2237-08-15 - It's Not About Crunchy Water

Vegetable hate is a thing. Also, a favour is asked.

Date: 2237-08-15

Location: Gym

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Scene Number: 397

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A marine workout is no joke, you feel me? But you know what else isn't a joke? Trying to cut it down to something lean enough that it can be adapted for a pilot's work schedule and physical needs. Too much bulk and they have to grease your ass to get in that cockpit. But too little...and you...get that pilot's figure. So, Abigail has her work cut out for her, as she's sitting on the mats usually used for sparring, a series of binders and white boards spread out in front of her, her eyes moving between what she's writing and glancing around at the equipment as if imagining a workout circuit in her head.

Cate hasn't been to the gym since they got to Caprica, but today she's here in sweats and a t-shirt. There's still a small bandage on her chin. She's wandering through the room when she spies Abigail and her little project. Tilting her head curiously, Cate comes over. "What are you doing?" she wonders aloud.

"Well," Abigail's voice acknowledges Cate's presence, and the question, just before the blonde woman looks over in Cate's direction, "this is the thing. I...am wholly and diametrically opposed to any and all attempts to make sandwiches out of vegetables. Especially cucumber, which has no business even trying to pass itself off as a vegetable. Micah Knoor tells me that he is on a strict program to preserve his girlish figure and cucumber sandwiches are the difference between success and failure. I have offered to craft him a suitable workout routine, so that he can both maintain his girlish good looks and never have to sully himself with crunchy water ever again." A grin, "You didn't happen to do a rotation in physical therapy, did you, sports medicine...anything?"

Cate listens to that all with a befuddled look. "Cucumber sandwiches? That's just weird." She shakes her head. "No. I mean, just the basics from med school, but I was an ER doctor. Sorry. Between all the ripped guys in the squad though, surely somebody must have some good workout tips though. Knoor - he that new pilot guy you were with?"

Abigail sees that befuddled look, and there's one of her own for Cate, one of absolute understanding, "Exactly. Who. The. Frak. Eats. Cucumber. Sandwiches? I ask you. Even for Caprica, that shit is too wrong." She doesn't look in the last put out, by Cate's response, "I've been working on them already!" She indicates the books and notes, "I've been having fun trying to try to find a balance between strength training and cardio." She snaps one of the binders shut. "That's the one." She gathers up her work, and works herself back to her feet, "What about you, Doc? Looking to spar? I'm not that great at that, but I'm aces on the rock wall."

"Cucumbers are disgusting," Cate agrees, making a face. "I can't imagine eating one, like... by itself." She studies the binders for a moment before shaking her head to Abigail's question. "No, not sparring. My head's still a little touchy after that grenade last week." Technically it was a week and a half but who's counting. "Just kinda bored." She eyes the rock wall. "Didn't know you liked to climb."

"You, Doc, are my spirit sister." Abigail adds her work to the top of the pile of mats, because really, nobody's using them so they must be free game, "It's funny, isn't it? You look at the schedule and you see all the things you have to do...and yet you still end up rattling around like an old nut in a tin can most of the time." A glance to the wall, "I didn't always, I picked it up on Sag. That sort of your thing?" She offers a hand, waving it in the direction of the wall, as if to say, 'Want to give it a go?'

Cate smirks a little to the first. "Actually I pretty much hate vegetables. Scandalous for a doctor, I know, but..." Helpless shrug. "And yeah, it's kinda strange. I mean... before the war I had almost no spare time. Now I have entirely too much of it. Especially when I'm hurt." She eyes the climbing wall longingly. "I'd like to. That and pyramid are my thing. But I probably shouldn't." There's a disappointed frown for a second before she asks. "You used to be a diver type yeah?"

"Is it though, Doc? I mean...I was the queen of watching late night infomercials. I know there's market out there for some wacky new diet plan that is nothing but protein, and it's totally doctor approved. You could make bank. Get right out o this war business." A grin, "I mean...not that I would advocate bilking people out of their money or anything." A glance back to the doctor, "I, on the other hand, am the worst pyramid player ever." She does perk up though, at that final question, "I was indeed. I still keep up the certs, though we're not likely to see as much water work as we did on Picon for a while. Why do you ask?"

Cate makes a scoffing noise. "Always some quack selling some fad or another. Anyway, if I wanted to be rich I would've been a surgeon I guess." She shrugs, smiling a little. "I wasn't that good either but it's easy to practice." There's an interested nod when Abigail confirms her diving experience. "Was wondering if maybe... you could help me learn how to swim? Since I keep nearly drowning it kinda seems like a good thing to know," she says, with a dry wit that tries to cover a legit anxiety about it.

"You say that now, Doc, but I'm not going to rule it out." Abigail's laughter is light. "I bet I could even find you a few pitchmen." And then, dead serious, rather abruptly so, "I tried once. I somehow ended up giving myself a black eye. It was like the worst game of dodge ball played alone..ever." The sparkle in her eye is evidence enough that she finds the story hilarious in its own right. When she hears Cate's request, her smile widens, and this time there's no joking there, "I'd be glad to. They've actually built a very nice pool on ship, it'd be perfect for lessons. And I'm always happy to get into the water. Even better with a good reason. And don't worry, we can fix the nearly drowning part."

Cate just snickers when Abigail mentions the pitchmen. "You gave yourself a black eye playing pyramid? I guess that'd probably sour you on it pretty quick." She nods when Abigail offers to teach her. "That's cool. Thanks. Not really my favorite thing, but... I figure I ought to learn."

"I was trying to do one of those cool layups, you know, running across the court, trying to pretend I was zigging and zagging, and the ball got away from me and bounced right into my face." Abigail's own grins matches the humour in Cate's snicker. "You're very welcome." And then, a bit more soberly, "Believe me...water isn't most people's favourite thing. And it may never be yours, but I promise you, we'll get you comfortable in their and confident enough to handle yourself. And who knows, your attitude might change once you've got that. If you're interested, I'd be happy to walk you over there and I can start going over a few pointers."


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