2237-08-19 - Don't Feed The Marines

The lineup at the ship's canteen proves to be the place to meet new and returning officers, and agree upon repayment plans and tour schedules.

Date: 2237-08-19

Location: Ship's Canteen

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Scene Number: 409

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"Sorry. One second. Almost finished." Irene says as she's nearly elbowed out of the way. It's her fault really, since she's at the head of the line at the counter, trying to jot down an address on an envelope she's going to send out. She slides it out of the way and follows, barely looking up at the navy type who's in such a massive hurry to get her hands on some snacks.

Gage's body language screams reluctance, slouching his way into the canteen. He folds arms across his chest while his gaze flickers over canteen's wares, moving into the line and waiting for his turn. It's a real shame the whole 'glower and stare' thing doesn't really perturb any of the other wolves, since it doesn't help with queue-jumping. He spots the figure at the front of the line, brows going up as he spots an opportunity, and after a glance behind him, slides up to the pilot. "Buy something for me?" he says, with a sudden grin.

"I don't think they sell surliness by the jar." Irene teases, apparently knowing by voice alone who's asking, since she doesn't look up from her envelope. She neatly fills in the address in tidy lettering and then finally turns to look over her shoulder at Gage, smiling brightly as she does. "Or is it smokes you're after?" The pushy Naval officer gets her snack and pushes off without a fuss, moving double time like she's going to be late for something. The Virgan tucks herself neatly back in at the front and hands her envelope to the enlisted clerk. "Or pickles?" She points to some, that claim to be a Libran variety. They look very pickley.

That tease earns a probably expected grunt from the marine. "Pity," Gage says, "Or I'd be making a fortune selling it." He glances after the naval officer, twitch of lips briefly visible, though it fades by the time he's looking back at Irene. "Got one or two stashed away," of smokes. Also, "Why the frak would I need pickles? Why would anyone need them, more to the point," he gives said jar a dismissive look. "No, I need Scoprian chocolate." He squints at the canteen's offering, pointing to something near the back that looks likely. "Life and death. Would owe you two-hundred-and-one million cubits. Though," he pauses to consider, brief smirk flickering across his lips, "Maybe you can knock off at least one million for the work on the AA."

"That seems reasonable. I'll deduct a million cubits per AA site destroyed." Irene nods, making it an ongoing deal, because it's not like she was ever going to collect the amount owed. Unless Gage could find a spare battlestar for her. "Scorpian chocolate?" She pops an eyebrow up, curious, but she asks the clerk to add a bar to her order anyway. No pickles, but she gets a couple snacks and starts filling the chest pockets of her duty greens with them. Seems like way more than she'd ever eat. "Are you wooing a Scorpian? Do I know her?" She grins, passing the chocolate along but holding onto her end until he answers her questions.

Snapping his fingers, Gage seems pleased. "Well, we destroyed six, so... one-hundred, and nine-four million to go." Nevermind he personally only destroyed three -- it counts one and all for the marines. He can undoubtedly hear Irene's curiosity, though he feels no obligation to sate it -- at least not before she's claimed the prize for him. "Thank you," he says, genuinely grateful, leaning past Irene to claim the Scorpian chocolate. "Nothing so salacious," he grimaces. "Lost a bet. It was better than having to do laundry -- never did figure out where that other raptor pilot's bunk is to slip my stuff in with." Gage is totally not, but totally is cutting to the head of the line waiting for the canteen's goodies by getting Irene to buy things for him. It's earning him a few dirty looks from those waiting in line, though the marine is good at pretending he hasn't noticed.

"...and this is the canteen. I guess exchange would be the ground equivelant?" Paige is saying as she steps through the door, the brunette carrying herself with a grace born of patrolling the cat walk and an ease of grace born of her own confidence. "Supplies and sundries, but I'd stay away from the pre-packaged snacks. Full of sodium, perservitives and empty calories." There's a smile offered at that with the Captain gesturing to the queue. "I don't know if you have someone back home to write, but this also doubles at the post. And if you're looking for the good fabric softner? Doesn't exist on this ship - I still have some sent from Caprica now and again." Because she really likes her soft clothes and sheets.

Irene outranks everyone left in line, so they'll just have to deal with it. Luckily, she doesn't have much more left to do at the counter, she merely asks for a pen and a notepad to finish off her order. "Soundbite? I think she's in the next berthing over. Bingo would know." She starts to turn from the counter then, pausing only to see if Gage wants anything else. Dirty looks be damned, she's not going to let her friendly neighborhood AA destroyer stand in line.

Gage gives a quick shake of his head to indicate he's good, tucking the chocolate somewhere out of sight -- maybe to avoid the obvious assumptions. "Wouldn't object if you bought me some Tauron beer sometime, but I'm good. Thanks." He glances over his shoulder, briefly, gaze flickering over the new arrivals, then back, "I'll go take another look later, then. Hard to find time when they're not all occupied," with a brief flicker of a smile, as he eases back out of the way. Maybe he catches some of Paige's words, because there's a visible grimace and a quick, sidelong look their way.

Gabriela trails Paige in nodding her head quietly at the explanation. She smiles as she takes it in, "Good to know... very good to know." She smiles at a few others in passing clearly being of the sunnier disposition type." She lets out a sigh of complaint at the discussion of the lack of fabric softener, "I'm sure I'll survive so long as they have something with sugar." She says brightly as her head turns hair trailing as she considers the line and then blinks, "Is there usually such a long line?" She asks of Paige. She's wearing an off-duty uniform with a duffel over her shoulder clearly on a tour of the ship.

"Well, they have this really good Scorpian chocolate that has these little peppers in it.." Paige is starting to say when she notices that the place where the bars generally sit is missing. So much for that guilty pleasure. Letting out a little sigh, she puts on a polite smile. "Not usually, I am not sure what is going on. Not pay day." she admits, as she glances towards Irene and gives the Raptor pilot a quick wave. She recognizes her at least from other missions. "That's Iris. She's one of the pilots you'll be flying with. Most of them are pretty young, but good on the stick."

The Virgan pops out of the line, much to the joy of everyone behind her who happen to be in an actual rush, unlike Irene. She tends to be like that though, generally unhurried, which is probably a good temperment for a pilot. "Tauron beer? Did you like that beer I got you? Nobody really said anything, so maybe they hated it." Following Gage in that manner, she definitely doesn't miss the captain's wave. She returns it with a snappy salute, "Captain." At least she's fast when it comes to protocol. She keeps her hand there for a moment longer, seeing the rank pip at Gabriela's collar, and including her as well with the gesture.

Gage keeps pace with Irene as she moves, though he has to adjust his pace to meet her slower and shorter stride. "Drank it before I left my bunk," he admits to the raptor pilot. "You want to leave any more presents like that, I certainly wouldn't object," he adds with a quick smile. Irene's salute draws his attention back to the newcomers, hands staying in his pockets. There's a brief sort of grimace again at Paige's reference to Scorpian chocolate, one hand lifting out to press against the side pocket in which his is stored. "Afternoon," he nods, casual in contrast.

Gabriela raises a brow, "Chocolate.... with peppers." She observes with a dubious sound. She nods and she chuckles, "Well youth isn't the worst thing in the world." She says as she turns to Irene who approaches and she smiles warmly, "Pleasure to meet you. Iris is it?" She lets Paige return or dismiss the salute and offers, "Lieutenant Gabriela deMarco, Weathergirl." She says in a bright voice and she turns her eyes to Gage smiling, "And who might you be?" She asks curiously.

"We're off duty, Iris." Paige offers a slight smile, trying to set the pilot at ease as she waves off the salute with a practiced ease. "I was just showing around a new ECO. This is Lieutenant deMarco, from Canceron. Gabriela, this is Jay-Gee Irene Harris, one of our Raptor pilots. She goes by the call sign of Iris, as you can clearly see why." Her smile warms slightly for pating the compliment. Though to Gage, Paige tilts her head in curious concern. He seems upset about something, but it's nothing that she doesn't seem to be prepared for as she offers her hand. "Captain Paige Greystone, ECO." Greystone - the same that created the Cylons - as her name's been bandied about in quiet for some time.

Irene's been out of the Virgon Royal Navy for months, but she snaps to everytime she sees rank pins better than her own. It's an ingrained reflex action. Same as the way she stands, feet apart, chin up and her hands neatly behind her back once the salute has been acknowledged. That passes for standing casual, it would seem. "Right. Sorry, sir. Pleased to meet you, Lieutenant. Maybe we'll be paired up. There's a bit of a gap in the schedule, my usual ECO squashed his thumb. It was pretty gross and it's all bandaged now and he's not allowed to bend it for at least a week." She rattles on amiably enough, smiling all the while.

"Tomak," the marine answers shortly, albeit with a nod to Gabriela. "Combat engineer. Welcome to the wolves." With his hands full -- well, one in his pocket and the other outside, keeping tabs on his chocolate, Gage settles for a nod towards Paige, as well. He keeps his expression largely even, now. He seems content to let Irene fill the chatter void, watching the trio with a flicker of gaze.

Gabriela gives a slow blink and wrinkles her nose faintly at the discussion of the squashed thumb, "Well thumbs are pretty important. I'm sorry to hear that and I'm sure we'll work together in some form or another. I very much look forward to it Iris." Her smile is easily bright and cheery at Gage's words, "Thank you for the welcome, Tomak. I'm pretty excited to be here the Timber Wolves have quite a reputation but seems everyone can use a spare ECO." She says glancing to Paige once more.

Lowering her hand, Paige gives a thoughtful smile. "Perhaps sooner than you think. I believe I saw a mission on the docket for the evening." she admits as the ECO steps back for a moment to allow the others to interact without the interference that her rank tabs seem to cause. "When you're ready to continue on the tour, Gabriela, I'll show you where the bunks are. Have you recieved an assignment yet?"

"I saw that on the board. I'm stocking up, incase we get shot down." Irene explains, patting her chest pockets which are filled with snacks she's just bought. "I've got enough for my co-pilot too." Because she's just that considerate. Nevermind the levels of jinx she's bringing down upon herself for preparing to crash, if one is superstitious that way. She doesn't seem to be. She doesn't even seem to be overwhelmingly concerned. So, she actually may just be kidding. Probably. There's a smile flashed at the pair of ECOs and she looks to Gage again, "You'd come find me, right?"

"Just keep an eye out for the AA, especially if you're flying with Harris," Gage offers to Gabriela. "She seems to have a penchant for attracting attention." Paige's words about a mission earn a brief glance of interest and flicker of brows. Shifting his weight, he mutters, "If you end up with Soundbite, let me know." Irene's words earn a wry twitch of lips. "Probably," he allows, glancing ceiling-ward as if considering, "Chances are higher if you crash near a beach. We never seem to get any missions near them."

Gabriela shakes her head causing long hair to flick and admits, "I don't believe I've been assigned a bunk. Or if I have been I hadn't seen it yet." She smiles, "I'm sure I'll figure it out." She blinks, "A mission already? Well... I guess that's one way to settle in. Looks like it's ideal atmosphere for mayhem." She says with a soft amused sound." She blinks then raising a brow at Gage's advice, "I will... keep that in mind." She says perhaps a little amused at the Marine offering the advise. "Beach missions. We'll have to run that up the chain I suppose."

"All the less reason to pack a swimsuit." Paige says dryly as she glances towards Irene and Gabriela. "It sounds as though you have already been claimed for the mission, Weathergirl." is offered to the new el-tee with a thin smile. "I'm sure you'll do just fine - it's not much different than flying for the local military, but there's a few extra liberties." She gives a small shrug of her shoulders, as she and the others are standing outside of the small queue for the sundries as the Captain considers the others for a moment. "There will be plenty of time for the beach." she promises. "It seems to be a favored place for shore leave on Scorpia when we're not on operation."

Irene clearly expected nothing more concrete than that from Tomak, so she doesn't look at all upset. Probably is okay by her, definitely better than a flat no. "I'll ditch it somewhere scenic with a breathtaking view. Near a beach, if available, but probably half up a mountain in a tree." She promises, not even arguing the previous comments about her attracting missiles like her raptor was made of honey, or whatever SAMs like most. "I think there's still a bunk open in C, if you don't mind marines, Lieutenant."

"I've tried many times," Gage tells Gabriela, as if it's a brilliant idea just thwarted by bureaucracy. "But what do I know, I'm just a grunt," he adds, with a brief, rueful smile. "Thanks, Harris. I'll take it off the millions of cubits I owe you." He gives Paige a sidelong look, nodding. "I certainly didn't object to leave there. But all I'm asking is one beach mission while we're deployed, just to break up the tunnels and underground missions."

Gabriela inclines her head in mock solemnity to Gage, "Well I'll see if I have more luck. Good to know." She says with plenty of amusement in her eyes. She glances to Paige and points out, "Swimsuits don't exactly take up that much space. Thank you though. I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later. There probably isn't much choice. But good to know. Maybe they'll have to change the unit designation. Instead of Timber Wolves, Beach Sharks... but I suppose it just doesn't sound as intimidating or inspiring." She looks thoughtful at this and then she shrugs and asks of Irene, "Should I mind the Marines? I'll admit I haven't spent that much time around them. But they don't seem all bad." She says looking to Gage again th oughtfully. "though I can't imagine Sand is very good in full uniform."

"Beaches in Delphi?" Nora is just passing by, but she arches a brow in that as she goes, a puzzled furrow forming between them. "I've heard there are lakes?" Her uniform is so new it looks stiff enough to stand up on its own, no mannequin required, pins marking her a lieutenant. She has a leatherbound notebook tucked under one arm, every bit as battered as her uniform is not, and a drink in the other. "Are we headed to a beach next?"

There's a moment where Paige pauses, and then she lifts her chin to Gage thoughtfully. "I doubt they have any new programming that sees any value in holding a beach other than to drive refugees towards it in an attempt to trap them. So unless they decide to suddenly take up sand castles and tanning, there is little strategic value in a beach battle." Her tone is dry and flat for a moment and then glances aside to Gabriela. "Yes, probably worn underneath a flight suit they would be just fine, but I prefer the sports bra." she admits as the newcomer arrives and Paige gives a nod of greeting to Nora. "Lieutenant, it seems our Marine here is hopeful for a beach mission - which is only a small chance of occuring."

"I aint exactly a sterling example," Gage says, as Gabriela looks his way. Or maybe he's exactly the sort of example to make one wary, given his surly disposition. Paige's words earn a ceiling-ward shift of his gaze. "Value's all up here," he taps his head. "I should," he makes an abortive gesture towards the exit, gives a nod to Irene of presumably thanks as he pats the pocket with the chocolate stashed in it, and slouches his way out. His, "I wish," to Nora's suggestion of a beachside destination is particular fervent as he passes by her towards the corridor.

Gabriela glances over to Nora and smiles brightly she has a duffel bag over her shoulder that indicates her recent arrival. She smiles, "If we're headed to a beach it seems I came at the right time." She gives Paige an amused look, "Hmmm Cylon sand castles. Intriguing that would certainly make for.... a change. True a swimsuit under a flight suit just seems like asking for a lot of questions." She wiggles her fingers in a wave of goodbye to Gage and then asks of Paige, "So if there's a mission coming up what else do I need to see before briefings?"

"I'm ready. I've got my bikini on right now." Irene informs everyone, quietly and distractedly as Gage leaves and Nora strolls in. She waves to the former, and salutes casually to the latter. "Tomak's a terrible person, which is why I like him. The marines here are all decent though, aside from him. I can introduce you to a few." She offers Gabriela, quirking a brow at the Captain a little after that.

"For now? Make sure you've pulled your standard issue, and the flight suit. Don't let them try to give you one that's gently used.. we do not have time before the mission, but see me after, I have some of that fabric softner I was telling you about, give it a good washing to get out that starchy feel." Paige informs Gabriela. "Check your sidearm, make sure you have at least one full magazine in case you do go down. The local forces have been rather quick in making recovery of our pilots when they are taken down, so you will not have to worry about waiting long."

When Irene makes her offer, there's a small smirk towards Irene. "And I am sure it looks fabulous on you, Iris. But perhaps save feeding the new ECO to the Marine meatfarm for after the mission?"

Nora's lips press into a smile at Gage's parting remark, and then she nods at Paige and the others as she catches up (a little) on the conversation. "I see. Perhaps you'll get lucky and this mission will involve a pool, at least? Are you headed to the briefing room? I haven't quite gotten the full tour yet myself."

Gabriela actually lets out a titter of surprise and clear amusement as Irene informs everyone of her outfit, "Well we all have to prioritize." She says in amusement to Irene eyes twinkling. Then to Paige she smiles, "Well I do hate being kept waiting. Got it, flight suit, and sidearm. That I think we can manage. I'm sure I can meet them over time, preferably not during recovery." She looks to Nora and then to Paige, "Shall we add another to our shortened tour?"

"Yes, sir. I'll refrain from feeding the marines any new ECOs I find wandering unattended on board." Irene acknowledges as if it were an order. Then she goes above and beyond as he posture relaxes and she's tucked her hair behind her ear, "I can show new guys around. I'm on my way down there now. I need to look over the bird anyway." She too looks to Nora, almost as if she's recognizing her from somewhere, but if she does, she doesn't blurt out how and where, instead she offers a greeting, proper, "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. I'm Lieutenant Jay-Gee, Irene "Iris" Harris. Raptor pilot."

"I do not mind allowing Iris to take over the cubit tour." Paige comments with a knowing smile. "However, the price of admission for new arrivals is an introduction." There's a swift smile offered as the seinor officer gives a little tug on her shirt and glances towards Nora. "Captain Paige Graystone. Or Princess." she rolls her eyes. "Long story. ECO." she offers in way of greetings.

Nora's smile at Irene starts polite and is just starting to turn quizzical when Paige speaks, and the lieutenant quickly straightens up into a salute. "Captain," she echoes, dropping her arm, "I apologize, I haven't quite memorized the Colonial insignia yet. Lieutenant Nora Skinner. 'Shirts', formerly of the Royal Navy. Pleased to make all of your acquaintances." She includes the other women in that, and though her look still lingers momentarily on Irene like she's trying to puzzle something out, she doesn't comment. "I'd be grateful for the help, if you're able."

Gabriela sniffs and glances to Nora, "I feel rather like meat when they talk about feeding." She murmurs mildly and smiles as Paige gives her rank and callsign. She gives a bright smile as she adds her own introduction, "Litenant Gabriela deMarco. Weathergirl. It's not that long of a story."

Royal Navy. That explains it, whatever it was, and Irene's scrutiny of Nora relaxes a bit after, even if her smile gets wider. "Excellent. Nice to meet a fellow Royal Navy veteran. As I was telling Weathergirl, there's still free racks in berthing C if you haven't found a spot yet. You'd be in with marines, mostly, but I won't let them eat you. Bingo and I make sure everyone is following regulations." She nods as if she's serious, but she may not be. Not entirely. She looks to the captain after that and smiles brightly at her, "You wouldn't mind me peeling them away? I've been practicing, incase a morale officer posting opens up."

"I do not mind in the least, Iris." Paige offers with a small smile. "If you would not mind my coming along so that perhaps I can get used to things as well?" comes the curious question. She hasn't had a chance to be social and it seems that perhaps - she's wanting to try for a change. "Ah, I heard there was one billets that the Captains were all being assigned to. I will probably find myself there."

Nora smiles at Gabriela's introduction, and also again at Irene and bobs her head in a nod of agreement about the Royal Navy, through she's still looking at her just a little bit sideways when her fellow Virgan's attention is elsewhere. "I've just moved into Berth D, actually, but thank you. I'll keep it in mind if my bunkmate turns out to be a problem." She flashes a quick sliver of a smile to make clear that's a joke.

Gabriela leans in to murmur to Nora quietly, "Do you think they don't feed the Marines enough?" She asks quietly but falls into step as no doubt the gaggle of girls prepare to move out. She does pipe up, "Are there particular regulations on just what you can feed the Marines?" She asks playfully.


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