2237-08-18 - The Mystery Of The Traveling Pants, Part 1

Emrys has a pair of traveling pants. The guilty must be punished.

Date: 2237-08-18

Location: Berthings

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Scene Number: 405

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Emrys has just recently gotten off CAP, and is currently sitting on his bunk surveying from the room from said lofty perch. He's dressed in the fleet's issued 'off duty' gear. There's a book beside him, although he appears to have given up on reading it for the moment in favor of eyeing the bunk where Micah sleeps thoughtfully.

Eva, having a full view of the berthings from where she and Finn have set up residence, is hard at work watching Emrys watching Micah's bunk, and not watching her fingers as she works on the edge of a quilt square. Actually, with only the occasional glance down, but mostly, she's so familiar with the work, she can do it by touch, "What in the world are you staring at Micah's curtain for, Emrys?"

"Trying to decide what I'm going to do to him, Eva." Emrys answers, looking over to where Eva is working. "My pants keep travelling and based on his commentary on where they keep showing up I'm sure he's responsible. So obviously I need to do something to him."

Eva makes a face, as she looks between Emrys and Micah's bunk, pursing her lips, as if this were, as it surely is, serious business. "Well, I think the first thing you need to ask yourself…is…is it upsetting that you now have a pair of traveling pants? I mean…are they going places you wish you were?" Absolutely serious, "Are they trying to tell you something?"

"I…don't think so." Emrys shakes his head, caught off guard by the sudden serious discussion. "It's only upsetting because he's doing it to mess with me, and sometimes I need that pair of pants. So not literally upsetting." A pause. "And mostly they've been under bunks, and I don't think I've ever wished I was under a bunk."

"Ah, but maybe it really depends on which bunk it is. And maybe it's not under the bunk…it could be in the bunk." Eva reaches out, patting the mattress she's sitting on which is, in point of fact, not her bunk at all, but Finn's. "Maybe your traveling pants are matchmaking." Eva really is trying to keep her face calm and serious and steady. "But since they're pants, they can only get so far."

"Well, they're definitely not matchmaking. Last time it was someone who is taken, so unless Micah was trying to matchmake me into a fight…" Emrys shakes his head. "I mean, they're pants. As you say, they're just pants. I'm quite sure /they/ are not doing anything." Why oh why did he bring this up.

"Well, they are just pants. I mean, they've got nowhere to hide their brain. You'd see the bulge in the pocket." And now, she too turns to stare at the curtain blocking their view of Micah. Because if one captain creepily staring at you isn't bad enough, two is like the grand prix of creeping. "So…let's say it is Micah…what do you think would repay him for traveling pants?"

Creeeeeeep. Creeeeeep. "I'm not sure." Emrys muses. "I was going to just start travelling something of his, but that's maybe too unoriginal.' A pause, as he thinks "I found out the other day he's into this marine, so I'm wondering if I can use that somehow."

"Wouldn't it depend on what it was that was traveling?" Eva looks back at Emrys, considering the revelation, "Well, that could go very poorly, or very brilliantly. It would depend on the marine. And what it is you were doing. I mean, it it was funny, and they were in on it, maybe, but if it was at either of their expense…"

"Well, it's going to be at Micah's expense somewhat. That's the nature of it, just like me running around looking for my pants under people's bunks." Emrys points out. "But I didn't plan on actually involving the marine, know. That would probably be a bad idea. She's already threatned to punch me in the face."

"If ever you ever doubted whether or not someone might be a marine…face punching is usually the way to find out where they stand." Eva lowers her sewing, as much because she's finished with that side of the square, as so that she can tap her lips in a thoughtful gesture. "Well, what do we know about this marine…" she glances back at Micah's bunk, "She's not in there now, is she?"

"Not much. They were saying something about her being a surfer, I think. Or I might be confusing that with another marine." Emrys half-shrugs, before looking to the bunk. "I…don't think so. I hope not. Maybe best just to stick to Micah."

"I feel as though something…there could be possibilities." She glances back at Emrys, "I never pay attention to these things. Does he wear boxers or briefs?" As little privacy as the berthings allow, it's sometimes amazing the things you train yourself not to notice.

"I'm…not sure, to be honest. But I can find out easily enough." Emrys, too, has trained himself not to notice such things. "Maybe I should just keep it simple and 'borrow' a pair of his, put them where he keeps getting mine from, and let him send his own pants travelling."

"I think that might be a brilliant idea. Or…watch carefully for when your pants do travel, see where they turn up, and before you reclaim them, put a pair of his in their place. That way, when whomever finds them, they'll come for him, and not you. Although…" Eva considers, "I do like the idea of replacing his usual gear with smaller and smaller options."

"Well, fortunately last time they were removed before anyone could come for me." Emrys notes, before nodding agreement. "Maybe I'll even do both. It's literally been decades since I was involved in a good prank war."

Eva's thoughtful smile widens into a grin, "That's the spirit, Emrys! You're a godsdamned Virgon noble. You're not going to let that jumped up Caprican get the better of you!" Rah, rah, Virgon spirit! Said no Hibernian ever…except, apparently, Eva Thorne. "So…step one…find ways to track your traveling pants. Step two, find out what Knoor wears under that flight suit."

"I…" Emrys looks at Eva like she's grown a third head for a moment, but then there's a grin. "You're right, I am." However surprising Eva's cheerleading might be, it's also effective. "Alright. I'll get that done ASAP. I guess we can stop creeping on his curtain, then…for now."

If Eva has grown a third head, which, quite possibly she has…she does go out on a lot of missions and has been hit with a lot of radioactive ordinance, she does hide it surprisingly well. "Only for now, Emrys…" she gives Micah's bunk a final, ominous look…"Only…for now."


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