2237-07-24 - Absolute Necessities

Eva and Emrys go shopping for the bare necessities.

Date: 2237-07-24

Location: Strip Mall, Argentum Bay

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Scene Number: 322

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There are any number of amazing and exciting places to visit on Scorpia, indeed on Argentum Bay specifically. This is not one of those places. Even the driver who dropped them off, seeing them in their uniforms, having had no time to either receive their gear from the Vanguard or buy anything new, gave the pair a bit of side eye, as he dropped them off. And Eva has not been anymore forthcoming, as she lead the way, coming up from around the back and side of the mall.

Emrys is content to let Eva lead the way, not prying for information. He does return the side eye from the driver, however, and once he's dropped them off remarks "I wonder what his problem was? He looked like he was judging us."

"They're always judging us. Didn't you know? We're in uniform. We're supposed to be in a bar drinking and whoring." And there are no bars in sight. There is, however, as they turn to corner, the bright neon of the Rose's Beauty Supply and Emporium. Eva glances over, "Tada."

"Fair point. Although that's best done out of uniform." Emrys observes, before they turn the corner and 'tada'. "Beauty Supply and..." It takes him a minute, then he grins. "Decided to go through with dyeing, then?"

"Depends on whether or not you need a drink, given what I've seen from a number of the people on the ship when we end up here." She grins, in returns, "I might possibly have done, but that's not the only reason I brought you." Indeed, as they breeze through the doors, she heads towards the men's grooming section, and not the one that includes dye and dye related products.

Emrys grins. "First time here, so I'll have to take your word for it. Do we come here often?" Men's grooming section. Of course there would be one, though he still seems a little surprised to see it. "Wow...they have /everything/."

Eva sniffs, a mock-condescending sound, "That's because it's a beauty 'emporium', Emrys." Aha! Eva seems to find the aisle she's looking for, and turns down, stopping before a display and spreading her hands like a gameshow hostess displaying the prizes. It's....your hair gel.

Emrys blinks. It is indeed his hair gel. And there's Eva posing like a gameshow hostess with it. He's not sure what to say at first, but finally manages. "You...that was real sweet of you, Eva." He's clearly touched. "I...thank you. It's been a while since someone's gone out of there way to do something for me."

The response actually managed to catch Eva offguard, as it, well, wasn't what she was expecting. "Well, you're welcome, Emrys. I just made a few calls. I knew you hadn't gotten your delivery yet, and this heat is wilting." She lowers her arms, taking the time to study the man, "You really mean that." The last part, obviously. "I'm sorry."

Emrys half-shrugs, suddenly feeling awkward. "It's not...I mean, after I got out I didn't really maintain any relationships. And I moved through a few jobs. Even when I was in...I dunno, the older I got the more people settled down. All my wingmen had wives and children. And I was too old to hang out at the O-Club trying to keep up with the Ensigns and LTs." There's a pause.

"I just sort of slipped through the social cracks. I was always hyper-focused on my work anyway, once I grew out of the crazy partying phase."

"I know exactly what you were feeling, Emrys. I've been feeling it, even more the last few years, since the war. This feeling of being so out of sync with the current crop of pilots, but also not able to really connect with the pilots, even the ones my own age. I mean, look at Stirling...she's about our age, but what do we have in common. I'm perpetually single, she's married with a kid, the whole focus of her fight in the war is different, I suspect." Eva steps over, clearing the way, for the eventual hoarding of hair product, "You're not slipping through the cracks now."

"Well, you're not perpetually single anymore." Emrys points out encouragingly, but it's clear he understands exactly what she means. "I think being here has made me feel it more, too. It seems like everybody is hooking up or settling down or...war does that, I guess." He doesn't sound at all judgmental, just observations of shipboard life. There's a smile then, for her last words, as he begins the hoarding. "No, I guess I'm not. And neither are you."

"That's a relative term, isn't it, Emrys, by the criteria you set." being neither married, or with children, nor likely to be, "I think everyone is searching for something that they can have in this war that's not bloody, and messy, and filled with rage and despair. And some find it and it's the right time, and others find it and it seems as though it will never be anything but the wrong time."

"True enough, I suppose it is." Emrys agrees. "Sometimes I have a tendency to hear terms like that and think in black and white, for whatever reason." There's a nod. "And some don't find it all, I suppose." He muses. "I think that's exactly it, though...we're all looking for..something to make us feel more human. And what's more human than loving? That's the one thing those things can't replicate."

"Is that what you think, Emrys? That you won't?" Because isn't that the elephant in the room? Eva doesn't want away from the conversation, but she does scoot down to the end of the aisle to pick up a basket, because walking around the place with that much product, would just be a disaster waiting to happen. "And it it isn't...then what makes you feel human?"

"Well, I think it's pretty unlikely at this point." Emrys admits. "Like you said..the chances of us making it out alive don't seem good." There's a grin, then, at her question. "Flying makes me feel...more than human, really." A pause. "It's only when I'm down here I worry about that stuff." Which may explain his focus on keeping his mind busy. "Sometimes I think about just finding someone, anyone, to proclaim as the love of my life just so I can say I had one before I buy the farm." He makes a face then, at himself. "Sorry, that was more cynical than I meant to sound about our colleagues love lives."

Eva will help with the product hoarding, but there's something troubled in her expression. A hand reaches out, to touch Emrys shoulder, as if to, gently, ask the man to stop, "That...that's hopeless, Emrys. I...I don't want that for you. Flying is...wonderful, but it can't feed all the parts of your soul."

Emrys does stop, picking up on that unspoken cue. There's a sigh at her words, and he shakes his head. "I don't know, Eva. I was fine when I was young and stupid. Drinking and whoring, as you put it. Well, not fine but not filled with...whatever this is." A shrug. "It seems like the older I've gotten, the less happy I am in life. Maybe it's just bitterness talking. I don't know. Goodness knows I don't have anything to be unhappy about."

"Then we need to find your happy. Because bitterness is not something you want festering inside of you." Eva considers, setting down the basket, already brimming with enough containers that Emrys will need to bribe people for room to store it all. She studies him, for a long moment, before she moves to embrace him, if he allows it. A simple thing, a human thing.

Emrys allows the embrace, even as he grumbles "I don't see why flying can't be my happy. Flying makes me happy." It's like a drug addict with his drug, and suddenly the stark reality of being the best pilot, the best flight instructor, is laid bare. It's muted grumbling, though, as the embrace does its work. And finally he just subsides, and she can feel him relax.

Eva leans in, just a tilt of her head, as she still hasn't released the man, "This is where you hug me back, Emrys. That's sort of how hugs work." She can wait. They're almost of a height, so it isn't as though she has to court back strain to reach him.

"Oh, yeah." It's not clear whether Emrys just didn't realize, or it didn't occur to him to do it. Hopefully the latter. At any rate, the hug is returned with no further prompting needed.

Eva's hugs is fierce, as if she could make one do for all. But she doesn't push the issue, and will release Emrys after a few moments, " Flying absolutely can make you happy."

When the hug is released, it takes Emrys a minute to speak again. "But you're saying it can't stand in for...other things?" He asks, as he attempts to understand what he thinks he heard her say.

"For me...no, I don't think that it can. I need more than what I get in the cockpit. You're saying that it can...but you seem to be bitter about the fact that you can't or won't have the things that flying is intended to take the place of. That's like trying to have things both ways." She steps back, to retrieve the basket, "Have enough?"

Emrys nods. "I think so. I won't have room for it all." There's a long silence, as he considers her point fairly seriously. "I think..." He finally muses "It's really that I'm bitter about the fact it isn't working anymore, and struggling with whether to reach for something new or cling to what I have."

"Well, I think what we need to do," because apparently, they're in this together, "Is decide which it is. Do you want to continue as you were, flying, or find something else? if it's flying...we can find ways to make you fall in love with it again. if it's something else...that will take more work." A pause, "But it can be done."

Emrys considers for a long moment. "I haven't fallen out of love with flying, far from it." He begins. "And I'd like to continue on as I was, I just...don't see any chance of that." He explains. "I...sometimes you can't put the lid back on the box, you know? I'm lonely, Eva. That's what it comes down to."

"I know. Believe me, Emrys, I know. Before I met Antonie, the woman I was seeing before Finn, I had been years alone. I had closed myself off from everyone, anyone who could hurt me. I didn't know any other way to be, but that way. It was too difficult otherwise." Eva picks back up the basket, bringing it over, in case a few more hair gels are required, free hand reaching out to touch Emrys shoulder. "But you're not alone anymore, Emrys. You've got me. And that's just the start."

"This is true. I do have you." Emrys agrees quietly, looking thoughtful. Finally he asks "So what changed for you? Did you just wake one day and realize you wanted someone in your life? Or did meeting Antonie do it?" He doesn't shy away from the touch, although he's a little stiff now the hug is over.

"Neither, to be honest. Antonie just sort of happened. She was a raptor pilot, one of the first to Galactica, like me, and we became friends, and we were friends, for a long time. We used to flirt, but in a joking sort of way, and then eventually, it wasn't joking anymore. But neither of us wanted to do anything about it. And then...I don't even remember when it was, we finally did. I don't think I'm really the best at relationships, to be honest, because Finn sort of happened when I wasn't looking either. I was friends with him, like I was with Antonie. It was just...a strange situation. I never cheated on her though, I couldn't have done that...but we just...we weren't what each other needed anymore. And once I had told Finn how I felt, I broke it off with her, this was right after we flew off of Canceron." There's a rueful look, "I suppose I had avoided relationships for so long, I couldn't recognize them when they were staring me straight in the face. Also, that is probably way more about my love life than you cared to know."

Emrys laughs softly at the part about being unable to see them. "I'll probably have the same problem, then. Not that I'm even sure where to begin." There's a half shrug then. "Well, I mean...if I'd been a better friend when we worked the Academy together I imagine we'd have kept in touch and I'd probably have known all of that, so...I mean, friends talk about that sort of stuff, right?"

"Oh, I imagine you very well might. But sometimes surprises are the best part of relationships. Friendships or otherwise. Sometimes, it's the people you least expect that surprise you." She laughs, "Well, I suppose so. I just haven't often had anyone I could talk to about these things. So this is just as new for me." She looks down at the basket, "Have you got enough to get you started? if so, we can go and pick out a hair colour."

"I suppose that's true." Emrys agrees at the talk of surprises. "Yeah, I think that's enough for now. Let's go look at hair colors." As they head that way, he observes "I think everything about this has been a suprise, so far. A good one though."

Eva, seeing Emrys finished with his purchases, wanders off towards the dye section, selecting a cart and putting the basket into it, because it's way too heavy to lug around, "What do you think, red again?" And then, a grin, "The CF has been full of surprises."

Emrys follows along as she heads toward the dye section. "Well, the red was really good looking on you." He offers, before nodding agreement. "That it has, so far. And now here I am living in a house with the CAP schedule posted on a fridge pull of beer and ten of us crammed in there...it's like being an Ensign living off base for the first time all over again."

Eva nods, taking Emrys word for it, as she heads off to find, or try to find, something that approximates the bright cherry red she sported back in the day. And that means, a hunt. Because no self-respecting beauty supply store would have just one aisle of hair colour, "You're over at the old Base? I'm at the hotel. I put in special for it. I thought it might be easier to visit with old friends."

"Makes sense. Yeah, I'm over there. Nova, Milkman, Banshee, Pi...there's a bunch of us crammed in there." Emrys answers, nodding at the talk of the hotel. "Old friends? You know a lot of people on Scorpia, then?" He does his best to attempt to find the right color, but there's a lot of dye and he doesn't know too much about it. "Did you put in for the lottery to go home?"

"Oh, no, just one. I think Diego is still here. Kallas, the old CAG? He was in rehab when i saw him last, but the last I spoke to him, he had gotten out. But even if he's not here, it just means that I can pay for him to come here, and it won't put him out. If I had been with you all, I'd have to travel to him, and he might feel as if he were inconveniencing me." Eva makes it down one aisle and to the second, pouring over the selections, until she finally finds the section of reds. And then, it's not long before she finds the one she needs, holding it up above her head as if it weer some great prize, "I got it! Now let's get out of here and get to work!"


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