2237-07-28 - Peace Offering

Mikolas apologizes to Cate with ice cream.

Date: 2237-07-28

Location: Stabbin' Cabin, Scorpia

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Scene Number: 387

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He knows she's there, and so it's a rather presumptuous sounding knock on the doorframe of her shared room that neighbors the 'Cadmus' suite. "I hope you're decent." Because Miko is reaching for the door handle. If she really wanted privacy, she would have locked it, right? But then again this is the military, privacy is only a thinly veiled illusion anyways.

If the door even had a lock, it wouldn't have occurred to Cate to lock it after two years of military barracks life. She just got back from her not-quite-48-hour pass home at OMG-o'clock that morning, and when the door opens she's sprawled out on the bed with her arm draped across her face. "What do you want?" she asks, voice flat and unwelcoming.

"I come bearing an apology." Seeming how Cate isn't really in a position to see what he's toting, she'll just feel the weight of the bag as it's dropped onto the end of her bed. Then Miko just stands there, waiting with his thumbs hooked into the pockets of his jeans. Ah, the joys of being able to wear civvies during off-duty hours. He's enjoying it while he can.

Cate is also wearing jeans and a white strappy tank top, rumpled after traveling. His declaration causes her to shift her arm up so she can peer at him skeptically, as if suspecting a trick of some sort. "Why bother?"

"Because contrary to popular belief, while I might act like an asshole, I'm not actually one. Or I'd prefer to think I'm not one. And because you actually deserve one?" Peeking out of the top of the bag are some boxing gloves and the neck of a bottle, the lot indicated with a tilt of Miko's head. "And if none of that tickles your fancy, I've also got a gallon of chocolate ice cream in the freezer out there and a pair of spoons."

It's the mention of ice cream that causes Cate to sit up. She still doesn't look happy, but she somewhat grudgingly says, "I can be bought with ice cream." But then she studies him with a squint, gauging his sincerity. "For someone who doesn't want to be an asshole, you certainly work hard to convince everyone you are."

"Yeah well. You get told your a piece of shit enough times, you start to believe you're a piece of shit too." Miko merely shrugs one shoulder, then reaches out to grab the straps of the paper grocery style bag and edges towards the door to see if she'll follow. "But once in a while I pull my head out of my ass long enough..."

"Once in a while," Cate says with a snort. But she's getting up to follow him. Her hair is down for a change, a rare sight around the ship except when coming out of the shower.

Miko has washed that hair before when she couldn't. So this is at least twice now that she's seen him lacking his usual bravado, as it tends only to surface in a one-on-one setting. Those don't happen often in the military. "I'm trying." Is all he murmurs on the way to the kitchen, setting down the apology-alternatives on the counter before fishing out the carton and handing her a spoon so she can do the honors. "I crossed a line. And I'm sorry."

Cate leans against the counter, snagging a spoonful of ice cream. As she eats it, she continues to study him skeptically. There's no obvious hostility, but she's also not letting him off quite that easy. "I don't get it, Miko. I know you're capable of not being a jerk. But you've been trying to push my buttons since Galactica. You finally find one that actually hurts and then suddenly you feel bad? What the frak?"

"Have I?" Miko honestly looks surprised by that statement, and to no lesser degree, concerned about it as well. It's written on his face, the way his forehead furrows into deep peaks and valleys and his eyebrows push together in the center. "I...well, it wasn't intentional or rather specific to you. The uh, well. The company shrink says it's a defense mechanism. Losing Stefan and Dani to my own stupidity kicked it into overdrive. And my relationship to Eli apparently makes me extra protective. I dunno. Bunch of horse shit like that."

"Yeah, you have." At least by Cate's estimation. She continues to eat ice cream. Then - judging him sincere, she says, "Well, I suppose we're all frakked up in our own ways." A beat, and then she shifts her weight and says, "I forgive you. Just knock it off."

Miko's shoulder rises and falls, but just one. Like the other is too shy to join the party. "Yeah, well. Wish I could promise, but." His hand grips the back of his neck, wringing it for a minute. "At least you're one of the few people who gets an apology? So..you wanna tell me why that one? Why that button?"

"Promise you'll try," Cate insists, not letting that particular point go as she points a spoon at him for emphasis. She doesn't answer the other question immediately, but seems to be thinking it over, her lips curled in a contemplative frown.

Miko makes an emphatic gesture at the ice cream. He /is/ trying! But of course trying not to be an ass in the first place is the difficult part. "I've had mild success with trying. And some major set backs. I'm just a lucky son of a bitch that Eli understands me and knows how to handle me. Aldrich, however, almost earned himself a black eye until he nearly went and passed out on me." Miko rests his palms behind him on the counter, then uses their grip to hoist himself up onto it while he falls quiet to Cate's contemplation.

"Eli should publish a manual then. I almost decked you myself." But as she's still enjoying his ice cream for breakfast (or is it dinner? stupid cross-planet timezone hopping), at least she's not holding a grudge. Cate eats another spoonful and says, "It broke my heart to leave that little girl behind, and you turned her into a punchline," she explains finally. There might be more, judging by the pained crease in her brow, but she leaves it there for now.

"I...can't deal with feelings. My own, let alone some one else's. So it's easier to make a joke. But from now on, I promise, baby making jokes are off the table. And if one slips, I give you full permission to break my nose. Deal?" Miko offers complete with puppy dog eyes.

"I don't deal with them too well either," Cate admits with a frown. Then she holds up her non-spoon hand for a fistbump. "Deal." Whether it's returned or not, she resumes eating the ice cream, and says, "I wasn't much older than Siobhan when my mom died. My dad went to jail not long after that. If it weren't for my grandparents taking me in... that could've been me. Shuffled off to child services." That causes her frown to deepen.

Miko's knuckles tap against Cate's. "Not that it's any consolation, war makes all this even harder, but at least there was still a child services for her to go into. Otherwise plenty of us would have adopted her right on the spot. Think you might have even been one of them in line."

"Yeah," Cate declares after a moment. "I would have. Always wanted a family. Never really worked out before, and now with the war..." Cate gives a what-can-you-do shrug and sighs over her spoon. "Would you have, really?" Maybe she took his 'us' more literally than he meant.

"Yeah," Cate declares after a moment. "I would have. Always wanted a family. Never really worked out before, and now with the war..." Cate gives a what-can-you-do shrug and sighs over her spoon. "Would you have, really?" Maybe she took his 'us' more literally than he meant.

"Me, personally?" Now it's Miko's turn to frown contemplatively. "I don't know, honestly. On one hand, I picture Eli and I having lots of kids, and a huge family like he's used to, you know? On the other..." The man's face sort of hardens, like he's threatening to hurdle himself behind that wall he's built up around himself. "I am my pop's son, you know?" His booted foot scuffs the floor. "Gimme a bite of that, yeah?"

Cate shoves the ice cream to a spot closer to him, but still in reach so they can share. "No law says you have to be a father like your own parents. I sure as hell don't intend to be like my dad. My mom was pretty cool though." A fond but sad smile takes hold there for a minute.

Miko just sort of shrugs at that, not looking terribly convinced, but it's likely a conversation he's had before by the way he just looks downward in part shame and part resignation. "You know, I almost hit him once. Eli. He made me so mad, and I almost decked him. I could've really hurt him."

"But you didn't. And even if you did, doesn't mean that you'd hit a little kid," Cate points out patiently. She shrugs. "Look, if it's not for you it's not for you. But you can't pin that shit on your dad any more than I can." There's a slight pause and then she clarifies. "My dad never hit me. He just ditched me."

"Yeah." Miko just says as he drags his spoon across the surface of the ice cream so that the chocolate skims up into a little curl. Seems he's looking more for a distraction than any real interest in eating any. "Thought you said he went to jail."

Cate, on the other hand, is content to keep stress eating. "Yeah." Her brow creases, frowning at the unhappy memory. "But he went to jail because he checked out after Mom died and then let my uncle talk him into helping out more with the resistance. He didn't stop to think what would happen to me when he got caught. Or he just didn't give a shit." No amount of feigned indifference can hide the bitter hurt behind that statement. "After he went away, I got a couple messages then he stopped writing back."

"Good thing the choices parents make don't frak up their kids for life, right?" Miko snorts and then hops off the counter, tossing his spoon to clatter into the sink. "By the way, don't mess with that fifty gallon drum in the garage. It's the newest bash of mash liquor for the Dauntless. Mum's the word, and you'll get a liter for your trouble."

"Yeah, good thing," Cate deadpans back. She raises her eyebrows at his moonshine stash. "Guess I know who to call if I ever need to smuggle a giant barrel aboard the ship." She eats a little more and then puts the lid back on the drum. "You and Cadmus going to the ball?" It's 'strongly encouraged'... which translates as 'optional unless you want the Gunny's boot up your ass'.

"I'll be there. I'm sure Eli will find some 'medical emergency' that requires his attention instead. He's good at that. Gonna actually dance with me this time around? I totally got ditched last time." Miko makes no comment about the smuggling the drum aboard the ship thing. He can be a real charmer when he tries.

"You got ditched?" Cate's eyebrows shoot up incredulously. "You promised to dance with me then waltzed off with the waitress and never came back," she accuses mildly. "But anyway, no, I'm not going. Going to hang out on the boardwalk with Bean - you remember him, from Galactica?"

"Nice." Is all Miko says to Cate skipping out on the party, though there is a tone of admiration there for admitting it so brazenly. "Guess I'm stuck with another waitress. So we're good? Because I need to go research how hard it is to get a Chaplain in for an involuntary MRI."

"Yeah, we're good," Cate acknowledges, before frowning in concern at the latter. "Al still acting flakey? I thought he was just sleep deprived."

"Right smack dab in the middle of a fight, and he looks like he's about to faint. Starts looking past me like he saw a ghost. Always knew he was a little 'special', you gotta be as a Chaplain, right? But this was down right bonkers." Miko shrugs, "Guess we'll see." He reaches for the bag of gloves and booze and slings it over his shoulder to head to his room. "But if he starts talking in tongues, I'm OUT."

"He was spacing out on me too. We'll keep an eye on him. Worst case we can always fake an order from one of the senior docs and tell him it's some follow-up from his head injury awhile back." Cate shrugs a bit, then rummages around in the kitchen drawers for a piece of paper, onto which she scribbles, Rhodes - Touch And Die which she tucks under the ice cream's lid.

Miko taps his nose and points at Cate before he disappears down the hallway. "Good thinking. But why fake an order when you're married to a doc? What good is turning a man into putty if he won't sign a slip of paper no questions asked. Oh wait. This is Eli. Right. Faking it is!"

"You're shaking my confidence in your seduction skills there Kovac," Cate calls after him, as she puts her prize into the freezer.


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