2237-07-26 - Party at the Stabbin' Cabin

Eli's family throws him and Mikolas a wedding celebration.

Date: 2237-07-26

Location: Family Housing, Scorpia Naval Base

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Scene Number: 334

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Well. It started off like any other afternoon in the little section of on-base/base adjacent housing that was originally meant for military families. Then the Cadmus clan invaded. They swiftly took over the 'Stabbin' Cabin' (one of the beige bungalows), and quickly flooded in with kegs, food and music to celebrate the recent nuptials of Eli Cadmus and Miko Kovac.

Crowds draw crowds, and soon it's become a block party with the front and back door open to the house as people come and go to casually enjoy the festivities. While the house and backyard are full, people are being polite enough to avoid the bedrooms as this is a shared home with other military members. Thankfully, Geoff cleaned last night.

Such a good time to take advantage of free booze! Geoff is sitting on the arm of a chair, for once not smoking, but definitely, definitely, definitely drinking. He's talking to an absolute stranger about life on Scorpia.

Aldrich has been drinking a tiny bit. It's kind of hard to get away from it when there's a block party going on in the place where you're supposed to be living. But he's looking a bit harried about it all, wandering here and there among the partiers. He seems to be looking for something (or maybe someone) but whatever it is, he hasn't found it yet. He's holding a drink, but he seems to have forgotten he has it.

Aubrey heard the words party and booze being thrown about, so she's made her way over from the Air House to the Stabbin Cabin. There was some mention of it being a wedding reception or something, so she also brought a set of shot glasses as a gift. She's wearing shorts and a tank top with sandals. She spots Miko and heads that way, handing him the package, unwrapped, of the shot glasses with little surfboards on them. "Congratulations?" she offers with a grin. "Where's the booze?"

Cate had been gone for awhile. Returning in her uniform, probably she was on official business somewhere. She returns to find a party, and her face contorts into a scowl. "What the hell?" She sighs and tromps her way up the steps past all the people she doesn't know.

How does one celebrate their own impromptu wedding reception, surrounded by loud, boisterous Scorpians and a dozens of your nearest and dearest shipmates? By doing keg stands, of course. Miko is ass over tea kettle at the moment, chugging beer upside down while his legs are being held aloft by some of Eli's cousins. When he finally start coughing and sputtering, he springs down and wipes off his smiling face in time to receive a gift. "Oh, hey! This is awesome. Thanks! Booze is...everywhere. Help yourself."

"Preacher!" Geoff hails, lifting up an arm. "Come here." He's wearing a touristy Argentum Bay t-shirt in orange that's been slashed and tied into a somewhat interesting tank-top, and cutoff shorts. Then he turns his head. "Wait...Cate?"

Aldrich hears someone calling him and turns in that direction. He's got a kind of vague look about him at the moment, but at least he can still follow directions. He starts toward Geoff, glancing at the getup, but then follows Geoff's gaze toward the rather angry looking Cate. He hesitates there, halfway across the room toward Geoff, possibly second-guessing if he wants to go over there, after all.

Eli got a sinking feeling in his stomach before he could even see the bungalow. There was bass from a Scorpian pop song. There's a crowd. There's the smell of food cooking. He made the mistake of telling Nell about the bungalow within earshot of his cousins. He's arriving back from running a few errands. He's carrying paper bags as he approaches, eyes going wide. "For frak's sake..." he mutters as he moves up through the door. He's recognizing way too many people.

"Woo!" Aubrey replies to Miko, and she spins to head over and find a glass for something harder than beer. She then makes her way through the crowd, til she recognizes Geoff and heads in his direction. "Free booze. I could get used to this."

Cate frowns as she surveys the living room. A dirty look is leveled at Mikolas, assuming that this is his fault somehow. Then Geoff's calling her name and she heads over. "Hey," she greets grumpily.

"Cate," Geoff says quietly. "I guess you wanted some peace and quiet, huh? You doing okay? You don't want a drink or anything, do you?" He looks aside and looks back. "I was really glad to hear that you were okay."

Aldrich decides rather abruptly to make a break for it, and heads for the front door, absently setting his half-full glass on whatever flat surface he passes on the way (he has no respect for the permanence of water rings on furniture). He's going at a pretty good clip by the time he reaches the door, just in time to nearly run headlong into Eli. When he realizes who it is, he actually looks a little relieved. "Oh, thank the gods. Eli, I need to borrow your clothes." Okay, maybe he drank more than it seemed.

Miko is innocent! Honest! Not that anyone would believe him. Good thing he's not feeling as if he needs to defend himself. Right now he's doing some complicated handshake with one of Eli's relatives, with a lot of knuckle bumps and finger twiddles. There is a sudden uproar of nearly synced up calls of, "ELI!" By dozens of clan members as he walks into the fray, and it draws the medic's attention in that direction.

Wh...duh...hnnngh...mrph? Not that anyone can hear those noises, but that's roughly the string of sounds he makes between Aldrich's request and the shouting chorus of his name. Before he can even respond to Aldrich, a big burly cousin is drawing him into a big hug, and a cousin with mile-high hair is leaving a lipstick stain on his cheek. "Aldrich...why? What is this?"

Aubrey gives Cate a little wave and she takes a deep drink from her glass of whatever booze was poured into it. "So, this is the Doc's family?" she asks, in disbelief, because come ON. Eli is so...reserved.

"Well I didn't need a chapel but I didn't expect to come home to a frakking block party either," Cate answers Geoff, still scowling. She sighs, then, and her expression softens a bit towards him. "Yeah I'll take a drink. And thanks." Aubrey gets an absent nod in return and then she squints at Aldrich's mad dash past her.

Geoff takes Cate's arm if the gesture doesn't seem to bug her. "C'mon, let's get one in the kitchen. What do you like. Beer? Brandy? I think I saw some whiskey floating around, and a bottle of wine." He looks over his shoulder. "What's up with Preacher?" he asks, brow furrowing. "Do you know?"

Aldrich flinches as he suddenly finds himself next to the epicenter of attention from the invaders. Wasn't exactly the plan, apparently, but that just shows how bad he is at strategy, doesn't it? He clears his throat. "It's a long story. I don't have any civilian clothes and I've been banned from wearing uniforms." He seems oddly serious about that, and quite worried. Then his gaze wanders to the lipstick-wielding cousin with the bouffant hair. He flashes a polite, nervous, and patently insincere smile. "Maybe I should... go..."

Miko is clearly enjoying this, maybe partly because he knows that Eli isn't. It's sort of fun to watch him squirm, isn't it? He walks up next to Aubrey, casually reaching out to sling an arm across her shoulders. "So whaddya think?" About the party? Life in general?

Cate doesn't seem to mind being led along by Geoff. "Whiskey if you can find it. If not, wine I guess. I'm not picky." She frowns back towards the door, and Aldrich by proxy. "I dunno. He was acting goofy yesterday but I thought he was just sleep deprived." Like she should be one to throw stones there. She looks beat. "Why, what'd he do now?"

Aubrey grins at Miko. "I think no one who is bunking here is getting any sleep tonight," she replies. "So you and the Doc really got hitched? Does that mean he'll go out on the surfboard with you this time around?" she asks.

"Aldrich, if I'm not allowed to go, you're not allowed, either." Eli says this quite seriously, even as he gets another kiss from another cousin. "Why can't you wear uniforms?" He says that as quietly as he can and still be heard in this chaos. Someone, out of nowhere, shoves a drink into his hand. He mumbles a thank-you, but then just frowns. He's running down the very short list of who to blame for this.

Geoff goes on the hunt, and finds a bottle someone has tucked behind other cheaper booze so it won't disappear before whoever brought it gets a second drink. He pours some for Cate and passes it to her. "He didn't do anything except run out just now," But I've been getting this feeling for a while now like something's off. Like maybe even before we left the ship."

Cate takes the glass from Geoff with a murmured thanks. She leans back against the counter with a sigh and then takes a sip. A concerned frown takes hold and she asks, "Off how? Like what are you talking about? He's seemed okay on missions - unless you mean something recent, while I was away." Yeah let's just talk about it like it was a long holiday.

Aldrich looks a little alarmed by the decree, but he doesn't argue. "Um." He takes a moment to decide how to answer Eli's question, and finally just admits, "My...er. Girlfriend doesn't want me to. I mean, for a date. And I'm supposed to be making things up to her because I kind of... Um. You know what? It really /is/ a long story..." Correction. Maybe he hasn't had /enough/ to drink?

"Yeah, finally wore him down." Miko tells Aubrey, "He's pretty resilient, but in the end I think it was the way I look in a towel - and only a towel - that swayed the vote. But as fine a sight as that is, I don't think it will ever be enough to get him on a longboard. Even though it features /highly/ in one of my reoccurring wet dreams about him." It really is unfortunate TMI doesn't work as a callsign, because Kovac would /own/ it.

Aubrey laughs at Miko. She shakes her head. "Doc doesn't know what he's missing then. Nothing like being out on the waves." She downs half her glass. "So, this is his family? Is he adopted?"

Eli's expression turns from concerned to relieved and then understanding. "Of course, Aldrich. I don't know how well it'll fit, but I've taken to keeping a few civilian things at my sister's place, considering we seem to keep coming back here." He looks down at his drink, which seems to be beer. He passes it over to Aldrich. A cousin hoots at his empty hand and then soon enough, there's another in his hand. He looks longsuffering.

Geoff shrugs. "I think it's something about Arda," he says. "They both seem...funny." He reaches for a beer, pops it open, looks down at it, says, "I shoulda got gin," but drinks it anyway.

Cate arches an eyebrow at Geoff over the rim of her glass. After taking another gulp of whiskey she reasons dryly, "Maybe he's acting like a goof because they hooked up."

Aldrich lifts a shoulder. "Geoff might be able to do a temporary alteration..." He trails off upon finding a beer in his hand. He looks at it for a moment, lost, and then gives in and takes a drink. "I think they're pretty determined to make sure you have a good time," he observes, helpfully.

"This is pure Cadmus right here, I even met the woman whose loins he sprang forth from, so nope. Not adopted. Though by my guess, at least half the family couldn't make it on such short notice." Miko edges up on tiptoes, as if doing a mental guesstimation on the attendees. "Yeah, that seems about right."

"More than hooked up, didn't they?" Geoff replies. "I mean, they're a couple, right?" He swigs beer. Then looks at Cate. "How 'bout you, what's going on with you?"

"No, they know I won't have a good time, so that's the main reason they're here. These people..." Eli waves towards a gaggle of either friends or cousins who cheer when they see him. "...know I'm pretty much the only one in the family...aside from my mother, who doesn't like a good kegger." He catches sight of Miko from across the room and just gives him a look before returning his attention to Aldrich. "What kind of clothes? Collared shirt and slacks?"

"So, why are they all," Aubrey gestures with a fistpump, "and he's all, you know, quiet and not woohoo-y?" she asks Miko.

Cate shrugs. "I guess," she answers about Lyn and Aldrich. "Anyway, I dunno what's up with him. I asked him yesterday and he kinda blew me off. I figured he was just tired and stressed out like the rest of us." She drains the rest of the whiskey and reaches for the bottle to refill it. Shrugging to the question about herself, she says, "War sucks. You know how it is."

Geoff lets Cate do her own drink as he sucks down beer. "Yeah," he agrees, then looks down his shirt. "I think I sunburned my scars," he says.

"Yeah, I think that's appropriate for a nice dinner, right?" Aldrich answers, and then glances around the room, looking a little lost again before his attention wanders back to Eli. "So. Hey. You know, you have family who are happy to see you. And celebrate your marriage, even though it's to someone totally outside your... clan or whatever. You ought to be nicer to them." He smiles, tightly, "We can talk about the clothes later, okay? I'm going to..." he trails off and gestures vaguely in a random direction.

"Because he's the smart one." Miko whispers in stage voice to Aubrey, which earns him a slap upside the head by a passing niece-twice-removed that results in both of them laughing. "But at least now everyone knows why he loves me. Because I remind him of home." At Eli's flat look, he gets a long distance smoochie face.

"Don't get me wrong. They show affection by getting blind drunk. I show affection by pretending to hate it so they can have fun poking at me," drawls Eli. Whether that's true or not, who knows? "Come back later when it's not crazy, okay? I'll ask my sister to bring some stuff by." Speaking of. He knows Nell is a mastermind. He tries to catch sight of her, but just ends up making a face at Miko again.

"That sucks," Cate says with a sympathetic frown. "You doing okay though? Doesn't still hurt much or anything?"

Aubrey laughs and gives Eli a wave across the room. "Well, his family is kind of awesome," she notes. "Congrats again, I need more booze." She drains her glass and goes to look for a refill.

"It's fine," Geoff says. "It doesn't really hurt anymore. I feel like it hurt for kind of a long time but...all things considered..." He shrugs and drains his beer. "Hold on, I need to find some gin."

Aldrich nods a little. "Uh huh." He's trying to pretend to 'get' Eli's whole family situation, but he also clearly really doesn't. But he smiles, and has a drink of beer, and nods. "Yeah, all right. Sometime later," he promises, and starts to wander off. Then he turns back, belatedly, and adds, "Thanks. Sorry..." And then this time he turns away for real to either join the party or escape. Which one is still unclear.

Cate nods to Geoff. As he turns to go, she says, "Hey, listen. I got a ticket home for a day or two. So just keep an eye on Al." A hint of worry shines through despite her earlier weak joke about it being hookup related.

"And I should go make my husband suffer some more." Miko flashes a wink at Aubrey as they part and he swims through the crowd in that direction. With a growl deep in his throat, you can almost hear the Jaws theme as he approaches the good doctor.

Eli watches Al move off. But now is not really the time to explain the complicated Cadmus clan dynamics. Then when he spots Miko moving through the crowd, he eyerolls quite dramatically and sags at the knees. "Miko what did you do? How did you even get in touch with everyone here? I haven't seen some of these people since I was a teenager."

Aubrey fills her glass again with something strong from the booze bar. She doesn't look terribly picky tonight, just like she needs to get wasted and not think about anything.

"Don't worry," Geoff says. "I'll look out for him." He hunts up some gin and a small amount of some sort of bubbly mixer and some fruit to add to the cocktail. He doesn't bother with ice. He drinks. "Hey Aubrey," he greets as she drifts near the bar.

"Hey Geoff, like the shirt," Aubrey comments with a nod to his orange creation. She sucks down booze like someone might take it away at any moment. "So, kinda glad I'm over at the Air House. At least I can sleep it off in peace. The marines in this house aren't gonna be so lucky."

Aldrich moves off and at the first possible convenience to do so without being rude, ditches the beer. Thus freed to seek more appealing options, he starts rounding his way back toward Geoff.

Miko reaches out to manhandle Eli's beard by turning it into an actual handle to yank upon so he can kiss the other man's forehead. "Don't blame me! All it took was for Nell to know we were back in town and BAM. I open the door, and suddenly there is a flood of Cadmus coming through the door."

Cate nods to Geoff. She watches him go, frowning sadly. She finishes off her drink and pours herself another, disappearing into her room and closing the door.

Eli groans softly as he submits to the manhandling. "Don't you know? You can't say the word 'party' within five feet of a Scorpian." And just to be funny, a few of the partygoers Meerkat-up in his direction, then start to laugh at some kind of inside joke. "Where is my sister, then?" He looks around. Nell was there, but then someone tugged her outside for a toke.

"/Thank/ you," Geoff says to Aubrey, since no one else has complimented it. Of course, it's made from a pretty trashy tee. He smiles over the rim of his glass. "I'm a marine in this house," he says. "But who needs sleep?" He looks over to see Aldrich. "Preacher, I thought you were sneaking out."

Aubrey snorts at Geoff. "I still might end up getting a hotel room. My wingman's," she gestures, "whatever is staring daggers at me at all hours. I'm worried I might wake up to a dead animal in my cot or something." She nods to Aldrich. "Preacher."

Aldrich shakes his head, and gives a little smile. "To where? Pretty much everyone I know is here. And so is my bed. What are you drinking?" he wonders, with a curious look toward whatever it was he just mixed up. "I wanted to ask you... Is it possible to do temporary alterations? And if it is, can you do some for me?" Aubrey gets a little nod of acknowledgement.

"Your guess is as good as mine." Miko comments to Eli's sister's whereabouts, not seemingly concerned that the mastermind has gone temporarily missing. "Maybe we should get a bell for around her neck."

"Gin," Geoff tells Aldrich, "With stuff in it. Want some?" Then to Aubrey. "Wait...who is your wingman? And who's his whatever?" Then back to Aldrich. "Depends on the garment. And how finished you want it to look. There's always good old-fashioned safety pins."

Eli actually looks a little relieved that Nell is busy playing hostess. He sips his beer. It's the first sip he's had. His eyebrows arch as he looks at Miko. "Are you having fun? And...how long has this been going on?"

"Jigger," Aubrey replies to Geoff, "is my wingman. Nova is his whatever. So yeah, I'm over the dirty looks and veiled threats. She's training to move from Raptors to Vipers, so I'm guessing he won't be my wing for long." She takes a big gulp from her glass.

"Yes, please," Aldrich agrees to the Geoff's offer. He finds some nearby furniture to lean against. "I'm just hoping you can make it look like they're not borrowed," he explains, then adds, "It's for a date. Dinner. Thing. With Lyn." He glances toward Aubrey, with a vague concern, but he can't seem to think of what the right thing to say is. He keeps it to a sympathetic look, for now.

Geoff mixes another of what he's having, maybe a little weaker. "Well, bring me what you have tomorrow, then," he says. "I hope it's from somebody who's not a crazy different size from you. I can probably put some temporary darts in it if they're bigger than you. If they're smaller...that's not as easy." He looks back to Aubrey. "So do you get to pick someone new?" he seems to have no trouble juggling conversations.

"A couple...hours?" Miko is estimating, because honestly it all got a little fuzzy around his third keg stand this afternoon, and he likely forgot to eat in the midsts of getting all that celebratory alcohol foisted on him. "It's a party. Of course I'm having fun. Which means you're miserable, and I'll have to make it up to you with a thousand quiet nights."

"It's all right. I'm not that miserable." Eli looks around. As Aldrich pointed out, this is his family. Mostly. There's more than a few hangers-on. He swats Miko's side. "I saw smoke from the back yard. I think someone brought a grill. I bet that's where Nell is. Why don't you go get something to eat, hmm? And drink some water." Stern-that.

Aubrey shakes her head. "It's not really an official thing. We flew together by choice anytime we were both out there. Pretty much my bestie and all that jazz." She's clearly feeling the booze already, being that she's gulping it down. "So I'll just get whoever will have me out there. Whatever." She makes a face.

"Eli," Aldrich answers simply, and lets Geoff decide how much trouble that's going to be. He glances over toward said doctor's location, eyeing him and Mikolas for a brief moment before turning his attention back to the drink-making. Once it's handed over, he holds it up, announces, "To making it look easy." And then he has a sip. "Hm. Not bad."

"Beer is mostly water!" Miko points out after another subtle kiss to the man's cheek, not embarrassing him with further public displays of affection as he's already dealing with so much. Then he's off in the pursuit of Nell.

"I used to work in a bar," Geoff replies. "I can make a drink." He drinks his a little faster than sips. He sniffs the air and looks over his shoulder at the back door.

Aubrey drains her glass. "Ok well, I'm gonna go to a club and dance my ass off, then go get a room somewhere. Night!" she says to Geoff and the Preacher before she heads out.

Eli looks around the party, and exhales slowly. There's a lot of people here he knows, but they're not really friends per se. He starts to wander back over towards Geoff and Aldrcih.

"You can, that," Aldrich confirms with a little smile, and has a longer drink. He lifts it again when Aubrey announces that she's leaving. "Oh. Well, it was good to see you... Have fun?" he offers, in farewell.

Geoff upnods Aubrey. "She's all right," he notes to Aldrich. Then he spots Eli approaching. "So Doc, you're lending out clothes now?"

Cate disappeared inside her room long enough to finish off her drink and change into civilian clothes. Then she's weaving her way through the party-goers towards the kitchen door, a small backpack slung over her shoulder.

"What?" says Eli to Geoff. Then he looks to Aldrich. "Ah, yeah. I have some stuff. One second..." He spots Cate heading to leave. He moves to intercept her. "Cate, Cate, hey. Sorry about this madness. My family isn't really good with...boundaries."

Geoff looks up. "Cate, you taking off for the night? Sorry we're being so rowdy," he adds to Eli's apologies.

"It's fine," Cate says, looking between them both. "You got married." Apparently somewhere in all of this she overheard the reason for the celebration. "You deserve a party. I have to head out anyway, catching a shuttle home later." She doesn't look terribly happy about the prospect though.

Eli looks a little concerned by Cate's demeanor, but the middle of a house party is not the time for it. "All right. Enjoy your trip?" It's a bit of a lame, but there it is.

"Be safe, Cate," Geoff says sincerely. "You're really important. Okay?" He smiles. "Have a good trip."

Aldrich listens to the exchange between the others, nursing his drink, but Geoff's comment spurs him to add, "He's right. You are." His smile might be a little tentative, but it's genuinely concerned.

Lyn is way late to the party, but she had some minor duties to get done today. She's in a pair of capris pants and a loose tank top as she steps into the land of booze and music, looking around.

Cate seems taken aback by Geoff's comment, and Al's agreement. Touched, but also sad. "Thanks. I'll try." There's a moment's hesitation, then she says, "I'll seeya." Then she turns and heads for the back door.

Eli frowns. He'd like to ask Geoff and Aldrich what's going on, but one of his relations touches his arm and murmurs something to him. "Have fun, everyone. Excuse me." And then he's being led off in the direction of the back yard.

Geoff looks at Aldrich. "I smell weed," he says. "Do you think they'll give me some if I go out back?"

Aldrich looks back at Geoff, surprised. "Maybe?" he offers, tentatively, then glances toward the door to the back. "But if they do, see if they'll share with me, too?" And that's when he notices that Lyn is there, and he gives a guilty start. "Actually, nevermind." He lifts a hand to catch her attention with a wave.

Lyn spots the wave and a smile breaks over her features. She heads towards Aldrich and Geoff and shoves her hands in her pockets. "Hey," she greets, a little awkwardly.

Geoff looks Aldrich up and down dubiously and sips his drink, then looks to Lyn. "Hey Arda," he says. "How you doing, you get a drink yet?"

Aldrich shrugs at Geoff's look, but leaves it at that, and gives Lyn a faint grin. "Hey. You should have one of these... things Geoff makes. Whatever they're called." He lifts his drink to show it off. "They're very good."

"Just got here. Had a duty shift," Lyn explains to Geoff. "Looks like the party is winding down. I brought them a gift card for a liquor store. I figured that would make Mikolas happy at least, right?" She pulls out the little envelope with the gift card in it from a pocket. She looks at Al's glass. "Sure, I'll take one."

"Make me happy, I'm drinking their liquor these days," Geoff says, flashing a quick smile. "I'll make you one," he says, "But then I gotta check out a situation out back." He turns to mix.

Aldrich chuckles a bit and has a swallow of his drink. "It'll make /someone/ happy, anyway. I think Miko is out back already. Eli is off... somewhere," he waves a hand. "But I'm sure there's some sort of gift table or something around somewhere." He lifts a shoulder. "I didn't know about it until the party just sort of...sprung up around me. Didn't have time to figure out a gift."

"What's going on out back?" Lyn asks curiously. She smiles at Al. "I'm sure they aren't expecting gifts. Just one of my dad's many rules. You don't go to someone's party without one. Hard to break the habit."

Geoff taps a pinched finger and thumb to his lips in reply to Lyn. "Rules are all right long as they mean there's more booze around." He hands Lyn her drink. "Don't get into any trouble," he advises the couple.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder. "Grilling, apparently," he answers to Lyn's question. "Does it count as going to a party if the party comes to you?" Then he looks back toward Geoff with a faint little smirk. "Do I ever?" Possibly a dangerous question, but he sips his drink anyway. "Enjoy the party."

Lyn grins at Geoff. "Save some for me?" she asks. Then realizes Aldrich is RIGHT THERE. "Um," well, apparently, she's not all that much of a prude. Come on! Thula would have been dull beyond measure of people didn't get wasted in their downtime! "Grilling, right, burgers and...stuff." She gulps from her glass.

Geoff looks between Lyn and Aldrich like one of them might be crazy, then lifts a hand in a wave and heads out the back.

Aldrich looks aside at Lyn with a startled look, but then smiles awkwardly, and looks back to Geoff before he can embarrass her. Or himself? Even he's not sure at this point. He waves to Geoff, then focuses on drinking some because alcohol fixes everything right?

Lyn blushes fiercely and wraps her free arm around her waist, sipping from her glass and unsure of what else to say. "So," she offers.

Aldrich looks down at his glass, which is running pretty low at this point, and then smiles a little and glances up to Lyn. "So..." he echoes, then chuckles a little. "I've got a plan in place for our dinner. Have any plans for later this week?"

"No plans outside of qualifications and that awards thing we all have to be at," Lyn confirms with a little smile and a shoulder bump. "How many of those 'forgot to duck' medals are we going to get?"

Aldrich grins and looks down. "I stopped counting them, I think. Been a little distracted, I guess." He glances aside at her, and grows a bit more solemn. "Are you angry with me? About the whole... climbing thing?" Did he ask that already? Maybe. Probably. He's weird that way.

Lyn looks at him in surprise. "Angry? No. Worried, yes. I get the impression there are things you aren't telling me, Al. And I'm giving you space on that because I trust you'll tell me eventually."

Aldrich looks a little taken aback by that, and glances to the side. "Okay," he says, meekly. It seems for a moment that he's going to leave it at that, but then he wonders, "So you /will/ be angry if I can't ever tell you? That's... what you're saying, right?"

"If you can't talk to me about things that are bothering you, about things that are weighing on you, or making you ill, or, whatever, yeah. I'd probably be angry. Because I spent too many years in a relationship where someone never told me the truth, until long after it was much too late. And my life might have been very different if there hadn't been secrets and lies and," Lyn rubs at the bridge of her nose, "And just, games."

Aldrich sighs a little, and he starts to look a little tired. He looks to the side, watching a group of Cadmus cousins casually doing shots. Someone is probably going to pass out, but it's still anyone's guess which of the trio will be first. Aldrich pastes on a tight smile, and looks back toward Lyn. "Let's have dinner tomorrow night?" he suggests.

Lyn's worry builds internally, but she puts on a smile. "All right. I'm going to head back to the other marine house and get some sleep. Leave this for Eli and Mikolas?" she asks him, handing the card over.

Aldrich accepts the envelope, keeping his smile in place. "You don't have to rush off?" he offers, tentatively. "Unless you're just..." He trails off, searching for something to say, but finally gives a little shrug.

"I have another duty shift tomorrow morning," Lyn explains with a small smile. "That's all. I wasn't even going to show up to the party but I thought it would be rude not to." She reaches to give his hand a squeeze if her permits.

Aldrich certainly isn't going to protest. He squeezes her hand, maybe a little longer than necessary, and smiles back. It looks a little worried, but whatever his thoughts are, he's not voicing them. "All right. Well, I'm glad that you did... but I hope you get enough rest."

"Night Al, you can come crash in the other house if the party doesn't stop early enough for your liking," Lyn offers, then she slips out.


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