2237-08-09 - Head Wounds

Evan checks in on Charlie in the infirmary.

Date: 2237-08-09

Location: Sickbay, Dauntless

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Scene Number: 1324

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It was sniper-on-sniper action and Charlie came out on the losing end. There was a lot more blood than damage, but there was definitely damage. Nothing that will take her permanently out of action, but she’ll be out of things for a bit, that’s for sure. The mission into the city of Delphi had a few serious injuries that led to people being carted swiftly into medical and a couple right into treatment the Picon woman being one of them. She was settled into a bed for the night, sleeping off the initial round of morpha.

Someone did return Sasha to the bunk, but her bloodied gear sits in a bag at the foot of the bed and the woman herself has been changed into shorts and the dual-tanks. Other than the head wound, she came out of the battle free and clear of injuries. If it weren’t for the bandages around her noggin, she could be just sleeping peacefully; blankets rumpled at her midsection, one hand at her side, and the other settled at her chest, near her tags. No word yet if it’ll just be the one night, but probably not; got to keep an eye on those head wounds, after all.

Evan walked in to the sickbay with a purposeful step and the air of frustration worn on him. Perhaps he had been a bit curt with some of the new medical personnel on the ship that were less than forthcoming about the condition of one of the patients. But he had finally gotten a straight answer.

The split assignments had been happening more often in his opinion and this was the same occurrence where he had been tasked on a parallel mission to Charlie, only this time she'd been injured unlike the rest.

Approaching her bedside there's a silent movement to snatch a nearby stool and slide it next to her bedside where he sits and waits however long it takes.

It doesn't take terribly long before Charlie begins to stir. At first it's fitful; similar to the nightmares she's prone to from time to time. The ones that have lessened as she and Evan have shared a bunk together. There's some mild tossing and turning and a tighter grip on the blanket. The transition from sleep to wake, however, is more a product of the wearing off of the morpha than a specific outcome of dream or memory due to the furrow in her brow beneath those bandages. There's some wordless murmuring that turns to a quiet, pained groan before her eyes finally crack open.

The flood of sickbay lighting causes an initial flinch from the sniper before her eyes adjust, though she keeps them mostly closed. Even so, she casts around with limited movement of her head before the Scorpian by her bed comes into view. There's a sort of relieved look and a small smile. “Probably coulda used my spotter,” she murmurs quietly. “They've got snipers here, too.”

Her hand is taken into a gentle grasp by Evan’s as the stirring and thrashing begins, a reassuring gesture one that he’s made countless times now in the months of together. As she stirs the grip tightens a bit. Although the joke is made, the attempt at humor isn’t meant initially from Evan as his look is more concerned than usual. Body shots, wings of the arms or legs are one thing, but head injuries are a bit more significant. However, as she begins to clear up a bit and talks the look of relief grows on his features some. “You know I can’t spot for you every time. You might need to remember to be sneaky from time to time.”

“I’m plenty sneaky,” Charlie counters in quiet protest, threading her fingers through his in turn. Her grip isn’t as tight as she’d like; the morpha makes that difficult. Even so, she holds his hand in turn with the need and want of someone who has missed their partner. “My guess is it spotted us during insert and tracked Arda and me on our way to our-” She stops, losing the brief moment of clarity as she forgets the word, closing her eyes as she works to recall it. Her other hand comes up, gesturing. “...spot, place.” There’s a small sigh of frustration from the woman. “It didn’t do anything until I saw him, so it took its damn time. Only tried shooting me and her. Means they’re… identifying which of us have the range to shoot back.”

“Yeah, their tactics are evolving; they should be evolving. It’s artificial intelligence Charlie, we forget the intelligence part.” Evan gives her hand the squeeze that she wasn’t quite able to muster before smiling, glancing about before settling eyes back on her. “So you’re going to stay here for a couple of nights, get all healthy yeah?” It’s what the doctors had indicated and getting a chance to look at Charlie, it affirms for him the need for her to do such. “I’ll bring you a shirt though so you can at least not be stuck in those damn hospital robes the whole time.”

“Shh. They’re tin cans. Worthless.” Charlie may be injured and drugged on pain killers, but she can still try to make jokes; even lame ones. There’s a bit of threading her fingers through his in answer to that squeeze and a small, careful nod in answer to the question. “Not long.” So she hopes. “I miss you.” Not something she’d normally voice so publicly, but she has little choice. Her dark eyes find his brighter ones and there’s a grab with her free hand for the tanks she is wearing: “Not in hospital robes!” It’s a proud sort of declaration, even if it’s not entirely helpful to her own cause. They’re just the ones she was wearing under her gear in the field. She could certainly use a fresh set of clothes.

After a moment, she draws his hand up to press her lips to his knuckles. “We should’ve gotten photos of the cabin. I was too busy to think about it then, but they’d be nice right now.”

“Next time,” Evan says softly in response to her request about the cabin pictures. “We got a few other pictures from there. The bar, the tattoo parlor… the beach the last night?” That last one has him chuckling softly. “I think I still have sand in places from that.” Reaching his other hand down he wraps both his around hers. “If it makes you feel better, I brought you one of my shirts.” Make it feel like she’s at home in their bunk.

“Was anyone else dinged up or did you manage to be the hero on your own?”

“The cabin was the best part,” Charlie points out quietly, smiling at him. The smile shifts to a slightly broader grin as he mentions the beach. “That’s what you get for showing up late to the party. We had to close down the beach.” She turns on the bed slightly towards him, drawing both of his hands in close. “It does. This place doesn’t smell right.” The admission is given in a low voice; for his ears only. The sort of thing she’d never let anyone else know.

The last does bring her more into the moment as she slowly looks towards the curtained-off bed just down from hers. “A few minor injures, but Rhodes was hit hard, too. And another guy-” whose name she can’t recall, it’d seem. “We had to retreat. And we were the second squad sent in there. Delphi’s a bad place right now. I know people felt bad about leaving Picon,” and she was one of them, “but… we’re needed here. This isn’t the long, drawn out war that Picon is. This place needs specialty work.”

“That’s the work, to go to the dirtiest places. That’s why we’re called special. That, and because we certainly make the best mixed drinks in the fleet.” Evan quips the last while sliding his stool closer, somehow. “You just focus on resting Doll. Think of it as an extended vacation, one that won’t have you needing to run all over the planet to do different things, but for once just being able to put your feet up and relax.”

Unable to help herself, Charlie does smile. As he moves closer, she lets her eyes fall closed a measure; relaxing in his presence. Or perhaps just pretending she’s not in sickbay, but rather their bunk. Or anywhere that’s just the two of them. “Somewhere, maybe,” she says finally, “where your mother can’t show up unannounced?” There’s a wry twist of lips as she opens one eye a bit more to cast a look up at the Scorpian once again. “You can’t avoid her next leave. I’m afraid she’ll come after me if you do.”

“No blaming me for my mother, she probably was waiting until I left before she snuck in to corner you.” Evan explains it as if it’s the most natural thing. “She’s sneaky like that, where do you think I learned it from?” He leans a bit closer then, bumping his nose against hers. “Can you blame her for wanting to know who absconded with her son for days on end during his leave?”

“I can blame you all I want for your mother,” Charlie counters, tilting her head just a bit. The most she can manage of a nuzzle of her nose to his without risking a dizzy spell. “You didn’t warn me. No, oh, by the way, there’s a chance my mother might drop in on us.” Despite her fussing at him, she is still smiling. There’s enough of a shift to allow her to tilt her head up for a brief kiss. “She said you’re embarrassed. I’m just glad you’re not embarrassed of me.” The squeeze of her hand plays at the obvious tease. “I don’t blame her, but eventually she’ll blame me if she doesn’t get to see you.”

“Well, she’d be partially right to blame you. You do occupy me most of leave. But next time we’re on Scorpia, let’s just plan a dinner with her. It’ll keep her from having to search us, and gives us sort of control over it. Especially if we go out cause then she can’t invite everyone and the cousins, hmm?” Evan asks gently, reaching up his hand from hers to gently brush her cheek. “Alright. You close your eyes, I’ll sit here and keep you safe.”

“You let me occupy you.” There’s a small smile from Charlie. Practically a grin. “Can’t help it and you don’t tell me no.” She tilts her head into his touch. “Dinner’s a good idea. I’m not ready to meet your cousins. I can’t even remember the names of all your brothers and sisters consis- consistently.” Obediently, she does close her eyes and lean back into the pillows, though she does keep her fingers twisted into his other hand. “Hope Sasha’s keeping you company while I’m in here.”

“I put your gun back in the armory, the way you like it.” Evan comments softly, a bit amused in tone at the concept of wanting to keep it around. “Rest up Doll, we’ll get you out of here soon, review the mission and get better.” The last comment made almost more to himself as the drifting of Charlie is affirmed with a squeeze of her hand.


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