2237-08-02 - Observations

Lyn and Salvae chat while enjoying the Dauntless' Observation Deck.

Date: 2237-08-02

Location: Observation Deck

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Scene Number: 369

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Lyn moved into the Dauntless last night and claimed a bunk, before simply crashing out. So today, she's been spending time exploring the new ship and getting to know it. She's just finished her walkabout, ending up on the observation deck. She's settled in one of the plush love seats, near the window proper, looking out at the stars with a cup of coffee curled in her hands. She's in her off duty tans, and looking relaxed and in good spirits after the leave.

Still glowing red from too much sun on the holiday, Salvae wanders into the observation lounge, enjoying the view. Sure, he's a pilot and has a similar view every day, but not having to be worried about where the rocekt he's sitting on is going really counts for something in enjoying said view. In his off duties, his arms are bare, and really show off just how much a hick from the plains of Aerilon can burn in a weekend. They have a shine to them, thanks to the gels he picked up from the chemist. "Aye, Ghost!" he greets, before sipping from his flask. "Howareyanow?"

Lyn turns at the sound of her nickname and gives Salvae a smile. She looks over his sunburn and makes an 'ouch' face. "Better than you I think. I remembered sunblock." She grins. "How was your leave, Socks?"

Salvae invites himself over to sit on the couch and plops down. "I thought since it smelled like coconuts, it'd protect me." he sniffes his shoulder a little bit, swearing he could still smell that 'bronzing oil.' "It even had a picture of Apollo on the bottle, how could he lead me astray?" he smiles and sips his flask. "I'm gonna have to have a chat with Big Al about this one.."

"I made sure he got thoroughly dipped in the highest level sunblock before he went anywhere the rays of the evil daystar could fry him," Lyn quips. She sips from her coffee. "So he'll be able to listen I'm sure. Ready for Caprica?"

"I spose," Salvae says, looking out into the starfield. "I'm sour we're leavin Picon in the lurch like that with so much to do, like skippin out on chores to go beat up the kid with polio, ya know?"

"Athena is heading there to mop up the rest. We did what we could, the rest is more something standard troops are better for," Lyn says quietly. 17 years of military experience gives her a bit of tactical wisdom at least. "We're too special for that, or something. I've never been to Caprica though. Should be interesting, if nothing else. Sounds like Delphi has mountains around it, and that is right up my alley."

"Ah, ya, I forgot you're a ski bum," Salvae says, thinking back to that one time as a kid his school took everyone skiing in the 'mountains.' The 'mountain' being a kind of a large hill that rumour had it used to be a land fill covered over with sod, now with T bars and rope toes. Yup, Promethea is pretty flat. "I got good getting dragged behind Ray's boat, but never really took to the snow skiing."

Lyn chuckles. "Not so much as a mountain climber. Not a lot of skiing on a glacier. Further down sure. But glaciers are more like..." she tries to find the words to describe the terrain, "it's something that moves. It changes under its own weight constantly. A space that is flat one moment might be a crevasse or a serac the next. And the rest is covered in ogives, like, frozen waves and valleys. There's nothing truly smooth."

"Yeah, that's one game I never understood. Seen videos of maniacs scaling cliffs with no ropes, no nothin." Salvae shakes his head and takes a sobering slug from his flask, before remembering his manners and offering Lyn the chance to spike her coffee. "Ya know for someone who spends all this time flyin round at 50,000 meters, I don't do so well from heights. Get me on a step ladder and it's vertigo city, I tell ya."

Lyn holds up a hand to pass on the booze. She had plenty on leave. "Well, there's no real up or down in the vacuum of space, so I'm guessing it feels less like heights unless you're in atmosphere?" she offers. "And heights never bothered me. Took Al rock climbing on leave. I think he did it just to be polite. Don't think he was over keen on the heights by the end though."

Salvae grins, "You take im on one of those zip lines down from the top? Frak, goin that fast without a viper just ain't right!" He shrugs at the pass and has another little sip as he sinks back against the couch, looking out over the view as the sun begins to come into view in the current orbit. The glass automatically tinting enough not to hurt anyone's eyes. "Cap sounds like it'll be a pain in the ass for your crew. With space superiority, they'll prolly have me flyin a bus ferrying your lot up and down."

Lyn chuckles. "No, no, there was a trail back down the other side. But yeah, Delphi is going to be a lot more urban than we've been doing. Even on Picon it was small towns at best til that last battle that was Vanguard's last." She grimaces a little. "We lost some good people there. I think we're going to need to work hard to keep morale up."

Salvae nods at that, lounging on a couch just doesn't feel the same without flats banging away at that keyboard in the background. "Ah, shit, anyone get back to Flats' people?" he wonders, kicking himself that he hadn't sent anything, he leans forward to get up, screwing the cap on his flask.

"I'm sure the CAG did. It's her job," Lyn points out. "I'm hoping Cate is ok. I didn't see her much over the leave. We've got quite a few new faces though too, and some of them are my age or older, so I think we're having some experience trickling in."

Salvae still gets up, and slips his flask into a back pocket. "Hm. Think I'm gonna dig up an address if I can. Let his folks know how much we miss em." He glances back to the sunrise, and then to Lyn, "See ya round, eh, Ghost?"

Lyn smiles and waves farewell to the pilot.


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