2237-07-25 - Stabbin' Cabin

Drinks and arguments are had at the quarters shared by Mikolas, Cate, Geoff and Eli.

Date: 2237-07-25

Location: Temporary Quarters, Scorpia

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Scene Number: 326

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Away from Picon, there is a tension that has left Miko's shoulders and he could be in what could be classified as a good mood. He's on the porch of a small single story home of military housing that he's making his most (in)appropriate mark on. With a pint of paint and an old board, he's brushing on the letters 'Stabbin' Cabin'.

Cate spent last night at a hotel in town before finally getting her housing billet sorted out. Now she's here. Her frown suggests she's not in a particularly good mood. She's got on a tank top and shorts and a satchel slung over her shoulder. Seeing Miko's handiwork as she approaches the porch, she lifts her sunglasses up, eyebrows arched. "Planning a murder?"

It makes sense that medical is getting housed together, and it also helps that Miko and Eli can put in as a married couple now, to try and stay together at least in that regard. So it's no real surprise when hears Cate's voice behind him, and he glances up with the back of his hand smudging across his cheek. "Not that kind of stabbing." Cue the brow waggle of suggestion. "You stuck here with us?"

Cate lets out a brittle half-chuckle at the brow-waggle. "Maybe you should just call it 'TMI Headquarters'. But yeah, apparently so. Please tell me there are beds, at least?" It's a weary question.

"Beds. Bathtubs. Doors that lock. It's a downright paradise." Miko leans back to admire is handiwork, and gives it a seal of approval with a nod before he tosses down his brush. Hands pressed into his knees, he stands fully and makes a motion to take her bag. "I suggest the room furthest from Eli and mine, if you actually want to get some sleep."

"Good. Last time I ended up in a place like this I slept on the floor on a sleeping bag for six months." That memory causes her lips to thin. She murmurs a quiet thanks when he reaches for her bag, handing it over. "If I can sleep through Martinez snoring, I can sleep through you two fooling around. Though it's not like I sleep much any more anyway." And it shows. "You seem happier. Glad to be off Picon?"

"Yeah, something about seeing your home world shot to shit really puts damper on things, you know?" Miko slings her bag over his shoulder and palms open the door to the no-frills government housing. Beige walls, beige carpet and sad linoleum in the kitchen. "So the Master is over there, and there are two more bedrooms down the hall. I claimed one of the latter, because I think they're going to try and cram more than two into the bigger room."

"Can only imagine. Sucked for me and it wasn't even my home," Cate says with a note of sympathy. She surveys the place with a squint, then follows Mikolas in. "I'll take the one next to yours. Maybe all the racket will keep away potential roommates."

"So long as I don't catch you holding a drinking glass up to your ear, pressed to the wall." Miko swings in that direction, toeing open the door and tossing her bag onto one of the twin beds in a room that must have belonged to a child at one point. There are spots on the walls where the paint has faded around long removed floral decals, so the entire thing beige patchwork. Linens are folded on the end of the bed, waiting for the mattress to be made up.

"Yeah that's totally my style," Cate deadpans back with a soft pfft. She flops down on the other bed - the one without the bag. "Figured I'd get the kid's room." She lays there for a few moments, not caring that there are no sheets. "You see that little girl we brought back from Havison?" she asks randomly. The six year old in question spent the night in Vanguard's sickbay with Cate, Isolde, Gustavo and the other couple civilians that were rescued from the surface with them. The civilians left on a shuttle the next day, back to Picon. The little girl didn't say a word the entire time she was on board.

"Heard about her." Miko flops onto the other bed, taking one of the naked pillows there and lobbing it at Cate's head. "But after my run in with random local children last time, I kept my distance. Kept hearing Eli's voice in my head, 'Do you want Spiro fever? This is how you get Spiro fever!"

"Hey," comes the muffled protest when the pillow lands on her face. But that doesn't stop Cate from picking it up and sticking it under her head where it belongs. "Oh. Yeah, I forgot about that." Several seconds tick by. "Well. I didn't get the plague. She was practically my shadow for a week after we found her. Parents probably dead. Had to leave her with the refugee child services people in Queenstown." She frowns.

"Did I just hear your womb cry?" Leave it to Miko to take a serious moment and try to turn it around with ill fitting humor. "Really, if you want me to put a baby in you, all you have to do is ask. I can spin it off to Eli as my humanitarian duty to carry on these fine ass genes." The pair are off in the secondary bedroom (laying on opposing twin beds) next to the one Eli and Miko claimed, leaving the Master empty as no doubt the military will try to cram more than two people into the larger room. The house is plain and boring, a land of beige and faded wall paint.

There's a long stretch of silence, then Cate says flatly. "You know you can be a real asshole sometimes, Kovac." She continues to frown, staring up at the ceiling. She's flopped down on her bed, in a civilian tanktop and shorts, still wearing her shoes.

"Sometimes?" says Eli as he appears in the doorway. He's moving purposefully enough that it's likely he only caught the last line of their conversation. "What has he done now?" asks the doctor as he leans on the doorframe.

"Tried to deflect her growing sense of sadness with Miko style humor. Rated M for mature, not recommended for all viewing audiences." Miko lifts his head, shooting Eli a wide smile. "Hi honey, you're home! Did you remember to pick up milk and diapers?"

"In other words, the usual," Cate says with a sullen little snort after Miko's explanation. She doesn't offer anything else, continuing to just frown up at the ceiling.

"No, but I did remember to pick up a bottle of my uncle's brandy." Eli thumbs over his shoulder towards the kitchen, presumably where he stashed it. "Is it just me or does this house arrangement feel somehow more awkward than being stacked above each other in the berthings?"

Geoff comes 'home,' dressed in civilian clothes, carrying the towel he borrowed to hit the beach in. He's only a little sandy around the edges. "Awkward?" he asks, picking up the conversation as he comes in. "What, you don't like sharing the newlywed bungalow with your good good friends?"

"We have a door. That locks." Miko points out to Eli. Very pointedly. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." He swings his legs over the edge of the twin bed he was laying on in Cate's newly claimed room and takes the few steps over to Cate in an attempt to hoist her up and over one shoulder. "You need to learn to drown your sorrows like the rest of us. Hey Geoff!" No correlation between those two statements. Honest.

"Yeah it's only awkward for the rest of us and our poor ears," Cate points out. Mikolas gets an irritated look when he comes over to her bed. But then he's picking her up and frankly she's too caught off guard to resist. "What the frak are you doing?" The greeting she was preparing for Geoff dies on her lips as she ends up on Miko's shoulder.

"Just as long as you do the dishes," says Eli to Geoff. "And don't put a nearly empty carton of milk away. Should I do up a chore board?" It's hard to tell whether or not he's serious. He is Mr. Particular, after all. He lifts his brows when Miko hoists, but doesn't comment. "You know, we could've probably stayed with Nell."

"Hi, Miko," Geoff says, standing in the doorway he followed the voices to. He flashes a smile. "Drown my sorrows." He looks to Eli with a smirk. "Sure," he says. "I once did dishes for a living." He watches to make sure Cate is safe, and to see how pissed off she looks.

Miko starts heading towards the kitchen and the presumed bottle of brandy that was aforementioned, toting Cate like a sack of caterwauling potatoes in that direction. "Like you'd settle for being that far away from base, when Conditions jump. This way when you stumble back from a sleep deprived shift, you don't have far to go." He tells Eli, after all, the housing is technically on base or base adjacent. No answer to Cate.

Pissed off would be an understatement. Cate was not in the best of moods to begin with, and being hauled around like a sack of potatoes is not doing much for her disposition. Nor is being ignored. "Put me down, asshole." And then even though it's quite liable to result in her being dumped on her head, she hauls back her foot to give him a solid kick. If he's lucky, it'll just be to the thigh and not more central.

"Miko..." begins Eli as the medic carts Cate. "We have to live with each other for the next while. Be nice." He starts for the kitchen and fishes out some cheap, mismatched glasses. "All right. Who wants some of my Uncle Ignado's famous brandy. It's sweet, but it's got a kick."

"Miko, put her down," Geoff says. And that much he sounds serious about. But then he lifts a hand to volunteer to drink brandy.

"Ow, ow, shit.." Miko sort of does this little half dance to try and make it to the kitchen on time before the pain in his thigh wins out and he does drop Cate. Thankfully, it's on top of one of the beige counters that matches the very beige house. "Stuff it, princess. We're going to cheer you up whether you like it or not." He tells her, then turns to the others. "I need two units, STAT." Presumably one he's going to pour down Cate's throat.

"Go frak yourself," Cate snaps back at him, piping mad. She hops down off the counter and goes to storm out the kitchen's back door, shoving roughly past Mikolas as she does so.

"Cate..." Eli calls after her, but he doesn't work harder than that at making her stop. He knows the desire to storm, and better to do it now when they can actually be alone. He sighs and then uncorks the bottle. It's got no label, so that could be good or bad. He fills three. There's a fourth cup on the counter in case Cate changes her mind.

"Miko," Geoff says, "You can't frakkin' do that to people. Specially with all that goes on for us all. You gotta apologize to her, for real." He looks toward the back door. "Maybe after she calms down."

Miko's eyes trail after Cate, a hint of confusion and something deeper there that he manages just to blink away to safe keeping behind his cheery facade. "And this is why we can't have nice things." He chimes merrily as he reaches for one of the glasses. Likely an apology would just go twice as badly as his attempts to cheer her up.

Cate stalks off, ignoring Eli's call. She hits the back screen door so hard it almost bounces back and smacks her in the face. But then it closes behind her and she's storming off to hopefully cool down.

Eli watches Cate go with a furrowed brow. He looks back to Miko. brows arching questioningly. "Save some of this for Cate," he motions to the bottle. "I have a feeling she'll need some later." It's mango brandy from the scent of it. It's sweet, but not cloyingly so, with an obvious alcoholic bite. Quite tasty, really.

Geoff picks up his glass after warily watching Cate make her egress. He nods his thanks to Eli and has a try of it. "Frak," he says quietly. "That's actually good."

Miko can only just shrug at Eli in answer, perhaps not even knowing himself where things went wrong. "I'm glad you love me." He says simply, as one of the few people that actually 'get' Miko and his particular brand of defense mechanisms. He hops up onto the counter that Cate recently vacated and palms his cup of brandy. "But if I mysteriously die in my sleep? One of you better start a query."

"I'd do more than start a query," says Eli as he leans against the counter. He sips at the brandy and nods approvingly. "Not bad. His last batch had a little more fire." He upnods to Geoff. "Careful with it. It'll bite you in the ass."

"Not-uh, I don't wanna be next," Geoff answers, less loyal than Eli, sipping on that brandy. He smiles at the doctor. "I've had worse than a bite on the ass." He looks at Miko thoughtfully. "What cheers /you/ up?" he wonders. "How 'bout secrets?"

Miko finally takes a drink of his brandy after he broods for a moment longer in the 'where did I go wrong' category. The deep furrows that were forming on his forehead ease up in appreciation. "I need to grill your uncle for tips, if I ever get out of the swill business." After all, cask aging something is a bit beyond the available resources when you're on the front line. It's what Geoff says that perks him up further. "Why, you got any?"

"I'm sure he'd be happy to oblige. No one else in the family seems eager to learn his secrets. But then, most of them are happy to just drink the cheapest of swill." Eli swirls his glass, then sips again. "Secrets? Or gossip?"

"Well, I got a new hobby when I caught up with some friends on Caprica," Geoff says. "You could have the breaking news before it gets around." He takes a cheapo phone/camera out of his pocket and flips through pictures. He smiles at Eli. "It's only gossip if it's about somebody else, right?" He passes Miko the phone.

At first Miko looks confused at the imagine on the little screen, the befuddled expression twisting up his eyebrows again into a weird little mountain range. Then something sort of creeps into his features, like the lightbulb in his head is on a dimmer switch that is gradually being turned up. "Damn. Well. I'd do you?" He says, before passing the phone over to Eli.

Eli looks confused, then takes the phone from Miko. He looks at the picture for a long moment - almost as long as Miko did, before things click into place. He looks from the image, over to Geoff, then back. "...this is you? Where'd you learn to do makeup like that?" Seeing as the military isn't exactly full of women with 45 minute beauty routines.

Geoff sips from his brandy while watching Miko's expression. "Not the most standard neckline but...covered up the scars," he says. He smiles at Eli. "My friends did it. They've been in the life a while. I started learning from them, though. Frakkin' expensive, though. Makeup."

"Did you wear heels too? Because. Damn. That's commitment." Miko seems truly impressed but otherwise nonplussed about their friend dressing up in drag if that's what floats his boat. Despite Eli not really being into public displays of affection, that doesn't (ever) stop Miko from pawing at the doctor and now he's trying to manipulate the other man into leaning back against the counter between his knees.

"There's a club down on the resort strip that does shows. Pretty impressive. Heels the size of stilts." Eli approximates a significant height with his hands, which clearly means platforms plus stilettos. "Some of it is crazy performance art." He really isn't a PDA guy, but seeing as they're not technically in public, he indulges Miko and moves to lean between his knees.

"Frakkin' giant ones," Geoff says, pocketing his phone. "Felt like one of those giant monster movies. But they're actually interesting to dance in. Hurt like frak though." He sips the brandy and says, "Y'all smoke in here? I'm just asking, I won't if you don't."

"Geoff SMASH." When Eli is leaning between his knees, Miko leans over and helps himself to a chomp of the man's shoulder. Biting is affection, yo. "Smoked some pole earlier, does that count?" Even if there is not truth to it, the medic seems amused.

Eli accepts the bite with longsuffering grace. He reaches up to ruffle the back of Miko's hair in spite of himself. "I'd prefer if you didn't but only because I'm still a recovering smoker."

Geoff doesn't seem terribly bothered by PDA. But then, he used to work in a hotel bar. "Fair enough," he answers, finishing his glass and setting it on the counter. He snorts at Miko. "Most people don't ask you to do /that/ outside."

"Guess it depends on the neighborhood." Miko grins past Eli at Geoff, as he reaches down to pinch the butt of the former. "So I suppose people would complain if I claimed one of the bathtubs to try and squeeze out a batch of fast mash gin before we ship off again?"

"I would complain," drawls Eli. "I want to take a godsdamned bath while I have the chance." He takes a deep breath and leans back against Miko. "In fact, I think I might do that right nowm" he tosses back the rest of his brandy. But before he goes, he turns to Geoff, "If you want to meet the performers here, I can ask around. I'm sure at least one of my cousins knows someone."

"I've never complained about gin in my life," Geoff says. But Eli has the clear authority here. He looks surprised by the offer that issues next. "Yeah," he says. "Introduce me." He pauses, then thinks to add, "Thats, um, nice. Thanks."

"Fiiiine, I'll see if I can dredge up a 50 gallon plastic drum then." Miko slides down off the counter, mainly because Eli said something about taking a bath, and he'll be damned if he's going to miss that. "Then we can come support you at your next show. Is it appropriate to shove cubits in a drag queen's bra?" He wonders aloud.

"My next show?" Geoff echoes. But before he ponders that any more, he jokes, "I don't have a problem taking cash wherever you shove it." A look to Eli. "I'm not cramping the newlywed style, am I? I don't mind going out."

"The folks down there are really nice," the club, Eli means. "Can't remember the name of it because it changed names while I've been away." He eyes Miko, then looks to Geoff. "No, he's going to keep you company." He looks pointedly at the marine before heading towards the bathroom.

"Uuuuugh." Miko groans, "I was looking forward to making bubble beards and everything. Fine, I'll go smoke instead. But when I crawl into bed smelling like an ashtray, you have only yourself to blame." He reaches out to clamp Geoff on his shoulder. "C'mon, maybe we can go toilet paper one of Airwing's houses while we're at it."


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