2237-08-07 - Intra-Ship Ball

Logan stops by to check on the injured. They discuss potential Fleet Pyramid leagues.

Date: 2237-08-07

Location: Sickbay

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Scene Number: 386

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Does it take surgery to tend to a head wound like Charlie's? Or just an extended period of time to remove any remaining bits of shrapnel, shattered bone, and other dirt and detritus in the wound itself. Either way, she was one of the ones carted straight off the Raptor (in a stable state, at least) and into sickbay to be tended to. Now, out of treatment and in a bed, the woman is just starting to experience the fun effects of morpha intended to help ease her into a night's sleep. She has some water to sip at, but little else. Head pain can lead to an unsteady stomach, after all.

Logan was not on the immediately to sickbay grouping. He finished up got through debriefing and as he was getting cleaned up and as adrenaline dropped those little 'scratches' called out for more actual attention. Thus Logan is picking his way into the sickbay. He glances around for an open bed or staff but eventually spots Charlie up. He picks his way over towards her and waits a few moments before offering, "So... wipeout?"

Cate is in a bed near Charlie's. Her eyes are closed, but the pained expression on her face suggests it's more of a 'trying to get to sleep' position than actually being asleep.

There's no trying to sleep yet for Charlie; she's still a bit too uncomfortable and the morpha hasn't quite kicked in yet. The woman has, at least, been freed of the uniform she bled all over. She's in shorts and dual-tanked now with ample bandaging around her noggin. There's a long squint for Logan before she processes his joke and a mild "Ha ha" that indicates that yes, she go it and no, it isn't funny. Then, she squinches her face up a bit. "Where's Sasha?" No one's let her know the state of her rifle yet, apparently.

Logan smiles faintly at Charlie's reaction, "Clearly you'll be fine then." He nods, "Ghost has her. There was a long discussion over which of you was the priority to carry out of there. Luckily there were two of us. Glad you're alright." He offers quietly. "They say how long you're going to be laid out?"

"Who's Sasha?" Cate wonders aloud from her bed, though it's quite possible said musing was not actually intended to be said out loud. She opens her eyes a little and shifts her head towards where the others are talking.

"Good. She'll... know to put 'er in my bunk or give 'er to Evan." Charlie seems satisfied enough with this. She's aware enough to know that the doctors would probably not approve of the rifle in sickbay. When Cate speaks up, there's a glance over towards the other woman. Wagner tried turning her head earlier and that brought on all kinds of nausea and vertigo. She knows better now. Slow and infrequent movements of the head. "My gun," she explains.

Logan chuckles softly and offers to Cate as Charlie answers, "Her very special rifle. I'm pretty sure it has some weird custome attachments." He suggests and then he nods, "She's got her don't worry about Sasha. She'll be there in your bed when you get back. Unless Erin can figure out how to sneak it in here. We'll keep you up to date on the progress of that."

"Huh," is Cate's ever-so-eloquent reply. "Think I dropped my gun," she admits with a grimace. "Good thing... doesn't have a name, I guess."

"She does," Charlie affirms to Logan, when he speaks of custom attachments. "Don't speak ill of my baby." Maybe she talks of Sasha like this all of the time. Maybe it's a morpha thing. The woman stirs slightly, reaching carefully towards the cup of water that's been left for her. She winces, in sympathy, for Cate. "We'll... need to get you a new one. Have a naming ceremony."

Logan chuckles faintly at Charlie's response and then he offers, "Nothing ill." He looks worried watching Charlie's reactions and then moves to help lift the water with the sippy straw. He nods to Cate, "We'll take care of it. I'll see if anyone else grabbed it up. But yeah we got rifles. You'll need one soon as you're back out of here. Sorry... it took me awhile to get on that toaster with the launcher. Good thing medic got there quick." He glances around hopefully to see Kinney nearby.

Kinney's here somewhere as well, in a bed down the way. Cate waves a hand weakly at Charlie, dismissing the idea of naming her new gun. "S'ok. Don't get attached. Just a gun." Then her attention shifts to Logan. "Not your fault. Everyone knows I dunno how to duck." The words are slightly muddled by morpha and pain. "I saw you on TV," she declares, though surely Logan's been with the squad long enough that this shouldn't be a sudden revelation.

"Just a gun, she says," Charlie opines to Logan, looking distressed. "Are we sure she's even a marine?" The woman paws at the cup a moment before getting ahold of it. The morpha must be setting in. She drinks deeply of it before trying to set it back down... or spilling it all over Logan unless he gets a proper hold of it.

Logan points out to Charlie, "Medic." He says and pats her bed soothingly. "It's all that time spent with the Navy you know?" He suggests soothingly and chuckles as some of the water spills but he recovers quick enough his amusement evident. He grins at Cate, "Hey we all have our traditions." He shrugs, "Not a question of fault just... figured I'd do more." He grins crookedly at Cate, "Did you? Which team were you a fan of? Pyramid's a hell of a lot easier than combat." He admits for once a little quieter than his usual over the top personality.

"Not even a proper medic," Cate points out back with a gentle sigh. "Buccaneers," she answers Logan. "Sorry. But 'm glad the Threshers won for you this year."

"Ugh, the C-Bucs," Charlie's still alert enough to pick that up. "And you spent how long on Picon with that dirty secret?" She sighs, theatrically. The woman sinks back into her pillows, closing her eyes. "Not looking forward to the next season. Fleet took all the good players after the Cylons..." she doesn't finish that though; either due to the morbidity or the morpha.

Logan chuckles softly at that and smiles, "We'll allow you some latitude I'm sure you'll think better in time." He shrugs, "S'alright. So long as you recognize the ascendancy of the Threshers." He says brightly and then shrugs, "Seems like awhile back for me. But yeah it was a good season in terms of the game. But well we got a war to win first. Sooner I get through this sooner a proper season is back on."

Cate snorts. It might have been a chuckle under better circumstances, but breathing hurts so much that Cate doesn't want to contemplate laughing. "I know right?" she says to Charlie. Then her tone turns grim. "Was at the game to root for the Bucs." She doesn't elaborate on which game, though Charlie probably knows. "Never saw them play in person before. Wasn't ten yards from Sid when they killed him." Another little sigh and then she's agreeing with Logan. "Can't be over soon enough."

For a time, Charlie just sort of dozes off. Well, more goes into a bit of a dazed out state. The morpha must be working now. She blinks a few times. "War, yeah. Well... we got a lotta work to do. But mebbe if the fleet stops, y'know, recruiting players, we can at least have a decent season to distract us."

Logan looks a bit concerned as Charlie dozes as he puts the water away and all that. A shadow passes over his face as well quiet and then nods, "Well one day at a time. We survived today. That's a good step." He says and he shrugs, "Or we'll just start a better intra-fleet league."

"Playing against Logan Lindus and Delgado... that'll end well," Cate muses with a grim smirk. "Sell tickets to the rest of us being creamed." And then Cate is dozing off as well. "'m tired," she announces, and then closes her eyes again.

"No-" comes Charlie's voice, faint and tired. "They'd be on separate teams. Can't put 'em on the same team. That wouldn't be fair to everyone else." The woman shifts slightly, then groans a bit as she moves her head in a way that doesn't suit. She manages to crack open an eye and look in Logan's direction. "Let Evan know where I am?" As if Calhoun isn't likely already aware.

Logan grins at that and considers, "I mean we could...but only for an exhibion match." He chuckles and nods at Charlie in amusement, "I'll make sure he knows." He says with a tone that indicates he'll check but he's 100% certain the man knows. "Alright rest up you two. I will consider the Pyramid team rosters while you sleep. Just remember Logan's Lungers will be the best team in the fleet."


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