2237-07-28 - Unnecessary Roughness And The Wardrobe Malfunction

Irene gets dunked and tries to pummel her would be rescuer, Faye. Hilarity and friendship ensues.

Date: 2237-07-28

Location: Beach On Argentum Bay, Scorpia

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Scene Number: 343

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It's just past midday, the weather clear, bright and sunny. The gentle waves sparkle intensely, especially where a small group of buff colonial marines wade, thrash and tackle each other in the shallows. It may not be a real game, this aquatic pyramid slash water polo they're playing, but that doesn't seem to temper the competition any. With five to a side, the ball progresses from one end to the other in fits and spurts, often interupted by the carrier being knocked from their feet to disappear in the waist deep water. In the middle of the scrum is Irene, covering a dark haired Tauron gunner who could probably dead lift her overhead without breaking a sweat. Size disadvantage aside, she does what she can when he intercepts the ball, which mainly involves climbing his broad back and locking her arms around his neck to try and drag him down. She's a terrible anchor though, since he just wades along, while she clings and doesn't slow him down in the least. He's polite enough not to just fling her off, so that's something. It's probably because she's laughing more than trying to choke him out and take the ball.

Of course who could fault others for watching, especially since Faye wasn't exactly the type to jump into the middle of this makeshift game. Okay, that's not /entirely/ true, she just wasn't about to do it in a bikini. There was this sort of inkling at the back of her mind that such a thing, while wearing it, would quickly wind up with her spending most of her time stopping a wardrobe malfunction. Well, that, and she just joined on with the crew (lucky her, transfers in during R&R) which means her knowledge of who's-who is woefully lacking.
Faye cups her hands around her mouth and calls out, "GET 'IM!" Followed by cheering out as she rises up onto the balls of her feet. "TAKE HIM DO-O-OWN!" Nothing like trying to encourage the underdog amidst the others watching and probably participating in similar ways (including a couple probably laughing at the black haired lady).

Encouraged, or just naturally crazy like that, Irene brings her knees up to the small of the Tauron tank's back and leans as far back as she possibly can. If she can't stop him she's going to like, break him in half! Sadly, he's barely inconvenienced and keeps pushing on, stopping only briefly to straight arm his way through another opposing player. She's still at it when a sharp faced Hiberian, ropey and lean, breaks off and rushes her. She basically spears Irene, ripping her off her giant teammate's back and pinning her to the sand beneath the waves. That'd definitely be a red flag in a proper game of anything, especially since it takes her a bit long to resurface, sputtering and coughing up bay water.

"OHHHHHHHH!" Faye calls out with her hands cupped about her mouth once more and leaning forward with a heavy bend at the waist. That sort of call that says ''I feel that, I've been there, buwahahaha'' all in one long breath. Her lips are curving into a wide smile after she says it. Standing back up straight she lets out another cheer, rising up onto the balls of her feet as the larger player moves one way with a juke then shoulders right on through another before scoring a goal with the collective cheers and groans all around.
A couple fingers on one hand pushed into her mouth to create a loud whistle as she keeps cheering, though her eyes flip back over to that crazy lady who tackled into the water quite gloriously. Ah! There's her head, she's back above water and alive! Back to the man who scored the goal then.

And really, after coughing the water out of her lungs, Irene would have been just fine, but that Hiberian stays right on her like a bad rash. Even after the goal is scored, the hawkish redhead keeps on like doubled over busdriver is still in play. She really isn't though, in fact she's rubbing the sting out of her eyes when that persistent opponent of hers grabs her arm and twists it behind her back and levers her face first back into the water. It's hard to hear from the beach, but she's saying something about "poster girl". Apparently she doesn't like those? Of course, nobody else has really noticed the little drama yet, having moved with the ball and the sound being drowned out by cheers and groans.

The lady on the bitch gives out another cheer, she hasn't heard the comment by the other but as she scanned back she noticed that there wasn't an Irene anymore. A dip of an eyebrow as she scans about for the woman again but doesn't notice her. A third check and she starts to pick her way down toward the water's edge in a few quick steps. She's new to the crew, but she's not too keen on people getting hurt. Where the heck was that redhead?
Another cast of her eyes about as her feet touch the water, a dance of her foot backward, then back forward (Ack! Water colder than body!) before another quick step in that kicks up some of the water (Better to get it over with fast!) as her eyes find the redhead.

And there she is, the redhead with the sharp Hibernian profile and her foot now planted between Irene's shoulderblades well beneath the water. The latter, now probably over the initial shock and surprise is trying to not drown, which is understandable so she's down there struggling against the weight of the sturdier marine pinning her to the bottom. The dirty player notices Faye wading her direction first, and then the others reforming after the goal to start the next round. The former gets a warning glare and the others a happy wave as she casually jams her heel into Irene's back to step off and rejoin the game. It's not long after that, the victim resurfaces with a half frantic thrash of limbs and more coughing.

Faye glares right back, taking a aggressive step in the woman's direction. Like hell she's going to take that look! A hard splash through the water as she moves her let forward again, a little clenching and unclenching of her hands, she's just about to start charging after the woman when there's a thrash of limbs and Faye actually jumps back in surprise, "Wah!!" And finds herself splashing down into the water herself. So much for staying dry as she sits on her rump while the water crests up but not high enough to get her head under.
And so, Faye sits there, staring toward the coughing one, not really sure what to say as /what started/ as a SAR has now turned into a debacle of splashing proportions.

It's really hard to talk, or look halfway glamorous after almost drowning. Irene is just a mess, hair in her face, water, tears and everything else coming out of her face with no kind of restraint while she gasps for air between coughs. That's probably why she almost immediately lunges at Faye and tries to wallop her right in the ear with a loose fist. Well, maybe the ear wasn't her intended target, but she's probably not seeing anything but blurs and is coming out swinging at any blur that moves. "Frak you!" She coughs out, angry as a cat in a bag.

The redhead, it might be noted, is already wading well away - like none of that just happened.

Yay for training! Faye's eyes were tracking over toward the redhead as it looked like the woman was at least getting it out of her system, her hands pulling up and she's in the middle of standing when the blur of motion and the swing of a fist in her direction. A slip to the side with an arm coming up in the same motions, elbow bent, as the fist hits the side of her head in more of a glancing blow. Enough to make Faye fall back a step, lose her balance and splash down again with another yelp.
"Hey! Chill the frak out!" She calls after she lands in the water, keeping one hand up to try and deflect the blow that might be headed her way again.

What's the opposite of chill out? Turn into a magma spewing volcano of rage? That's where Irene's at. She isn't even making words anymore, just a rumble that becomes a ragged keening expulsion of angry that breaks apart into another bout of hacking coughs. She still can't see much of anything, but that's not going to stop her from throttling Faye, or attempting to. The first wild swing is followed up with hook aimed roughly throat-ward that upsets her already precarious balance and sends her almost headlong into her would be rescuer and back onto her hands and knees, whether she manages to connect or not.

The raven haired one ducks her head right into the water to avoid the wild swing and then tries to scamper back to her feet with a splutter of water of her own and a toss of her head. Then the hook comes in, a bit of tipping saved Faye from catching it in the throat as it caught her right in the shoulder. The same one she was pushing up with, "Aowk!" She says, probably intending to say something, but instead it sort of turns into a mixture of things that results adds to the second off-balance woman's appearance.
Thump! "Blark!" She says in another escape of nonsense as Irene falls into her and sends Faye backward into the water with flailing her arms as she splashes... Aaand there it was. The whole reason she didn't want to play the rough game in the water to begin with.

The Marines returning to their positions finally notice what's going on at midfield with Irene and Faye. There's some chuckling, a few shouts of encouragement and generally more amusement than concern. It's the Tauron she was hanging off of who finally intervenes, grabbing a handful of her soaked Threshers t-shirt at the back, hoisting her out of the water with it and holding her at arm's length once she's up. "Woah, Sam. What are you doing?" Another player splashes over to fish Faye out of the drink, trying not to laugh as he does. Restrained, Irene calms herself enough to rub her eyes and brush her tangle of blonde hair from her face. Her mistake is immediately apparent, especially when she sees the redhead responsible standing, arms crossed, well out of punching range. "I uh... I'm not playing anymore." She says sheepishly, twisting around to pry herself out of the Tauron's grip. To Faye, she adds, with a hand offered, "I thought you tripped me. Sorry."

As she's fished back up out of the water by the other Marine there's a hard gasp from the woman and a sudden realization. Like the jaws snapping shut on a trap there's a slapping down as the hands cover up over herself, the pale woman immediately hitting a hard red in color that flashes up her neck and through her face. She jars her hand free of the Marine who pulled her um... and then elbows him in the ribs enough to say ''you better not have been looking'' with the glare to match.
Green eyes flick back over toward Irene as she moves a hand out to poin-NOPE! Hand snaps back over in place as her fingers instead work to fix the top while desperately trying not to give anyone else a view. "I swear if this winds up in some bawdy off-news outlet..." A flick of her eyes around, a turn of her head to make sure that there were no cameras pointed in their direction.

That's worth another round of laughter from the Marines, even from the elbowed one in particular who pretends he's a boy scout who definitely didn't just get an eyeful. Irene freezes there with her hand out, blinks slowly three times and then is turned around and pushing the Tauron away a split second later. Damage control mode, she gives them her best officer voice. "Get back to your game, you knuckle dragging lunkheads." Sure, there's more chuckles after that, but they grudgingly comply rather than risk the ire of either pilot. With them wading off she looks back at Faye, red eyed, bedraggled and curious. "I know you. C'mon, I think you broke the tie." She says after a moment, frowning sympathetically while she wades up alongside, headed for the beach.

A quick cover of one hand that holds what's left of the top in place and she gives the man who was /trying/ to play boyscout a solid smack in the stomach with the back of her hand. Another glare and a cast of her eyes around. It was hard not to give in a little, with the pull of a smile at the corner of her lips. She was, of course, still doing her best to showcase the season's color of lobster red on her skin no less. Thankfully in a far less lasting way than a sunburn.
The eyes find the woman once more, Irene, and she arches a brow. "What? Keep up to date on the new arrivals?" She asks with a dry tone, turning along with as both of her arms go back to covering up. As she turns, sure enough, Irene can see where one of the ties snapped at a seam, leaving one side with a tie twice as long with the other. At least it wasn't one with the hook and eye, whoever thought /that/ was a good idea for a bikini top needed to be smacked.

Marines aren't phased by much, so after another is cajoled into subbing in for the pilot, the game is soon back on. Irene leaves them to it, walking faster the less water she has to push through until she's practically jogging out of the lapping waves. She doesn't stop again until she's at ankle depth and has had a moment to cough the last tickle out of her throat. "No. We read for the same part. What was that one? Revenge of something? I thought you were going to get it for sure." She explains, congenial smile on her face and her tone casual, especially given she just tried to pummel Faye. Whatever the part and movie, it's all an ancient memory to her the way she says it.

She follows along with, but favors more long strides than jogging (what with the top). Faye gives another cast of her eyes around to see if there /were/ any cameras pointed their way but she didn't see any. Then the mention of the movie and Faye's eyes flick over to the Raptor pilot. A pause and she scans the woman up and down. It's a quick thing and ends back on Irene's eyes. A cant of her head, "Wait... /Daisy/?!" She asks, not remembering the woman's actual name but remembering her role in the family drama.
"Oh my /Gods!/" She says with a wide grin slowly spreading along her coutenance as her eyes open wider, "It totally is! Revenge of the... I don't even remember! It was that stupid role with a lot of angsty crying and throwing yourself at the main actor. I'm so glad I didn't get in in retrospect --OH! And you were on those Posters! I was wondering what you did after that." Faye sounds positively giddy. One might say fan-girl even.

Irene helpfully flips her sodden hair back out of her face for the semi-dramatic reveal and in her very best Aerilonian accent confirms her fellow pilot's suspicion, "Daisy Bean, that's me alright." There's a bit of a laugh allowed, since she's with another thespian and all, the guard comes down a few inches more than it probably would otherwise. The folksy accent drops, back to the smart Virgan one as she goes on, "I'm a lieutenant junior grade Irene Harris now, Colonial Forces, raptor pilot. Who are you now? Still acting?" She wonders, eyebrow up as she puts a steadying hand on Faye's shoulder so lean over and check the damage on her top. "Oh, that's beyond saving, I think. Sorry, about that. I'll buy you a new one, okay?"

A snort and she casts a hand with a flip of her wrist back toward Irene, "Don't even worry about it! I just picked this thing up on the way. I heard there would be R&R, it's not like it's one of my nice ones." She says with a crinkle to her nose and the smile still present and firmly in place.
"So you actually /are/ in the service! I thought maybe they just picked you up for pee are shots." Another arch of her brows and she glances about to see if there would be some place to sit... then she realized she would need to do something about the top first she adds quickly, "Any way for you to tie it up at least for now?" She didn't quite get around to answering the woman's other questions yet as she turns, helpfully trying to let the other see her back. A little twist and a prop of a leg up in what's almost a classic pose for modeling. Not that Faye practices or anything...

"I had the bright idea to join the Virgon Royal Navy, ended up here a few months ago. R&R? So you're serving too? What outfit?" Irene explains as she scoots neatly around, finds the dangling tie that's twice as long as it should be and considers options. She settles on just wrapping the excess tie loosely around her hand and holding the loose parts together with her fingers for the short term, "No, it's truly done. I have an extra blouse in my bag over there though. Let's go." Her head gets a nod toward a towel not too far off, close enough she could keep an eye on it during her game.

A sigh, "Blah." She says in a sigh of a voice, letting the other woman hold it with her hands finally falling back away. She turns her head and casts a smile in Irene's direction, "Yeah. Service is mandatory -- though usually people just go reserves. I didn't, after that when to an Academy and boom -- Lieutenant jay gee Faye Zeller with the Colonial Forces."
She offers a hand out toward Irene, adding, "Just was transferred into the Timber Wolves." A flash of a smile as she looks toward the woman... and maybe scoots a little closer. Faye looks like she's probably start gushing over Irene again if it wasn't for the fact that doing so would probably jar the end loose from Irene's fingers.

"We're in the same unit! How weird is that?" Irene enthuses, that Daisy charm of hers smoothing over all traces of the indignant rage of earlier. "This'll be great. We're moving to the new carrier so the rack assignments will be up in the air again -" She pauses then, giving the offered hand a light pump and squeeze which ends when she continues, "Do you snore?" This is a very, very serious concern of hers all of a sudden. Her eyes narrow and the smile fades a touch. Then like that, the scrutiny is shaken off and the blonde puts a little coaxing pressure on Faye's back where she's holding the top together. She's heading for the towel and bag.

Her own handshake was rigid with a tight grasp, a bit too much thrown into it so it makes Faye's shake a bit more of a jerk than a smooth thing. There was no stare or, inclination it was done as a means to dominate the shake, probably more just a matter of what she was used to. A snort is met to the question, an arch of the brows and she says, "No-" A pause and one eyebrow dips to make them off-kilter, "Do you...?" Faye poses to the woman in return.
Then her lips slide once more into a wide smile and she touches at Irene's shoulder with another wiggle of her nose as if to off-set the seriousness in her own voice. Clearly she didn't seem to mind the woman taking a swing at her, well either that or just the fact that she's nearly giddy.

A few steps from her little 'camp', Irene leans over and theatrically sniffs at Faye, not shying away from any shoulder touches. She doesn't pull a disgusted face afterwards, just grins like she's swallowed a canary. "No, and you don't smell bad either. You'd be a huge improvement over my Vanguard bunkmate, if the rack situation is the same on the new tub... Trust me, you don't want to be stuck with whatever berthing is left." By the time that's all said, they've arrived and the Virgan goes straight for her bag, drawing out a neatly folded long sleeved, summery blouse.

Faye gives a light laugh back to Irene's little sniff, a shake of her head from side-to-side before an exaggerated roll of the eyes as she adds, "/I/ like sandalwood thank-you-very-much, so there's no way in hell I would smell bad." her arms come up to hold the fabric in place as the woman retrieves the summery blouse. She gives a little cant of her head to the side and then offers out a hand to take the blouse.
A sheepish look then and she lets her eyes dance up and to the side as she says in a bit of a joking tone, "Well, assuming I'm gonna be your bunk mate, not like this will be a new sight." And she turns toward the other woman (trying to angle herself away from others and use Irene as a bit of a shield) before pulling the top smoothly over her head. Only a bit of flashing before the tatters of the bikini are pulled out the bottom and the arms are pushed through the long sleeves.
"Good color on me?"

Irene doesn't pay any particular mind to Faye as she's covering up, or get any kind of flustered over any inadvertant flashes. She just helpfully provides herself as a privacy shield as best she can (she's not exactly wide or tall), snorting out a quiet laugh, "You'll see more than enough of everyone else in the berthings and the head. You'll be begging people to put their clothes on after a while. I don't know how they do it on your home colony, but I think Virgans shower in full uniform." She waits until Faye is sorted before peeling out of her wet Threshers t-shirt and plunking down on her towel to dry off in the sun without the clinging fabric stuck to her. She gives a thumbs up to the color question. "Perfect. Sorry again about clobbering you."

Faye didn't really expect one, hence why she so readily went for it. A light laugh follows Irene's comments and she gives a shake of her head from side-to-side, a sweep of her hand up to pull back some of her damp hair behind an ear. She refrained from plunking down on the sand and instead moves over to sit on a small corner of Irene's with a little gesture and a "Mind-if-I...?" As she already is seating herself.
Pulling her knees up and tucking her hands between them she starts to wiggle back and forth on the towel next to the woman as her smile slowly spreads wider-and-wider, a push of one shoulder up finally as she says almost in a breathless way, "Oh, don't worry about it...!" Wiggle wiggle, "Really, it's nothing, I mean you only really got me in the shoulder and it wasn't too bad." wiggle, wiggle, and a wide grin.

Irene scoots over and folds her legs up to make room without a fuss, indicating she's fine with sharing the towel without saying a word about it. When she's settled, she doublechecks the tie at the back of her neck to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions herself and satisfied, goes rooting through her bag again, talking as she does, "I feel better then. People hassle me sometimes and I mostly eat it. You know what it's like." She assumes with a pensive frown that quickly changes as she finds what she was looking for, a small packet of hard, cookie like biscuits. She breaks one in half and offers one end to Faye.

Faye takes the half of a cookie that's offered to her, raising it up to nibble without even a hesitation as she starts to make little noncommittal noises in response with a stopping of the wiggle and a little shifting-shrug of her shoulders. The eyes dance to the side for a moment, then back in the direction of Irene who's towel she was sharing. She nibbles a little more and finally adds, "A little, I don't catch much of it unless they don't know and even then it's only the other officers."
A short inhale, her face squishing up for a moment as if she's wrestling with it and then she says in a bit of a rush, "I was enlisted before I went to the Academy, and that usually gets around to the other enlisted so they leave me be because they know I've dealt with that crap too so they usually don't give me too much crap about it and keep the others in check, but I'm sure that they don't do it because they dislike you or anything they're just totally jealous!" And a turn of her head away, eyes dancing up and do the side as she nervously tucks some of the hair back behind her ear. The entire thing was said with one breath.

Irene bites the corner off her half and chews absently on the pebble hard but sweet and buttery tasting chunk. She mostly stares off at the water now, watching the game still being played out as waist depth. Her replacement seems to be dealing with the big Tauron much better than she could, but time and again she ends up lazily glaring at the redhead who just about drowned her. She glances aside at Faye after she's run through all that, grins briefly in response. "Really? I wish I'd thought of that. Luckily I'm just a pilot now, most of my authority doesn't extend very far beyond the wing of my raptor." She mirrors the other woman's gesture unconsciously, tucking her drying hair behind her ear before nibbling at her biscuit again.

A turn of her head as Faye looks back at Irene with a bit of a sigh escape from her, a sink of her shoulders in relief as she adds, "Yeah. Same here, actually. Though I fly Vipers." A tilt of her head to the side, a raise of a shoulder toward it and a hap-hazard smile to go along with it.
"Now things really are getting strange though. Who would've thought that both of /us/ would've wound up in the same unit, at the same time, on the same ship, and we're both pilots." A light laugh and she turns her head away again to look toward the game as well. Her back curves more as she leans in toward her knees -- relaxing -- but the eyes too find the redhead as she starts to plot. Oh she would get revenge for her new friend... Maybe new friend?
Faye's green gaze flick away and up again, considering this turn of thoughts as she too bites off a small chunk of the cookie.

"It's the will of the Fates." Irene pronounces in a suitably spooky-grave voice, but cracks up too much at the end and ruins the effect. "I guess we'll have to be bunkmates now. You can't mess with fate." She teases lightly before shielding her eyes with a hand to her brow and peering up at the clear blue Scorpian sky. "Huh. Are you going to the reception after the awards ceremony? It'll be like old times. They're even allowing us to wear formal gowns this time."

Another little wiggle from side-to-side as she seems to again be weighing what she should say, following it up with "Well -- that is why I packed my gown." A flash of teeth amidst her curving smile as she looks back to Irene again. "I mean it's not really /my/ mine. Well, it /is/ but it's not. I think that someone caught wind of some sort of reception and there was thoughts that there might be cameras."
A pause with a dip of an eyebrow, "Will there be?" She asks, then continues on without waiting for an answer, "-and so this dress arrives, they just asked that I made sure to pause for a photo now and again while wearing it. They said they'd handle the rest, and I figured it'd be good for the pea are, right?" A dance upward of her brows.

"I think there's a contingent of Virgon stylists waiting to jump me at the hotel right now." Irene says as she blinks from the glare and lowers her eyes. Once she's not so dazzled, she glances over either shoulder towards the boardwalk, as if she might suspect the stylists to be there, creeping up on her even now. "There's going to be so many cameras. The Colonial Forces are getting their first Battlestar, so it's a big big deal. It's gonna take all afternoon to get prepared, and I really just wanted to play ball." There's a sigh there, but she doesn't fully let it escape. Instead, she just bites off another piece of biscuit and puts the remainder back in the packet. "The price we pay. Are you alright if I take off? You can return the blouse whenever, no rush."

A pause, and she glance over at the other woman as her eyes start to grow a little wider, "Wait... Which hotel are you staying at? What hotel is the rest of the air wing at? Are we all at the Nova Plains Resort?" She asks and then glances around as well. "Oh frak, they probably sent some for me too." She moves her head forward and thumps it lightly into her knees as she lets out was is unmistakably a groan.
"Why-y-y?" She says in a muffled voice, "Why did I agree?! If I knew that this was such a big event-" A sigh, and a turn of her head to rest the side of it where she previously bonked her head.
"Ye-eah. I'll be fine."

Irene picks up her shirt, twists it up and wrings it out over the sand next to the towel a few times, talking as she does, "Sure, some of us. There's a few in military housing, if someone invites you to the air wing house, that's what they're talking about." There's a short laugh offered for the rest, "The biggest yet. I heard the last ceremony was just a beachside barbecue and this thing is some sort of crazy gala with twelve colonies wide coverage." No pressure! She's obviously being a bit of a stinker talking it up like that, and knows it. "It'll be fine though. I think there's even bigger celebrities than us in the Timber Wolves. But, if you need anything, I'm in 427." When the Threshers shirt is somewhat dry she flaps it out and wriggles back into it, gingerly and stands up to right her sandal wedges and slip her feet into them.

"312." Faye responds with a decidedly more subdued tone that says her day just got a little worse. Then turning her head into her knees again she wraps her arms about them, closes her eyes, inhales and...

Sunglasses, check. Bag, check. Irene is go! Smoothing her shirt out and tugging at the hem, she begins to turn towards the boardwalk, steeling herself for the trauma ahead. "Super frak!" She agrees enthusiastically before willing her feet to move and start the trudge through the hot sand, "Well, see you at the party. It's going to be so. much. fun." With that, she wiggles her fingers and treks off.


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