2237-07-28 - A Hasty Plan

Isolde has another sudden proposal for Van.

Date: 2237-07-28

Location: Air House, Scorpia

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Scene Number: 341

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Isolde decided to ditch the celebration drinks after the qualifiers. While her fellow pilots were relaxing, the newly winged ECO is making her way to the series of military housing. She has to take a few moments to remember the exact house she's staying in, but soon enters and heads down the hallway to the room that she's sharing with Van and Kell. She checks the door, and then opens it, peeking inside, "Van?"

Van is trying to distract himself from worrying about the quals. Writing a letter home helps. Mostly. It also brings up rather large issues of guilt for being tucked into a (relatively) quiet house on a base far away from any Cylons with a glass of fresh squeezed tropical juice. Still, he's persevering, typing at a tablet, when he hears the door open. His slow rise turns into a bounce to his feet as Isolde calls out, "Yeah?" His face is a sight as he tries to control his presumed joy and the tiny thread of worry.

Isolde draws herself into the room and gently shuts the door. She takes in a deep breath, looking a bit downcast. But, Isolde can't play this game very well, because then she starts to grin and begins to laugh. "I passed. All three!" She squeaks as she bounces forward several steps. "I got my wings!" She opens her arms as she steps forward to him so she can bounce up into his own arms and hug tightly, burying her face against his neck as she does.

Van's chest tightens for a moment, and then she's grinning and laughing, and he sweeps toward her, wrapping her up as she bounces into his arms, "I knew you would." The pilot leans back to lift her off her feet, and spins her around, just barely avoiding the desk chair, the cot, and the foot of the bed. "Without ever going to flight school. Aren't you just a prodigy?" Slowing to set her down, he grins, "So, how are we going to celebrate?"

"I know, I know," Isolde laughs with his words, and she embraces the upswing as he spins her. She squeezes tight, and when he alights her back on her feet, she is still laughing. "I don't know if I would say prodigy, but..." Then she starts to beam again, and she draws Van closer to her as she stands up on her toes. She kisses him, eyes fluttering shut so she can lavish in that rare moment of sheer happiness and relief.

This is the Isolde that Van first fell for, and it draws a full-fledged grin onto his face under her kiss. The smile fades out as he wraps his arms tighter around her, one hand sliding up her back to gather under her fall of dark hair. When he comes up for air, the grin returns, "I believe that I will stick with prodigy. And I also approve of your method of celebration." There's a pause, and he nods slightly, "I like seeing you... buoyant like this. It does my heart good."

Isolde is made of warm bubbles. She can't seem to stop smiling as she releases a low murmuring noise against the kiss, and she breathes out a slow breath of absolute happiness when the kiss ends. She smiles up at him, and catches the edge of her lip with her teeth in a playful smile. "I'm not done yet," she tells him, but is stalled in coming in for another kiss by his next words. She pinks lightly, but her smile is unchanged. "Thanks... maybe it will... help you feel less weighted and worried. You look as heavy as you did when you came aboard the Galactica."

The playful smile causes his own to spread further, his hands rubbing gently at her back and then sliding down to take her hands, gentle around the recent wound on her left. "Not done yet? You mean you want to talk about how happy you are more?" The teasing goes on in spite of her words, as if ignoring them would make them not so, "Or are you going to bounce around more? I don't mind that in the slightest. Or maybe..." leaning down, he looses one hand to nudge her chin up to meet his descent for another kiss, bubbling with pride and happiness and love. It lingers long and slow, his eyes drifting closed a moment, and then he slowly straightens up, "I'm okay. You were right about the patches. They're helping. And I decided to finally write my parents." He's been avoiding it, leaving them as Schroedinger's family since he hasn't heard any news.

"Cate was right about the patches," Isolde points out. Then she brushes her hands across his narrow cheeks, drawing his forehead down to press against hers. She smiles for a long moment, basking in the warmth. When he mentions writing his family, she nods vigorously. "Yes. Good. Make sure it goes through Queenstown. They'll get it to them." She squeezes his hands and then draws him back around her once more, nestling in that comfortable niche beneath his chin. She breathes out a deep breath, and she sinks. There's a long comfortable silence before she murmurs, "You should put the sock on the door."

"Well, there's a lot to tell them," Van notes, "Including the fact that I'm going to be getting married." Still, he nods at the suggestion, fingers stroking at the back of her neck as they stand together, the Picon pilot swaying slightly. Her murmured suggestion causes him to chuckle, lips pressing together as he tries to smother a smile, "Oh, so you want to celebrate." Van toes out of his boat shoes, then slips away from her to cross to the door, pulling off a sock as he goes and hanging it over the handle on the outside of the door. Looking back over his shoulder, he notes, "I'm real proud of you, Izzy." And then the door shuts, blocking off the galaxy from them.

Isolde laughs at his words, and she watches him cross to the door to take care of the sock. Her dark eyes are playful and warm, and she bounces on her heels before he shuts the door. "I was thinking about that," Isolde begins once the door is closed. "I think we should make it official before we leave Scorpia. Who knows when we're going next and how long we will be there..." She waits until he is near, and then she wraps her arms back around him, tiptoeing backwards toward their shared bed in the corner. His noted words draws a small smile to her lips, and she nods. "I'm proud of me, too."

Van is left in one sock, and then just deals with that too, pulling it off and tossing it over toward his box of belongings. Surprise flashes across his features at her suggestion, "I mean... it makes sense. But... that seems rather a short period of time to get everything done. Unless we're planning on the Chaplain or Mace, on the beach, in our uniforms." He lets himself get drawn over toward the bed quite willingly, slipping past her to sit down on the edge and draw her into his lap, "Mother would be utterly shocked." He sounds midway between a little shocked himself and amused.

"I was thinking Al," Isolde admits in a sheepish whisper. "I know that it's sudden, but... Van, we're not gonna have time for the bells and whistles. We could do it while we're here, and celebrate, and then we can arrange a bigger party when we're in Scorpia next." She looks a little bashful. "I'll understand if you want to wait, but I really want to do this... now. Ish." She manages to slip down into his lap during her ramblings, her legs on either side of his own as she sets her hands gently against his chest.

Van licks his lips, thinking as he does, but eventually nods his head, "I would have liked for our families to be here, but I think you're right." A shadow crosses behind his eyes as he reaches up to put his hands over hers, "Okay. We'll talk to the Chaplain. Cate and Kell as witnesses? Do you want Bite or Nova or any of the other Raptor pilots there as well?" Now that he's come onboard, his mind is churning, working through requirements.

Isolde feels a bit of relief when Van agrees to her idea, and she beams. "Yeah... definitely Bite and Nova." She squeezes his hands. "We can get a guest list decided on... but later." Then she presses herself close so she can draw him into another slow kiss, this one bubbling at the edges. She starts to press him back so that he collapses onto the bed, drawing herself along after him.


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