2237-08-02 - Bumping In A Busy Bunkroom

Isolde, Kell, and Van enjoy some banter about the past, present, and a joke about the near future.

Date: 2237-08-02

Location: Bunkroom A

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Scene Number: 371

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Back into his familiar and comfortable duty blues, Kell is a step up on the ladder of his bunk. His bed has been perfectly made to regulation standards already, folded properly, pillow perfectly centered. Right now, he is making very minor adjustments to the positioning of the pictures he has decorating his bunk, as if finding the perfect spacing. It also gives him an excuse to look at the pictures again, a slight smile appearing as he looks them over. Fond memories as they are now deploying to Caprica, a surprise to the Viper jock for sure.

Trading colonies is never fun, when you're trading away your home colony, but at least a battlestar group is replacing them over Picon. Still, Van is pretty grumpy for someone newly married. That could be because he's in a barracks instead of married officer quarters, or because he's not headed back to Picon. Still, as he comes into the berthing, out of the hall in his own blues, he spots Kell making his ship-shape bunk even more ship-shape and diverts away from his own bunk to pat his often-wingman on the shoulder, "Good memories?" That's put out over his shoulder as he steps around the bench toward his own bunk across the room.

Hearing someone walking in, Kell makes a couple of last adjustments before looking satisfied, then he climbs down the steps and when his boots hit the ground, he feels the shoulder pat. Turning around, he sees that it is Van and gives the other pilot a smile, nodding his head in answer, "Yeah, pictures from home. Most of them are of my parents and myself, one is with a girl I knew back in school, when I was accepted into the Academy." For now, he leans his back against the side of his bunk which is opposite of Van's and Isolde's, both closest to the portal out to the hallway.

Van nods at the response, ducking low to settle the tablet in his left hand in his locker before he straightens up again and leans back against the space between his bunk and Isolde's, alongside the picture of his sister and sister-in-law, "That sounds like a great deal of good memories, actually. Do you still keep in touch with the young woman?"

This is when Pi comes tumbling into the berthings, knocked a bit sideways by someone in the outer hall. "Gods, what? You're being dumb," she's saying to whoever is still outside the berthings. "It's Caprica... not... not... Hell." Then she turns around and spots Van and Kell, and she is all dimples. "Hi." She pads up to the stack of bunks claimed by her and Van, and she plops on the bench across the ladder. She starts working off her shoes. "Caprica," she repeats, shaking her head.

The question about the girl that Kell knew from home is answered with a shake of his head, "We parted ways, on good terms, but our lives were headed in different directions. I'm from a military family and when I was accepted into the Academy, my path was committed. She, on the other hand, was incredibly smart and chose to go in law. So we were both going to be incredibly busy and after I was transferred to the Vanguard, even further from each other." Isolde is heard before seen and Razor turns his attention to the entrance, grinning at the ECO, "Something not exactly pleased that we're trying to take back Delphi?"

Van nods his understanding of Kell's explanation, "It seems like that is a common story with those going into the Academy -- or, I should say, Academies." Van straightens up from his lean as Isolde comes stumbling in, one hand reaching out to help steady her -- only for her to do the deed herself. Letting his hand drop, he shrugs slightly, "I should think that those unhappy to be supporting Caprica -- besides being ungrateful, would be pleased that they pulled Galactica away and replaced that entire battlegroup with just us."

"Who're we talking about?" Isolde butts in politely. Then she gives Van a look, smiling slightly as she does. "We parted ways, and ended up back together." She works off one shoe and then another, and sets them under the bench before she peels back her socks. She's getting a lot quicker with that four-fingered hand, but she is not quite as fast as she once was with daily routines. She then shrugs a shoulder at the topic of Caprica. "Caprica is one of the Colonies all the same... but... guess it's kinda what the Scorpians would think about us going to save Leonis... there's some bitterness there all the same."

"Yeah, not everyone is fit to be with someone in the military, takes quite a bit of tolerance and understanding." Kell says in full agreement with what Van said about many others, knowing that he wasn't the only one. Some tried to make it work, only to have it fall apart after the first year. Old colony rivalries and resentment is something that Razor also understands, having both parents who served tours in the ICJPK, "It's hard to feel otherwise when you are taught growing up to hate a certain group of people. Hard to replace the images of monsters with a regular person who is supposed to be on the same side." Kell says with a slight shrug, sounding like he feels a little bit sorry for those people who can't let old hatreds go. He does ask both Van and Isolde, "You two knew each other before joining the See-Eff?" Sounding rather curious about the history of his two very good friends.

Van lets Kell answer the first question, nodding to her description of their past, "Twice. But we're both military." As she continues, he nods again, "Agreed. I would have hoped that since the Cee-Eff forces have been shifting around, some of that jealousy and distrust would have faded. Although I do wonder if any of the battlegroups have made it to Leonis or Virgon yet." Kell's question draws a faint chuckle, a glance to Isolde, and a nod, "She was giving a talk on cyber-security at the Picon Naval Academy shortly before the Uprising. I was assigned as her liaison officer. I made a... mediocre pass at her, and she turned me down nearly flat." Amusement laces his voice, and he looks back to Isolde, dropping his left hand onto her shoulder and squeezing lightly, "Although she did promise me to get back in touch when she came back to Picon. And then the Uprising happened."

Isolde waves her hand to Van, inviting him to tell the story while she starts her completely shameless undressing that will leave her momentarily in just her underroos before she pulls on her off-duties. There's some pinking skin around a new tattoo on her lower back that looks vaguely like two trees made of wire twisting around each other and up her spine. Pi glances over toward Van, and she nods in agreement. "Though, it wasn't mediocre... it was just so by-the-book." She grins at Van as she pulls on her layered tank tops, giving her dark hair a light toss. She returns to their other topic. "I'm fine with going to Caprica. There's enough Taurons onboard that if we save their butts, they'll have to shut up about how backwards we are." Then she drops back onto the bench, wriggling her toes.

"Shotdown in the first encounter, huh, Van? Guess you weren't flying fast enough." Kell says, words spoken in amusement as he looks from his wingman to Isolde, the new tattoo noticed but he refrains from asking. It seems to be standard operating procedure for Razor, as he doesn't poke his nose into other people's business unless they share first. The by-the-book description of Van's attempt does have Kell's grin widen, "Those engagements are probably the only ones where the book hurts more than helps." As for Tauron and Caprican relations improving after this operation, Razor inclines his head slightly, "We have to succeed first, I hate to see what may happen if we fail. Some opportunistic media groups may try to make it something from nothing."

Van's eyes widen as Isolde calls his approach 'by the book,' shaking his head, "Now, I might take that as a compliment, but then-me? He would be offended. Deeply offended." He chuckles softly at Kell's response, "No, I think that the issue is that I was flying too fast. Overshot my target." Van reaches out to touch Isolde's back just above the new tattoo, "How does it feel, Izzy?" Kell's commentary on failure causes him to wince slightly, but nod none-the-less, "You may be right. Given 'Bite's experience, someone may try to make something of it anyhow. And Izzy, I don't believe that you'll ever manage to shut a Caprican up about... most anything." Given his earlier disdain for those with issues with other colonies, it's probably a good thing that statement has a teasing note to it.

"Then-You was an idiot though." Isolde giggles lightly before the touch to her lower back draws a faint smile from her, and she stretches her skin a bit there. "Alright. Need to keep it moist, but it will heal-up okay. I'm letting Sweetheart give me my Ace tattoo though." Then she glances Kell's way and offers a simple explanation of, "Tauron tattoo. For the wedding." She hesitates, adding an aside to Van. "Sent Dad a note about it. Or I should say... sent Mom a note and told her to tell Dad." Then she snorts slightly at Van's description of a Caprican, and she politely keeps her yap shut.

The exchange between the two newly-weds does have Kell maintain his smile, those smiling muscles being put through the paces for sure, "I'm pretty sure we will always look back to our younger selves as not being the brightest of bulbs." The quick explanation of the tattoo has Razor nodding his head, not understanding the symbolism that the tattoo itself may hold but knowing that Taurons, like Scorpians, holds tattoos to something more than just art on the body. "I'm surprised you two did not ask the Major for an extended leave. I am sure it would have been approved, given the circumstances." Honeymoon and all.

"Yes, yes he was," Van agrees with Isolde, and then nods to Kell as well. Her mention of informing the family has him running a hand back over his short hair, looking bashful a moment, "I need to do that myself. Probably the other way around though." The suggestion of longer leave is a nice topic change, at least for Van, and he shrugs a little helplessly, glancing over to Isolde again, "We probably could have. We talked about it briefly. I wanted to get back into the fight though." That's not to say Isolde didn't, just Van not speaking for her, "Especially if there was a chance that we might go back to Picon."

"Oh no... I've always been blindingly intelligent." Isolde says this with such a straight face, there's a chance she might actually believe it. A slim chance, but. Then she looks up at Van, and offers a smirk. "Avoiding Mother?" She teases him lightly before she glances back to Kell, and shakes her head. "No. There's no time for that... I mean. Beckham's back, too, right? My guess is there's just too much going on. But... we're happy." She dimples at Van. "We can take our honeymoon next shoreleave."

Wanting to get into the fight is more than understandable and somehow, even though he missed the time off dearly when they were fighting on Picon, Kell is now finding himself itching to get back at the Cylons. Quite an interesting reversal. The chatter about Van and Isolde's respective parents is certainly quite amusing, but when honeymoon is mentioned again, Razor speaks up, "Next shore leave then, better than having it in here and keeping everyone else awake." Is that a joke by Kell? It must be, though the smile instead of a shit-eating grin leaves it slightly in doubt.

"Yes," Van admits readily at Isolde's teasing. He smiles back in the face of Isolde's grin, the expression taking over the entirety of his face rather than just the usual faint smile. "We can, and I'm sure we will." Kell's maybe-joke causes Van to blush a little, but he still sallies forth with a rejoinder, "You don't think that will happen already? It could be worse though, all of the couples could be in the same bunkroom."

Now Isolde stretches, drawing herself up to her feet from the bench. She offers a small yawn before she gives Van's cheek a soft kiss and Kell's shoulder a sisterly thump. "Alright, I'm gonna go stalk the machine shop. I hear that they brought some of the microfabricators over." Her voice takes on a squeaking glee as if someone has said there's actual chocolate in the mess. She then laughs toward Kell, shaking her head. "We will be very polite if we decide to bump in a busy bunkroom." She winks to Kell before she starts for the door.

The picture that Van paints does sound like a nightmare as Kell's smile fades slightly, a sigh of resignation released as he nods his head in agreement, "That would be a nightmare if there is a non-couple pairing left in the room. I would have to politely relocate myself if that were the case." When Isolde excuses herself to go check out the machine shop, Razor gives her a wave of his hand, "Have fun though it sounds like you already will." He then looks to Van, "I should probably head out as well, going to grab some food at the mess hall before hitting the new footage review room."

There is so much more that someone with a less-active filter could have said to Kell's response, but Van is polite enough to just nod, tilting his head to accept the kiss on his cheek and brushing a hand over Isolde's back (above the tattoo) as she steps away, "Remember, no means no, Izzy, even when it's someone telling you that you can't have one of their shiny toys." Kell's suggested plan draws a nod, "Yes, I'm quite curious about the facilities. I haven't had a chance to explore them yet. Instead, I think I'll be getting a little shut-eye."

"Right, right... no means yes. I heard you." Isolde is waving over her shoulder as she departs, grinning as she does.


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