2237-08-14 - Berthings Banter

Several of the Dauntless crew gather for some friendly banter in the Berthings' Common Area. Relaxation ensues.

Date: 2237-08-14

Location: Berthings

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Scene Number: 395

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The Dauntless' Berthing Common Area had mostly cleared out for the evening. Shift change, as it went, pulled most of the hardworking Joes to post or to bed. Only a few remained, most remnants of a 'swing' shift. Micah Knoor was one of the few to brave the sourness of 8PM. He'd dressed down from the day, having flown the morning CAP, worked out, and ate. Currently, the tall, blond pilot lounges on one of the berthing's couches. A magazine rides his hand as a smile rides his face. That blond hair, freshly washed, still seemed content to fall where it wished. Of course, the man wore his off duty clothes, comprised of a pair of uniform shorts and a 'Timber Wolves' t-shirt.

Emrys is on another couch, in long pants and a pt-shirt. He's reading a book with a dolphin on the cover, and there'a a sense that the two men are enjoying that 'doing their own thing in the same place' sort of companionship. It's the Virgon who breaks the silence. "It's so weird to find out the guy who wrote a bunch of my favorite history textbooks /also/ wrote a book about a women who could talk to dolphins."

After a shift in the armory, Charlie is free! There's very little excitement to be had for a marine with duty shipside. In fact, there's a grand total of none. It makes free time all that much sweeter. With her duty uniform unbuttoned and the jacket loose around her, the woman makes her way into the common area with a sandwich in one hand and a book in the other. She's not even really paying attention to where she's going- not overtly, at least. The recon marine is, however, not bumping into anything or anyone. Talent on that peripheral vision. The novel is some Aerilon western or another, by the cover. And her path ends as she steps up and over the back of the sofa that Micah occupies to plunk herself down on an empty cushion.

She either did not hear what Emrys has said or is purposefully ignoring it.

Eight o'clock, for some, is that time when the day is ending. For Abigail, her day's just about to begin. So being here is just the calm before the storm, as she steps out from the archway heading from bunkroom E, tucking a few last minute bits and bobs into her tactical vest. It's nearly time for wheels up, so you do what you can. A unconscious sidestep, to clear the path of travel for anyone coming behind her, as her eyes scan the room, settling on a couple of familiar faces, "Wagner, you didn't bring an extra, did you?" having cleared the line of traffic, she's making her way towards the couches.

Cate crossed through the common room just a few minutes ago, hair still a little damp from a shower. She deposited her shower kit and laundry bag back in her locker, then returned to the common area. Like the others, she's wearing her off-duty uniform - sweats, T-shirt and a sweatshirt hoodie. There's a bandage taped to her chin. She sits down gingerly in a chair located next to the 'foot' side of Micah's couch. The unfamiliar pilot gets a brief glance, as does Emrys when he speaks, but she doesn't disturb their reading. She does, however, notice Charlie, marveling that the woman doesn't hit anything on her path through the common area.

"That's why you're reading that thing? I thought you had a weird Aquarian defense strategy that I wasn't going to ask about." Micah looks up rather slowly from that magazine, an eyebrow pre-arched as he inspects the cover of Emrys' book. "I was actually going to start a running tally of theories." The two new additions get a glance and a polite smile. There's even a hushed 'hello'. But, as luck would have it, the other person Micah knows happens to enter the room. "Work already, Walker? No rest for the wicked?"

"Yeah, I found it lying around and thought I'd try it. I figured maybe it might be historically based but...well, not so much. The main character is completely unbelievable." Emrys closes the book, nodding to those who come in. "I don't think we need a defense strategy involving dolphins. I mean, not unless they come up with waterproof cylons."

Mouth full of sandwich, Charlie looks up at Abigail and away from her book. She leaves the food there and reaches down into the pocket of her duty jacket to surface with... another wrapped sandwich. She always absconds from the mess with at least two. It's tossed towards the other woman before Wagner reaches up to catch her own as she finishes biting off the mouthful. "Good thing I grabbed three today," she says at last. Kicking off her boots, she slides down in her chosen seat to prop her feet up on the nearby table. She'll hit the shower later; it wasn't as much of a rush after sitting in the armory all day. Hard to work up a sweat signing out guns and ammo for ten hours. There's a sort of glance towards Emrys after a moment and she finally notes, sotto voice: "The other books in the series are better."

Abigail is no pyramid player, but nobody worth their salt losses sight of free sandwich. That being said, the wrapped bundle is neatly caught, as she skirts the couch Emrys is sitting on to plunk herself down the couch Micah's laid out on. At least she doesn't sit on him, but push him a little back to make room, sure. "Denying some missile emplacements, if I heard correctly. It was very early, and they had me at we're letting you have three grenades today." The sandwich she doesn't bother looking at, except in a cursory way. She trusts Charlie enough not to pick anything with crunchy water, so it's unwrapped and a half offered to Micah, "You're all in one piece, Doc?"

Cate had let her attention wander over to the TV, trying to place what movie someone had left on at a volume so low it may as well be on mute. But hearing her 'name' causes her to shift a blank stare over at Abigail. "Hmm? Sorry, what?" Somebody wasn't paying attention to the actual question, it seems.

"The main character of this thing is probably worse." Micah holds up an outdated issue of a Caprican entertainment magazine even as Abigail claims a piece of his cushion in her very Abigail way. In all, the pilot offers her a smile and takes the offered half of the sandwich with a quizzical eye. It wasn't cucumber. That clearly made his heart hurt. "Making it a bit safer for Hawk and I?" He mulls, taking an experimental bite. "Promise." That's all he offers her. Though, word of the series seems to have peaked his interest. "If there's a series, I'd almost pay you to read it. Hearing your description of it would probably have me laughing for an hour and a half. I don't know how any one person can turn a textbook into a satire."

"Is it?" Emrys looks over to Charlie as she speaks quietly. "I might have to give it a try, then. Have you read his textbooks? His treatment of the Virgon-Leonese relationship surpasses anything by our own historians." Micah gets a shake of his head. "Sure, I'll read it to you at bedtime." He jibes back.

Usually, Charlie goes for the meat-and-cheese sandwiches. Sometimes PB&J, but since Evan is prone to stealing them from her, it's usually the former and she's perfectly happy with those herself. The woman polishes off her sandwich and is about to go back to her own book when Emrys poses his question to her. She looks pained for a moment and Abigail likely knows well the reason why. She takes a slow breath and looks down to the western she's reading. Finally, the sniper lets out a huffed sigh. "Yeah, well, he spent about two years in re-enactment camps on both colonies and almost moved his entire family to live in one of those towns on Virgon that lives the lifestyle as if it were a hundred years ago for school field trips to observe, but his wife threatened to cut his balls off if he did."

Abigail, for her part, is only too happy to bite down on her half of sandwich, which has enough protein to fuel a small platoon. Just the way she likes it. "Wagner, you want I should punch him in the face for badmouthing your Dad?" She doesn't look particularly menacing, in the middle of a bite of meatwich, but you can't trust these marines. "I could give him a good kick, if you prefer." All said while casually invading Micah's space and cheerful as anything. A glance back to the blonde man, "Promise." And as Cate looks around, "Just making sure you were in one piece. Saw you took a few hits the last time we ran together."

"My vote's for kicking," Cate offers up dryly, for whatever it's worth at Abigail's comment about Wagner's dad. She nods, though, to the question. "Oh, yeah. Same as always." Which is a really low bar to clear really. Other than that, she stays quiet, watching the exchange.

"As long as you wear pants this time. It's really starting to get awkward, my friend." Micah laughs in response to Emrys, taking another bite out of that 'something' and cheese sandwich the military was so good at whipping up. Abigail was destroying hers and she didn't seem dead. Yet. An arm rises to the couch behind her in a modest effort to spread out as much as possible. "Thanks for the impromptu supper. Wagner?" He meat toasts. "I don't know that I've met you, but your face looks familiar from somewhere. I thought I recognized you on the beach before we left, but I seriously can't put my finger on it..."

"Well, if you'd stop stealing said pants..." Emrys looks over to Abigail at that point, ready to defend himself. "Not the face. It's a rule I have, and..." Lightbulb moment, as Charlie's words sink in. "Samuel Wagner is your /father/?" Fortunately he has the tact to pick up on the tone of her words, and not say anything beyond that. As much as he might like to.

"Well, I've been part of the Wolves since their inception," Charlie offers to Micah when he mentions recognizing her face. "S'not like I'm some famous musician or anything." Successful athlete on her colony about a decade back, sure, but inter-colonial rockstar? Not so much. She closes her book, giving up on it for the moment to look across to Emrys. "Yeah, Samuel Wagner is my father," she says, giving a small shrug. "He loves his historical stuff, but he always... gets a fantastical twinge to it and that stuff goes into his fantasy setting-" she points, with her book, to the one that Emrys is reading. "That stuff."

Abigail gives a thoughtful nod to Cate, "You're right. I can hide a kick. Faces are so obvious." See? When in doubt, always ask a medic. As for Micah's inability to place Charlie, that gets the man now trying to squirm his way out from behind her a mock pained look. "Micah Knoor, you are hurting my heart. That woman there, is the only person I had more pictures of on my walls when I was coming up than you." A glance at her watch, "Speaking of which, I've got fifteen to get to the deck. I'll show you her sizzle reel later." A mischievous grin, sent in Charlie's direction, before Abigail turns, and Micah, having been unable to escape, gets a kiss for his trouble. And then Abigail's popping up from the couch and heading off into the corridor.

Cate waves her hand at Abigail in a 'there you go' gesture. She watches the exchange between her and Micah quietly, then says when Abigail gets up, "Seeya, Walker." Charlie's comments about her dad's writing cause the medic to chime in. "Least he wasn't writing porn and having that turn up all over the ship. That'd be awkward."

"I told you. It was Cherry, not me. We found them under her bunk." Micah's shifts, raising an eyebrow at the mention of photos and a sizzle reel. And the casual mention of him, of course, seems to drop his jaw a few inches. "It's been a long time since I've been anything near a musician. Listen to my last album. You'll agree whole heartedly. Wagner, though? Picon surfing legend? I think you actually competed while I was vacationing on Biscayne Bay once or twice." Abigail's kiss is returned, and a quiet word of goodbye is offered, but those dark grey eyes immediately focus back on the recon marine in front of him. "I seriously appreciate you not taking the waves out there with Hawk and I. We... Looked bad enough as it was." A beat. "And yeah. Listen to... Doc, is it? There's so much worse than a less than Hawk-like love for facts."

"He...sounds like a fascinating chap." Emrys offers to Charlie, clearly trying to walk the balance between the fact there's obviously some issues there and his desire to ask everything about him. And then there's Micah, with the awkward comment that makes the Virgon redden. "I'm quite sure they were not under Cherry's bunk." Huff. Sudenly the book is fascinating again.

There's a wince when Abigail mentions breaking out the reel. "I wouldn't call myself a legend. I quit when I was eighteen, before I even made it to the inter-colonial competitions. Got... flighty, y'know? Made the stupid teenage decision." And now here she is. A survivor, at least. Not everyone can say that. Charlie does snort at Cate's offering, waving another wrapped sandwich she's surfaced from her jacket at the medic. "True, that. Lords I hope he's never written porn." She starts unwrapping it, breaking off a section to start eating. "My father is," she agrees, "just wish he'd stop using me in his books. Hate that he did that to begin with."

"Well if you weren't before, I'd say you are now," Cate ventures on Charlie's legendary status. She holds up her hand, shaking her head to the offered sandwich. "No thanks. Think I'm going to turn in." Or at least put her earbuds in and pretend to sleep. It's all the rage. "Take care." The goodbye is accompanied by a glance to encompass the room in general, and then she's heading off back to her bunkroom.

"They were. But I make no comment about how they got under Cherry's bunk." Micah offers as an aside to Emrys, tossing the entertainment magazine onto his lap with a laugh. "My friend? Let's just be glad that's the only place they've quested to. If they make it into the CAGs bunk? Or the Gunny's bunk? You're on your own in that search." Cate receives a smile, a nod, and a quiet, "And you." It's Charlie, though, that seems to garner the majority of the former musician's attention. "You were a legend when I was there. I seem to remember a few articles in the newspaper announcing that you were likely going to go inter-colonial. But on the subject of flighty?" He laughs, taking another bite of that meatwich. "I think I have a college degree. Got stressful, I take it?"

"If they go to any of those places I'll just...I don't know, but I'm sure not going after them." Emrys laughs at that suggestion, looking back up out of the book to gaze quizzicly at Charlie. "So wait...he based the girl who talks to dolphins on you?" Well, now he feels stupid. Sitting here talking to the person he described as completely unbelievable minutes ago.

There's a bit of a face made in Cate's direction- just shy of tongue sticking out. "Have a good night," Charlie says once she's relaxed out of the expression." For Micah, there's a shake of her head, "I could've, probably, but I just wanted to go to see the other colonies. I realized I didn't want to continue for the surfing so much as to... travel." She shrugs. "I wanted to do something else, so I enlisted. Focused on survival tactics and recon and well-" she gestures to the room in a grandiose sort of way. "Here I am." There's another bite of the sandwich and an 'mmhmm' for Emrys. "She's also in The Harbor's Wrath, another book in the series."

"See the colonies. Meet nice robots. And then try to kill them." Micah replies, examining the contents of the sandwich situation again. Something about that meat never sat particularly well with him. "I don't know why she disagrees with cucumber sandwiches so much. At least I know what's in a cucumber." When the bread is replaced, Micah offers a shrug. "I saw the colonies from a place of business. It wasn't terrible. Though I wasn't an athlete. Those folks never broke out of the gym or had time to see anything, it seemed."

"Well, Micah wants me to read him the rest of the series so I guess I'll encounter you again in that one." Emrys observes, before looking over to the man. "Salmon and cucumber sandwiches, with vinegar mixed into the salmon for a little tang. An essential element of a good tea time back home."

"Cucumber sandwiches are weird and you're weird for liking them. Cucumbers go in salad." Charlie takes a bite of her other sandwich. Ham and cheese. Simple. "And nothing is in cucumber," she amends. The woman hasn't picked her book back up yet, so she's just focused on the sandwich now. There's a long look for Emrys when he picks up on the cucumber thread. "Salmon is fine, but salmon and cucumber? Frak me, but those viper fumes must get to your heads. Salmon is a bland fish. You've got to add more to it than frakkin' cucumber."

"I knew I liked you wonderful Virgons for a reason. That sound excellent. Think we can pressure the kitchen into making it happen on the meal line?" Micah smiles a mischievous smile before taking a bit out of his sandwich. Charlie, though, earns his attention with both eyebrows raised. "Cucumbers are weird? What are you? A cat?" Another bite, followed by a thoughtful nod. "In fact, cat might be what this meat is. Salad's are pointless. If you eat enough vegetables, regularly, you don't have to make an entirely separate course for them." He looks at Emrys. "I don't know what it is with these marines. Protein's good, but good gods."

"That's what the vinegar is for." Emrys reminds Charlie, before looking over to Micah with a thoughtful grin. "As long as they have malt vinegar, I'm sure we could convince them between the two of us." A half-shrug, then. "Based on what I just saw, I'd say you're a lot more likely to know what's with marines than I am."

"No, I said cucumber sandwiches are weird." Charlie scoffs a bit. "And protein is important because we actually make use of our bodies for more than just wedging into a specialized chair." She flexes her toes a bit. Hey, she's off-duty: that's time to be immensely lazy. "Yes, vinegar, oh so wonderful for salmon. What, does virgon lack in other fish or something? I used to go out and spear-fish for fun. Picon has hundreds of fish, many of them wonderful just cooked over a fire. Salmon, you have to do so much just for it to be more than bland. No thanks."

"I know what's right with Marines. This?" Micah glances between Charlie and Emrys. "Is a mystery. I remember quite a few of the fish back on Picon. If memory serves, a few of them didn't travel well from ocean to table, let alone from ocean to space. And the last thing either of us need is a junior pilot having us pulled onto duty because they can't stand to be inside their flight suit, let alone an airtight cockpit." The pilot doesn't seem too upset about finishing his Abby sandwich, though. And as he thoughtfully chews the last bit of it, he shrugs. "I wonder what kind of fish they have in the cooler on this boat."

"Virgon has many wonderful fish also. Fishing is an important part of our heritage." Emrys points out lazily, before forcing himself off the couch with a sigh of complaint. "A good question. We should try and find out. But for now...I have to see a man about a dog. A pleasure meeting you, Wagner. I'll see you back at the bunks, Busker." And off he goes, on his mysterious errand.

"Pff. Virgon and fishing. Might as well say Aquaria is known for its beaches." Hard to argue with the Piconese over their water-based pursuits, though. Charlie does tend to get a bit patriotic. She's finished off her sandwich and feeling a bit restless. "Most of them are best had right there on the beach, it's true. But that's the best place. I wouldn't want to see what the galley would do to any fish... Picon or any other planet- they ruin the basics as it is-" The woman shudders slightly.

"So. Cucumber it is." Micah decides, a small smile offered to Charlie. "Unless a certain group of marines want to launch a raid on the galley cooler, the safety of our aquatic choices may never be known." Emrys rising causes Knoor to glance at the clock. His face shadows with the lines of a gentle frown. "And that, will truly be tragic. Wagner? It's been brilliant to finally meet you. Long overdue, I'd say. But I tend to get my ass kicked if I skip out on my beauty sleep."

"Nuh-uh. I leave the galley be. I figure my meals are safer that way and they're already at risk at it is. You've seen what they serve us." Charlie is not one of those who trades favors or cubits to get access to the kitchens, nope. She leaves that to others. When Micah mentions his beauty sleep, she snorts, but then does glance to a clock. "Calhoun will probably be back soon... I oughta hit the shower myself." She pushes herself upright and grabs her boots. "If Walker shows you my wipeout reel, try not to laugh too hard."

"No promises. But give that third album a listen. 'Wipeout Reel' should have been the title of that masterpiece." Micah, too, pushes himself up. He stretches and yawns. "If you're brave enough, look me up afterward. I'd love to know what you thought of that particular nightmare." He smiles as he starts walking, long strides taking him in the direction of Bunkroom 'B'.


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