2237-07-27 - Dinner Date Dilemmas

Aldrich and Lyn finally go on a real date. It almost goes badly, then recovers admirably.

Date: 2237-07-27

Location: Hotel Restaurant -- Argentum Bay

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Date night! Aldrich has promised Lyn a fancy dinner, out of uniform, and he has delivered. They've arranged to meet at the hotel restaurant. Aldrich arrives early enough to ensure Lyn won't be left waiting, but he lingers at the entrance to await her arrival. He's wearing a pair of trousers and a button-down collared shirt, and his hair has been neatly combed back (except a cowlick or two that stubbornly refuse to go the right direction). It's actually kind of odd to see him out of uniform. It will definitely be the first time for Lyn. But he promised!

Lyn makes her way to the restaurant, down another few bucks due to another salon visit for her hair to be done, and a new dress, both in a cute, almost old-fashioned style. She smiles broadly when she spots Aldrich, taking a moment to even recognize him out of his ever-present uniform. "You look nice," she offers, reaching out a hand for one of his.

Aldrich looks up, and when he recognizes Lyn, he gives a slow, broad smile. "Me? I look like a street urchin next to you." It would seem over the top if he didn't appear to be utterly genuine. He gives a bit of an embarrassed chuckle, and takes her hand. "That's a beautiful dress..."

"Thanks. I saw it in the marketplace. Reminded me of one from an old movie," Lyn explains, holding his hand with a light squeeze to it. "See, isn't this nice? An evening pretending to be civilians?" she asks, stepping up to wherever the hostess is.

Aldrich gives a crooked grin at that, and a vague nod as though to agree. Considering his probably has like 50 safety pins holding his clothes in place... Well, he'll focus on the nice food. "Lovely Lola," he remarks, naming an old romance from decades past. "Looks a lot like something Lola would have worn." He turns his attention to the hostess, then, and requests a table for the two of them.

"That's the one!" Lyn exclaims, delighted he knows it. When the Hostess gestures to them to follow, she heads in, and settles in at the small table by the window, looking out at the beach and the ocean. "This is really nice, Al," she says quietly, as she sets her napkin in her lap. "I feel like an actual lady, instead of a grungy marine."

Aldrich settles into the chair a little more clumsily than usual, but he manages to pull it off. Once he's seated, he folds his arms on the edge of the table, looking across at her with a little slightly besotted smile. "You can be both," he points out, quietly. "But I'm glad if I can help you feel good for a day."

"Much needed after the last few months. And with so much uncertainty ahead of us. I wonder if they'll be having the air wing and the marines in separate bunks on the new ship?" Lyn picks up a menu and looks over it curiously.

Aldrich picks up the menu himself, but his attention is more on Lyn than the menu. "I don't know," he answers. "Perhaps... But I think it was good for us to be so close together for awhile, to be honest. I don't think it's good for the air wing and the marines to separate too much into their own cliques."

"I just think for some of the younger marines, as enlisted, it's intimidating to share living quarters with officers," Lyn explains. As the server comes for a drink order, she asks for a glass of house red.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder slightly. "Well, maybe. But I also think it's good for the officers and the enlisted to be in close quarters," he admits, tentatively. "I don't think it's good, in an outfit as small as ours, for anyone to lose track of the fact that all of us are human." When the server arrives, he lets Lyn order first, then orders the same for himself.

For her part, Lyn orders the curry shrimp, because fresh seafood is not something they get to ever see on a ship. She gets a side of fried sweet plantains to share as well. When the waiter departs she's all smiles. "How long did the party go on last night?" she asks.

Aldrich orders a vegetarian stew for himself, then turns his attention back to Lyn. "Not long after you left, I don't think," he answers, "But I might have just missed it. I went on to bed, myself." He leans toward her, with a spark of mischief, and adds, "Wasn't much point in staying up after that."

Lyn chuckles and blushes a little bit. "Sorry, I had a shift this morning. It was boring as hell. But I have nothing for a couple days now, at least. So I," she toys with the wine glass as it's set down for her. "Rented that little cabin for just two days again."

Aldrich glances up to quietly thank the server as their drinks are delivered. He rests a hand on the stem of his own wine glass without taking a drink, and shakes his head. "You did?" He watches her for a moment, and then kind of cautiously adds, "Well... The way they have us shoved in like sardines, I can't blame you."

"I thought maybe if tonight went well," Lyn trails off, looking at her hands in a little embarrassment, "maybe you'd like to stay with me there tonight?" She looks up hopefully.

Aldrich glances down at his own wine glass, turning a bit pink at the question. He has a drink, finally, and then clears his throat. "Maybe we... um. Ought to talk about the other day, first?" he suggests, tentatively.

Lyn sips her wine at his response because that isn't the one she was hoping for. She nods at him. "All right." She looks up briefly as the waiter sets down their meals.

Aldrich sits back when the waiter comes, and gives a little smile. He picks up his spoon, but doesn't eat anything just yet. He looks a bit... adrift. "I thought that was what you'd want..." he admits, tentatively.

"It is," Lyn admits, but she's looking nervous. Like maybe he's a serial killer or something and that's what he didn't want to tell her. She takes a bite of her meal and makes a sound of approval.

Aldrich's brow furrows a little. If he's a serial killer, he's got the perfect scar for it, now. "I just... There are always going to be things I don't know how to explain. Won't know how to explain. Things that another Gemenese person would just take for granted, but won't be understood by anyone else." He rushes to add, "Not that it's... I'm not saying that as a judgement or anything. It's just kind of the way it is." He looks down at his stew, stirring it more to give his hands something to do than anything.

"Why do you think that I wouldn't be able to understand? I'm not Gemenese no, but you're not Aquarian either. I'm sure there's things I do that you wouldn't be able to understand, but I'd at least tell you, and note it's an Aquarian thing if you didn't. And maybe try to help you understand if it was possible." She spoons more of her food up, looking at him across the table with a slightly furrowed brow.

Aldrich sighs, and rubs at the bridge of his nose. "Are there places on Aquaria where they brick people up into temples and leave them to die?" he wonders, abruptly. "Because that's a thing that happens on Gemenon."

Lyn arches a brow at that, and she reaches for her wine. "Not exactly, but they do sometimes throw those who are dying into the volcano at Thula, at their request. Do that do that on Gemenon?" She may be making that up, but there's really no way to check these days.

Aldrich shakes his head a little, and sighs. "It's not like that," he replies, looking toward the ceiling. "I mean, yes, there /is/ self-mummification, and that's a whole thing. Actually there's a long and storied history of self-harm for the sake of... But that's distracting from the point. I'm talking about bricking people into a wall for disagreeing with you."

"That sounds unpleasant. But if it's a law there? I'm sure the clans here on Scorpia have things similar. It's a cultural thing?" Lyn asks. She doesn't seem all that disturbed. She worships the gods, she knows they are mean and fickle and general shits now and then.

Aldrich stops to have a pretty respectable drink of his wine. "That is less relevant than the rituals I actually practice," he admits. "You've seen some of them. They aren't always...nice. Or pretty. And they're not for the non-Gemenese. It's not because I don't care about you a great deal. It's just... that's the rules."

Lyn nods a little. "Like whatever you were on and cut yourself up for? I didn't know you were doing a ritual, I'd have stayed out. I'm sorry." She narrows her eyes a little and then shakes her head. "I guess if this is something real between us, it's something I'm going to have to accept. That I can't be privy to everything. But could you promise me you'll share the things your religion doesn't forbid you from sharing?"

Aldrich shakes his head a little, looking a little embarrassed about that. "I... We shouldn't talk about that," he says, quietly, and takes a deep breath. "It's not just that. Some of it the CF wouldn't approve of. I could get kicked out. And I don't want you to know, because if they knew that you knew, they might kick you out for being associated with it."

"Al, I'm not afraid of that. If you got kicked out of the CF, I wouldn't want to stay anyway, don't you get that?" Lyn grimaces.

Aldrich winces a little. "If I got kicked out, I don't even know what I would do. This isn't just a job or a mission for me. It's... more like a calling."

"You'd find another way. Maybe go help those rebels on Canceron, the miners," Lyn says quietly. "You have to understand something. I wasn't there for Jonas. I didn't push, didn't get truths from him, ignored the signs, and left him behind. I need to not be that selfish person anymore. I need to be in this together. If that isn't what you want, Al, I understand. But we should probably put the brakes on this before we go further then."

Aldrich finishes his wine with a final swallow. He pushes his stew away, untouched, and folds his arms on the table. "Lyn," he says, gently, "I knew from the beginning that you were with me so you could vicariously fix what went wrong with Jonas. It's fine. But... I don't want you to feel betrayed when it turns out that I'm not the anti-Jonas and never was. I'm just... me." He smiles, vaguely. "Nothing special, but I don't know how to be anything else."

"You underestimate yourself," Lyn says with a sharp frown. "And you underestimate me. If I wanted you just because you weren't Jonas, I'd have been in relationships before now. It's not about that. It's about me wanting to be a better person than I was prior. Not finding someone to replace my ex." She's stopped eating and finished her wine too. This is going poorly.

Aldrich looks back at her, nonplussed. He doesn't seem to know how to take that, but he frowns faintly, and then offers, quietly, "I want you because I want to be near you. And I'll sacrifice whatever I can to make you happy. But if your reason for being with me is because you want to make yourself a better person... I'm afraid I'll just hurt you, in the end."

"Then that's on me, not on you," Lyn says quietly. "Because when I'm not with you, I want to be with you. When I am with you, I want you even more. And not just physically, though the gods know I've been basically tearing my hair out over lack of that while being a few feet away from you in my bunk every night."

Lyn adds, in a mutter, "I bought sexy underwear for frak's sake."

Aldrich looks down at his stew with a touch of embarrassment at all that, and a crooked smile. He starts to say something else, and then she mutters that last bit and he chokes a little, coughing on... nothing, apparently? His own spit? Very sexy, that. Once he recovers a little, he just shakes his head. "You're going to kill me someday." He smirks. "But... I guess I'll die happy?"

"One can hope," Lyn says with a small grin. "So, we're ok then? I'll try to be understanding of the things you can't tell me, and you'll try to be better about not worrying about the things you should?"

Aldrich shakes his head a little, and tentatively reaches across the table to take her hand. "Lyn... One thing you need to know about me." He sounds ultra serious, but the glimmer in his eye suggests that he's shifted to a teasing mood. "I am, have always been, and will always be a worrier. But I /can/ promise that I only worry because I care?"

"Then I can live with that. Now, let's finish our dinner, take a walk on the boardwalk, and if that leads us back to my cabin, so be it," Lyn says, squeezing his hand.


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