2237-07-25 - Never Drink Alone

In which Calliope and Priya get a little emo on alcohol and Scorpian beaches.

Date: 2237-07-25

Location: Beach - Scorpia

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Calliope has been soaking up as much shoreleave as she can. Mostly in the company of other Wolves, at bars or cafes or shopping. She's exiting one of those bars now, with a big disposable cup of some vibrantly blue slush concoction. It probably contains alcohol. She sips it lazily through a straw as she wanders down the beach, her pace quickening when she spots Priya. A hand is raised for a chipper wave.

Lifting her bottle, which is a quarter empty, Priya salutes the sky before taking a drink. A Long one. Licking the amber liquid clean from her lips, it takes her a moment to catch sight of the approaching Calliope. It takes another for her to lift a hand in a wave. It's not chipper, but it is a wave.

"Partying without us, Tauron?" It's teasing, but also just a little pouty. Why wasn't she invited to random beach drinking?!?! Calliope proceeds over to where Priya's parked herself. Apart from the CF tags around her neck, she's in civilian clothes. Floral-print shorts and pink sandals, and a powder blue t-shirt with the insignia of a Leonese electro-pop band.

"Didn't think anyone would want me, Caprica," Priya replies bluntly, smoothing her hair back from her face where the wind pulls it. She doesn't shift as Calliope joins her, smoothing out a bit of sand for the other woman. There. That's for you. She is dressed less civilian-esque in pants of a military bent and a dark tanktop along with her tags. "You all looked like you were having fun."

"Umm..." Mostly Calliope just looks baffled by that. More blinking at Priya. Like she's torn between being concerned and being annoyed. She settles somewhere inbetween. "OK. Seriously. What the frak?"

Priya takes another slug of whatever she is drinking before placing it between her bare feet, holding it there like an ungraceful crab. "I almost clobbered a marine," she offers, as if this is the good part of a story she's already telling. "You know what - what she said? Said this is better. The Cylons. Cleaner." She frowns, patting the sand for her bottle before finding it between her feet. "Because everything has been so frakking clean about this."

"Oh. Yeah. I guess that's kind of frakked up." Calliope goes to flop down next to Priya on the sand, legs sprawling out haphazardly and comfortably. She tends up with one knee raised so she can rest an elbow on it. "Still. Drinking alone is lame and depressing. You should always drink with people. That way you can pretend it's fun." She offers Priya her blue sippy drink. "Try this! It's cotton candy flavoring. And also rum. I'm not sure which is worse for you."

"Everyone is dead. Even if we win this - if I survive to see that - I've got nothing to go back to," Priya says more quietly, lips whispering against the curve of the bottle. It whistles with the touch of her breath. Her dark brows rise at Calliope's point about drinking with others. "...pretend it's fun." Right. She's great a fun. Since the sippy cup is offered, she offers her bottle of hard liquor in return. Fair trade! "Alright..." Taking a hesitant drink, she wrinkles her nose. "It's... good? I think. Shit that's sweet."

"I didn't think they still made them. I came here with some girls in my house on Vernal Break in college. The whole weekend is, like, a haze of guys wearing too much cologne and puking in the Bay." That's supposed to serve as some kind of endorsement of the drink. She takes a sip from the bottle. A tentative one. She's the sort who dresses up her drunkenness with loud music and cocktails with funny names, so the straight out of the bottle thing has less remove than she's comfortable with. As for the rest of it, she's just quiet for a moment. A little sigh escapes her and she starts to say something, then stops. Unable to dredge up anything to say, to that.

The bottle is strong. It has a pungent kick of the local brand of spirits that suggests it was not a terribly expensive bottle. "We did that - kind of. Dancing at the local bar and getting drunk enough to puke in the fields," Priya admits quietly. She takes another swallow of the cotton candy drink before passing it back. "There were... a lot of fields. Not fancy enough to hop the planet, Caprica." On Tauron. Licking her lips, she leans back on her elbows digging into the sand as she looks up at the stars with Calliope in her periphery.

"Whoa!" That is Calliope's response to what's in the bottle. She makes a face but takes another sip before passing it back to Priya. And returning to the beguiling sweetness of her cotton candy slushy alcohol. "I mean...Tauron's still there. And we are going to kick the toasters the frak out of it. It and Picon and the rest of the worlds. I know a lot's gone but...a lot's still left, too. I can't believe you would've joined up if you thought there was nothing left to fight for."

"Right?" That seems to be a positive 'whoa' in Priya's opinion, a hint of a smirk touching her lips as Calliope takes another sip. It will do its job. Lifting it, she takes several swallows of the alochol before admitting. "I didn't join to fight for anything, Calliope." She shrugs. "I joined to avenge those who had died. We believe - on Tauron - that you cannot rest in death if no one avenges you. My family is dead. My friends." She huffs a dark laugh, "Most of my hometown. There is nothing for me to go back to. So I will send off what souls I can - even if I die in the process."

"You have friends here..." It's muttered barely audibly, and Calliope retreats more into sipping on her relentlessly cheery drink as she chews on all of that. "I mean...you aren't the only one who lost family, Priya. Or friends. Or..." She blinks hastily and swallows some more. "...like, I'm not saying it's not frakked up and terrible and it'll ever be the same again but...what's left isn't nothing."

"I know. I just... thought I could let it be. Focus on what needed to be done." Destroy as many Cylons as it took, no matter how much it cost them, no matter how many they lost. Priya doesn't manage to bink back tears, taking a swig of her alcohol. She offers Calliope a watery look, shaking her head. "I know. I'm sorry. I didn't think..." Of her loses. Sitting up abruptly, she leans in for an awkward hug, wrapping her arms around the other woman tightly.

The hug surprises Calliope. She's not opposed to hugs herself, but she doesn't tend to expect voluntary ones from Priya, unless they're thrust upon her. She recovers from the surprise in a second, though, squeezing her back tight. "It's..." That started out as 'It's OK' but that kind of dies. "...it's frakked up. Don't worry about it, though. I've got you..."

Wrapping around Calliope tightely, Priya buries her face in the curve of the other woman's shoulder with a hiccup of breath. "Yeah," she agrees with a hiccup of a laugh, tears still sliding down her cheeks. "It frakking is." Fraked up. She squeezes her friend a little tighter, murmuring in Tauran, "<<Thank you.>>"

Calliope does not speak even enough Tauran to full translate that in her brain. But she gets the gist. She gives Priya a little more space but leaves her arm around her waist, sitting back and looking out over the water. "I mean. I guess I joined up for revenge. After I saw what was left of my dad's house in the hills above Cap City..." She swallows more blue. "...I'd barely talked to him those last couple years. I spent as much time off-world as I could. I don't know that it even felt like home anymore. Still was, though. Is. Can't get away from that stuff."

Rather than pulling away, Priya leans into the arm around her waist, dragging the bottle closer to her and Calliope. She leaves her head tucked against the taller woman's shoulder as she takes a sip of her alcohol, listening. "My sympathies," Priya murmurs, voice raw with shared pain. "It doesn't... it is family. Mine adopted me. It doesn't change the frakking mess we're left with." She offers Calliope the bottle of the stronger stuff again.

"My mom's still alive. I finally got a message off to her, after we docked here. It'd been...well, it'd been longer than I should've left it. Time kind of got away from me while we were on our tour over Picon." Calliope sips some more, her straw making a slurping sound as she gets to the bottom of her concoction. "She's still got her place on the South Side. It's funny. The shitty part of the city came out better than anywhere else. Nobody in her high rise had a Cylon butler." She snorts.

"No doubt she's relieved," Priya says softly, sliding a hand around Calliope's back and rubbing a soothing circle. She snorts at the irony that the shitty part of town came out better than the 'nice' sector. "I was relieved. To get your messages. When we weren't stationed together." Lifting her head, she looks at Calliope for a long moment with the moonlight hiding her tears and illuminating the lower curve of her lip.

Calliope lets out a low "Heh" and nods. "Yeah. It's irony. I think. I kind of sucked at Lit class. But, like, a lot of the people left to rebuild are the ones who were put out of work by the toasters. My mom was my dad's cleaning woman for awhile. That's why I exist in the first place." She sniffs out another half-laugh. "She did all right with it for awhile, but she just couldn't find jobs anymore after people started buying the domestic models. Joke's on them now, I guess. That should be some kind of labor slogan. Hire human, don't get murdered." Her body eases closer to Priya's, at that touch to her back, and her head turns toward the other woman. "Good. I mean. I missed you."

Sliding her fingers against the fabric of Calliope's shirt, Priya shakes her head at all the people put out of work by the toasters. "Worth cleaning a rich guy's place if you ask me," she notes of Calliope's existance, smiling slightly. "It should. We replaced our man operated machines with them and let them handle the fields..." She shakes her head at the slogan. Dark eyes sliding over Calliope's features, hand warm through the fabric of her shirt, she says softly, "Yeah. I missed you too."

"Yeah..." Calliope edges her chin closer to Priya's and, slowly, her lips edge in to touch the other woman's in a soft, tentative kiss. A little sticky, from alcoholic candy slushies and cheap cherry lipgloss.

Calliope can feel the slow exhale of Priya's breath as she leans in, warm and scented with whisky. Her own lips are a little dry from being out on the windy beach, but warm and certain as she leans in to meet that tentative kiss.

Calliope's kiss becomes less tentative after a beat. She gets closer, and sloppier...and then, far quicker than she entered into it, she pulls back. "Uh. OK. You are really drunk. So. Yeah. I should probably...go..."

There is no resistance to Calliope's lean into the kiss, if anything the turn is encouraged as fingers dig into her back. "Uhm." Priya sits back in shock as Calliope abruptly draws away, tucking a hair behind her ear. "You're really drunk too," she points out, licking the taste of cherry chapstick off her lips. "You don't... I mean. You don't need to... go. Or I could. I could walk you back?"

"Oh gods, I have to...umm..." Calliope flails her arm in a gesture that means absolutely nothing coherent. Then stands up, stumbling. "I'll just...see you later...umm...bye. Sorry. Bye." And, with that, she turns to flee.


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