2237-07-24 - The First Night Out

It's just the first night of leave, but the Wolves have a lot to process after the Picon campaign...

Date: 2237-07-24

Location: The Cove

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Shore leave. Sorely needed shore leave, at that, for the Timber Wolves after that final battle over the Bay. Most of them have gotten their belongings or at least most of their belongings. There's still a few items missing here and there that are being hunted down or lost to the damage to the berthings on the ship. Many, upon hitting Scorpia, went straight to the showers and thens the shops in the Shipyards. Others grabbed their planetside passes and were off. Astraea was one of those who got herself a much, much needed proper shower. Hair like hers does not do with the showers they had access to at the starport.

With her things squared away in the new berthings and a new set of clothing purchased, she's found herself a spot in a bar and sent word off to a few folks... which likely means word has spread to yet others. It's an open bar off of the beach. Swimsuits suggested, but optional (so break out that civilian attire, people!). The sun is just beginning to set and the Raptor pilot, herself, is sat out on the patio with a pitcher of some brightly colored drink in a navy blue and white striped bikini, flip-flops -- up on the table, of course -- and sunglasses. She's sipping the drink through a straw from a glass dripping with condensation, staring out over the water.

Calliope also hit the showers directly the moment she could. And then scrounged through her belongings to see what had properly been delivered. The footlocker with her civvies in it managed to survive, so she turns up wearing a strappy pink tank top, flowered shorts, and equally sandals. "Nova!" she hollersas she winds her way through the bar. "Is this where the party's at?"

Geoff is actually wearing civilian clothes. Well, of a sort. The cut-off shorts are definitely not CF-issue, but the fun beachy top with slashes on the sides and back and braided bits started life as spare clothing supplied at the starport. He approaches the bar with that thirsty look, ordering a rum drink right away.

Civilian attire? Someone failed to tell the chaplain. Aldrich shows up wearing his uniform, but he's at least made a nod to casual wear by turning up the sleeves and unbuttoning the collar. He's looking as worn down as anyone, these days. After a quick scan, he apparently doesn't find the face he's looking for, because he then makes his way up to the bar with only a small but friendly smile for the familiar faces already present. "That looks good... I think I'll have what he's having," he tells the bartender with a gesture toward Geoff's drink.

Lyn arrives shortly after Aldrich does. She went and got cleaned up, went to a shop to buy a new dress, and even had her hair done at a salon. There is even makeup! Mark it on the calendar. There are even heels. She makes her way in, less than perfectly steady in those shoes, and looks around for a familiar face. Spotting the Wolves near the bar, she heads that way, smiling when she sees the Chaplain. (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/dd/42/37/dd4237984f57930c820c0a4570457385.jpg)

"Yes, Preacher," Geoff says approvingly, turning to face him. "Scorpian Sunsets are the /best/." Does he mean the current condition of the sky, or is that the name of the drink? Geoff pulls out a fresh pack of cigarettes and opens it up, looking Lyn over. "Where'd you get your outfit? Here?"

With a foot on the edge of the -- thankfully bolted-down -- table, Astraea pushes herself back in her chair to spot Calliope over the edge of her sunglasses. Did someone ask for cleavage? Because there's plenty to be had. Then again, shared berthings and showers. Everyone's had a chance to see it all before, surely. "'bite! Hopefully, iff'n word got 'round! Come, sit! I got glasses." And a pitcher still nearly full.

"Oh, I'll take one of those!" Callipe points to Astraea's drink, to get in on this ordering via association thing. A quick smile is flashed at Geoff and Aldrich. "Hi, Courtois. Chaplain. Gods it feels good to be back on Scorpia. And also not, like, crashed in a spaceport and homeless." Lyn is waved over brightly. More for the party! "Oh! I love you shoes!"

Aldrich gives a sort of crooked smile while he waits for his drink, and then a nod to Geoff. "It was Eli's party, wasn't it?" he wonders, but before he can wait for an answer, he follows Geoff's look toward Lyn, and the moment he spots her, he just sort of... stops. He should probably be acknowledging Calliope's greeting, but apparently he just short-circuited. (Good going, Lyn.) Luckily, the bartender delivers his drink and he gives a bit of a jump, and picks it up to take a swallow. "Hi Lyn."

Lyn looks a little self-conscious all dressed up, but she nods to Geoff. "I did, at one of the shops in the hotel. Is it ok?" she looks worried it might be hideous. "I'll have whatever they're having," she tells the bartender. She smiles and waves at Astraea and Calliope and at the shoes comment she lets out a small laugh. "Hopefully I won't break my neck in them." When Aldrich finally reboots and says something, she gives him a warm smile. "Hi, Al. How are you doing today?"

There's a gesture with her glass to the table she's at, along with others on the patio. "C'mon over," Astraea offers to Calliope and, well, those at large. "Nice view of th'ocean an' sunset." Plus, well, it means she won't be sitting alone nor shouting anymore. She's lounging. Lounging is superior to standing around the bar. Don't make the lady in the bikini move, people! For the other Raptor pilot's sake, however, she does sit up enough to pour a second glass and hold it out in her direction.

"Yeah, I..." Geoff trails off, amused by Aldrich's malfunction. He smirks at Lyn. "Seems to be very effective," he says. "Is that shop expensive?" Might be a rude question, but Geoff doesn't seem to intend the rudeness.

"My closet back on Caprica has a rack of stuff like that, but I had to leave them behind. For the war effort, and all." Calliope looks a touch mournful, about the heart-rending separation from her many shoes. "Anyway, you look totally pretty!" Another grin at Lyn, before she goes to flop down near Astraea. Arming herself with a drink that matches the Scorpian woman's. "So what is this stuff, anyway?" She sips it before actually getting an answer to that question.

Aldrich smiles at Lyn, self-consciously, and answers, "Feeling underdressed." Then he manages to collect himself a little better, and clears his throat. "You look amazing. I didn't realize you were going shopping." He shoots Geoff a sideways /look/, so he can understand just how rude his question was, but that doesn't last long before he's back to smiling awkwardly at Lyn.

"Ridiculously," Lyn replies to Geoff's question. "But it was easy to find." She's not much of a shopper. Not a whole lot of that to do at Thula. She colors a little at Aldrich's compliment. "Thanks. I wanted it to be a little surprise. Also, they lost the only dress I own when they were shipping our things back, so it was this or show up in a bathing suit." She accepts her drink from the tender and gestures towards the seats offered by Astraea. "Let's go sit down?"

Geoff drinks from his cup, looking calculated. But then he realizes Aldrich is looking at him. "What?" he asks. "Hey, you're never underdressed in uniform. I think that was on one of the recruitment posters."

Hey! Swimsuits were totally recommended. Astraea showed up in one, didn't she? Well, mostly. On her lower half, she has a patterned, short (mini-skirt short) sarong. As the others approach, she finally drops her feet from the table to 'make more room' as it were. The sunglasses, however, stay on, and she remains in a partial lounge. "One of their specialty drinks," she offers, waving a hand at the bar as Calliope takes the drink. "Forget th' name." But it's fruity and very alcoholic. Rum! She kicks out a chair. "Sit, sit! Enjoy th' break. Th' sun. Watch boys pretend they're good at Pyramid." She's been watching people at the Pyramid-X game, clearly.

"Oh, it's sweet!" Calliope sips some more, as she stretches out her legs and assumes a lounging position near Astraea. "This is the kind of drink that messes you up. So, exactly what I need right now." She giggles, leaning over so she can observe the game. "Ugh. I didn't realize how tense I was back on Picon. Like, this shit is never exactly ultra-relaxing, but there was just no place to breathe."

Aldrich refrains from clarifying for Geoff, and just smiles awkwardly. "All right, of course." He grabs his drink but gestures for Lyn to precede him, with a nod toward Geoff inviting him to come along. (Well, maybe /requesting/ him to come along, even.) As they go over to join Astraea, he observes toward Calliope, "We've had worse, I think. But it was definitely a difficult one."

Lyn settles into a seat at the table, and sips her drink, squinting a bit at the sweetness. "We definitely needed a little R&R after Picon," she agrees. She tucks a lock of curled hair behind her ear and smiles at those gathered.

Geoff looks over his shoulder at Calliope's exclamation. "What's that one called?" he asks. "I want one." Even though he's not finished his first drink. He follows Aldrich to the table.

"There weren't no room to breathe, naw," Astraea agrees. Raptor pilots and marines can agree on such a front; the bus drivers see ground action, themselves. Not as much, but they do those inserts and exfils. Sometimes they have to engage on the ground, too. Rarely, but it happens. Plus all the air combat. "Did a lotta SAR and got called to some hot zones b'fore I was transferred, but there was a lotta downtime an' patrols between it all. Work hard for a few days or a week an' then a few weeks or a month of quiet CAP." She takes a long sip of her drink, eyes on the Pyramid-X as a few guys bandy about who will be 'next.' The karaoke machine is also sitting quiet at the moment.

The pitcher at the table is still over half-full, with a couple glasses available. She spread the word of the party and got the 'first round' as it were. Geoff could probably talk his way into some without much trouble at all...

"On Canceron?" Calliope winces, at Aldrich's words. She laughs, a very wry sound, and touched with relief. "I don't think it gets any worse than what we were dealing with there. Though, I mean, I probably shouldn't say that. Tempting the fates or something. At least this time we got a ride home pretty quick. And, you know, not totally lost and separated from our unit and everything." She beams at Geoff. "No idea! It's a local sweet-rum thing!" She sips some more of it. That was all apparently an endorsement.

Kell is late and he knows it, as he missed the transport that took the first group of people on R&R and into Argentum Bay. The cause, of course, is not his fault as he had trouble finding the right outfit. He still has not yet been obtained a replacement duty blues and his personal effects and uniforms from the Vanguard has yet to arrive. When Razor does show up at the Cove, he is wearing a grey, short sleeved shirt with the Timberwolves logo imprinted on the right breast location. The shirt is untucked, over a pair of slightly worn blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers completes his outfit. Yes, Kell is in civilian garb.

Aldrich nods a little at Calliope, with a grim smile. "We probably wouldn't be around to know it if we did," he agrees. He slips into a seat next to Lyn. He's apparently taking his time with his drink, as he just holds it for now.

Lyn takes a deep drink from her glass, because hopefully the booze will help her feel more comfortable all dressed up like a normal person. She leans towards the side Al is seated on, reflexively. "So they're moving us up to a carrier I hear? Sad to hear they're scraping the Vanguard but we'll have a little more room to move around."

Geoff is already finishing his drink, and motions for one of what Calliope and Astraea are having. He finds time to light up and drag on his cigarette, too. "We should really throw some kind of party," he says. "Or do a show."

"Shame th'Vanguard had to go up 'gainst a Basestar in th'first place, y'know?" Astraea shudders to remember the thing overhead. Not a sight one wants to see, ever. Even in the distance. She takes a long drink to continue the work on drowning it away, but catches the new arrival. It's the hair that does it, but it still takes a moment. She's not seen him wear anything but duty blues or a flightsuit. Rolling to her feet, the woman quickly fills Geoff's glass before pouring one for Kell. "Gotta have a party for one of th' ECOs anyhow soon. Made Ace." The bartender is waved the near-empty pitcher in a call for more before she's stepping away from the table; sarong swinging to reveal thigh all the way up to bikini bottoms on one side. "Razor!" There's absolute delight in her voice; clear that the Viper stick was one of the last people she expected to show with the invitation. She holds the glass out for him, grinning.

"Razor!" Calliope yells in a high-pitched fashion at Kell, once he's spotted. So he knows where to find their table. "Come here and get a drink! Nova has a picture of this local stuff that nobody knows the name of!" And that Cal has become a big PR booster of, as she continues to sip more of it. "Could you top me off?" Blue eyes are blinked up at Astraea. A nod to Lyn. "Yeah, I'll miss it. It was a kick-ass ship. Maybe it'll be back on service one of these days. At least it went down fighting."

It's not hard to find the other 'Wolves as two of them already spotted Kell and called out his name. Making his way over to the group, he waves his hand in greeting, "Hey everyone." A simple verbal hello before a drink is already thrusted at him, which he looks at it with a bit of uncertainty before accepting it, "What is this? I don't really drink, Nova." He didn't exactly say no though, and he wasn't out with the group the last time they were here, too busy with the Inquiry. When Calliope mentions local stuff that no one knows the name to, that brings about a dubious look.

Geoff looks a little suspicious of this idea of joining on to an Ace party. But he smiles at the advent of fresh booze. "I want there to be singing and dancing before we get trapped in another can." He turns to have a lok at the new member of the band. "Don't really drink /yet/," he corrects.

Aldrich smiles at Lyn, faintly. "I will miss the view from the chapel, though." He's distracted by Geoff's comment, turning a confused look on the marine. "A show? What sort of show...?" Then girls are squealing and he glances over to see who has arrived, and offers a polite little lift of his drink in greeting. "Neither do I," he remarks for Kell's benefit, then has a small sip.

Lyn gives Kell a welcoming nod and a smile. "Razor," she greets. She nods to Al and grimaces. "Did you lose a great deal of stuff?" she asks him, sipping from her glass.

"Oh, I definitely want to tear up a club or two somewhere before we're done with Scorpia," Calliope agrees firm with Geoff. "Make some good memories-slash-embarrassing photos we can enjoy next tour. Wherever that'll be." She looks between all of them. "You think they'll send us back for more action on Picon, or ship us to another world?"

"Yer drinkin' with me," Astraea affirms to Kell. There's enough left in the pitcher for Calliope's top off and the bartender is making more. It's probably, for the blues in the drink and the darker hues of the rum at the bottom the 'Argentum Hurricane' on the menu board. At guess. She steps in closer angling to slide her arm through his to guide him back to the table. "I just forgot th' name," she explains when he gives his drink that look. "You deserve to relax just like everyone else, Razor. An' you've saved my ass plenty of times. C'mon-" She won't tug too hard, but she will try to guide the Libran towards one of the chairs.

Geoff smiles and shrugs at Aldrich. "There's people who can do entertaining things. There was that talent show before. But this one could be for just us." He looks to Calliope. "Doesn't matter where they send us. It's the same work everywhere." He looks to Calliope. "Do /not/ go clubbing without me." He takes out a little cheapo phone/camera device and swipes through some pictures on it while simultaneously juggling drink and cigarette, not neglecting either.

The greeting by Aldrich is returned with the same after Kell had taken his drink into hand before the pilot glances at Lyn and shakes his head, "Not sure yet, they were telling me that our stuff isn't due to arrive for another day or two yet. I hope everything is in good order. Most of my uniforms were back on the Vanguard though, since we were out on mission when she got hurt bad." When Astraea convinces him to drink, he releases a light sigh of resignation, though he does appear a bit intrigued, "I guess you're right. And I didn't get a chance to the last time we were here." He takes a seat before bringing the drink to his lips, slowly sipping at it but he manages to clear a good amount before stopping. "Not bad, much better than I thought it would taste."

Aldrich shakes his head a little, "Some of my rituals might be tricky for awhile. But I didn't have much to lose," he answers Lyn, and then looks back to Geoff. "Well, I mean. You guys can have a show. I don't do anything entertaining." So he claims, but his brow goes up a bit when Geoff produces a camera. "Do we really /want/ pictures..."

Lyn reaches a hand to touch Aldrich's arm briefly. "Maybe we can find some replacement things here?" She has no idea if those items can only be gotten on Gemenon or not. "I'm out all my baking supplies," she says with a small wince. She chuckles at the camera and clubbing. "I think Geoff knows that I'm really not much of a dancer. He tried to teach me. The operative word being tried."

Calliope whistles low at Geoff's work with the camera/phone. Impressed. "I bet your selfie game is on point, Courtois." She makes a funny face at it. Bug eyes and elaborate, stretchy-mouthed expression with a stuck-out tongue. She gives Kell a finger-gun sign when he takes the drink. Holding the expression while she does it, because she isn't going to waste this face too quickly.

Pleased enough that Kell is both joining them and at least trying the drink, Astraea drops back down in her chair. A server comes out with a new pitcher of the drink and the woman looks up over her sunglasses. "Bring another an' a round of... nachos?" She looks at the others to confirm this is a good choice. "Nachos an' maybe fries." Shrug! She's never been one to spend many of her cubits otherwise; this may be why. Being able to spend them while on leave. Enjoy time with her squadron. Tucking one leg up under her, she lets a flip-flop drop to the ground as she tries to lean and spot Geoff's phone. "You showin' off photos or takin' 'em? 'Cause I can tell ya now I ain't got no talents."

"Don't you like /watching/ shows?" Geoff asks Aldrich. "That's something people do, you know." He smiles at Lyn. "There's nothing wrong with how you dance, you just don't trust yourself." He snaps a picture of Calliope. "My selfie game is unstoppable," he confirms, and, flicking around in the camera through images already taken, passes the phone to Lyn. "Let's play a game with pictures of my friends from Caprica. Hot or not?"

"Maybe," is all Aldrich will say to Lyn's suggestion that his things can be replaced. He lets the conversation move on to Geoff's phone, and takes a longer drink. He just lifts a shoulder at Geoff's question, and smiles uncertainly. "As long as I'm not required to be in it, I'll enjoy it." Then he falls silent, with a tight little smile.

There is a slightly amused smirk by Kell when Calliope tried to get him to spit up the drink, didn't work though since he was already pulling his glass away when he looked up and caught the look. When Nachos are ordered, he is more than happy to stay quiet with someone already taking charge filling the table. "It's been so long since we had some time off, I'm glad we're taking a break from the front." Even the constant alert status, patrols, combat missions were taking a toll on the young Viper jock.

Lyn blinks at the 'game' and looks at Geoff's phone. "Uh," she murmurs, because she's no good at this stuff. "He's a bit young," she offers. That is a not perhaps? Or perhaps she only has eyes for the Chaplain beside her. She finishes her first drink, and gestures for Callie to fill her up from the pitcher. This socializing thing requires booze.

Calliope claps her hands gleefully when Geoff snaps her picture. "Sweet! I want a copy!" Before she passes the pitcher back to the general table, she'll pour Lyn a refill. "A nod to Kell. Yeah. I was just thinking the same thing. Like, things were definitely worse when some of us were stranded on Canceron, but Picon was, like, no break. For months. So, I am going to soak up the sun while it lasts."

"Whaddya think th' carrier'll be like?" Astraea catches a bit of a glance at the photo Lyn is shown, but mostly remains leaning -- sorry Kell, totally in your space! -- to wait for the marine's response before she flops back into her chair. "Will we all share th' same bunks still or will they move us inta separate ones? Pilots an' marines don't usually share an' all." She shifts her sunglasses against the glare of the sunset as it works its way below the horizon.

"Not as young as you think," Geoff replies with a wink, and sips from his drink to flip to another photo. "Hot or not?" He smiles at Calliope. "I'll give you one if I ever print them out. Or, like, if you have a cord to transfer." He loks to Astraea. "I hope it's big. ...For a ship."

Lyn makes an actual face at the second one. "Now that one just looks like he's totally full of himself. Something about his face makes me want to punch it," she shows it to Aldrich because really, kids these days!

Aldrich blinks once or twice at Lyn's reaction to the second face, and then looks at the picture. He seems pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing, and just smiles tightly. "Um. I don't know about /punching/ him..." he murmurs, and finishes off his drink, because really. Clearly this gathering requires more booze. He reaches for the pitcher to refill his drink.

"Laying out in the sun sounds like a pretty good idea... didn't get to do much of that back home, was abit colder where I lived." Kell says to Calliope before bringing the glass to his lips, taking another long sip, getting use to the taste. When the discussion about the new carrier begins, Razor shakes his head, "It /should/ be big enough where we all have our own berthings. It was nice a cozy bunking with Marines but I think we need something more... orderly."

"I've got one back with my stuff. I'll get it off you later," Calliope says to Geoff. "There's definitely room in my drive. I was, like, queen of streaming before the A-I crash." She mourns the loss of a hyperlinked world with a drink. Astraea's question makes her think, brow scrunching, but she doesn't seem to arrive at much. "Maybe we'll have more bunk space? Not sure. I just hope the ship's as good to us as the Vanguard was. I felt like we were finally just breaking her in before, well, boom basestar."

Geoff smiles at Lyn. "He is," he confirms. "But he has his good points." He glances at Aldrich. "Don't worry, Preacher, they're all on Caprica and she doesn't like them anyway." Siiiip, smoke, swipe. "Hot or not?" He glances at Kell. "No offense, but you look like you iron your underwear."

"I bet the Vipers-" there's a smirk, towards Kell, "will be happy iff'n they get launch tubes on the new ship." She sort of leans over to nudge him with her elbow. Astraea drains the rest of her current drink and leans forward to grab the new pitcher to top it off. She has to sip quickly at the edge lest the over-fill spill over onto her hand. Someone began before the others arrived- obviously! When Geoff mentions that Kell looks like he irons his underwear, welll... she breaks into a burst of giggles.

At this one, Lyn just blinks a few times. "I'm not good at this game," she declares, and passes the phone to Calliope to play instead. She moves to lean to one side and set a hand on one of Aldrich's lightly. Her other hand tips her second drink to her lips. Someone is feeling old and stuffy among the youthful wolves.

"Whoa, that is a lot of lip injections!" Calliope exclaims at the photo. "I think my dad dated her older double for awhile. I did not want her as my new step-mom. So. Yeah. Going to vote Not." A chuckle to Kell. "What, you won't miss constant combat landings? But, yeah, I bet we'll get launch tubes back. Or, well, you guys will. Raptor's do not belong in a tube. We need room to bounce."

Geoff's comment catches Kell off guard as he was about to bring the glass to his lips to drain the rest of the glass, looking a bit perplexed at the statement before shaking his head, "I'm more use to pilot having their own area. Different types of people, different focus on duties. Though that was how it was back with the Libran Armed Forces, not sure what your military was like where you are from." Then Astraea starts giggling and Razor gives her a look, smirking again. "Unless they changed the regs, I don't iron my boxers." He then looks at Calliope and shakes his head, "I didn't mind the manual takeoffs, was based on an air base before assigned to the Vanguard. The flight deck was definitely a bit cozier than preferred though."

Aldrich still looks pretty uncomfortable, but he smiles at Geoff. "That's not exactly what I was thinking." He doesn't explain what he /was/ thinking. When Lyn touches his hand, he looks that way with a bit of a surprised look, but turns his hand over to squeeze her fingers. "I used to know someone who ironed his boxers," he remarks, a bit randomly. "Or he did, once. He didn't recommend trying it." He has a swallow of his drink, and then adds, "Or at least, if you do, don't use starch."

"No, it isn't," Geoff argues lightly. "They're just overdrawn. It's an illusion." He drags on his cigarette, then reaches to have his phone back. Once he's tucked it away again, he jokes, "It's the /briefs/ he irons." He looks at Aldrich. "I've microwaved 'em," he volunteers. "On a cold day."

Lyn returns the hand squeeze, and sits quietly, looking around at the others and sipping her drink. She almost chokes on it at Geoff's comment though. "Microwaved your underwear? You wouldn't last three minutes on Aquaria, Court."

"C'mon, Razor-" Astraea grins back at him as she settles back in her seat. The sun is set enough that she pushes the sunglasses up and the woman's skin s not so dark that one can't see the flush beginning across her nose. She's drunk. "Even you gotta admit that it's not a stretch of the imagination." When talk turns to microwaving briefs, she just snorts and leans back. "I wouldn't last on Aquaria," the woman admits, spreading arms a bit in the fading sun. "But I grew up here. Sun. Waves. I ain't made for cold."

"To bigger flight decks. And maybe extra bunk space." Calliope toasts this, continuing to lounge and sip and soak up some shore leave. She drifts into the background of the conversation, eyes focused lazily out on the Scorpian landscape and its blessed current lack of Cylons.

Aldrich raises his eyebrows, but his reaction is not quite so derisive as Lyn's. "That's kind of clever," he remarks, but then smiles a little and cuts a side-eye to Lyn as she mocks it, smiling a little, then looks back down at his drink without comment.

Geoff smiles at Lyn. "I'd find some way to keep warm," he says, and drains the remainder of his drink. His eyes move from face to face. Kell bewildered with him, Lyn and Aldrich recovering from being uncomfortable, Calliope drifting off. "I'm gonna split," he says, and gets up, just like that, flashing a smile. "Have fun. Don't wait up for me."

The only answer that Kell has for Astraea is a shake of his head, he neither confirms or denies the possibility, even if remote. When Geoff rises to depart, he gives the other man a nod before finishing the rest of the drink in his glass, "Where I lived on Libran, it wasn't as cold as Aquaria unless you're high up in the mountains. But it wasn't warm, helps keep you awake, the cold air on winter nights."

"Night Geoff," Lyn says as the man departs. She looks over at Aldrich. "I was thinking of going for a walk along the boardwalk," she notes. Because the beach would be tough in heels. Her second drink is half gone and she's starting to feel it.

A tray appears! Nachos, fries, and another pitcher. Lest more people appear. As Geoff seems prepared to depart, Astraea pouts a bit in his direction; in that way only a drunk girl can manage. "So soon?" She lets out a bit of a sigh. "Well, don't be a stranger. You're right. There ought to be a party." He was the one that suggested it, right? She seems so sure of that. Noting Kell's empty drink, she leans out to grab one of the pitchers to refill it; deaf to any potential protests. In appeasement, however, she'll make sure the nachos are well within his reach.

"Take care..." Aldrich offers after Geoff, but he's frowning to himself, lost in thought for a moment before his attention is recalled by Lyn's comment. "Oh?" It takes him a second to realize that might be an invitation, and he clears his throat. "Do you want an escort?" So awkward.

"Well, I sure didn't get all dressed up to spend quality time with the seagulls, Al," Lyn says quietly with a grin, and a wink. She does pluck up a nacho though first because NACHOS.

There is no protest from Kell when Astraea moves to refill his glass, knowing that it is too late to stop her and there is very little chance to talk the Raptor pilot out of it. So all he can do is say an appreciative word of thanks, sipping away at his glass until the nachos arrive. The aroma of the cheesy munchies is enticing and when it is nudged in his direction, Razor helps himself to a good amount. This shore leave was definitely much needed, at least for the young Ensign.

The nachos! Well, they were to share. Astraea does look a bit distressed that the party is breaking up, but then... maybe others will come later? More alcohol for her, at least. She lifts fingers to wiggle at Aldrich and Lyn. "Enjoooooooy." Hey, she has eyes. She can tell what is being planned. The woman does look over to Kell with a bit of squinting. "Do you own a swimsuit? 'Cause-" she nudges him with her glass. "If not, we're fixin' that tomorrow. We gotta get ya to th' beach."

Aldrich turns kind of red when Astraea does her finger waggle and commentary. He refrains from doing more than finishing his drink and then clears his throat as he sets it aside. With whatever dignity he can muster two drinks in, he rises to his feet and offers Lyn a hand. "Shall we?"

Lyn takes the offered hand and she smiles brightly at the Chaplain. "We shall!" she declares, and then heads out with Aldrich to go for a long walk along the boardwalk under the stars.


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