2237-07-28 - Wolves In The Bar

The pilots of the Timber Wolves dominate the bar of the hotel, though a few marines do wedge their way in.

Date: 2237-07-28

Location: Restaurant and Bar

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Plot: None

Scene Number: 349

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Alain looks the part, at least, his dress uniform crisp and unmarred despite enduring the speech and award ceremony. He has no need to change, and so he heads straight for the bar to claim a spot, already perusing the menu.

While most people are out to mingle and meet, Lanval literally retreated once the awards ceremony ended. Having found a corner table at the restaurant, he ordered a water and lemon, which is where he is sitting at the moment, his back to the corner so that he can watch things around him, the young man's fingers resting around the water, and occassionally picking at the small bowl of bread and sauce on the table.

While many of the female members of the fleet may have gone to change after the awards ceremony, Astraea was not one of them. She also departed straight away from the ceremony to the bar... specifically to the bar itself to begin making orders. A lot of them. Once there's requests for pitchers for the Timberwolves surely to pile in places, the woman begins winding her way towards one of the larger tables in the back and grabs a chair or two on he way. At least the dress uniform makes that task easier. She's preparing for a crowd. After all, one of the wing's own got promoted. There's a most definite need to celebrate, right?

Aubrey steps into the bar after changing, needing a drink to deal with the formality of the event. She's dressed in a fancy gown, with gauzy black material around the sleeveless neckline, fading into extravagant beading on the bodice, and black silk falling in a slim-fitting column to the floor. Her hair has been styled in elaborate rolls pinned at the nape of her neck, and pearl earrings and makeup finish the look. Ball-appropriate, but party-girl hell. She slides up beside Alain at the bar and grunts at him. "My feet are going to hurt so bad by the end of the night. Pick me a drink to make them numb."

As Astraea is gathering chairs, Lanval glances up. "You're welcome to take a couple from mine as well, sir." he offers up to the pilot. "If you need any assistance."

What else would Van wear but his dress uniform? Sure, he's without his beret, white gloves, and saber, which makes him feel a little underdressed, but at least CF dress attire has a sash. He would probably feel naked without at least that. He's looking around for a big table as well, and so when he spots Astraea, a faint smile paints his lips and he approaches, offering a nod, "Two DAMs at once, Nova. Nicely done." He glances to Lanval at the offer, and then looks back to the staked-out table, "For carrier landings?" He's probably joking. Probably.

Although Alain eyes Aubrey's outfit, there's something amused in his expression. "You could've stayed in dress uniform, Banshee. You've only yourself to blame." But, after a moment, he points out something on the menu, and grabs the attention of the bartender, and holds up a couple of fingers. "Cocktails help, I'm told. Also," he's glancing around while they wait for the drinks to arrive, nodding towards where Astraea has staked out a table. "Do me a favor. Buy her a drink, bury the hatchet?"

Looking the most comfortable in a very long time, Kell is wearing his Colonial Forces Dress Uniform very well. The only time he was uncomfortable was when his named was called with the others to have the newly minted medals pinned. That put him in shock, starting from being informed that he has left the Ensign territory and ventured into the lands of Leftenant. He was probably also one of the few that listened rather aptly at the morale boosting speech, genuinely pleased with the christening of the new battlestar and carrier.
Kell was one of the later ones to venture into the restaurant and bar, probably waylaid on the way there with a couple of other officers offering their congratulations and whatnot. Energetic and eager to celebrate, Razor heads to where the other pilots have gathered, unable to wipe the smile off of his face. "First round is on me!" He exclaims to everyone in the vicinity, making sure the bartender heard him. What happened to Kell and who is this replacement?

"I know, I know, but swimsuit model in CF uniform begs for a photo to be taken for a brochure somewhere and I'm not keen on recruiting," Aubrey grumbles. She nods her acceptance at his choice of drink, then sighs at his request. "Fine." She looks at the tender, "Send one of those over to Nova, care of Banshee."

Being 'sir'd' is always a little startling to Astraea who looks over to Lanval. She blinks a few times a the chairs, then the rear table. "We might need 'em. We'll see who all shows up, yeh?" It may not be as big a party as she's hoping, but for Kell's sake; she's aiming big. The chairs are set down heavily just as Van approaches and speaks up. She laughs a bit, but it's that sort of awkward laugh when you don't know what to do with the compliment. "DAM an' flee commendation yerself, so I dunno what yer talkin' 'bout, Milkman." He mentions carrier landings and she eyeballs the tables. "Well... let's see how many drinks we can get in Razor first, yeh?" And speak of the- the Ensign-turned-jig appears and calls for a round on him and she exchanges a surprised expression with Van, arching an eyebrow.

With her hair down and a tasteful blue dress that's off one shoulder, Stirling doesn't look much like a senior officer tonight. She smiles at Kell's proclamation, coming up on his flank. "Actually it's open bar on the CF's tab, but it's the thought that counts. Congratulations, Lieutenant." Emphasis on the new rank there.

A ghost of a smile is offered from the young Marine before Lanval rises, taking a pair of the chairs, but leaving the one across from him as he lugs them over to the table. "Better to address an officer as an officer than to risk not addressing someone from the Wolves." he offers as he settles the chairs down. And since it seems to be an officer's party, he's moving to retake his place at his little corner table to draw from his water.

"Could be worse. You could've been a hand model. Have to keep your hands in gloves when off-duty, or something." Alain's looking pleased when the bartender delivers the cocktails -- a mix of green shaded to pink. "Oh, no. You're definitely delivering this in person. Besides, I see our new Lieutenant over there. Need to toast him," Jigger adds, glancing towards Kell, brows going up as she hears him offering to shout. "Huh. I think it's him, anyway."

Isolde was supposed to be with Van, but she totally got caught up with her IT nerds, and engaged in a good twenty minutes of conversation about how the computer system is doing with slightly prying questions from the ECO about her favorite girl. The Galactica, that is. Finally disengaging, she bounces into the restaurant, glancing around for where her husband-to-be has gone. Honing in on Van's heat signature, the Tauron heads his way. "Good news," she announces as she nears, "No one has frakked with my carefully calibrated systems." Beat pause. "Yet."

Two very, very dangerous words in the presence of celebrating pilots, 'open' and 'bar'. Kell immediately turns around hearing the familiar voice of Stirling, almost snapping a salute out of habit. Instead, his grin widens, "Thank you, Sir!" A pause before he asks, as if wanting to be sure, "Even the top shelf stuff?" Because he will most likely be drowning himself in quality whiskey in large quantities, if he has to pay for them, it will just be in slightly lower quantities.

The arrival of !Kell causes Van to chuckle, although he nods his thanks to Astraea's return congratulations. "Of course the Lieutenant is buying," he adds to !Kell's generous offer. And then he gestures to Stirling, "Tomorrow." He offers the CAG a nod as well, then a helpless sort of shrug to Astraea at !Kell's exuberance. Isolde's arrival causes Van to chuckle again, shaking his head in amusement, "Of course they haven't. You can't improve upon perfection, right?" And then he has to note, "You do know that they'll have to update them at some point, right, Izzy?"

"You suck, Jigger," Aubrey says with a faux scowl and a punch to his upper arm. She takes her drink, and the extra, and sucks in a breath. At least she picked a dress she can do that in. She turns and puts on a small smile, and heads to Astrea's table. She holds out the drink to the other woman. "Sorry about the other night. I was not a happy drunk." Then she looks to Kell. "Congratulations on the promotion, Razor. Much deserved." She sips from her own glass.

"Actually, that's a good question," Stirling replies to Kell thoughtfully when he asks about the top shelf. "I'm sure the bartender knows." She looks around at the pilots and offers, "Good day for the whole squadron. You've all done a great job."

"I'll make sure he finds us," Astraea says to Van, entrusting the chosen -- large -- table to he Viper pilot. She flashes a smile to Isolde when the ECO joins them. For Lanval, there's a shrug. "Jes' ain't used to it. Only a jig. No one cares what I got to say anyway." As she turns to start weaving her way to !Kell, she finds herself facing Aubrey and flinches. Hard. She takes a full step back and... it's a drink she finds being held out to her and not something else. She accepts it, gingerly. "Thank you." Unsure quite what else to say, she just offers a sort of wobbly smile before looking past the woman to Kell, tilting her head towards the table. "I already put in an order for a lotta alcohol. They're bringin' it to us. C'mon." She lifts a hand towards Alain, gesturing him back, as well. "Got us all a table- figured th' wing oughta celebrate together."

"No. I'm in denial. I won't accept it." Isolde says this all in a quick, dry note before she glances over toward Kell, and starts to beam. "Razor! Congrats!" She looks around at the others that are near, and offers her congratulations to them as well before she shoves Van toward the bar. "Drinks!" She then smiles to Stirling and nods her head in agreement. She then looks to Kell, and wrinkles her nose. Then she points to Van. "I want a shot of rum. Since Kell's buying."

"Think you are selling yourself short if you don't think your opinion matters, sir." Lanval offers to Astraea, considering how much attention the young Raptor jock is gathering at the moment as he gives her a swift smile that quickly slips back to a more neutral expression as Aubrey approaches. "Congratulations." he comments to Astraea before retreating again.

"Yeah, I do," Jigger replies, with amusement and without a trace of regret. He takes his own cocktail, falling into step with Aubrey as she heads towards the table. He steps away briefly as Aubrey and Astraea do their exchange, but he's watching with a kind of pleased side-eye, before he turns attention to Kell, shifting his drink to his other hand before offering his right hand to the newly promoted viper pilot, along with a smile. "Congratulations, Lieutenant."

Hearing his callsign, Kell turns and grins at Aubrey who approaches to join them, "Banshee! Thank you, couldn't have done it with everyone's support over Picon. Only after Nova the drink from Bnashee accepts does he reach out with his arms to pull both Aubrey and Nova closer together. Rather forward of Razor tonight but he is in /very/ good spirits, "And that very much includes you two, without us covering each other out in that mess, I think this would be a very different gathering. We are 'Wolves, one pack. Together." Once those words are spoken, he releases them, especially when the alcohol is inbound. Kell then turns to Isolde and laughs, "You will be having many shots, I think I'm gonna go ask the bartender for some top shelf whiskey too." He does reach out to pull Pi into a quick hug, "I heard about your quals, awesome job, Izzy!" Then a look towards Alain and grins, giving him a nod of thanks, "Thank you, Jigger. Time to drink, yeah?"

Calliope heard there were free drinks up in here. And also a Kell to congratulate. So, here she is. She's in her dress uniform rather than lady's formal wear. It's tailored to fit her lanky frame, at least, and she works it as best one can. "Lieutenant J-G Razor! Oh my gods! Congratulations!" That is yelled at full volume as she works her way through the bar to meet up with the other pilots.

Aubrey makes a small squeak of protest when Kell moves them together, then she just gives Jigger a look that clearly indicates this is all his fault. She takes another gulp of booze and spots Lanval. "Is someone going to make me apologize for being a bitch to that marine too?" she asks.

Van nods to Astraea, then offers up his faint smile to Stirling as well, "Yes we have sir, from top to bottom." The entirely unimportant but still official Van-Stamp-of-Approval, right there. He is shoved by Isolde then, ruining the solemnity of the moment, but he sticks by the table despite the shove, "Drinks are coming here, according to Nova." Jigger gets a nod as Alain joins the group, but Van remains at the table, bravely guarding it and watching the Ensigns and Jigs (and Jigger) mingling. He realizes what he's doing and starts to shake his head in amusement before he looks up sharply at Calliope's shout.

Stirling smirks at Aubrey's question. "That depends. Should I?" There's a hint of amusement in the CAG's face, but then she hears Kell's comment about getting top-shelf whiskey and says, "Let me see what they've got." She wanders over to the bar to catch the bartender's attention.

"I know. I'm now official. Wings and all." As if Isolde wasn't official before. Then she sticks out her tongue at Van when he doesn't immediately go forth and deliver. She does claim an open seat, dropping down into it. She glances after Whisper before she looks back toward the others at the table.

Alain's staring at Kell for a long moment as he pulls Aubrey and Astraea together. Maybe his mouth is still open, but if nothing else it distracts him from the fact that Kell doesn't take his offered hand. He shoots Aubrey a look that is not the least bit apologetic, edging past towards where Van is on guard duty. "Milkman, how's things?" he asks, silently toasting the other pilot as he takes his first sip from the cocktail, half turning to watch the CAG retreat to the bar. As Isolde joins, he grins, suddenly. "Is the rumor mill I heard true? You two are getting hitched?"

Aubrey grimaces at Stirling. "To be fair, he was trying to get me to do something stupid, so I think it was justified," she explains, vaguely.

Pulled in against Kell, Astraea suddenly flushes with a rosy hue across her nose and cheeks. She'd been about to protest to Lanval, but she finds herself sort of sputtering at the newely-minted Jig instead, putting a hand to Kell's chest to sort of step back a couple of steps as she tries to keep hold of her drink. One that she might have just quietly set aside but now downs in one fell swoop. Something to at least justify that creeping color. She rubs at them a bit with one hand once she sets the glass aside, sweeping back towards the large table that has been claimed -- and had chairs added to it -- for the Timber Wolves. She tugs self-consciously at the bottom edge of her jacket, taking a bit of a shaking breath as she stares down at the table's surface for a moment. She'll just stay put until the alcohol arrives. Yeah. That's a good option. Just stand still. Be a statue.

"Last I heard, the time honored tradition is that pilots are going to bitch about Marines, it was never any sweat off my nose she took it personal..." Lanval offers before he takes a sip from his water, and adds in for Stirling's benefit, "...sir."

Hearing Calliope, Kell turns to the new arrival and flashes her a grin, "Soundbite! Thanks, it's going to take some time getting use to." When Stirling is going to the bar to ask, Razor decides that he should join her, to make sure that he is the one footing the bill in case their CAG is trying to be sneaky beaky like. "One sec, I'll be right back." He says to those near him, and on his way towards the bar, he does clasp Jigger on the shoulder, giving him a slight nod as he says, "Whiskey good with you?" The question perhaps not exactly a question for now, but on a previous day. Then he heads to the bar, stepping up next to Stirling.

Isolde's tongue-sticking-out draws another chuckle from Van, and he shakes his head in amusement, settling in behind Isolde's chair so that he can rest a hand on her shoulder from his stance. And then the drinks begin to arrive, and Van gestures toward them for Isolde with his other hand. Looking over to Alain, he nods in return to the toast, "It is. We'll probably go looking for the chaplain at the party, because we're going to try to slip it in before we deploy again."

The party, it seems, is already well underway, when a pair of figures darken the door of the bar, the pair mirrored in form and figure. Addison, dressed to the nines in his uniform, his arm extended, perfectly formal, for the woman on his arm. Or, more precisely, for the sister on his arm. Ever the knight in shining armor, and she the princess, the pair move in easy stride, the ease with which they move born of a lifetime of familiarity. There's a smooth, easy gait, a moment, as one does, to stop and face the room, before the pair split, Abigail looking towards the bar, "Whiskey neat?"

When Abigail heads towards the bar, Addison's face dons a very disappointed look, nearly cringing. "Frak the Lords of Kobol... what is wrong with you people?!" He exclaims with a shake as he lets his eyes wander the bar and finds the object of his focus. With purposeful strides bordering on angry the man approaches the object of his ire. Lifting a finger, he points towards a nearby person. "You there, I am comandeering this in the name of the Colonial Forces... and for the sake of all humanity." Then the Walker twin winks and begins sifting through the jukebox to find music more to his liking. Settling on something, he flips it over and sighs contentedly. "Gail, shots!"

Calliope situates herself in the crowd, finding a bit of bar to lean on. There's a look of confusion on her face at the exchange between Aubrey and Lanval. She looks tempted to ask for that story. But, for now, she doesn't. A chuckle to Kell. "I still feel weird when people call me lieutenant. Like, they've got to be referring to somebody else. Nobody deserves it more, though. You are on point out there in your Viper. And you did really good work on those checklists, too. I feel like we're way tighter now." A little squeak, as she hears that from Isolde. "You guys are getting married on Scorpia? That'll be awesome!"

"Shots!" Isolde almost sings out with Addison before she reaches for one of the glasses. She beams at Calliope. "Yeah... might as well get it done while we're here. No idea where we're going next or how long we will be there." She gestures to Van. "I'm still trying to convince him to take my name. Van Asa has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?" She then sniffs at the shot, and smiles at the rough scent. Oh yeah. The good stuff.

"Got my cocktail, I'm good," Alain doesn't seem to get Kell's reference, nodding after the man before he turns his attention back to Van and Isolde. When Van confirms the news, Jigger sets his cocktail down on the table, stepping over to clasp the other man on the shoulder, grinning brightly. "That's great, man. Hey, if you need a witness and I'm still upright, I'd be happy to help out." And then he lifts his glass again, with a grin towards Isolde as he toasts. "Congratulations to you both. Van Asa? That's not bad, actually..."

Stirling just smiles back over her shoulder at Lanval and Aubrey, apparently not serious about the whole apology thing. When Kell catches up to her at the bar, she is indeed telling the bartender to put the whiskey on her room's tab, since it's above and beyond what the CF has made available for the troops' "open bar".

Aubrey gulps more from her cocktail glass and then raises a hand to wave at Addison and Abigail. She's with the cluster of pilots at a table getting Kell drunk. Er, congratulating Kell. She smiles at Van and Isolde, "Congratulations! That's great news!"

Kell's suspicions were on point because he caught Stirling telling the bartender to put the good stuff on her tab, "Sir, with all due respect, allow me to cover the first round at least?" He asks with a smile, hoping to convince the senior officer to relent, at least for one round. He does mention to the bartender a couple of names on whiskeys, asking which he has available and then points to the table where the pilots are gathering, enough for most of them there. Those that don't want means more for Razor.

Abigail, already knowing the direction Addison's mind would go in, is already making a beeline for the bar, drifting this way and that to avoid the press of bodies, before she backs up to the bar, "Four shots, whiskey, doubles. I'll take the bottle." Which means she'll likely end up with a tray, which is just fine with her. And that done, there's nothing but to find a place to claim for the party.

As the music begins, Addison reaches up to unfasten that ever annoying top button of any dress uniform to loosen the collar and then reaches into the interior pocket to pull out a few long cylinders, silver in color. From within he pulls out a cigar and puts it in his mouth. Having caught sight of the wave given from Aubrey and a few of the Timberwolves he's actually seen about the ship he starts in that direction.

Emrys is late to the party. He can't really be said to be sneaking in the door, but he's not out to attract attention either. He moves easily in his dress uniform, apparently quite comfortable in formal wear.

There are shots to be had. Shots and other drinks as well. Astraea knows what Scorpia has to offer. Because there are soon delivered, to the table, a few trays of drinks. Pitchers of brightly colored mixed drinks and cups a'plenty and rows of shot glasses with amber-hued liquids within. The servers who bring them spread them out on the table for all to avail themselves of. Astraea looks plenty relieved when they're delivered and quickly reaches for not one, but two shots. They're dropped one right after the other. Beyond that, she'll just stand by the table; the new one on guard duty for the table claimed for the Timber Wolves, even if they may be splintering. She can people-watch.

Stirling smiles over at Kell. "Now what sort of CAG would I be if I let the Lieutenant who just got promoted buy the drinks, hmm?" Eyebrows arched in friendly challenge, it doesn't seem as though the CAG will easily relent on this particular point. Addison's booming voice claiming the jukebok, gets a look, and then the woman makes a face at that music that starts playing. "Lords," she murmurs in an 'oh here we go' sort of way.

Calliope happily gets herself a whiskey, saying an enthused, "Thanks, Whisper!" to Stirling. And, "Thanks, Razor! Thanks whoever is paying my tab." Van and Isolde are considered. "You guys could hyphenate. Like, dual-hyphenate. Isolde Asa-Newton, and Van Newton-Asa." It's a perfectly serious, if wordy and hell to write in a signature, suggestion.

The music is certainly a distraction as well as Kell glances in that direction and just chuckles in amusement. When Stirling doesn't relent, Razor backs off as the night is young, "Very well sir, I concede. Thank you for your generosity, it will not be forgotten." He will have to make it up to the CAG at another time. Orders of the whiskey are already in though, so Kell pushes off of the bar to rejoin those at the table where the drinks have arrived, "Time to drink! What do we have, shots?"

Alain grins at Calliope, as he picks up on her suggestion: "You could hyphenate-shorten. Isolde NA, Van NA. Much less to write when you're filling in forms or signing things." Because these are important considerations. He's still finishing off his cocktail -- playing it slow, maybe? -- eyeing the mound of drinks that arrive and giving Astraea a wry smile. "Trying to get us all drunk, Nova?"

Abigail follows in the line Addison's making, the simple white, almost retro style to her dress, coupled with the tray, bottle and glasses recall some old-world elegance, the perfect addition to the tableau that Addison's made. All he's missing is the substitution of a smoking jacket for the dress uniform. Once he's found a place, she sets down the tray, retrieving one of the glasses and downing the shot, before she lifts the bottle for the immediate refill.

Van winces as Isolde calls for shots, and instead he gets a pint glass and pitcher, pouring himself something relatively light-hop-looking. Calliope's squeak causes him to smile again faintly, although he shakes his head and chuckles at Isolde's suggestion and Alain's approval, "Mother would kill me. I'm thinking that hyphenate is the safest course of action." He gestures over to Kell, "I was actually hoping to ask Razor there to be my best man, although of course the wing is invited, and I absolutely appreciate the offer to witness."

"Hey Addy. Look at you, all official in a CF dress uniform," Aubrey quips, straightening the lapel on his partly unbuttoned top like a mom. "You look spiffy. And vavavoom Abby. Love that dress," she grins at her pseudo sister and drinks from her glass.

By the time Alain has approaches, Astraea is pouring a few drinks out for people to just grab. She's gotten fidgety. She offers him a bit of a grin and shrugs. "More just makin' sure that we've cornered th' market b'fore th' marines drink th' place dry." There's something missing from the smile, but she offers it all the same. The pitcher she's holding is set aside as she picks up a pair of shots, offering one out to the Gemenese man. "Drink wit' me?" And there's a Kell, too. She offers her other shot his way, "You too. There's drownin' to be done."

"My pleasure," Stirling replies to Kell, offering the pilot a little smile. She returns to the table with the bottle of the Really Good Stuff in hand. "Who needs some whiskey? Razor can do the honors." She'll let him dole out the shots at least. "We should have a toast, and then you can all get silly." Speaking as if it hasn't already happened yet.

Eva, making her way into the bar, having, one would imagine, been held up, lifts her head, trying to pick out the 'date' such as it is, that she apparently ditched before they could come in together. Once she finds him, she heads off in his direction, finally coming to a halt at Emrys' side. "Don't ask. I barely made it out alive."

The arrival of Abigail's tray of whiskey has Addison picking up a shot from it to down before he hands her the other cigar from the case. Then he spins, eyes catching over the wolves. A mock flourish at himself as he comments towards Aubrey, "I didn't plan on wearing it, but kind of got told I had to." The look shot at Abigail shows who pressured him there. "Excuse me a second. I spot idle booze." With a walk, he starts to make his way over to the table a bit more to seize some of the unattended drinks which Astraea procurred, helping himself to one before announcing. "Alright, I'm not sure which one of you is which. But where's my fellow 'Oh shit I got shot down' members?"

Calliope is entirely happy with her glass of middle-shelf whiskey that she did not pay for. Eva and Emrys are waved at, when they're spotted, and she gets her glass in hand to share in the toast.

When Stirling joins them at the table with a new bottle, Kell was about to do the honors until Astraea shoves a shot at him, one that is already poured. Having made the promise to not say no to drinks tonight, Razor accepts it and says, "Our first!" He raises the shot glass towards Nova, waiting for her to get ready and Alain as well. When they are, he brings it to his lips, downing it without a problem. It seems like Kell has indeed experience in drinking in the past. Exhaling loudly, he shakes his head slightly as he puts the empty shot glass down before turning to the CAG, looking at the bottle and whistling, "That is the /very/ good stuff, sir." And he shall do the honors as he reaches out to accept the bottle, unsealing the top. A waiter is already on the way with more clean and empty shot glasses, which Kell begins to fill glasses, offering it to those who may wish for a drink.

"There you are. I figured you'd been held up." Emrys does indeed not ask as his 'friend date' joins him, returning Calliope's wave of greeting. "So. Here we are. I remember when I would have been all about this..." He gestures around. "Still, we should probably grab something for the toast. What do you want?"

Aubrey snorts at Addison and then rolls her eyes. She unfortunately, has to raise her hand to the 'shot down' club membership. She plucks up one of the 'good stuff' shotglasses, raising it to Stirling in thanks for her contribution to the night's inebriation.

"I'd be more worried about what Pi might do to you than your mother," Alain asides to Van in a low voice, grinning. "Well, if you're going to ask Razor, better do it before he gets too drunk. He seems like a man on a mission, you know?" Speaking of drinks; he finishes his cocktail, grimacing a little at the bitterness at the bottom. Just in time, maybe: Astraea's offer of a shot to clear the taste is welcome, grinning at the Raptor pilot, glancing towards Kell and giving him a nod, "To the Timber Wolves, and to the Dauntless!" he calls out, before downing his shot.

"Thanks, Bree, you too." Abigail plucks the cigar she's being offered from Addison's fingers, reaching out to pluck a lighter from his pocket, before he wanders out of range. Whether or not he'll need it back, well, she needs it so. She doesn't light the thing though, turning instead to listen to the toast being proposed. As a marine, she's thankfully not in this little club.

And by the time Micah Knoor arrives, his honest assumption is that the party would be over. No dice, though. The tall pilot, a very recent transfer from the Caprican Navy, smooths out his brand new dress uniform as he approaches the bar. "Just water, please." His voice, quiet and melodic, is meant only for the bartender. When the offered beverage is delivered, though, he gets little chance to go and hide. Two young lieutenants he'd run into at the shipyard, find the only person at the party they seemed to know.

There's a look to Addison and Astraea blinks, reaching for a shot once Kell has taken the one offered. She lifts it to indicate her own membership in the 'shot down' club. She does grin back to Razor, downing the drink once he does. And yes, she'll be here to accept one from the good bottle because there's no way she's passing that up. Nuh-uh. The woman is still fully in her blues; nothing unbuttoned, nothing untucked. She does, however, seem to relax a bit as folks gather around the table and liquor. She leans back against the edge of the table a bit. Her hair -- twisted back in a careful 'updo' of sorts -- has started to slip free in a few places. Such is not meant to be tamed for long.

"Wait..." Isolde looks at Alain, narrowing her eyes. "Doesn't NA stand for not applicable?" Then she starts to laugh. "I think we will settle on hypenate. We both have headstrong parents... my father would lose his mind if I took a Picon's name." She sidelongs a look to Van. "Sorry." Then she dimples. "Asa-Newton it is... alphabetical, too." She then downs her shot when the call comes, knocking it back easily with the smallest wince. Then she is reaching for another, if there is indeed a mass population of them unclaimed.

Stirling holds out her glass for Kell to fill from the top-shelf bottle, and lifts it when Alain makes his toast. "So say we all," she says. Then she looks over at Isolde and Van. "You're getting married? Congratulations."

"And that's because you have not met Mother," Van notes to Alain, "Izzy is terrifying in her own way, don't get me wrong, but I would rather worry about keeping her happy than assuaging her anger." At the call from the ex-Marine, Van lifts up his glass, "The Timber Wolves and the Dauntless. Stack them up, break them down, and come home safe." He takes a heavy slug of his beer, then he looks over to Isolde, "You can be Asa-Newton, I can be Newton-Asa, we can confuse everyone." Stirling's question causes him to blink, and flush just a little, "Ah, yes sir. Thank you. And just now I'm realizing that we failed to inform our superior officer of that fact."

Reaching to his pocket to find his lighter, Addison realizes it got lifted and pulls the cigar out from his lips, "Gods damnit Abs. Did you steal my lighter?" He asks to no one in particular before he shakes his head. With his cigar now useless for the moment he's stuck with having to chew on it and look around. "Alright. Which of you people actually dance?" Addison raises his hand, lifting it in an eenie-meenie type gesture looking for someone to assail.

"I'm not even sure I was ever about all of this, Emrys," is Eva's response, as the pair move and sway as one does when they're trying to avoid being bowled over by people trying to get as much alcohol into their bodies in a short a time as possible, "Whiskey is fine. I'm not much of a drinker."

Shot glasses are handed out, Kell then pours one into Stirling's glass as it is held out for him and when there are no more takers, he pours one for himself. When Alain makes the first toast, Razor raises his glass, "So say we all!" Another shot down, easily cleared especially with the top shelf stuff. Smooth.

"Ooh, uh... yes." Isolde looks abruptly bashful. "Uh, we should have probably let our CAG know that." She grins toward Van then before she looks back to Stirling. "I asked Van a few weeks ago." Then she snorts at Van's suggestion. "Yeah... I think we're just gonna be end-up as NA... I agree with Jigger." She winks to Alain before she balances another shot between her fingers. She takes a third shot from Kell -- she thinks it's three. She's been too busy socializing to keep track.

Aubrey gives a 'Hear! Hear!" to the toast and tosses back the shot, before turning the shot glass over on the tray. She smacks her lips. "Nice." She doesn't bother to raise her hand at the dancing question. Addison knows damn well she dances. However, she has been burned soooo hard at these awards parties that she's gunshy now.

Abigail moves to light her own cigar, and despite the fact that she's not given to being a smoker, so far as she's shown on mission or on ship, she cigars like a champ, "Addie!" She launches the lighter, perfectly aiming it so when Addison reaches out his hand, in the middle of picking a partner, the lighter lands in his hand with barely any mark of effort on his part.

"I mean, yeah, it'd be awful confusing for all the paper-pushers," a fact that Alain seems to enjoy, if the grin he gives Isolde is any indication. He sets down his empty glass, but doesn't immediately reach for another, not just yet, anyway. He grins at Van's mention of his mother. "Yes, but she's not going to be by your side twenty-four seven," he somewhat-murmurs.

"I dance," Astraea answers Addison, "but I ain't dressed for it and I seem to recall you bein' asked by a few folks over th' comms. Like Cherry. She about?" The Scorpian hasn't noticed the Captain in the bar as of yet. She's too busy enjoying a shot of the good stuff once Kell has doled them out. Reaching a hand out to squeeze at the Libran's arm, she leans in to offer, in a lower voice: "Glad yer celebratin' wit' us. It's important to th' war too, y'know." She setles back on her heels, picking up one of the cocktails to down a good bit. Yes, she'll be good and drunk herself by the end of this.

Calliope raises her glass to toast the Wolves and their bright, shiny new ship, adding a chipper "Hear! Hear!" to the din of the bar. She'll linger at the bar for a time, soaking up the conversation and camaraderie, and simple enjoyment of being where near Condition 1.

"Whiskey it is, then." Emrys manages to snag two shot glasses of whatever whiskey can be had, prefering to pay for something slightly smoother over whatever the fleet is willing to foot the bill for. Returning to Eva, one shot glass is offered out. "You may not have been. You do strike me as too sensible to have gone down that road. Unlike me. But that's enough ancient history."

Stirling downs the whiskey quickly - the CAG is no lightweight it seems - but gets a second glass from the lesser whiskey. Leaving the top stuff for the rest of the gang. She smiles at Van's response. "It's not as though you need my permission. I trust you'll sort things out with personnel."

Micah looks for an escape. Seriously. He picks Abby out of the crowd after a short minute's scan. With as many well wishes as he can offer, and a serious consideration given to calling the Lieutenants a cab, he moves across the bar with his...glass of ice water. Yes. Life's grand. "Walker? Is that you?"

With the lighter relinquished, Abigail shifts her attention, looking out around the bar, for a spot that might serve for a suitable dancefloor, because if you can't be your brother's wingman, such as it were, then where the hell are you?" It's in the middle of the search, that she catches sight of Micah's approach, switching hands with her cigar so she doesn't ash on him, "I know, who would have thought." She offers the cigar, "Care to indulge?"

"I think it was probably that I was more uptight then, than you are now, Emrys." A flash of a grin, as she takes the glass, though she holds off on actually drinking.

Catching the lighter, Addison flicks it over and almost ignites the cigar before he stops. A glance is given to Astraea when she comments about the chatter in flight and he nods, cigar still in his mouth when he speaks. "Right you are. I do owe a dance to a couple people. Don't fill up your card, yeah?" He glances then also in the direction of Aubrey, "You either little one. But I gotta be honest, the first dance is with the legs fresh." Walking across the bar, he tracks down the target like any good viper pilot. Stopping in front of Stirling, Addison nods at the CAG and lifts an eyebrow, "How 'bout it?"

As the place seems to become more pilot filled, Lanval glances up from his half-empty water, waiting long enough to wave down a waitress for a refill as the Corporal seems to be well in place at his corner table with just watching, instead of trying to integrate into the group at the moment.

After a moment, Alain reaches to grab another shot. He doesn't know whether it's the good stuff or the less-good stuff, but he's going to enjoy it all the same. "Another toast, then, to the soon-to-be-newlyweds?" he asks, with a lift of brows towards Van and Isolde, as he raises his glass.

"I know, and this is the place to do it. Much harder out there, on the front." Kell says with a nod of agreement to Astraea's words, it seems like the Viper jock doesn't abhor fun or celebrations, he is just much more prudent on when he does it. Since the top shelf whiskey is there, Razor isn't bashful about reaching for the bottle to pour himself another, ready to pour for others if they reach out with empty shot glasses. "Milkman! Pi!" He calls out to the couple, unsure if he is interrupting anything as there is a lot of activity about. It seems like Kell has the same idea as Alain for the two engaged 'Wolves.

Aubrey squints at the guy who Abigail is offering the cigar to. "Ares Balls, is that Micah Knoor?!" Then she's making an insulting gesture at Addison for calling her 'little one'. She grew up, dammit! Well physically at least. She grabs another shot and raises it for the next toast. "To Isolde and Van!"

"You even managed to get the grease off." Micah laughs and takes the offered cigar. Two long pulls in, his breathes out a cloud of smoke, nods, and turns back to the scouting mission occurring on the restaurant floor. "You look fantastic. And I even took my uniform out of the wrapper for this thing. Impressed?"

"Not permission, no." Van unbends a little more as he takes another sip of the beer, evidently finding it suitable, "But I thought it might be polite to let you know." He nods slightly to Alain's advice, then chuckles at Isolde, "And the Newton name wins again," he teases her, evidently agreeing well enough on NA. There's some discussion of dancing on the periphery of his consciousness, and then he gets distracted by the toast(s) to him and Isolde, and he smiles faintly and lifts his glass, looking to clink it with Isolde's, "Thank you."

There's a look of surprise that crosses Astraea's features when Addison tells her not to fill her dance card. She casts a look down at the dress uniform she's n and is about to point out something along the lines of 'what dance card?' but off he does. She shakes her head and turns back towards the others. There's a grin at Alain's choice of toast and she leans in to grab a shot from the bottle Kell's pouring from. "Hear, hear," she agrees, proudly. "Tho ya might consider lettin' Razor actually sleep in a bed tonight, yeh?"

"And hopefully many happy years to come," Stirling offers sincerely, lifting her glass to echo the toast to Van and Isolde. She only sips her drink this time rather than gulps it. She may have missed something about Addison's quest, for the lieutenant gets a puzzled look. "How about what, Lieutenant?"

This would now be shot number four, and Isolde laughs. "Alright, alright." She nudges Van as she grabs another shot, passing him one as well. She then pops her lips a couple times before she settles back against Van ever so slightly. Astraea's words draws a sudden pink blush to Isolde's cheeks and she shushes Nova with a small smile. "We only had the sock on the door once... Kell has had lots of time to sleep! I think he's just afraid to!"

"Believe me, it took a whole heck of a lot of scrubbing." Abigail, not making any move to retrieve the cigar, moves off, as she finds the right spot, fording the river and allow Micah to join her, if he chooses, "Thank you. To tell you the truth, they had to sew me into the thing, so don't ask me to make any sudden moves." A glance over, "I am impressed," there's a hint of humour there, "Those bag wrinkles are hell to get out."

Alain downs his shot with an appreciative exhale. He snaps his fingers at Astraea's words, grinning as if just bring reminded. "Oh. Well, maybe you'll let me put you guys up at the hotel here tonight as a wedding present. I get the feeling Razor'll need the peace and quiet," with a wry grin at the other pilot as he spots Kell refilling drinks.

Addison quirks his eyebrow towards Stirling, "Dancing." He tilts his head towards a hint of open space not far from the jukebox. "I mean, if you say no it'll be ok. I've already survived getting shot down once this year, figure I'm pretty much immortal at this point."

Joining the toast for Van and Isolde, Kell downs yet another shot before pouring another. However, this one he will nurse for a bit as he already went through a series of shots in quick succession, definitely feeling it as the warmth is radiating out easily from his midsection. "I've gotten sleep, don't worry." He says in assurance before laughing at he looks to Alain, "I get the feeling that I won't even know if peace and quiet hit me in the face tonight. No cameras please, if we end up going on an adventure." No blackmail material allowed tonight.

Van was going to say something. Then Astraea is teasing him and Isolde, he's blushing, and he suddenly has a shot and a beer. He looks between them, sighing a little and giving Isolde a little side-eye before he downs the shot, grimacing a little as he does, then sets the shotglass down, gesturing to Isolde as the Tauron leans against him, "What she said. Although," he looks to Kell, then chuckles to Alain and looks back to the Libran, "The room is all yours tonight. I had a feeling you might be needing it. You're welcome to the bed, even." And then back to Alain, "Actually one step ahead of you this once, Jigger, although if you insist on paying for the room instead, we will accept with great thanks."

"Don't worry Kell, there was no place to put my camera in this dress," Aubrey assures the newly minted LTJG. She drains her cocktail glass and refills it from one of the pitchers.

"That's pretty hard to believe." Emrys notes with an amused look at Eva's contention. "Still, I'll have to take your word for it." He, on the other hand, will down his shot at the first opportunity since they're doing toasts. After all, he can always get another one. "How long do you want to stay?"

"Scorpian mercenaries. Well. I guess that's what YOU would call the dry cleaners." Micah follows Abby, though he can't help but look over to the bar. It's as if his ears are burning. "I swear someone..." Eyes scan people over, but alas, Knoor's social circle is small. Couple that with the fact that he hasn't met ninety percent of the crew and you have a recipe for party chaos. One more puff, and he hands the cigar back over to Abigail. "Any ideas where a person can hide?"

Better late than never? Apparently that's Lucia's motto for the evening as she makes her way into the bar. A black dress aorns her bdoy as she looks around the room trying to pick up the little things she missed. She ntoices Lanval over in the corner and starts to head over right towards him as he gets another drink from the waitress.

The blush from Izzy and Van both has Astraea giggling and there's no apologies doled out. Absolutely none. "Hotel rooms are good," she opines. "He'll need the bed, I'm sure," she offers, glancing sidelong at the Libran. "Particularly if he gets to pickin' up some marine girl or another." She's slowing on the drinks, but she hasn't stopped at this point. That pink hue has begun to creep over her cheeks once again.

"In that case, I definitely insist, Milkman," Alain says with a grin to Van, before Kell's words earn a lift of brows in interest. "An adventure, huh? Got something planned, or just going to see where the night takes you?" he asks.

Stirling eyebrows go up in surprise to Addison but then says amiably. "I'm sure your sister wouldn't be so keen on you tempting fate like that." With the dancing or claiming to be immortal? Who knows. "But no, I wouldn't mind a dance. Thank you." She takes one more sip of whiskey and then waits to follow his lead.

Isolde does her best stage whisper at Van's words. "Where are we gonna sleep?" Then she grins to prove she does know where they are going to sleep, and she casually takes a beer that has been dropped off with more shots to their little section of the bar. She takes the time to sip this one, and when she overhears Stirling agreeing to a dance, she blinks with wide eyes. Wow. She looks at Van and Kell as if to say: Spider would never...

"Ah excellent," Addison comments with a chuckle. His hand offers out towards Stirling with the intent to lead the CAG to the dance floor and hopefully not break his own ankles or crush her feet in the process. "My sister was the one that goaded me on in this, being all social and meeting people."

"Hopefully, only as long as we need to be polite. I'm not young anymore. But I might not mind finding a quiet place in the corner to hide, lest I be waylaid for some shenanigan or another." She does take the shot, and the toast, but Eva's happy enough to set aside the glass, rather than look for a refill.

"Oh sure, HE gets the CAG to dance with him," Aubrey mutters. She settles down in one of the chairs at the table, because heels suck.

Abigail laughs, her voice lowering, "I'm fairly certain Scorpia created the word mercenary, Mic." She switches out the cigar with him, taking a puff or two, before she passes it back. "I'm sure someone did. And I'm sure I know exactly who it probably was." As for hiding, well, "There's no point in hiding. First, because you can't, and second, because these are the Wolves. You're one of us now." She pauses, looking for a place to put down the cigar, "Dance?"

Looking at Aubrey, Kell laughs and shakes his head, "A dress you wear very well, Banshee, a camera would just ruin it." He compliments as he raises his glass in her direction. Instead of downing the whiskey though, he sips at it, the delicious liquid rolling on his tongue and then down his throat. Razor then looks at Alain and shakes his head, "Nothing planned and usually when alcohol is involved, it becomes a choose your own adventure that you won't remember kind of ordeal." He then follows Isolde's gaze and sees that the CAG is being lead out to the dance floor, looking impressed.

Before the water arrives, Lucia arrives first, and Lanval blinks for a moment at the woman in the black dress approaching him as he rises to his feet for the officer and lady. "Hey, Barrister." he greets the Raptor pilot before rubbing the back of his head. "You look nice. Going to mix and meet the other pilots?" he asks, as he considers the crowd and starts pointing out things for the new pilot. "Those two are getting married.." he points to Isolde and Van. "That one is Razor, he just got promoted." Gesturing to Kell. "Uhm, those two had some kind of argument.." between Aubrey and Astraea, "That involved him." ..a nod of his head towards Alain. "...and that's the CAG, Whisper, over tehre dancing."

Van dearly wants to respond to Isolde's stage-whisper, but he resists, instead nodding to Alain and then looking over to Kell, "Here's something to plan, Kell. If you're amenable, would you be willing to be my best man?" Isolde's wide-eyed look causes him to look over to Whisper, and he nods his approval. Because clearly Spider would never.

"Quiet place in the corner. Got it." Emrys begins leading Eva through the crowd, in search of such a place. Fortunately there's one nearby, and he can grab a refill along the way. "Everyone wants to be closer to the action, fortunately for us."

Van's question immediately draws Kell's attention from the CAG and Addison back to the present, his eyes widening at the request. He definitely is still sober enough to process it and reaching out, he clasps his usual wingman's shoulder, giving a squeeze with his hand, "Van, I am honored that you would ask me and I would gladly be your best man. Just tell me when and where, and I will be there. Even if I have to fly through two Basestars." Three may be asking too much.

Alain seems fine with not replenishing his drink just yet. He hears Aubrey's muttering, and glances past her to spot Stirling and Addison, with a grin. "Bet if you asked, Whisper'd dance with you," he asides to Aubrey, with amusement.

Not having known Webb, Astraea doesn't get the chatter at all. She's happy to watch, however. The woman sips at her drinks turning to observe and... she catches Van's request of Kell. The Scorpian's features light up and she grins, broadly, lifting her shot to down it. There's another picked up to hold, even as she stifles a giggle. "I'd hope he wouldn't hafta fly through two basestars, but I promise to SAR his ass to make sure he's there." And she sort of slumps in against Kell's shoulder because oh, hello drunk.

Stirling is a little surprised when Addison commandeers an open stretch of the restaurant for the dance floor, having expected him to head outside to where the real dancing and musicians are. But she's a good sport, and goes along with it. She's not really a dancer, but they're doing some approximation of a decent waltzy style dance.

Eva, happy to find herself squirrelled away out of striking distance, is only too happy to look out at the festivities, "No where better than a place in the back to not only watch, but to gather incriminating evidence for later. Just like the Academy, yeah?

"Dance. I'd..." Micah laughs, looking around the restaurant floor. "Hey, I'd love to." The glass of water is abandoned and Knoor walks to the 'dance floor'. He raises his hand in invitation to Abigail. "Two days in the unit. Mark it. Two days, and already, I'm at all ball. They weren't lying when they said this war was unpredictable, were they?"

The key is awkward, and trying to avoid it. How does one dance with the CAG especially when still sober? It turns into a waltz with the splash of spins. Addison sticks to his goals, avoiding stepping on feet and not breaking his own ankles. Only towards the trail end does he even do the unthinkable with a quick hand drop before adopting a far to innocent face. "Major, you dance almost as well as I fly. And that's a sincere compliment."

Aubrey rolls her eyes at Alain. At this rate her eyeballs are going to fall out. She sips her fruity drink and just listens to everyone else conversing. A little bit withdrawn tonight. Well a lot withdrawn compared to her usual. Still worried about her dad.

"How about now?" Isolde says these words without hesitation. She looks at Van, and then Kell, and she shrugs slightly. "I mean... when else do we have the time?" She slurs just slightly before she takes another deep drink from her beer. She glances toward the others as they start for the makeshift dance floor.

Razor's response to Van's request has the Picon smiling, returning the shoulder-clasp. Before he can comment, he's chuckling at Astraea's addition, lifting up the pint glass in his left hand in response to her drink, "I should hope that we won't require any SAR or basestar avoidance, since we're planning to do the deed before we leave Scorpia." Isolde's suggestion causes Van to blink, and he laughs, a true and honest laughter beyond his usual subdued chuckles, "Why not? If we're not going to actually have time to plan a proper wedding, why not do it on the fly?" And then he drains the rest of his beer, because he's going to need that. "Has anyone seen the chaplain?"

Clearly, neither of the Walker twins seem inclined to do thing 'by the book', because, seeing Addison moving off with the CAG, using the small patch of free space that's been carved out, if nothing else, by the presence of the CAG on the ground, as it were, Abigail heads in, seeming to find no trouble in joining Addison and Stirling in opening up the dancefloor. Thankfully, after Addison's selection, the jukebox goes back to it's programmed playlist. Not that it suits a waltz, but she's nothing if not adaptable. She is, however, a gracious partner, and allows the Captain to select the dance. "Every day in the Wolves is a surprise. Well, that, or they are trying to butter you up, so that all of the awful that comes after will have a bright spot at the beginning."

"Hey, sorry I'm late," Lucia apologizes to Lanval as he greets her before he asks if she's going to mingle or not. "Thank you. I wasn't sure yet? I was kind of going to see how difficult that would be with how much I've missed." She takes a seat at the tables he's at as he starts to point everything out for her. "You must have been here a little. That seems like a lot that has happened in a short amount of time."

The timing catches Kell even more off-guard than Van's request for him to be the best man as he blinks at Isolde, "Now?" However, when he thinks on it, it makes perfect sense, both Milkman and Razor are dressed in the finest, Colonial Forces dress uniform, the ladies are dressed for the ocassion except for a white, wedding dress for Pi. But that is up to her, "We need to find a veil thing though." The most proper terminology, 'veil thing'. When Astraea leans in, Kell holds a more solid stance as he glances at the intoxicated Nova, "Hey Nova, don't go to sleep on us now, the night is still young!"

"Yeah, fair point." Emrys agrees, in the process of having another drink. "I always hated pulling cadre duty at balls. Just standing along the walls, keeping an eye on the cadets. Although once we had to hustle another cadre out of there who had too much to drink. That was entertaining." There's a grin, for the memory.

Stirling isn't fooled by that innocent face, squinting at him. "Well then clearly you have the reflexes to mind your hands, Lieutenant," Stirling tells him with a cool smile when his hand drops. "Might help to remember that I set the duty assignments." But she doesn't interrupt the dance. When the song ends, she says, "Thank you."

When Isolde mentions the wedding now, Astraea looks at her in surprise and no small amount of shock. "But... but what about- he's got his best man, you need yer, yer-" Snap, point, snap, point. She's looking for the words. "Yer, uh, lady. Thing." She takes another shot. She's not going to sleep! She just needs some added support! There's a prod to Kell's side. "Stay still." Then she has it and points at Pi: "Yer ladydoctormedicfriend!" Cate. "Y'need her. Iff'n he's got Razor here. Can't get married wit'out her, nope."

Distracted watching the dancing -- maybe Alain is envious, despite his callsign -- he only belatedly catches the discussion nearby, glancing from Van to Isolde as they talk about finding the chaplain. "Um. Haven't seen him since the ceremony earlier. I can go look, through," he offers, stepping away from the table, sans drink.

"Major," Addison says looking hurt at the rebuke before he dons that innocent smile once more, "My hands are always available for whatever duty you might need them for." If he had a halo to polish, he would to match the angelic look he offers towards Stirling. "Thank you as well."

"Maid of honor. Or maiden of honor. I can't remember which." Isolde frowns thoughtfully, and then she blinks as Astraea mentions Cate, and she nods. "She's got a hot date... I think. I should see if I can get in touch with her. She can meet us on the beach." She eyes the bar. "We just need to find Al." For a half-drunk woman, she's got a keen mind for planning. She nudges Van. "I'm gonna go give Cate a call... you... figure things out." She gestures in a round-about way to the table before she starts to beeline for a quieter corner.

"It's not that hard.." Lanval smiles a little. "I mean, you're from Libran and a lawyer.. isn't opening statements like.. a thing?" he asks curiously, considering Lucia for a moment, then shrugs. "Not that I'm one to talk. Other than pissing off one of them because she didn't like me climbing in the rafters of the barracks we were in back on Scorpia, I barely know anyone here, I'm just keeping my ears open while watching everything. But.. if you want to distract me." There might have been a tease there.

"Maid," Van easily supplies for Isolde, then blinks at the mention that Cate has a hot date, a grin spreading across his face, "Excellent. Yes, you go see if you can interrupt her early in the date, so she can get back to it." There's a moment of panic across his features, and then he starts to look around, "Nova, Razor, would you mind seeing to the veil? And... um..." he gestures Razor closer, then murmurs, "...I'm going to need a ring stand-in. Ideas?"

Abigail, seeing the pair come to a halt, turns her attention briefly in that direction, despite the fact that she's about to begin herself. her voice is just pitched enough to carry across to where the CAG and he are standing, "Addison, you know.."

Stirling takes Addison's comment in stride, though anyone standing nearby might notice a glint in the CAG's eye. "I'll be sure to remember that," she replies lightly. Oh yes, someone just earned himself the "privilege" of assisting Chief Walsh with cataloging all the inventory on the new ship. In triplicate. She glances over then when Abigail calls for Addison.

Micah honestly has no idea how to waltz. He does know how to lead a woman to a dance floor, however. He kind of has a bachelor's degree in that sort of thing. "They're going to let me keep fly vipers. With that in mind, this..." He gestures to the party around them. "...makes it seem like an initiation." The Captain, for his part, knows how to dance to some good ol' rock music. "Say...is that Aubrey Naxos?"

The former Kell will have trouble with as he has no talent with fashion, so him picking out a veil would be a disaster. The stand-in for the ring though, Razor pipes up as he recalls the time he and Van were in the Ready Room, making plans on how to find Isolde and the missing Marine squad near Havison. "How about the Ringknocker's Protection Agency? Can your class ring be a stand-in?"

Aubrey gets about halfway through her second cocktail before she sets it down on the table, trying to pace herself a little better. No sense getting blind drunk again, and making a fool of herself, again. She smiles faintly at the plans for the quick wedding and scoops up a napkin off the table. Cloth napkins. "This could work for a veil?"

"Veil?" Astraea looks at a loss for ideas. There's a glance up to Kell from where she leans up against him and the Raptor pilot blinks a few times. "I dunno. Most stores would be closed by now. Mebbe someone not plannin' to keep their dress after th' ball or-" she blinks a few times, straightening. "I got it!" She briefly wobbles as she starts to take off, needing a hand on Razor's arm to keep her feet. "I'll be back. Gotta run to th' hotel shop." She does grab a shot on her way out. The way to say conscious is to stay drunk. Well, and to not fall on your way. Hopefully she manages not to run into any walls.

Isolde realizes pretty much as soon as she is in a quieter place that she 1) does not have a wireless and 2) is trying to use her nonexistant wireless to contact someone who also doesn't have a wireless. She thinks for a long moment, standing awfully close to where Lanval and Lucia have tucked themselves away. "Hmm. Got to find a marine." Besides Lanval of course. He's got a date. She leans sideways a bit, and narrows her eyes as she spots a familiar face. "HEY! Torres! I need you to find Rhodes!" She heads toward the unsuspecting Private, prepared to use her officer's rank against him if she needs to.

"Anytime Major, day or night. Services on call." Looking up, Addison's eyes fall to his sister as his eyebrow raises, "Yes Abs?" He calls back to her, not having drifted away from Stirling yet and still trying to keep his innocent disposition.

The suggestion from Kell causes Van to laugh in amusement, "The RPA saves the day again." Balling up his right hand, he hefts the heavy ring there, nodding to Kell, "That's good wingman-ing." That's totally a word. And then Van decides he needs more alcohol, and so he sets the pint glass down and gets a highball filled with something high-proof. Astraea's action draws a concerned glance, Van perhaps rethinking the idea, but then he nods and laughs, only to jump a little as Isolde calls out, and then takes a sip, watching the chaos unfold.

Pvt Torres was enjoying his drink, chuckling something another marine said, when suddenly an officer is bellowing his name. "Sir?" there's a confused look. "I haven't seen her since the ceremony."

With the ring solved and Astraea running out to fetch a veil or an equivalent, Kell brings his own glass to his lips, finishing off the contents in the shot glass. He then heads to the bar, asking for a proper glass for his whiskey and requesting a large, round ball of ice to be placed inside. Usually he would drink the amber liquid neat, but he will need some water content to pace himself, at least until Van and Isolde get married. Razor does glance towards the exit of the restaurant, in case Nova is gone for too long. For now, he returns to where the drinks are, ready to pour himself more whiskey.

"If this were a trial or the like yes, but even opening statement are often prepared things you know!" Lucia quips back to him before she takes a look around around as he mentions that he isn't any better on that note. "You have seemed to have taken in what's going on so far so there is that. As far as distracting I wouldn't want to keep you from gathering information, you know." There's a little smirk there before she waves over a waitress in roder to order a drink.

"Yeah, yeah... I know." Isolde holds up both hands, all nine fingers extended a bit. "Look. I know where she is. She's at the boardwalk. I need you to find her, and I need you to tell her that..." Isolde takes in deep breath. "I am super sorry, but I need her to come to the hotel right away so she can be my best mai -- I mean maid of honor. And she can bring whats-his-face if she likes, and that I will totally let her enjoy an uninterrupted date tomorrow, and even make sure that she gets a really nice picnic basket made." She points at Torres now. "You got that?"

"It's crooked." That, to Addison, before she too, makes her attempt at a dance. A curl of her lips into a smile, as the attempt at the waltz is a complete failure to launch. Rather than looking put out, however, Abigail actually looks, if anything, relieved, "Oh, thank the gods. I can't handle that to save my life. Club dancing, I am there all day. ballroom,..not on our life." A glance, as she hears the question, a smile gracing her expression, "It is. Banshee. You'll be flying with her. She's an El-Tee."

"So that's a no to a dance?" Lanval shrugs his shoulders at that as he moves to lift his water as he hears the call out for a Marine. Nope, no Marine here. Well, okay, Marine here, but Isolde found someone else. "Sounds like we're about to be witness to a wedding. Congrats, Pi." The former enlisted is known at least as he turns his attention back to Lucia. "...is this type of ceremony exactly legal?" he asks the former lawyer curiously.

"Uh huh. Well, I'm sure we can find some way to keep you busy," Stirling quips. A confused peer is leveled at the rapidly-departing Astraea and the shout from Isolde. "I feel as though I'm missing something." She shakes it off then and looks to Micah. "Hope you're settling in all right, Captain." Abigail gets a little smile as well if she catches her eye.

There is no sign of Astraea returning just yet. Wherever did she rush off to?

Torres makes a face at Isolde's request. Leave the booze to go on a wild goose chase after a wayward medic? This is not what he signed up for. But Isolde is an officer, and Rhodes will probably murder him if he is responsible for her missing her BFF's wedding, and so he sighs. "Copy that, sir. Boardwalk. You want me to bring her back here?"

Van drains away a good portion of his new drink, then looks over to Kell a moment, "This is crazy, right?" And then he looks back to watch Isolde 'organize' her side of things, grinning fondly and actually leaning back against one of the chairs at the table serving as the Air Wing's bar, "Totally, absolutely crazy?"

Addison quirks an eyebrow at Abigail and talks back to her, "Crooked? Oh frak." He actually laughs softly then glances at Stirling, dipping his head, "Apologies. Didn't realize. Truly though sir, thanks for the dance. Gotta shake off the discomfort, yes?" He smiles then before glancing back in the direction of the Wolves gathering. "The way they're running about, it would seem something chaotic is about to take place. Better squeeze in what I can. Where's the next dance partner to get their toes crushed?"

"You got it, Private." Isolde dimples at Torres, and gently gives his shoulder a pat. "You're my only hope." The ECO suddenly realizes something, and stops Torres before he immediately turns to play fetch. "Tell her I'm not making the picnic basket! She knows I can't cook, but I will make sure it's a nice one whoever does make it!" Then she looks to Lanval at his congratulations, and she shrugs a shoulder with a grin. "Thanks. Oh hey," she beams to Lucia. "Barrister, right?"

Aubrey drains her glass again and keeps her mouth shut. It's like she's trying to avoid Addison's inevitable insistence on dancing with her. It's like going to prom with your brother.

Micah says, "Just because I'm Caprican, you assume I know how to waltz? I dare say, Walker. That's board line racist." Micah chuckles, assisting in transforming this prim and proper restaurant into a dance club. It's... not his first time, actually. "She was actually supposed to be in one of my videos back in the day. I really can't remember why it didn't happen..." Stirling's voice earns Knoor's attention, and a broad smile. "The unit's been a dream so far, Major. I think I'll have absolutely no problem finding a home here.""

Alain could well be waylaid while looking for the chaplain. Or maybe he found drinks somewhere else. Who knows! He's gone for some time, and by the time he comes back, he's looking apologetic. "Couldn't find the chaplain," he tells Van, with a grimace. "I've left word. Apparently there's one on the Scorpian base though, if he doesn't show up in time."

"Oh! That's the distraction you meant?" It seems that Lucia didn't pick up on that before her attention is turned to Isoldefor a moment. "Yes, Barrister. As he said I'll also throw in my congratulations as well." The question from Lanval turns her gaze back to him for a moment as she shakes her head. "No, it's not."

"Crazy... doesn't even begin to describe it, Van." Kell says with a nod of his head as he pours himself whiskey and takes a drink. Then after lower his glass, he grins at the soon to be married man, "But this kind of crazy isn't bad. It's something the two of you will never forget and I think quite appropriate. Especially since we don't know when we'll be shipping out again. I'm sure you can have something much more official at a later date. With family and stuff." When Alain returns without Al in tow, Razor picks up a bottle and offers to pour some whiskey for the other pilot, "I believe Pi is looking for her maid of honor as well." There is a pause before Kell looks towards the exit of the restaurant, "Speaking of which, Nova went to look for a veil or veil substitute but she has been gone for a while, I may have to go find her."

Crooked? What's crooked? Stirling remains oblivious to the exchange between Abigail and Addison. Must be a twin thing. She smiles at Micah though. "Glad to hear it. Enjoy your evening Captain, Staff Sergeant." When Addison's moving off, Stirling does the same. She overhears Alain's comment to Van as she's moving back to the table to retrieve her glass. "You're doing the wedding now?" She seems surprised and amused by this. "Galactica's chaplain might be here somewhere. Or the concierge might be able to find a local one," she offers.

Torres smirks when Isolde clarifies the picnic basket thing. "Yes, sir," he says, and then he's off.

"Well, I didn't bother to bring a gift, so if you want to hang around, we can." Lanval offers as he looks back over to Isolde. "Myself? I'd wait to have something more formal that isn't being done on the spur of a moment celebration.. but I'm not all that spontaneous."

"Hi, I'm Pi." Isolde offers out her four-fingered lefthand to Barrister, beaming as she does. "And thanks. This is... uh... a little last minute. We're on the hunt for a Chaplain as we speak. Aldrich is around here somewhere." She grins then before she rubs a hand back behind her head. "Well, to be fair... if Van and I don't do spur of the moment, we won't get it done. That's been the hallmark of our relationship since, oh... Picon, three years ago." She dimples again. Then she peeks over toward Van, offering him a sheepish smile.

"You coming out here Little One?" Addison calls out in the direction he last saw Aubrey when he was walking through the bar. The offer is made out as he peeks, looking. A passing tray, carrying shots on it makes its way nearby and he snags one, abuducting it and drinking it with a smile.

"Frak my life," Aubrey mutters, shoulder bumping Jigger on her way towards Addison and the makeshift dance floor. "Aren't you a little old for bringing your little sister to the school dance, Flyboy?" She asks him with a smirk.

"I just assumed, given we were at a ball, you might be inclined to ball-like behaviour." Abigail actually is much better at dancing as though there should be pulsing lights and maybe a disco ball. Well, within the confines of the dress, because...seriously tailored, "You'd have to ask her. I never got involved in the motion side of the business." As the dance, for the moment, comes to a halt, Abigail returns the CAG's smile. She leans in, as best one can with a much taller person, "When the Gunny does that, it always worries me."

Alain's return without Aldrich causes Van to frown in disappointment, but he nods, "Thank you for looking," a nod is given to Stirling as well, "We may indeed have to use the Galactica's chaplain. And don't worry, sir, Razor and I have both already noted that it is entirely crazy. But since we don't know when we'll be shipping out, and..." he checks to make sure that Isolde is out of earshot, lowering his voice a touch, "...given the intensity of combat, waiting longer than necessary seems foolhardy." Kell's reassurances are appreciated, and Van nods, "Go on and find her, man. Make sure she's okay. We can totally do without the veil." Isolde's sheepish smile gets a bright one from Van in return.

There's only a brief amount of hesitation before Alain nods to Kell's offer of more whiskey. It's a celebration, right? The Gemenese man snaps his fingers at Stirling's words and brightens. "Forgot about the Galactica's chaplain. Thought I saw him out in the ballroom earlier." But first, he has to down the offered whiskey, because rules. Aubrey receives a grin for her shoulder-bump, and a thumbs up when he spots her heading for the make-shift dance area.

"Doesn't seem crazy to me at all," Stirling tells Van with a slight smile. Maybe the CAG is a bit crazy? Then they're talking about finding someone and she puts two and two together. "Nova? I saw her leave earlier - where was she going?" The CAG's face takes on a concerned cast.

Micah returns the major's smile, trying to look reasonably professional while on a makeshift dance floor. That's a feat in and of itself. "And the same to you, Major." Her departure, though, causes him to turn to Abigail with an arched eyebrow. "'Ball-like behavior' sounds like one of the more creative insults I've heard in the past week. And seriously. We're in Scorpia."

Instead of downing the rest of his whiskey in quick fashion, Kell will be bringing it with him so he can savor the liquid, "Will do. I will be back, Van." When Stirling joins the group, Razor also inclines his head in her direction with a smile, "Well done on the dance floor, Major." Then he is off, heading for the exit of the restaurant for now to look for their missing Raptor pilot who will hopefully be in the possession of the veil.

"Well, considering you're sitting over there with your thumb in your mouth pouting away?" Addison responds to Aubrey as he extends a hand to take it, and lead her to a dance. "And don't be blaming it on Dad either." That part he adds with a sudden quirk of his eyebrow as if he knows. "You going to spit out?"

Aubrey takes the hand and she grimaces at Addison. "I am worried about Dad. I've been filling out insurance forms for him for the last two days. He's out of the hospital tomorrow if all goes well, and staying with friends until he can get another place. Which means waiting on the insurance payout," she says quietly. "And I don't do well at these things. Ask Abs about the last one. It was disastrous."

Isolde returns to Van, and pecks his cheek with a sudden kiss. "I'm gonna go wait for Cate. Meet you... at the beach?" The Tauron beams at him before she gives him an actual kiss, and then starts for the door so she can wait up for her BFF and maid of honor.

Van breathes a little sigh of relief when Stirling opines that their madcap plan isn't crazy, so he's clearly part of the asylum too. He takes another slug of his high-test drink, grimacing a little, then responds, "She went looking for a veil." He loops an arm around Isolde's shoulders as she returns to his side, tilting his head down to accept the peck on the cheek, "That sounds good. I'll go find us a place not too overrun by Galactica crew." He returns the second kiss with a grin, then waves off, "When folks come on back, just send them down, I'll get a couple of tiki torches so that you can find me." And then he's out of the way too. Crazy man.

Abigail's eyes narrow, not angry, but pointed, as she hears Micah's tart response, a hand reaching out to settle on his arm, to try to draw him away from the dancefloor. Whether he allows it or not, her voice, coming out both low enough, and between lips held close enough, ensures that anything she might say doesn't make it past the two of them.

[Abigail to Micah]: "If you need to cut out, do it. But don't look for a reason to bite my head off, Mic. You know I didn't mean that to be insulting."

Addison shakes his head a bit, "That's one thing. But not all things." The man glances momentarily over towards his twin, eyebrow quirking a moment before he looks back at Aubrey. "You know why I call you Little One still?" Leaning over he speaks softly then to Aubrey.

Aubrey leans in to Addison's whisper, then she arches a brow at him. She moves him into a waltz-like dance because it's easier to talk quietly in one as she murmurs back to him.

With a salute of his whiskey glass, Alain says by way of parting with Van, "I'll track down the Galactica's chaplain, direct him your way," he says, draining the rest of his glass, before he pushes up with a grunt and makes his way carefully back towards the main hotel room, smoothing down his uniform as he goes.

Micah doesn't fight Abigail. It could be because it's not the gentlemanly thing to do. It could also be because he doesn't feel like getting beat in front of the assembled masses. Really, it's a crowd decision. He is, for his part, smiling in amusement. With her words, he closes his eyes and nods, offering something in return and tipping his chin toward the restaurant door.

[Micah to Abigail]: "You didn't drag me out far enough, Walker. You're foiling my plans. I'd love to cut out. But… I thought once I got you outside, I could convince you to come with me. Besides. You couldn't -actually- offend me. Not possible."

Stirling finishes off her drink, watching the various wedding planners scatter. Then she wanders off herself to mingle a bit elsewhere.

Addison dances with Aubrey, their conversation seemingly going on, and despite the booze, his eyes being rather intense and focused for a few moments as he pulls back to give the woman a steady look. But it does come with a smile on his lips.

Aubrey is grimacing and looking a touch angry at Addison. Whatever conversation they're having doesn't appear to be going very well.

Abigail shakes her head, some of the ire falling from her expression, as she speaks quietly, before she nods. A short reply, before she starts out and away from the dancefloor, such as it is. A glance, towards Addison, but seeing him in conversation, she leaves him to his business.

[Abigail to Micah]: "You should have said what you wanted, Knoor. I'm just a simple woman, remember?"

Aubrey looks like she's about ready to stomp off the dance floor.

Micah nods his head, his eyes gaining a bit of seriousness about them. When Abigail moves from dance floor, the man pauses a moment, letting her take the lead. His long legs finally kick into motion, snatching his glass of water on his way by the table and taking a long drink. He passes Abigail because, you know, tailored dress. He says something under his breath to her, smirks, and walks out the restaurant door, leaving his water glass on the last table in the room.

[Micah to Abigail]: "There's nothing simple about you in that dress. I'm tempted to record another album just to put you on the bloody cover."

Addison smiles at Aubrey and takes a half step away. "Thanks for the dance, Little One. See you at training in the coming days?" His tone is pleasant as he glances around; the look in his eyes not quite matching.

Aubrey just gives Addison a look and replies with, "Of course, Lieutenant." Then she stalks back to the table, throws back one more shot, and heads out of the bar to go find her hotel room and the bottle of booze she won from Jigger.

Abigail, on her way out, pauses, to hear Micah's comment on the way past, and she looks about to reply, when her attention shifts, tension entering her shoulders, and she looks back, eyes finding Addison's immediately. She just stares at her twin, her expression flickering between a few emotions, before she tips her head in the direction of the restaurant, "Call you a ride back to the base?"

Addison raises a hand towards Abigail to wave her off, "Naw, I got the walk. Need the air, might even find one of those impressionable ensigns on the way back." The twin male says it to his sister with a chuckle as he starts to chase his way out of the bar in a winding sort of way to talk to a few people as he does so before departing.

Abigail only nods, as Addison waves off the offer, stepping back to allow him to depart. She's long ago learned to let Addison have his head. And she has some unfinished business, as she finally heads towards the door, and the other tall blonde that just walked away from her.


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