2237-07-26 - Creaky Foundation

Cate runs into an old friend (Bean) who's concerned about how she's doing.

Date: 2237-07-26

Location: Scorpia

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Scene Number: 336

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This time, Bean is the one who is perched at the bar with a warming beer in his hand. He's in his civvies -- a light t-shirt and jeans complete with Scorpian-issued flipflops. Very little has changed about the Caprican even if he spent the last days the Galactica was over his home colony with his ass in a medical bed. Like everyone else, he looks tired. He sits with free stools surrounding him, and his eyes are fixed on the incoming news report. He snorts at something the newscaster reports, grumbling, "Sure ain't how I remember that going down." Then he sips his beer through the heavy head of foam.

Cate will see his 'tired' and raise it. The doctor looks thoroughly worn out. She plops down on the empty stool next to him, letting a backpack slip from her shoulder to rest by her feet. It's only when she hears his grumble that she actually realizes it's him. Her head swivels that way in surprise. "Bean. Hey."

Bean turns his head at the greeting, and there's that smile that is just edged a bit in his own surprise. "Hey there, Doc." The Caprican squints at the door and then back around to her, and he rubs a bit at his jaw. There's almost something bumbling in that grin and the short chuckle that follows. "Hmph. Heard something about the Vanguard coming back through." He settles his elbows on the bar again, beer between his hands.

Cate leans on the bar as well, shrugging. "Not the Vanguard, just the crew. Ship didn't make it off Picon." She gets the bartender's attention and orders a fruity wine cooler type of thing. "Still on Galactica?"

"Mmhmm. Back from Caprica." The Marine takes another swallow from drink, shifting a bit on his stool. "Don't ask how we're doing, because I'll be honest, Cate... I have no frakking clue. The second I think the tide is turning, I find out the tide is just coming in." He considers the exhausted looking medic beside him now, and he rubs his hand back across his bristle of dark gold hair. "Heard some rumblings about Picon... sorry to hear about the V though." Beat pause. "How you holdin' up?"

"Yeah, we don't get enough of the big picture to really tell how things are going. Hope it's less frakked than Picon at least. Did it suck more or less, fighting at home?" Apparently the idea of it not sucking at all never entered her mind. The drink is delivered and she sips at it before snorting at his question. "That's become our 'how are you' question, hasn't it. Because we all know we're all frakked, so nobody's ever going to say 'fine, how're you'? But mostly people don't really want to know the answer. Just like 'how are you'." Such is her philosophical rambling, and she doesn't even have a lot of booze to blame it on.

Bean actually thinks about that question with a deep furrow of his brow. Then he takes another swallow of beer before he responds. "Sucks more, but only when we were close to Caprica City. Too much baggage associated with home not to." He grins a bit sheepishly at her question, and then shrugs a shoulder. He turns to her then, shifting on his stool to face her a bit more. "Hey... Alright, treat it like I mean it." He gestures his hand out to her, inviting response. "How are you holding up, Cate?"

"I'm sorry," Cate offers with genuine sympathy, frowning a little when he mentions the baggage of Caprica City. She takes another drink, giving his question serious thought in turn. "Back home, I remember there was this one building down the block. I think it was an old factory once. It didn't look too bad from the outside - some graffiti, few busted windows, old paint. We used to run around and play in it. Wasn't till I was older that I realized the place had been condemned years ago. The supports were all shot. Probably should've blown over in a stiff breeze, but somehow... frakking thing was still standing even when I went off to college."

The Caprican listens with that open and honest face. It's a cop thing. You listen and you listen earnestly, because sometimes that's what people need. He frowns thoughtfully when she talks about this building, and it takes him a few moments to catch on. Then he nods slightly. "It was resolute in staying upright."

Cate shrugs. "Yeah. Anyway. Life goes on, right?" She leans a little more on the bar, sipping at her drink and lapsing into an awkward silence for the moment.

"Yeah..." Bean lets that awkward silence keep while he thinks. "Did you like playing in that old building as a kid?" He looks at her once more, his heavy brows arched high over his blue gaze. "I mean, did it make you happy?"

"I guess. I mean, it was kind of neat, playing hide and seek and.." She stops herself mid-sentence with a shrug. "Other games. Didn't know how lucky we were the damn thing didn't fall down on our heads." Cate turns the glass around on the bar, letting it drip little drops of water on the bar's surface. "Now you... you always struck me as the steady one. One of those Virgon castles that's still standing five hundred years later."

"Alright, so despite the fact that the building had graffiti and its supports were shot, it provided good memories and showed an enormous about of dedication. Frak the howling winds and torrential rains... that motherfrakker was going to stay up. Good for it." Bean does start to smile a bit when she starts comparing him to a possible structure, and he shakes his head. "Steady, yeah... but I always thought of myself as more like an old farmhouse in desperate need of some maintenance." He chuckles slightly then. Then he can't help himself, clearing his throat as he reports, "My pipes are still good though." Then he takes another deep drink from his beer, emptying it, and then tapping it for a refill when the bartender looks their way.

There's a ghost of a smile at his words. Just a little, just for a second, but a smile nonetheless. "Well, you can put that on my tombstone I guess: too damn stubborn to fall down." She takes another drink, then listens at his comparison. Eyebrows arch a little at the last. "Pipes, huh," she says dryly. Then she shrugs. "I think you're too hard on yourself. Letting all those baby-faced marines and their grandpa shit get to you."

"That's a paradox... to put that on your tombstone, you would have to stop being so damn stubborn." Bean gives her that look that says, clearly, that he's right and she's wrong. Then he chuckles a bit at her shrugging words. "I actually kinda like it... I feel wizzen around them." He shakes his head. "But, nah, I've always felt that way... I think I came into the world with a punchlist." Then he hesitates, glancing her way while his empty glass is traded for a full one. Then he shakes his head as if deciding against something.

"Everybody's luck runs out sometime," Cate quips grimly. She nods to the rest. "Well, I guess it's good you don't mind it too much. Gods help anyone who tries to go around calling me 'grandma' though." Not that they would, but y'know, she's almost as old as him so it crosses her mind. Seeing that glance and hesitation causes her brow to crease in puzzlement. "What?" she prompts.

The Caprican looks awkward and heavy-shouldered. "Alright. About that night... before you left for the Vanguard..." Bean gestures slightly. "I would have, Cate... but only if you wanted it sober. I hope... ahh, frak. I hope you understand I was not trying to reject you for being you." He grimaces, knowing that only makes it sound worse, so he shakes his head slightly. "So." He then breathes. "Just to get that out of the way." And he takes his beer, preparing to take a big swallow.

Oh. That. Cate's face freezes, a slight flush creeping into her cheeks. She fixes her gaze on her glass. Still listening, but looking super awkward. When he finishes talking, several seconds pass before she can find her voice. "It's... okay. I mean, hard to be pissed at someone for being a gentleman. Doesn't exactly make it fun to get shot down, but... I get it." She sighs, fingering the rim of her glass idly. "I'm sorry I put you in that position."

Bean relaxes a bit, but there is that mutual cloud of awkwardness around them both. He breathes out a slow exhale. "See? I'm not so old. I can still be an awkward teenager when required." He chuckles as he rubs his hand back through his hair, and then looks back over to Cate. "So." He thinks for a long moment, but perhaps not long enough, because he just goes on with, "Would you like to come with me to this whole big shindig the brass is putting on for us?"

"Guess some things we never get too old for," Cate murmurs. She takes a few sips of her drink, taking a few seconds to gather her thoughts before she slants him a sad look. "I'm tempted. More than you know." And it pains her to say the rest. "But I don't think that's such a good idea. You're a good guy, Bean. You deserve better."

Bean shrugs a shoulder, but starts to chuckle a bit awkwardly. He rubs at the back of his neck. "Well... now we're even." He takes another deep swallow from his beer, and sets the glass aside. He at least looks a bit humored. "I had to ask though."

Cate watches his reaction, her brow creasing in a pained look. "I'm sorry. It's not you. I'm the one who's all frakked up." There's more she wants to explain, but she can't get the words out. It's all finally too much. Face crumpling, she covers her face with a hand and puts every last ounce of stubborn Hibernian pride into the effort to not just break down in tears right there on the barstool.

That causes Bean to frown, and he looks over at Cate with furrowed brows and deeply confused eyes. When she starts to crumble, he feels that instinctive reaction come in. "Hey... hey..." There's a softness to his voice, and he reaches over to touch her shoulder. Hell, if she lets him, he'll even ease her around a bit so he can present her with a hug, standing as he does. That's all he offers, no real words or pleas for her to not cry. He just is for a few moments.

The soft words are her undoing, and the tears start to fall. Cate turns into him when he offers that hug, burying her face against his chest. She's a restrained crier, even when she does let go, shoulders heaving with quiet sobs. It was, in a way, exactly what she needed. Someone who cared, but who she didn't feel the need to be strong for. They get some strange looks, of course, but there is a war on after all. Probably not the first time, or the last, there's been an unexpected breakdown in the middle of a bar. Cate remains oblivious, though, letting out all that pent-up emotion. When the tears finally ease, she mumbles brokenly, "Shit, I'm sorry."

Bean just breathes -- not even sighs, just breathes. He rests his arms around her gently, and his chin settles close to the crown of her head. He looks... what word did Cate use? ... right, steady. He looks steady. He hears the mumbled apology, and he starts to shake his head. "So, your foundation creaked just a little bit there... won't tell anyone." He cracks a small smile but then offers her a squeeze. "You wanna tell me what's been happening, or should I just shut up and let you just kind of be? Real good either way."

Cate clings to the front of his shirt even after the tears stop. The steady arms are comforting, and she's a little afraid to look him in the eye. "Guess it did a little," she admits in a soft mumble. There's a long pause while she considers his offer, then she says, very tentatively. "Yeah... but... can we go someplace else?" Despite the echoes of the last time she asked him that, it's hopefully clear that she means it more in the 'fleeing humiliation' sense and not the 'trying to get him back to her room' sense.

Bean chuckles slightly at her soft mumble, but it quiets as she pauses. When she tentatively accepts his offer, he nods his head slightly. "Alright. Come on. I'll get the drinks." He turns to the bar and drops several cubix to pay for the two beers and Cate's drink, and a modest tip. Then he gives her shoulder a small squeeze and nods toward the door. "You lead the way, Doc."

Cate bobs her head slightly to him. Wiping her eyes, she grabs her backpack and tries not to make eye contact with anyone as they head out. The doctor relaxes fractionally once they're out in the warm air of the city. "I'm sorry," she says, subdued. "For completely derailing your night out with drama. But thanks."

Bean shakes his head as she starts to apologize, holding up his hands. "Derailing? I was going to spend the rest of the night in there, drinking and scowling at the vids. Besides," he shrugs a shoulder, "what are friends for?" There's a small emphasis on that word, making sure Cate knows that he's there as a friend. "Alright, we're going to start walking and you can tell me what's been happening, and then when you're tired of walking, we can sit, and when you're tired of talking, I'll take you back to the berthings." Wherever those are for the Wolves.

Cate quirks a little half-smile when he affirms their friendship. "Well, still. Thanks." She nods to his plan and says, "I think the beach is this way. There are some paths." She starts in that direction, getting the backpack settled on her shoulders. She starts walking, but doesn't actually say anything right away. Just enjoying the company and taking the chance to get her thoughts straight. "Picon was worse than any of the other places we'd been," she finally ventures, frowning. "Felt like we were getting our teeth kicked in on a weekly basis."

Bean follows her lead as promised, hands sliding into his pockets. He keeps his paces even with hers, letting her decide how fast they walk. He listens with that dutiful expression, though he starts to frown. "I hear that's going around," he offers in a murmur, but otherwise doesn't interrupt or change the subject. He invites her to continue with a nod.

Cate fortunately has a decent sense of direction, despite being fairly unfamiliar with the city. She leads them in the general direction of the touristy areas of the beach. "Yeah. Sure it was no picnic on Caprica either," she says sympathetically. "I was there before. At the beginning of the war - can't remember if I ever told you. Worst vacation ever." The deadpan remark belies the emotional scar tissue. "It was strange going back. Lots of memories." Not good ones either, judging from her expression. "Especially a couple weeks ago. Our Raptor crashed in Cylon territory. Lost most of the squad. Two of us and the ECO - we scraped our way back toward the front but... it was close." Her lips thin into a frown.

"It's no picnic anywhere, Cate. Pockets maybe, but the tension is always there and the threat real. Here I think is the only place with any real sense of peace." Bean then ducks his head a bit, walking along toward the beach. When she tells him the news of the Raptor, he looks up sharply and blinks. "Lords," he breathes. He slips into quiet for a moment. "That was before Islesboro, then?"

"Yeah. Least there's somewhere though," Cate reasons, her voice distant as she dwells on memories. She nods to his question. "Yeah. We finally got back to Vanguard the day before the Toasters attacked Islesboro. One of the marines was hit while we were getting out of the Raptor. I did what I could, but he lost too much blood. Died that night. Tavo dislocated his shoulder, so he had a rough time. And my friend Izzy - the ECO - she got shot in the hand. Had to amputate her finger." Cate lets out a soft sigh. "It was pretty bad. Reminded me of being stranded behind the lines when Hyperion fell."

When Cate mentions Tavo, Bean's brows arch. "Damn. Delgado's alright though?" He then grimaces slightly when she gets to the finger bit, and he finds himself rubbing at his hand almost in sympathy. He nods slightly. "Yeah... Triton. I remember some stories going 'round about that. I only became aware of that well after the fact." He settles into quiet thought then. "It's okay to be frakked up about this all, Cate... you gotta hear me when I say that. We're all seeing and participating in so much shit, that we don't know if we washed it all off at the end of every day."

"Yeah he's okay. He's here somewhere." Cate makes a vague motion to encompass the city at large. She bobs her head to his reassurance, a pained crease to her brow. "I know. But... only to a point. People are counting on us. Even if we're tired, or hurt, or grieving, or freaked out. We picked up a couple of civilians while we were trying to make it back. One of them was a little girl and she kinda latched onto me. Didn't have anyone else. After we got back, I had to take her to the refugee service people. It sucked. Felt like I was abandoning her." She chews her lip there.

"Huh." Bean makes a mental note to reach out to Tavo while they are in thesame place at the same time. Then he glances back toward Cate. The news of the girl draws Bean's brows together with a frown. "You didn't though. She will understand that... some day." He strides along for several silent moments. He glances aside to her. "Got a way to keep in contact with her? Send her messages as often as you can. It will mean something to her." It's all he can offer.

"Maybe, we'll see. She didn't speak, so she couldn't tell me her name. I'm not sure where she'll end up. They were processing people at Queenstown but... frak, it's such a mess down there." Cate sighs. "I put my name down as 'next of kin' on her intake form. I dunno... maybe I shouldn't have, but I just thought... at least she'd have someone." Clearly it troubles her though, and she falls quiet then. They've found the beach at last, busy city streets opening up to more scattered beachfront properties and a park.

"It was a smart move. You'll want to know about what happens to her, and they'll tell you. Just don't back down when you try to find out about her. They'll tell you what you need to know to keep your own head on straight." Bean sounds like he knows what he's talking about. He looks over the beach, glancing in both directions before he starts for a path that keeps them mostly off the sand.

"Sounds like you've dealt with them before," Cate observes, an implied question buried in the words somewhere. "But yeah, I'll try to check up on her. Not that I can do frak-all from thousands or millions of miles away." She sighs, then, looking out at the water for several strides before venturing. "And then there was a pilot I was seeing for awhile, after we got to Canceron. I liked him, but... I've got issues, as you may have noticed." She flashes a self-deprecating smirk there for a second, before it fades back to a frown. "Wasn't exactly smooth sailing. And then he got killed."

Bean hesitates, and then shrugs a shoulder. "It was a case back when I was a cop... I had a pair of siblings that I looked out for after they went into the system. I asked my wife if we could take them in, but there was no way we could have made it work. So, I put my name on as much of their paperwork as I could, and made it clear to their caseworker that I wanted to know how they were doing." He breathes out a sharp breath. "I haven't sent them a message in a few weeks. I should get on that." He worries his brow a bit before he then looks back to Cate, frowning at her other bit of news. He grimaces then, and he starts to rub at his chest. "Yeah." He is quiet for a long moment before he offers quietly, "I'm sorry, Cate." Beat pause. "This all happened over Picon?"

Cate draws her eyes away from the bay to look at him when he talks about the kids, brow creased with quiet sympathy. She rubs her face at the last question, sighing and nodding. "Yeah. Not the greatest two months of my life. And hard to believe - not the worst two either." But then she blinks, actually stopping her pace for a second and squints at him as her brain finally catches up with something he said. "You were married?" Just goes to show how little she knew Bean while he was back on Galactica.

"That is hard to believe," Bean says dryly, though he does offer the smallest of smiles as he does. He gives her shoulder a gentle squeeze before they continue along the beach path. When she asks that question, he slips into thoughtful silence before he replies. "Yeah... I was. Her name was Emily." His own cloud gathers, but perhaps without the density it would have done a year or so ago. "She was killed during the evacuations of Caprica City. Her maglev was one of the ones that was diverted by Cylons." He continues along for several steps before he adds. "She was five months pregnant. They were why I enlisted."

Cate falls quiet then as she listens to his story. Surprised. Sad. Her face crumples a bit, raw emotions empathizing perhaps a little too much to his story. At least she doesn't burst into tears again, but her eyes do glisten in the moonlight. She reaches for his arm, intend on pulling him to a stop. "Frak, I'm sorry. I didn't know." Then, impulsively, she steps closer to try and give him a hug.

Bean can almost feel the emotions from Cate as he keeps his eyes forward at the beach. Then he turns as she pulls him to a stop, and his own blue eyes hold onto just the barest hint of his own emotions. He smiles a bit at the apology, but it's the hug that really relaxes his frame. He hugs her in return, closing his eyes as he does. He takes a deep breath, and nods. "It isn't something I readily share," he says softly. "We all have our reasons why we're here. Ares knows, I'm here because of them." He steps back a bit now, departing the hug.

Cate steps back as well after the hug. "Yeah. Losing someone you love, losing a child... it's about as awful as it gets." It wasn't the same for her, of course, but that doesn't mean she can't sympathize. "I'm here because of Hyperion." She doesn't elaborate on that, but instead resumes their walk down the beach. After a little stretch of silence, she ventures dryly. "It's funny. I turned you down because I didn't want to suck you into my black hole of drama. And here we are anyway."

Bean offers Cate a ghost-lit smile, but it carries in his eyes. It is just a sad one, holding onto an emotion that he will probably never truly get over. He falls into stride with her, resuming along with his hands in his pockets once more. His shoulders seem a bit more tense, but he breathes in and out a deep breath, and he feels himself sinking back into his normal poise. He settles into that moment of silence, letting it wash over him as he settles back into himself. The dry words from Cate draw a deep chuckle from the man, and he shakes his head while scratching at his scalp. "It isn't a black hole... you're not a giant void, and there's still plenty of light to be seen." He glances sidelong to her, and then he clears his throat. "The offer still stands. You can even call it in five minutes before the shindig if you want."

Cate slants him a glance when he re-iterates his invitation. "Well I'm glad someone at least can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've been a little skeptical." They come up on a bench, and she motions to it. Unless he objects, she'll sit down on it. Leaving him in suspense as she ponders with a considering look. "We could go to the ball, if that's your thing. Or we could ditch it and go someplace else."

"Skeptical." Bean scoffs the word, but he smiles at the same time. Then he nods to the bench as she gestures, and he crosses toward it. He lets her sit first, sliding in beside her and giving his back a stretch. He endures the suspense, and her alternate offer draws his brows up in an earnest expression. "Huh." He straightens up a bit in his seat, rubbing at his jaw. "What? Endure the brass and then hightail it out?" He looks thoughtful, and then quirks a smile. "Alright. I accept." Almost as if he hadn't been the one to make the first offer to begin with.

"With my luck it would be a train, so..." Cate seems to be relaxing a bit. Though there's still an undercurrent of tension and sadness in her expression and posture, it's been beaten back down beneath the surface a little. "Why not? We have to sit through all the awards shit. You can marvel at my embarrassingly-large number of clusters on the 'you need to learn how to duck better' medal." There's a tiny smile when he accepts. "What do you like to do?"

Bean just chuckles at first, shaking his head slightly. He relaxes on the bench, looking out at the distant roll of the tides. He shrugs a shoulder. "Well, if you need to learn to duck..." Then he flashes her a tireless grin before he crosses his arms at his chest -- a relaxed gesture than a defensive one. "Watch movies... read boring books on theology... go bowling... play pyramid really, really embarrassingly." He glances up the beach toward the glow of the boardwalk. "We could be tourists and go cheese it up at the boardwalk."

"Who needs to duck when you're too stubborn to fall down?" Cate quips dryly. Her gaze follows his toward the lights. "Sure. I haven't been down there. Maybe there's even a bowling alley." She leans back a little against the bench, just watching the waves. "I like to watch the ocean," she says. "There's no big water anywhere near where I'm from."

Bean shakes his head, but his expression is still one of earnest amusement. "Point," is all he says. Then he narrows his eyes slightly at the beach, and he nods in mute agreement. "Caprica City is on the ocean, but it isn't like this. The city is built up pretty much right into the surf, stilted over the beach. Rivers run through it, and there's tons of bridges." Bean starts to smile almost takes on a boyish edge. "We used to play this game where we would all throw something -- anything that floated -- at the same time over the bridge and rush across a busy street to see whose bit of trash made it to the other side first. Stupid kid stuff."

"Yeah, well, I told you what we used to do, so I'm not one to throw stones in the 'stupid kid stuff' department." Cate notes. "I've never been to Caprica. Maybe I'll get to see it someday." There's a wistful edge to Cate's voice when she says that, slanting him a look and studying that boyish smile. "Y'know before the war I'd never even been off the planet. Now I've been to Picon, Virgon, Tauron, Canceron, Scorpia... met a lot of people I wouldn't have, otherwise. Suppose that's the one good thing to come out of all this."

"You should... but maybe when it isn't so war-torn." But that could be said about any Colony, Bean almost adds wordlessly. He considers the waves again, and he folds his arms at his chest again. "Which one was your favorite?" He looks at her now, knowing the sheer ridiculousness of that question, but he seems quite genuine. "I mean, when this is all over... where are you going to want to go back to?"

"Yeaaah, probably not the greatest time to visit," Cate acknowledges. The question gets a thoughtful look, which then turns sad. "Home," she answers, after a moment. "If I can. I'm actually heading back there tonight. Got a pass. Time to see if I still have a home to go back to." There's a trepidation in her voice, and she lets her gaze drift out over the ocean again. "What about you?"

Bean glances her way at the news that she's heading home, and he offers another one of his thoughtful nods. "Good. You should. And my bet is that home will surprise you. Always does for me. I always think I'm done with Caprica, but then I'm back there, and I just want to sprawl out on the sidewalks." He chuckles at himself and then gives her shoulder a gentle nudge with his own. "Go visit that building. I bet you twenty cubix it's still there." Then he looks back out at the ocean as she does, and he watches the waves come in slow and steady -- a constant. "Hmm. I was thinking of here, actually."

"Here, huh? Huh. Well, it's nice here. I like the beach. The mountains. Kind of hot though." Cate smirks a little at the shoulder nudge. "I may have to check it out. And it's not the place that worries me, it's the people." She lets out a breath. "Where I come from, you join the Royal Marines - you don't show your face around there again."

"Yeah... I would want to come here as a full-blown tourist. Not to stay mind you. Guess I'd go back to Caprica." Then Bean looks over at her, and he offers his best encouraging smile. "Maybe... but this isn't the same war we've always been fighting. I'm not gonna say more than that... I would hate to be wrong. I guess, well... all you got to do now is try, and whatever comes out of it... well, then, at least you'll know."

Cate aahs. "Yeah, I could totally come here as a tourist again. Don't think I'd want to stay either though." She shrugs at the rest, and lets out a bleak chuckle. "Funny, that's the same thing the chaplain said. Least I'll know." But it's pretty clear she's dreading the answer.

The Caprican offers a smile toward the Hiberian before he nods. "Well, I almost became a priest, so perhaps there's something to that." Then the Galactica Marine catches sight of his watch, and he grimaces. "If you got a ship out tonight, I'll walk you back. I need to go report in soon anyway. Maybe I should get a pass just so I can avoid work for twenty-four hours." He flashes her a wry smile. "When you get back, let me know. I want to hear how it goes... good or bad."

"You should get a pass. You've earned it," Cate tells him with a kind but faint smile. "I think I'm just going to stay here for a little longer and then head straight over to the starport." Cate reaches over to touch his hand. "Thank you. Seriously. I can't tell you..." Now she's looking a little choked up again, but in a good, intensely grateful way. "What that meant."

"You sure?" It is a rhetorical question despite the small pause after being asked. The touch to Bean's hand draws a smile, and he turns his hand over to give hers a small squeeze. "You don't have to." He nods to the beach, and then back to Cate. "Enjoy, Cate." He drop his hand from hers, and then looks around briefly to get his bearings before he starts back toward where he can get a shuttle back up to the 'yards.


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