Vipers, and other -- many civilian -- ships come and go.

Hunting, the ancient sport has served Evan well over the years and upon his return he had to put it to use again. Asking questions here and there to find out just where to go. Where the braid wearing woman had scampered off to. However, he doesn't run or charge in. Rather he saunters along quietly trying to approach the tree Charlie is at from behind. Somehow, someway, he has his hat. Maybe it's the same one... maybe it's a duplicate brought back from Scorpia. Either way that cursed hat of Evan has found its way to his owner and is resting on his head.

"Wouldn't know any places to get your laundry done, would you?"

It's a voice that has clawed its way so deeply into her that not even Charlie really knows how deep it goes at this point. But it's one that rolls right over her when she hears it. Cool and soothing; like the soft, calm ocean well away from shore when you're doing nothing more than just enjoying the sun and sea on your board. Her hand freezes, reaching for the bag and she doesn't even dare turn just yet. Instead, she savors the sound of it for a moment. Isolates it. There's no pain to it. No hesitation. No hint or suggestion that he may have been one of those hurt in the overall battle. In the end, the woman moves to mark her page in the book to set it aside before getting to her feet, speaking as she does. "Sinks in the bathrooms, mostly."

A bookmark being a particular photo, at that.

Once the book is aside, she's moving quickly. In that recon way of 'up and out.' On her feet and launching herself at Evan to throw her arms around him to pull herself to him -- or him to her -- in a tight, fervent hug. It's only when she's got her face pressed to his chest, inhaling his familiar scent that she says more. "Gods, I missed you."

His arms catch, it was somehow expected and Evan finds himself embracing Charlie tightly as he chuckles softly, pulling her into him. "What? I told you I was going to Scorpia to bury my father. I leave for a week, come back, and you blew up the ship? This is why I can't go anywhere nice on vacation." The tone is so casual, too casual. It's hiding something that is evident in a moment. Concern, the thick field of humor to bypass some hurt, but a vast amount of fear.

"Still missed you," Charlie offers in a low voice before exhaling in a sigh as she settles back on her heels, with a hand to his chest as she looks up at him. There's a studied look for him. As if assuring herself that he's fine. She is, certainly. No signs of injuries, bandages, or anything to indicate she came through the battle injured. There's a long breath as she steps back, catching his hand to pull him towards her spot beneath the tree. She makes room, before sitting. The bag is offered. Lots of fries. Someone went for a couple larges on that. "They sent a basestar," she explains, "A frakkin' basestar. The Vanguard's not meant for that. She's... she's in bad shape."

"I saw the reports on the way in." Evan confirms softly to Charlie as he moves to sit down and use the tree. His scruff is a bit worse, his eyes look very tired; probably not a lot of sleep after hearing the news and the flights over to Picon. There's a bit of rummaging before he pulls some fries out. "Everyone... everyone in your circle is alright?" Her circle, so vague. Parents? Other Marines?

"Uhm..." Charlie settles back against the tree... somewhat. She's mostly leaning in against him. "Well, right before the attack, about a day I guess, they finally found the Raptor that had gone down with Rhodes and them. Costello didn't make it back. But the others are good." She seems to just be assuming he means the recon crew, apparently. Or just not thinking beyond that. She props the bag of fries against her leg, settling it somewhere between them so they can both reach. There's a burger in there too. She hasn't said anything about it, nor offered it. Maybe free game?

There's a moment of quiet before she adds: "They've got us in the hangar. Sort of... bunks. Mostly just cots and sleeping bags. All the cots were claimed by the time I got in. I've got a spot, near the wall. Couple of sleeping bags. Figured if you made it in-" She doesn't expand beyond that, just grabs some fries and, after eating a couple, glances up at him. "How was your family?"

"Good. They were good. A lot of folks came in, good service. Most of the affairs are in order so that was nice." Evan comments then sighs, there's something else, he's holding back. Finally he speaks. "Ronnie... You know, the brother you met?" He adds glancing at Charlie then looking past. "Ronnie may have told a few people about you staying with me last leave." A pause. "He may have told everyone in the family about it." Another pause. "I'm sorry."

At the apology, Charlie blinks a few times and stalls herself from reaching for more fries. She tips her head back against the tree, looking off towards the city itself as she considers. "Well..." There's a brief moment before she gives a small shrug. "Sorta expected that, I guess." There's a look up to Evan before she reaches up and tugs at his hat gently; playfully. "Dunno why you're apologizing. You're the one who had to deal with it. Not me. What'd they say?"

"Charlie. He told mom. Mom told everyone." Evan tries to explain then takes a moment and it dawns on him a bit. "When I say Everyone, I mean everyone including third cousins. Probably about 200 people. And every single frakin' one of them is going to be looking for you on next leave." He glances then at the woman sitting next to him. "I tried to explain that ... well I don't even know what I tried to explain honestly."

For the moment, Charlie clearly does not fully grasp the implications of this. Or at least why the entire family would be told. Her brow furrows as she tries to process things. She just turns a bit towards him. "Does your mother usually tell everyone when you have a woman spend the weekend at your place?"

"No." Evan says rubbing his face a bit with his hands. "Because Robbie fed her a line of shit about ... It's just a mess Charlie." Whatever it is it is enough to cause him to start laughing and finally he straightens and shakes his head. "My asshole brother told my mother that you were knocked up."

There's a snort of amusement as that comes out and Charlie reaches up to grab Evan's hat, stealing it to place atop her own head. "You're kidding," she offers first as she leans back against the tree, finally grabbing the burger from the bag. She unwraps it, tears it in half, and holds half out to him. "Frak's sake, why the hell would he do that? Is it because I laughed at him when he showed up at your place and assumed I was there for him?" She draws a knee up to her chest, taking a bite from the burger. "Kind of a dumb story to tell since, y'know, easily disproven and all."

"Right. That's what I said. The problem is like I said, he told mom, mom got excited told everyone. So just... be aware." Evan grimaces just remembering. "It was horrible Charlie. The look of my aunts when I had to explain to them that it was a misunderstanding." He sighs softly then brightens a bit, "I beat Ronnie though. Oh Lords of Kobol did I beat him."

Leaning back a bit, Charlie draws up the sweatshirt she's wearing as if to reassure herself- yes, flat abdomen. "Yes, it'd appear the Fleet birth control is still in full effect." There's a brief grin flashed up at Evan. "And unless your family has some agents out and about on Scorpia for me, I think I'll be fine." With a much, much smaller, more isolationist family; there's no comprehension on her part. Not yet. She just leaves him to his half of the burger and enjoys her own. Around a bite, she arches a brow. "And how many bruises did you leave him with?"

"I strapped him down and got him with soap in a sock." Evan confesses after a moment, picking at the burger some then sighing as he looks up at Charlie. "Anyway, just... when we head back for leave, I thought maybe avoiding the big areas. Someplace more quiet?"

There's a choked snort of laughter around her burger, but Charlie rolls her eyes nonetheless at Evan. "Boys," she manages to mutter, but there's still a grin for him. "This is definitely because he was embarrassed," she manages, after finishing her bite of the food. She considers his suggestion before nodding, with a glance up to him. "Provided we pick up plenty of alcohol beforehand, since we won't be hitting the bars."

Ok, so sure she's eating but there's just something when Evan looks over at Charlie. Glances at her and it passes his eyes. The well of emotions bubbles there for a moment but then it subsides and he leans forward to bring his lips to hers. He has to. If he didn't, he'd say it in that moment and it was obvious in his look. After a moment he whispers against her lips, "I'm glad you're ok. Don't ever frakin' crash the ship again without me, k?"

It's why she kept joking. Why she kept moving. The jokes. Moving to the tree. Feeding him. The grabbing his hat to steal it to wear herself. Her own way of avoiding those emotions. But when Evan kisses her, Charlie returns it and those emotions are just as evident in the return; particularly in how her hand lands on his leg and grabs hold, briefly. That need for him. She smiles, faintly, against his mouth. "I'll kill every one of those tincans if they try," she murmurs in response before kissing him again.

The food falls away, almost knocked away as Evan turns, half against the tree, half leaning against Charlie and he speaks into her mouth inbetween kisses. "Damn rights you will." It's just being apart and the horniness... but it isn't. The worst part of the ordeal is knowing that there's a finish line of sorts ahead, the barrier that will at least let some kind of talking happen. "And Charlie?" He pauses, "I have never wanted to hang out with you so much."


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