2237-08-18 - Calliope, Corner Pocket

Calliope and Faye play a game of pool (WHICH FAYE TOTALLY WON!), and there is talk of underwear being the official off-duty uniform for heightened morale reasons.

Date: 2237-08-18

Location: Crew Lounge

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Scene Number: 403

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<FS3> Calliope rolls Reflexes + Pool: Success (6 5 3 2 1)

The fighting over Delphi has been punishing, and the Crew Lounge of the Dauntless is filled with many personnel resting up from it. Or preparing to go back out into it. Calliope is one of the latter. She's dressed in a green t-shirt and trousers, hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, killing some time before she goes back on duty playing pool with a deckie. She has decent hand-eye coordination - one would hope, with her job - so she's managing to hold off her opponent.

<FS3> Faye rolls Pool+Reflexes: Success (7 6 5 4 3 2)

Faye! It's Faye! She's the one playing against Cal not a deckie! And she's doing much the same, not amazing, but not bad -- it's a bit of a stalemate really. And with a ''Stack!'' followed by a ''Ktch'' she sends another one of the balls heading for a hole, only to watch it bounce off of a corner. Faye wrinkles her nose and furrows her brow, "Damn." Standing up she sets the rubber bottom against the ground and looks over at the other.
"At least the CAPs aren't boring, right?"

Dressed in off-duty clothes, Gage is over playing triad with a mix of marines and pilots. There's quite a bit of taunting going on -- pretty par for the course, really -- though one of the pilots seems to be cleaning up pretty nicely, to judge by the other players' groans at the end of nearly every hand. Apparently a handful of the players have decided to chuck it in, since three stand all at once and head out of the lounge. Gage is slower to do so -- but there's not enough players to continue the game, despite the fact that he's only barely breaking even. He picks up his mug, walking over to where the pilots are playing pool, watching with a lift of brow. "Playing for anything interesting?" he asks, finding something to lean on.

Geoff comes in wearing off-duty tanks, carrying what amounts to a pad of legal paper and a ball point pen in one hand. He finds himself a comfortable seat to settle into and start doodling abstract geometric designs on the cheap paper.

"We're..." Calliope starts to answer Gage, then trails off. Looking to Faye. "...were we playing for anything interesting?" It couldn't have been that interesting, if she's already forgotten the bet. She shrugs. "Uh. I can totally do your laundry if you win, Bingo. My footlocker's kind of empty of good stuff right now. I never buy enough goodies on Scorpia." Geoff's entry is noted, and he gets a piped, "Hi, Courtois."

<FS3> Calliope rolls Reflexes (5 2 2 2 1 1) vs Faye's Reflexes (8 6 6 5 4 4)
<FS3> Crushing Victory for Faye.

Apparently this had been all that Faye was waiting for, something to actually play for. Or perhaps she was just leading her on into thinking she was terrible at this game as she says, "Sure! I like that idea. I hate doing laundry, it gets so... tedious. You do ironing too, right?"
And that's one ball sunk, "Because I totally only agree to it if ironing is involved."
Another into a corner pocket. "I mean, I would iron it for you if you were going to win."
And another one, "And I only say that because I have no idea how I'm doing this." She gestures with a pool cue toward one of the corner pockets.
"The black one in that pocket. That's the 8, right?" And she lines up and sinks the last one.

"Not much point to playing if you're not invested in the outcome," at least, that's Gage's opinion and undoubtedly why he's so often at the triad tables. He gives a brief snort at Calliope's suggestion about laundry, apparently unimpressed with the stakes. "Ought to at least go for a nice bottle of rum or something. Thought I saw one in the canteen." Gage's gaze tracks Geoff's entrance for a moment, giving the other marine a nod if he happens to look over in the engineer's direction. His attention pretty quickly returns to the game in progress, straightening from his slouching and whistling, impressed, as Faye cleans up. "Definitely should've bet for rum," he observes, dryly.

"Hey," Geoff responds softly to Calliope. A vague nod goes Gage's way, then he looks to the pool table. "Y'all want to throw my laundry in with yours?"

Did someone mention Scorpian goodies? Irene isn't lacking those and she's so off duty right now that she's wearing a neon pink tank that says 'Salty Beach' across the chest in big lettering and below in more elegant script 'Argentum Bay, Scorpia'. She did it. She went full tourist. She's been sitting on the floor for a while now, holoband on, backed into an out of the way corner like she's catching up on her soaps. Only, not, because should anyone have gotten close, they would have realized she was completely passed out. She comes to with a bit of a start, like someone waking from a falling dream just before smacking into the dream pavement and slowly pulls the band off, blinking.

Calliope just stands back and watches Faye run the table. Blue eyes going wider as the game slips away from her. Finally, she just has to laugh. "Ironing it is." A smirk at Gage. "I don't have a bottle of rum to lose. So. Lucky I didn't. All my good stuff is back in storage in Cap City." She sounds a touch worried about it. But dismisses that with a little toss of her ponytail. "Anyway! Thanks for the game, Bingo. That was...kind of amazing." A snort, at Geoff. "I didn't lose to you..." And then the smacking from Irene stops her mid-sentence. She turns in that direction, and winces.

A flail of a hand at the wrist toward Calliope as she extols it, "Nah, truthfully, I'm not even sure how it worked out that way, I think you set me up for it." A snerk of laughter and a shake of Faye's head to go along with it, and a roll of her eyes, "Besides, you don't have to iron it, I was just saying that because of the luck."
A turn of her head to look in the direction of Irene as well, though it was Calliope that brought her attention to the one who sleeps in the bunk above her's. "Hah! Iris zonked out again?"

"You can do mine too, if you're that fond of laundry," Gage tacks onto Geoff's suggestion. "Seems only fair after we nuked those AA sites the other week," he oh-so-casually slips that in, with a briefly amused twist of lips. "Always ought to have a bottle of something to bet with to hand," he observes to Calliope, his expression shifting, just slightly, when she mentions Cap City. He, too, regards Irene when his attention is drawn that way, looking more bemused.

Geoff shrugs at Calliope with a can't-blame-a-guy-for-trying expression, then sets down his pen to reach into a pocket for cigarettes. He glances over at Irene while pulling one out of the packet.

That's enough virtual reality for one day, Irene seems to decide. The holoband comes off and she reaches up to tuck it onto the shelf without bothering to stand up. It takes a bit of stretching, but she manages, "It was so exciting I fell asleep." The pilot says, the last few words turning into a yawn she stifles politely behind her hand. There's a few more languid, cobweb clearing blinks and she's awake. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, as the saying goes. "When did you guys all get here? You didn't draw anything on my face, right?"

Calliope sucks in a cheek and holds Gage's eyes for a moment, as she sees his own reaction to mention of Cap City. She does not say anything more about the place. Just snorting, about laundry. "Ha. Nice try. I will totally make good on the bet, Bingo. You won! I will even iron. But, just yours. If I see anything else mixed in there...just no. I'd have to mix in something red and give the interloper pink everything." A chuckle to Irene. "Uh...I don't know? Long enough to play a game of pool. I'm on CAP in thirty and I didn't want to just hang in the lounge. That must've been an intense program."

Faye lets out a laugh as she looks to Irene again, she grabs the chalk with one hand and run a finger along it. A cant of her head as she walks up to her bunkmate and then draws an x on her forehead, "There ya go. Now I drew something on ya." A stick of her tongue out at the blonde before she turns back back to the others.
"Well, I promise I won't add anything to the mix, but -- either way -- I like pink. So feel free." A grin and she sticks her tongue out at the two Marines trying to horn in on her bit of luck when it came to laundry.

Scratching at his jaw, Gage gives a one-shouldered shrug as Calliope talks about laundry, lips twitching. "I mean, no one will see if I'm wearing pink underwear." Clearly, he takes this as a tacit invitation to prettify his underwear, settling for a grin in response to Faye's reaction. He glances Irene-wards, considering her a moment. "I mean... nothing except for the obvious," is Gage's oh-so-helpful response to Irene, waving a casually dismissive hand, as if to say don't worry about it. Geoff's reach for a cigarette earns a sidelong glance and a shift of his weight, though he keeps silent.

Geoff lights up his cigarette and drags on it, then goes back to doodling. "Don't be so pessimistic," he tells Gage about his underwear. Then he sets down his pen and points the pack at him. "Did you want one?"

Irene rubs her upper lip and down the side of her mouth to her chin, then checks her fingertips for signs of ink. They come back clean so she's satisfied she's not wearing a marker goatee. The Virgan breaks out a bright smile and stands by planting her feet, straightening her legs and sliding her back up the bulkhead behind her. The push off sends her over to the pool table, but she's intercepted, and forehead chalked. She probably should have resisted that, but she didn't and now she's X'd. "Bingooooo." She complains half-heartedly as her hand goes to her marked face, where it stays as she play frowns at Gage and then nods to Calliope, "Oh, good. My CAP was after yours on the sheet." She didn't pull a Rip Van Winkle and miss duty. All is well. Happy sigh.

Calliope lets out a "Pfft!" sound at Gage. "We live centimeters away frome each other. Everyone will see your underwear. It's part of, like, unit cohesion or something." The interplay between Faye and Irene gets a giggle. "I think you can work that, Iris. Like, you're coming on target for the toasters or something." Geoff's cigarettes are eyed, and she makes a little finger gesture. "Mind if I snag one? I'll totally pay you back. I mean, not with laundry. I left mine back in my bunk and I don't want to detour before I'm on duty."

A wiggle of her eyebrows back to Irene from Faye as she grins widely, "See? Your look has improved. 'sides, I wouldn't let you slip passed /our/ CAP." A shift and then she leans against Irene as she turns her attention back to Calliope.
"Soundbite's right, I remember hearing this whole study about how we're all closer because we've seen eachother in our underwear." A sage nod, slow and assertive. She totally did read that somewhere... or something. A turn of her eyes back to Irene.
"I swapped places with one of the Vipers, I knew that if I was asleep by the time you got back, you would've woken me up. Probably telling me all about how you shot down another Raider while looking in your rearview mirror."

After a snort -- and a considering shift of weight, Gage nods and steps over towards Geoff to take the pack. He takes one of the cigarettes, but doesn't light it, instead tucking it behind and ear. "Got patrol later. Will save it for then," he says, with a nod of thanks as he offers the pack back to the other marine. A twitch of lips answers Calliope's words. "I don't mind if you stare, but you needn't be so obvious about want a look. Huh, so," the marine considers Faye's words, "What you're saying is we should just all walk around off duty in our underwear? Think the Colonel will go for it?"

Geoff doesn't seem offended by the cig stockpile move. He nods and pockets the pack again. He weighs in on the conversation: "Do the underwear have to be frakkin' gray like everything else around here?"

"More like it'll attract every toaster missile in the sky for miles." Irene decides, wiping off the chalk so she feels less like a target. "Not that I don't already." The perils of being a busdriver in a big fat shoot-me-mobile. If she's ultimately crossed about it, she doesn't show it, but leans back into Faye and peers at the others with their underwear talk. "If it's good for morale, maybe. And it's only grey for the enlisted. Officers get the fancy colors at their own discretion."

Calliope takes a cig, making another "Pfft!" sound at Gage. "I totally don't stare. I mean, much. Some days when you wake up you see all underwear, and there are some things you just can't burn out of your brain." A shrug to Geoff. "I bet they'd let us wear civvies. I mean, it's not like it's in the uniform code...is it?" She wrinkles her nose. Letting out an audible, "Eww" at the idea that the Colonial Forces might dictate that. Half-smile to Irene. "I think all of us are getting slammed out there. I barely made it back to the barn after my last run. Those AAs are nasty."

A nod and Faye looks back at Irene as she rubs off the chalk. Sticking her tongue out she reaches the chalk-y hand back up to draw an extra big eyebrow on her. A light laugh as she adds, "Yeah, I like your teal pair. I still hold that it's a good color on you." But her attentions wanders away soon after.
"Ooo, I say we try and make it a thing." A look toward Gage and Geoff, "You two start the trend." A nod with a pull of her lips into a wide grin.

Gage's lift of brows to Calliope's explanation seems to serve as his only answer. Gulping down the contents of his mug, the marine observes, "I'm happy to blow more of those up. Just point me in their direction. Makes for a pretty satisfying boom." His brow furrows for a moment, head tipping at Faye's suggestion. "Which trend? You doing our laundry? Sounds good to me, I'll leave a pile on your bunk," he says, with an unrepentant grin.

Geoff shrugs at Faye. "Sure," he says. "But you'll have to buy me some." Apparently he wears boring standard-issue.

"They're so nasty I'm thinking I should transfer to the marines." Irene says of the AA, sounding at least halfway serious too. "I took such a bad hit on the railyard sortie they said the stick wasn't really connected to anything anymore. I got it home by force of will or something." She doesn't even sound like she's exaggerating, much. Still, that's pilot talk so she stows it after getting drawn on again. "What are you even doing?" She cries at Faye, immediately reaching up to try to ungiant her eyebrow of chalk. Still, she doesn't seem overly upset. It's all fun and games, and her sigh doesn't sound fully genuine either. "Make sure you get the right bunk. I'm in the top now."

"I'm still forgetting where my bunk is half the time," Calliope says, a little mournfully. New ship pain. "I do not think I could hack being a Marine. Too much walking. I like being my own chaffeur. Maybe we can strategize better defenses against them. Flight patterns that...take you in a serpentine fashion or something? I don't know. I came really close to blowing up last time and, kind of don't want to make a habit of that." The clock is, slowly but surely, ticking closer to her duty time. And she starts gathering up her things. "I'm sure this CAP won't blow me up, of course!" Fingers crossed.

A laugh and a shake of her head as Faye says, "I'm not the one doing the laundry in the first place." Faye says back to Gage, pointed a blue finger toward Calliope, mouthing ''That's her.'' A wide grin. An offended look back toward Irene.
"Everyone knows you're the top bunk, because the cute one is on the bottom." A wide grin to the blonde and a giggle that escapes her at seeing the reminents of the giant eyebrow. A glance back toward Calliope, "I think I saw you were flying with Razor, right? So I'm sure you'll be fine."

Gage's brows go upwards at Irene's declaration. "Most people go the other way. I'd be happy to help whip you into shape if you're serious, though." He sounds serious, anyway, even if he's only half so. "Y'sure you don't want to share the load? Fifty-fifty?" With a brief snort, he pseudo murmurs to Faye while eyeing Calliope as she packs up her things, "Point me at her bunk then."

"We should talk it out after shift, maybe we can bring something to the CAG and earn gold stars and win the war." Irene nods to her fellow raptor driver, in regard to the not being hit by missiles and nearly crashing every time out. "If not, I'm joining Tomak on the ground... if you can teach me how to beat up Lindus." She adds, even if the condition just popped to mind, "And take a gun apart and back together. I was so slow at the qualifier." It seems to have shamed her, a little, as much as anything can shame a Salty Beach t-shirt wearing person, anyway. During all that talking she rubs that last bit of chalk off her face and promptly applies chalked fingertips to Faye's cheek, drawing a dustline from ear to nose.

Calliope gives Gage a parting "Pfft!" And then waves to the lot of them. "Catch you guys in the skies." And off she goes.

A laugh and Faye reaches up to rub at her own bit of chalk line now, a crinkle of her nose back to Irene and her attention shifts back toward the others. "I have a feeling she's not quite as serious as you hope." A quick glance at Irene, then back to Gage. She leans in to say in a stage whisper, "I don't know where she's sleeping, but if you figure it out -- tell me." A wiggle of her eyebrows.
"Good Hunting!" Faye calls to Calliope.

"Both things equally interesting and appealing," is Gage's thoughts on teaching Irene how to be a marine. There's a brief grin at Calliope's reaction as she departs, before regarding Faye with all seriousness. "Hm. Well, seeing as how she'll be busy on CAP for a while, maybe I'll go find out. If you mark each other up some more, be sure to get a picture?" he suggests, as he heads out.

Irene waves after the departees and brings both hands to her face for a vigorous dry scrub. Once thoroughly dechalked, she takes a step back from and holds up a warning finger to Faye. "No more. You're worse than my little sister." She laughs before moving on to phase two of self-grooming, which is combing her hair back through her fingers and then patting it down nice again. Perfect. Tuck behind ears and she's done. "I hope we draw space patrol. I could use a nap."

"Pfft." Faye says back to the other, and then wiggles her chalky fingers threateningly toward the other with a wiggle of her eyebrows for emphasis. A laugh as she shifts to lean against the wall instead of against the other woman and a shrug of her shoulders.
"If you do, I'll make sure to only bump you a little if the toasters make an appearance." A flick of her eyes up and to the side, "Hmm... I could use some toast. I'm a bit hungry." A look to Irene, "You wanna toss your laundry in with mine? I doubt soundbite would know." A grin.

"I couldn't do that to another bus driver. I'd feel bad, especially if they're nice like Soundbite." Irene quietly admits, "Besides, I'm very particular about my stuff. I've seen how some of you crazies do laundry and how you 'fold' clothes when they're 'dry'." Still by the table, she fishes a ball from the side pocket and puts it back on the felt as she's talking. She doesn't do anything with it, just leaves it there as if she also felt bad about it being all cooped up in the pocket.

A laugh from the other and Faye gives a shrug of her shoulders, looking off toward the door, "That's why I asked her to iron them. I figure I'll probably have to refold them all but at least they'll be dry." The eyes trail back to Irene and her lips curve into a smile again.
"I just thought I'd offer. Bunkmate for life after all." Her voice taking on that joking lilt.

"We should probably hold a ceremony and make it official." Irene teases, "Bunkmates for life is a serious commitment, Bingo. It's not something to be taken lightly." A serious business look is directed to the dark haired viper jock and held just long enough to make it super serious. Then she laughs, spins the ball off down the table with an absent twist and watches as it bounces away and quickly loses momentum.

A slow nod as Faye agrees with the gravity of the situation, "I know. It's a moment that only comes along once or maybe twice in a girl's life." Another nod, and then a snerk and she laughs in return before hoisting herself up to sit on the edge of the pooltable. She gives a little wiggle on the edge and casts her eyes off back toward the exit again.
"I want to wear the pink dress then." A fast glance back toward Irene, then back to the door with a sigh as her smile starts to falter. "Something tells me this won't be an eventful flight."

Irene must take note of the glances towards the door, because she turns to look that way too. "What would best go with pink?" She asks thoughtfully, as if she is, in fact, seriously considering a dress for the occasion. "Duty greens or grey sweats?" Nope. She's fooling. "You want to go eat? I woke up really wanting some potatoes and gravy." Which seems awfully random to her, given the way she says it. "And some tea." Though she did ask, she still reaches out to drag Faye along with her like she was expecting her to be hungry and ready to go before she can yay or nay the idea.


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